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Fallout For Barbados Tourism? Stock Market Bloodbath Worldwide – Pray Harder…

Dow Jones Plunge

Dow Jones Plunge

Work Harder, Spend Less

If last week was brutal for those who still own stocks, today is worse. Right now, hundreds or maybe thousands of folks in Europe and North America are thinking “No Barbados vacation this winter.”

And that, my friends, is going to hit us hard.

Barbados is at the end of the flyways for tourists from North America and Europe. Many destinations are closer, cheaper to fly to and just as beautiful as our home – not to mention the fact that Barbados has a reputation for being an expensive destination to holiday in once you arrive.

Our government and tourism organisations are doing what they can, and frankly we are pleased and excited about some of the new energy and ideas that are being pursued to attract the visitors we so desperately need… but what can we as individuals do to help?

For our families and ourselves, we can work harder and spend less… and I’m sure a whole lot of other suggestions that will be coming our way from readers.

But the one thing we must all do is to make every tourist feel as welcome and appreciated as possible while in Barbados. Some folks forget that all those foreign tourists and investors are the very lifeblood of this country. If the tourists stop coming, you can welcome 1960’s back in about four months.

Many of the older folk look back on the 1960’s with fond memories, but we submit for your consideration that the memories of the 1960’s are far more attractive than the real thing was at the time.

Say hello to a tourist today – smile, tell them we are happy that they chose Barbados and really mean it. You should.


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American Idol’s LaKisha Jones Honeymooning In Barbados

Why Do We Care About LaKisha Jones?

American Idol finalist LaKisha Jones will be honeymooning in Barbados after marrying Larry Davis from her Texas hometown.

BFP’s Cliverton fell in love with her voice during her audition and then watched every episode he could until she was eliminated. For a while last year Clive would drag all of us over to watch the sat TV and cheer her on – so the gang has some good memories of fine evenings together, courtesy of LaKisha.

Not to mention, the girl can sing. I have to admit that I’d never heard such a tonal range from anyone. It’s uncanny, like she has some sort of computerised voicebox in her throat that changes to best suit the song. And we’re not talking that she parrots the original versions of the songs like some Las Vegas act. The songs are distinctly hers by the time she is finished.

So congratulations to Lakisha and Larry. We hope you enjoy your honeymoon on our little rock.

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Former Barbados PM Owen Arthur – Money-Laundered “Campaign Donations” Through Personal Bank Account – Now Heads “Clean Election” Monitoring Group!

Money Laundering By Former Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur

UPDATED: Some of the major blogs and websites watching the Maldives elections are…

Mohammed Nasheed’s Blog

Free and Fair Election In The Maldives

Global Voices

– Global Voices Editor Rezwan at Global Voices

– There is a list of political parties of the Maldives with some links at Wikipedia here.

– The Maldives Elections Commission is here, but they only have the names and addresses of the parties – not websites if any.

Original Story…

Owen Arthur To Ensure Legal Election In Maldives (Huh? !!!)

Remember the day that Opposition Leader David Thompson confronted then Prime Minister Owen Arthur about why Arthur deposited a cheque for $75,000 in “campaign donations” into his personal bank account at First Caribbean International Bank, Speightstown? Remember a caught Arthur stammering and sputtering like we’d never seen before as he mumbled something about “making mistakes”?

Remember when Owen Arthur gave US$150,000 in after-tax income to a cricket charity? As we said at the time, just think about the kind of resources and income you have to have to give away that kind of money on a politicians salary while supporting three women and only the Lord knows how many childrens!

Remember how, under Prime Minister Owen Arthur, the Barbados Labour Party promoted a website that was calling for arson, rape and murder of a political opponent of the government? Let me refresh your memory here and here.

Remember when Owen Arthur refused to even acknowledge a letter from the victim of death threats by his supporters? Remember when the police wouldn’t even look into the case because some of the death threats were coming from a computer used by a BLP Member of Parliament?

Remember journalists saying that Prime Minister Owen Arthur created a climate of fear and oppression for the news media? Remember Owen Arthur taking the Nation newspaper to task for daring to print an opposition advertisement? Remember the Barbados police assaulting and arresting journalists and erasing their photos and Prime Minister Arthur thought that was just fine?

Remember how the former editor of the Barbados Advocate said about the government of Prime Minister Owen Arthur…

“The full story of how I was treated by the Barbados Labour Party has not been told but I will do so one day and Barbadians will see what an authoritarian government we had. How we were on the brink of dictatorship because when the press is attacked and bullied into submission, freedom is always in danger.” … former newspaper editor Reudon Eversley writing at Barbados Underground Evil As Hell The Lot Of Them.

Remember how the BLP under Owen Arthur distributed “cash for votes” on election day?

Remember THAT Owen Arthur? The One Who Deposited “Campaign Contributions” To His Own Bank Account?

Wonder of wonders… THAT Owen Arthur is head of a Commonwealth team in the Maldives that is tasked with ensuring that the elections are conducted legally!

What does this really mean?

It means that Prime Minister David Thompson has no intention of fully investigating Owen Arthur or any of the BLP’s millionaire politicians for corruption.

That is Barbados’ loss, and proof enough that the old boys’ network is still alive on this rock.

CBC News: Former Barbados PM arrives in Maldives to head Commonwealth observer group


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