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Brazilian Pianist João Carlos Assis Brasil – New Time Sunday 6:00pm

NEW TIME: Sunday, October 5, 2008 – 6:00PM – Frank Collymore Hall

Thanks to Ian Bourne for alerting everyone to the correct time of the concert today – (Ian’s story on Brasil is here). We can assure you that João Carlos Assis Brasil will knock your socks off with his blend of classical and contemporary music. Call his life musical fusion – I love fusion because the world becomes bigger. Come tonight and you’ll see.

Speaking of bigger and smaller, I saw Ian in the city a few weeks ago – looking rather dapper, I must say – and I couldn’t help but notice that he has lost some weight recently. Keep it up Ian, you look much healthier.

(Said kindly, and for those who are interested – no, Ian hasn’t a clue who any of us are, but like everyone ’bout hey, we recognise Ian.)

See you tonight, friends!

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