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Saturday Morning Surfing The Web – Walmart As Lady Liberty, Barbados Offshore Oil, Corruption Arrests In Cayman Islands

Good Saturday Morning!

Notice to all concerned: Shona will not be joining Auntie Moses for churching today>>>> nor will we be attending church tomorrow. WE HAVE NO CHILDREN FOR THE WEEKEND. “Free at last, free at last!” even if only for the weekend.

Thank you so much to a dear friend. You know who you are.

What’s on the web today as we cruise around? Let’s take a look…

Walmart As The Statue Of Liberty?

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”

Does this famous poem describe Walmart?

Our old friend Amit says so. I think he has a point.

Push! Pull! blog: Thoughts on Wal-mart, America and a poem

Barbados Offshore Oil Belly-flop?

The bidding for the right to drill for the trillions of dollars of oil just sitting there for the taking a few feet off our coast has come to a close. (Yes, our tongue is firmly in cheek.)

The results? Only three companies are interested in all that free money that the BLP assured us would rescue the country from their wanton and reckless spending and thefts. The government sent out a press release with this face-saving phrase…

Companies that had previously shown interest indicated that their last minute non-submission was not due to the quality of the prospects but rather the recent economic economic upheaval in the United States and other countries.  (see Three Bid In Barbados Licensing Round)

Golly! Does that mean we’re not all going to be rich next week like Mia and the gang tried to say without saying in the run-up to the last election?

Police Officers and Judges Arrested, OH MY!

“Stuart Jack, a governor with balls. It is not often that you see a British governor of a colony taking firm action to restore integrity in public office. I have written often enough about the FCO’s preferred technique of brushing the dirt under the carpet. But, Stuart Jack is a governor of a different breed…”

…Don Mitchell of Corruption-Free Anguilla blog writing about the number of police officers and judges arrested, charged or suspended lately in the Cayman Islands

Lately Barbados has seen a fair number of police officers and lawyers arrested and charged with various offences. We view this as healthy because the absence in the past of such arrests and charges was not proof that we didn’t have any crooked cops or lawyers. Quite the contrary – the absence of arrests and charges was proof of an old boys’ network in Barbados that valued loyalty to each other above the rule of law.

Whether those now charges fade off into nothing as usually happened on the rare occasion that somebody was “forced” to do something is anyone’s guess.

Here in Barbados our David Thompson DLP Government does a whole lot of screaming about the corruption that we all saw with the Arthur/Mottley government – but they don’t have the (excuse me, please) balls – as Mr. Michell says – to perform any serious investigations or arrest and charge any of the millionaire politicians from the last government.

Remember when then Leader of the Opposition David Thompson gave a bombshell speech at Bussa and actually showed canceled cheques and business records that were strong evidence of fraud? (BFP story at the time here.)

That’s the last you’ll ever see of that evidence because Mr. Thompson and his fellow DLP compatriots only used the BLP corruption to gain access to the trough. They want to feed themselves and they have no intention of maddening the BLP by actually charging anyone.

It might come back later to haunt them for their own misdeeds.


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May God Rest The Soul Of Renee Clarke


One name was on many peoples’ lips on Thursday, October 2nd, 2008. It was that of Rene Clarke of Durants Village, St. James. Or I should say, the late Renee Clarke, who died, unexpectedly, in Bridgetown on that morning.

Renee was known by hundreds, if not thousands, of Barbadians of all walks of life, as well as many ex-patriots and visitors to Barbados. He worked in the laundry at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and his was a familiar voice on all the radio call-in programmes. A very political voice! Renee was a faithful member of the Democratic Labour Party, who helped Keith Simmons and other St. James DLP candidates in each and every run-up to General Elections. He campaigned vigorously and tirelessly.

I have known Renee Clarke since he was a young boy, playing, with my children, on the beach and in the sea at Paynes Bay. As he grew up, it became increasingly noticeable that Renee was a “peoples’ person”, who went out of his way to be helpful to young and old alike, in whatever way he could. Indeed, I would say that hundreds of visitors to the west coast learned far more about Barbados from Renee than they would have learned from brochures.

I spoke with Renee on the phone just one week before he died, and he was his usual cheerful self. It came as a tremendous shock when I heard of his untimely passing.

Farewell, Renee, it was a pleasure knowing you. We shall miss you.

My deepest sympathy to the family of the late Renee Clarke.

… submitted by Margaret Knight


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