Would Bussa Have Accompanied Barbados Chief Justice and Prime Minister To Chinese Embassy Celebration?


Tibet Execution

Barbados PM attends China’s National Day Reception

BRIDGETOWN, Oct. 1 (Xinhua story here) — Barbados Prime Minister David John Howard Thompson, Chief Justice David Simmons, some government ministers and assembly members attended China’s National Day reception at the Chinese Embassy Wednesday.

Speaking at the reception, Thompson said that relations between Barbados and China now develop well, and new achievements have been made in the two countries’ economic and trade cooperation.

Barbados Police Already Receive Training From China's Police - There's Much We Can Learn Through Increased Cooperation!

Our Barbados Police Officers already receive training from and in China. Click on the photo to read more about the excellent training curriculum at China's Police Academy - including how to execute prisoners by shooting them in the head. Like every other skill, it takes practice to do well!

Thompson said that he is looking forward to more mutual beneficial cooperation with China.

Click on the photo to read about China's Olympic Success story!

Click on the photo to read about China's Olympic Success!

The prime minister also hailed China’s successes in holding the Beijing Olympic Games.

Chinese Ambassador to Barbados Liu Huanxing spoke highly of Thompson’s resultful visit to China in May 2008, and expressed the belief that the friendly ties between China and Barbados will be further enhanced with concerted efforts by both sides in the future.

David Thompson, David Simmons - Two Barbados Politicians

David Thompson, David Simmons - Two Barbados Politicians

Chief Justice’s Embassy Visit: A Political Act By A Politician

As much as we don’t like Prime Minister David Thompson and other government ministers attending at the Chinese Embassy to celebrate their “National Day” – we understand that the visit was a political act and a political decision. We disagree with the PM’s decision, and if any one of the BFP crowd were elected we sure wouldn’t be visiting with a country that maintains a slave camp system.

But we aren’t elected politicians – and neither is our Chief Justice.

There is no way that the Chief Justice of Barbados should have attended a political function at the Chinese Embassy.

But as we keep pointing out: David Simmons is a lifetime career politician, and this was just another night of politics for him – celebrating with government representatives of one of the most brutal and oppressive regimes on earth.

We bet that SIR David Simmons never even considered whether or not it was ethical for the Chief Justice of Barbados to make a political statement of support for such a brutal government – but the Chinese news media are all over it telling their people that the highest judge in Barbados is a friend. (See here and here)

Perhaps Sir David sees it as a fair trade: he provides the brutal Chinese courts with the credibility of showing their people that the highest judge in Barbados has no problem with their “justice” system.

In return, Sir David receives… some finger food and a scotch.

Sounds like a fair trade to me!

Once more SIR David Simmons proves that he doesn’t give a damn about the Office of the Chief Justice.


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35 responses to “Would Bussa Have Accompanied Barbados Chief Justice and Prime Minister To Chinese Embassy Celebration?

  1. 383

    It amuses me that you attempt to pick everything apart to belittle but may I suggest to you that as a Nation that has accepted to host the Embassy of China our Prime Minister The Hon Mr David Thompson is obliged to be welcoming and receptive to not only the Chinese Embassy and its people but so to, to any other nation that has an Embassy here in Barbados.

    Now as for CJ that is another story.

  2. Jason

    I thought you were being too hard on the CJ, but the more I think about it the more I think he shouldn’t have gone. It gives the Chinese court more credibility at the same time it lowers our court’s credibility.

  3. Eye95

    come on 383,

    Despite the wild talk about “Barbadians first,” will Chinese labour not be used to build the St. John Polyclinic and the Empire?

    Isn’t it also true that the Chinese are giving Prime Minister Thomposn – money to assit with his Constituency Councils?

    Whose duty is it to make Thompson look good?


  4. SNAKE

    Morals – ethics – principles. 3 gentlemen that get assassinated when Mr. Money arrives.

    The ‘thing’ about it is, we the ‘general public’ can do nothing about it EXCEPT let the crooks know, we know they are just a rotten bunch.

    And this is where you – BFP and BU render such a powerful service.

    By letting them know that we know, they have to deal with their consciences … and believe me … their conscience will eat them until they fall. I wouldn’t wish illness on anybody… but that’s their destiny, brought upon themselves by themselves.

  5. dogbitemuh

    dig deeper

  6. SNAKE

    You will notice… early in the life of politicians when they first ‘get in’ … you see and hear them regularly and often.

    Then, as the years go by, the ones whose consciences are eating them… slowly withdraw from view. (A lot of them, along with so many others … run into church to try to alleviate the burden they carry and the torment in their mind.)

    What a way to go.

  7. Red Lake Lassie

    It is disgraceful that the highest judge in our country is so involved in politics. Hobnobing with Chinese politicians, government people. Giving them credibility is disgraceful.

  8. The Chinese Navy will look forward to Bbds as an important friendly port as they expand their maneuvers into the Atlantic in the near future.

  9. Ottawa

    NO. Bussa would not have gone anywhere near the Chinese embassy.

    Next question?

  10. BABAFP

    Who provided these photos? What is your source? How many Black males are executed in the US each month?


    BFP says,

    These photos? Why? You doubting them?

    These are the tame ones. Go ahead and google “China executions” and read the UN reports, Amnesty International, US Senate Hearings, Canadian PM’s statements and so on. Then check the google images bank. Then come back and if you wish to dispute the veracity, go ahead.

    We all have our causes, BABAFP, and we have chosen ours. What’s yours?

    Is your point that because the USA executes black people unjustly that China should be excused? That we should mention the USA whenever we criticise China? That China is good and the USA is bad?

    What is your point?

  11. no standards

    when you deliver your friends ( SBG—Simmons, Bannister and Greaves ) in 1994 a fully zoned fully loaded 2,000 plus acre golf course property by cabinet order, the relationship does not end.

    No matter what you do or where you go in Barbados, one always forgives no matter how outrageous the behaviour or transgression.

    There are no standards just continuing influence peddling and corruption.

    The Chief Justice certainly doesn’t know better but Thompson as a lawyer must know that the head of the judiciary at this function gives credibility to the Chinese and all that they do in the World.

  12. akabozik

    It doesn’t matter if this was the Cuban, French, British, Canadian or American embassy. Our Chief Justice should not be involved in politics and these embassy receptions are the height of politics due to their nature and the guest lists.

    Simmons should quit and run for election again if he likes this life. It is inappropriate for the Chief Justice to have attended a political gathering.

  13. Tell me Why

    It is inappropriate for the Chief Justice to have attended a political gathering.
    Define what is a political gathering first before making a nonsensical statement. A Chief Justice or a Governor General or a Prime Minister have the democratic right to attend any social gathering held by any country once that country has ambassadorial representation in the island of Barbados.

    We are not talking about a radical gathering where drugs and firearms are present.

  14. Tell me Why

    Hey BFP, release my post from the spams. Thank you buddies.

  15. BABAFP

    BFP says
    What is your point?

    Hmmm… the US is just plain ol’ bad. Try takin’ a stab at them too once in a while. In terms of straight up offences against humity, through invasions, torture, occupations, rape and executions in the name of warfare and defense of ‘freedoms’, proliferation of neuclear armaments, money grabbing and incessant printing of paper money that inflates the price of everything and brings on starvation to millions around the world, the point is you’re missing the point…!

  16. Jason

    China always brags to its people about being recognized internationally by ‘esteemed’ people like Chief Justices.

    They are most desirous to show the people the (communist) party is well thought of by the international community. Remember: China and the party are one.

    In such a tightly controlled news environment everything is carefully crafted for an agenda, and out of all the people attending China chose to highlight our highest judge in their media. There was a reason for that.

    Some things they don’t talk about. This is a link to an article that shows young adults in China have no knowledge about the Tienanamen Square massacre. They have never heard about it!


  17. Thomas Gresham

    Dear BFP,

    You have taken strong positions against corruption and the absence of ITAL from both political parties, against racism from all quarters, and now against the blind enthusiasm people have for China, a rapidly growing economy, but one with a politically repressive dictatorship with a horrid human rights record. I think these are very honourable, admirable stands and I support you 100% on these campaigns, even if we disagree from time to time on details.

    I do think the US is hypocritical when it complains about others, and that weakens the moral authority of the criticism, but as you say, it does not make the criticism wrong and it does not justify others behaving as bad as or worse than the US.

  18. Juris

    Bfp, do you know of any CJ who have or would turn down an invitation from a friendly nation on ideological grounds and tell them so?


    BFP says,

    South Africa was a “friendly” nation when Barbados shut their diplomats out cold.

    What’s changed?

    The race of the oppressed victims – and the oppressors are giving us money to keep our mouths shut.

  19. Facts


    You are right.

    China is an excessively brutal nation that thrives on local human rights abuse also known as slavery.
    The US turns a blind eye because of trade and financial benefits.

    Uncle Sam would never dream of “liberating” China’s shackled masses from its repressive rulers as the benefits lopsidedly outweigh the costs.

  20. BABAFP

    “The US turns a blind eye because…”
    She is no different!….WAKE UP

  21. dogbitemuh

    Hey BABAFP,

    I am in total agreement with you about the USA, False Flags,black ops etc but you must also concede that China is also a nation of tyranny.
    The world is an evil place my friend.

  22. dogbitemuh

    The USA has been spreading their evil throught the years. Taking over third world countries which are helpless to defend themselves, looting their resources whilst leaving the people in poverty. Her corporations are allowed to operate in poor nations using cheap labour to produce goods to be returned to the USA for the wealthy. Two such corporations are GAP and NIKE who use child labour sweat shops who operate in the name of Capitalism. They pay these people next to nothing while their profits soar. This is why jobs are leaving the USA because the greed is so great and the corporations must make maximum profit.

    This greed has even been more enhanced with the signing of the the North american Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) signed in by Bill Clinton in the 90’s during his presidential reign and now being enforced by Bush. This agreement has been responsible for many Americans losing their jobs and the creation of cheap labour camps overseas.

    Now dont be fooled, China is also very smart. right now they are making friends in many parts of the world, buying off leaders with their gifts whilst these leaders ignore the human rights abuses in that country. Look, they were even rewarded with the Olympic games whilst big countries like the USA and the United Kingdom turned a blind eye. These leaders will continue to ignore the deeds of the Chinese once the gifts are flowing. Once you have corrupt leaders, life of the just will always be difficult. As the saying goes you don’t get something for nothing and I percieve that when the time is right if given the opportunity to rule the world, the tyranny of the Chinese will also stretch outside of their borders.

  23. Avatar Gurl

    Oh so true!

    But whether it the U.S., China or the E.U. (hi I think is also having a hand in this), someone will rise to power…and the results will NOT be good for the rest of us!

  24. dogbitemuh

    I agree Avtar, it certainly will not be good.

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  27. Sir

    Something must be corrected in this article. The images you put up are from Harry Wu, a Chinese dissident (google his website). In the caption, he states that these are pictures of Chinese executions.

    It is a major ASSUMPTION to make that these are Tibetans being executed. It is certainly possible that these women are Tibetan, but the placard indicates otherwise. It states that the woman’s name is Jinfeng Ling and that she is being executed for premeditated murder. Tibetans do not have the last name Ling – Tibetans go by Tenzin, Tsering, Norbu (i.e. typically more than one syllable last names). Additionally, look at the complexions of the women. These women are pale and white while Tibetans are dark/tan as a result of more sun exposure (high altitude) and genetic factors.

    Please do not add the issue of ethnic tensions in China into this discussion of Chinese capital punishment especially since the photo is NOT of “Tibet execution.”

    Thank you for time.

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  30. Derek

    The execution is not taking place in Tibet.U idiot.Those are Chinese inmates.How can you guys upload a picture without any background check?

  31. RLL

    I see the picture online as saying Tibet here:


    and at Free Republic here:


    Saying that the source was a Chinese newspaper.

    I also see other executions in Tibet here:


  32. onlyme

    Dogbitemuh,oshyman this world is an evil place china ,usa,bb taking old people money that they work so hard for in the snow, rain and sleek, come to bb to retire to have their dreams taken away, these lawer crooks have no heart,the lawers needs are so great they have to steal,I hope they can sleep at night.

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