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Would Bussa Have Accompanied Barbados Chief Justice and Prime Minister To Chinese Embassy Celebration?


Tibet Execution

Barbados PM attends China’s National Day Reception

BRIDGETOWN, Oct. 1 (Xinhua story here) — Barbados Prime Minister David John Howard Thompson, Chief Justice David Simmons, some government ministers and assembly members attended China’s National Day reception at the Chinese Embassy Wednesday.

Speaking at the reception, Thompson said that relations between Barbados and China now develop well, and new achievements have been made in the two countries’ economic and trade cooperation.

Barbados Police Already Receive Training From China's Police - There's Much We Can Learn Through Increased Cooperation!

Our Barbados Police Officers already receive training from and in China. Click on the photo to read more about the excellent training curriculum at China's Police Academy - including how to execute prisoners by shooting them in the head. Like every other skill, it takes practice to do well!

Thompson said that he is looking forward to more mutual beneficial cooperation with China.

Click on the photo to read about China's Olympic Success story!

Click on the photo to read about China's Olympic Success!

The prime minister also hailed China’s successes in holding the Beijing Olympic Games.

Chinese Ambassador to Barbados Liu Huanxing spoke highly of Thompson’s resultful visit to China in May 2008, and expressed the belief that the friendly ties between China and Barbados will be further enhanced with concerted efforts by both sides in the future.

David Thompson, David Simmons - Two Barbados Politicians

David Thompson, David Simmons - Two Barbados Politicians

Chief Justice’s Embassy Visit: A Political Act By A Politician

As much as we don’t like Prime Minister David Thompson and other government ministers attending at the Chinese Embassy to celebrate their “National Day” – we understand that the visit was a political act and a political decision. We disagree with the PM’s decision, and if any one of the BFP crowd were elected we sure wouldn’t be visiting with a country that maintains a slave camp system.

But we aren’t elected politicians – and neither is our Chief Justice.

There is no way that the Chief Justice of Barbados should have attended a political function at the Chinese Embassy.

But as we keep pointing out: David Simmons is a lifetime career politician, and this was just another night of politics for him – celebrating with government representatives of one of the most brutal and oppressive regimes on earth.

We bet that SIR David Simmons never even considered whether or not it was ethical for the Chief Justice of Barbados to make a political statement of support for such a brutal government – but the Chinese news media are all over it telling their people that the highest judge in Barbados is a friend. (See here and here)

Perhaps Sir David sees it as a fair trade: he provides the brutal Chinese courts with the credibility of showing their people that the highest judge in Barbados has no problem with their “justice” system.

In return, Sir David receives… some finger food and a scotch.

Sounds like a fair trade to me!

Once more SIR David Simmons proves that he doesn’t give a damn about the Office of the Chief Justice.


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