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UPDATE: Human Remains Found In Steve Fossett’s Crashed Aircraft In California At 10,000 Feet Elevation

Steve Fossett & Sir Richard Branson - Aviators Before All Else

Steve Fossett & Sir Richard Branson - Aviators Before All Else

High Speed Crash Into Mountain

Steve Fossett’s wrecked Bellanca (Decathlon) aircraft N240R was found Thursday smashed across a California mountain at about the 10,000 foot level. Photos and reports from the scene indicate a high speed, non-survivable crash. The famous aviator disappeared over a year ago while out on a short flight.

Fossett’s pilot’s license and some clothing were found Monday by a hiker and it is likely that animals would have carried it some distance from the wreck. The latest reports indicate that human remains were found in the wreckage.

Sir Richard Branson called Steve Fossett his “great and extraordinary” friend. You can read all about Steve Fossett’s many aviation records at Wikipedia (link here).

Our condolences to Steve’s family and friends.

LA Times: Steve Fossett’s Airplane Found

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Barbados Government Says Freedom Of Information Act and Integrity Legislation Soon Ready For Public Scrutiny

Senator Maxine McClean Says Town Hall Meetings Will Happen

Friends, IF the drafts really are ready and will be distributed soon, then we at Barbados Free Press will get together over dinner to talk about the next steps.

There will be no celebration.

It has taken two years and nine months of hard work to get to this place – where a government MAY actually publish draft FOI and Integrity Legislation for public consideration. (See Nation News: Ready for Public)

Whether that draft legislation is designed to be an effective, respected and feared guard dog for the public interest – or merely a lapdog without teeth – has yet to be seen.

Now The Real Work Begins

So far, the process of developing the draft legislation has taken place in secret. IF the government posts the drafts on the internet as they promised and includes a copy in each newspaper – that MAY be an indication that Prime Minister Thompson desires real and significant public discussion and input.

IF, however, the draft legislation ends up being distributed in the typical “one copy at the library” (what library? ha!) fashion, that will be a definite indication of the government’s intent.

We citizens must ensure that Barbados ends up with the best possible Integrity and Freedom of Information Legislation and THEN we must ensure that it makes it through the many barriers that stand between a draft and actual proclaimed law.

Make no mistake, my friends: the battle has not yet started. Many will pretend to support the legislation while working against it behind the scenes. Many will try to rip the guts out of it so if it does become law it will be flawed and porous.

This is the time for vigilance, not celebration.


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