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Nation News Celebrates The Lie That A Loan Is Free Money

“Residents of Bridgetown will soon see a much needed facelift, compliments of a multi-million dollar loan from the Inter-American Development Bank.”

… from the Nation’s feel good story The City To Get A Facelift

The Project Is Necessary – The Debt Is Compliments Of The BLP Arthur-Mottley Government

Clean water. Waste disposal. Safe streets. Health care.

Those are the top four jobs of any government – with maybe a few other foundational duties that I’ve missed. So we welcome the fact that the Barbados DLP Government is launching a major project to clean up The City, install some new sewers and take care of the flooding in many areas.

But contrary to the story in the newspaper, the money is not “compliments” of the Inter-American Development Bank – it is a loan that will sit like all the others on the back of every man, woman and child on this island.

The previous BLP government blew hundreds of millions on schemes, deranged dreams and corrupt practices that we have nothing to show for. So we are now forced to borrow.

Just remember that the Nation’s first paragraph is a lie. The millions being spent are compliments of YOU and your family and friends. I hope you enjoy the view every time you pass by Kensington Oval… because you and your children will be paying for it for decades.


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