Fabulous New Video About Graeme Hall And The South Coast Of Barbados Reveals SHOCKER

Click On The Photo To See The New Graeme Hall Video

Click On The Photo To See The New Graeme Hall Video

“Continued private support of the sanctuary and adjoining lands is in question”

… narrator on the film “Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – Barbados”

Are We About To Lose One Of Our Premier Eco-Tourist Attractions?

The new promotional film for the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is a combination of beautiful imagery, history and education about the south coast of Barbados and the last major mangrove wetland on the island. It includes some aerial videography of the Graeme Hall watershed and the surrounding development that I found to be very surprising…

… Surprising because you can drive around the area for days and never realise how much development has eaten away at this last green area on the South coast until you see it from the air. By the look of the video, much of the nearby development is of recent construction and I wonder how we can let this happen – because once this green space is gone it is NEVER coming back.

“Owners of the wetland include the Government of Barbados, the Sanctuary and a private holding company who have not indicated an interest in the environmental future of the wetland. The fight to preserve this last greenspace continues…” (from the film)

What Happened To The Graeme Hall National Park?

Shona and the two boys were watching the new video with me (well – Shona and #1 were watching the video while #2 was working hard to ensure that Dada didn’t get to work tonight without first having to change a stinky nappy. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are “my days” to do the changing.)

Anyway, I digress… we were watching the video with #1 yelling “burr, burr” every time he saw a bird on the computer screen when I heard the narrator say “Continued private support of the sanctuary and adjoining lands is in question…” I looked over at Shona, but she had missed it so we ran it back and sure enough, that was the message. It is not big time right out front and it sort of slid by, but there is no doubt about it.

And that was pretty well the punch line of the whole video for Shona and me.

“What about the National Park?” we both said at the same time.

What about all this recent talk by the Minister of Tourism about the environment, eco-tourism and the necessity for Barbados to preserve and manage our few remaining natural areas?

What about this “private holding company” that owns part of the Graeme Hall wetland and (according to the narrator) is not interested in the environment? And what does it mean that “private support of the sanctuary and adjoining lands is in question?”

From what I saw in that video, if we want this last bit of green on the south coast to be around in five years, the government had better do something besides talk and it better happen soon.

Have a look at the video at the top and you’ll see what we mean. (Click the photo or click here)


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15 responses to “Fabulous New Video About Graeme Hall And The South Coast Of Barbados Reveals SHOCKER

  1. West Side Davie

    Graeme Hall and the wetlands/sanctuary is an oasis in the middle of urban sprawl. There is a group of people who want to pave over everything and build condos. This land must be very attractive to them.

    Where does the Prime Minister stand on this? Silence probably means he sides with the condo developers.

    Silence = Condos

  2. Thistle

    West Side Davie:
    If you watch the video, you would hear what the narrator said concerning a statement made by Prime Minister Thompson in connection with preservation of Graeme Hall.

  3. Waterboy

    The Nation Newspaper of Saturday September 27 2008 has a 2 page spread (Page 26 and page 27) celebrating World Tourism Day including the text of an address by the Honourable Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy.

    What is very interesting is the large BTA ad on page 26 with the headline “Eco-Tourism Better for Barbados with a capital B”. The ad includes copy like:

    “It is just basic common sense to protect and preserve the world we live in”

    “Eco-tourism of course starts with protecting and preserving our natural environment in every form………”

    “Eco Tourism is sustainable tourism which takes into account not only environmental concerns, but also shares its development and bounty with residents, communities, local businesses….. Now and in the future”

    “Today’s more sophisticated (and affluent) tourists are looking for destinations that are eco-friendly. In their homes and communities they tend to practice and support environmentally friendly living. They want the same from their vacation choices”

    If that ad is to be believed then where is the support or even indication of interest from the Minister, Ministry of Tourism or BTA for the Graeme Hall National Park initiative?

    What about the BHTA and individual tourism players? With the exception of Mr. Loveridge, have any of them ever given a word of encouragement or support to preserving the green space at Graeme Hall despite making similar environmental and Eco-tourism statements in the media?

  4. Jason

    I notice that PM Thompson and the new government are mentioned in the video in a most positive way, and that is all very nice that they have said nice words.

    However the time for nice words has long past. The last government said nice words too!

    The DLP blog last year said nice words about Graeme Hall in this article:


    However when I carefully read those nice words, I don’t see any action, real plan or commitment to lawfully make it into a National Park and thus really save it from the developers.

    Nice words from the DLP and that is all. Nice words.

  5. Adrian Loveridge

    Its a beautiful film, wonderful photograpy and congratulations to all those who made it.

    I hope that it will be made available for overseas promotional purposes?

    As you now I am 1000% behind the incorporation of Graeme Hall into a National Botantical Park.

    I will discuss it the next time I see the Minister of Tourism, also speak to the Chairperson of the Tourism Advisory Council and try an introduce it as a board item at the next BTA board meeting.

  6. Barbados the Beautiful

    Something does not add up here. 6000 people signed a petition for a Graeme Hall National Park and many more are in favor. Is it true Thompson Government doing nothing about this? If so this is shameful our country ignoring a gift from a private individual and the voices of all of us who care about things that are not buildings and condos for wealthy people.

    I have seen happy children there learning things about Barbados that you cannot learn from a text book. Isn’t this what education is all about and also keeping this alive and well for future?

  7. Hants

    Who is the private person who owns a substantial part of Graeme Hall Sanctuary ?

  8. Waterboy


    Section 2 of the reference guide at http://www.graemehallnationalpark.org indicates that the private entity that owns a substatial part of the Ramsar designated area is Southdowns Enterprises Inc. Anyone know who the principals of this company are?


    “The lands within the 81.54-acre (33 hectare) RAMSAR site consist of both private and public parcels, the majority of which are held by the Government of Barbados in the east, the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary in the centre, and Southdowns Enterprises, Inc. in the west. It is probable that other, much smaller parcels owned by individual landowners are within this Site, but full understanding of the boundaries is subject to survey.”

  9. Waterboy

    BFP your filter caught my reply to Hants and its “awaiting moderation”.


    BFP say,

    ok got it. thx.


  10. khadija

    graemhall sanctuary/ oil spill by shell Netherlands in ch.ch. mount stinkaroo/ contamination of our soil/ contamination of our water,/ contamination of the air we breath, the food we eat is contaminated, why do you think so many people are dieing so fast in Barbados, why! our Beautiful island is contaminated, and no political party seems to take our country serious. There is no environmental laws to protect our lands and people. every civilize country has an environmental laws. Do you really think that anyone would want to be in a country that is so contaminated…..it is only a question of time, tourism will dwindel, and that is our only industry, what is wrong with our leaders, are they blind or too selfish and greedy to see how they are distroying our country, and our people, may God bless the people of Barbados, give them strength to stand up and let there voice be heard. allahoakbar.

  11. head in wetland


    Where have you been for the past 10 years?

    The Graeme Hall site has apparently been up for as about as long as the Sanctuary and many millions of US dollars have been spent on it.


    The last government never showed up except for the occassional photo-ops just before election times.

  12. Montezuma

    I remember going there as a kid, back in the early to mid ’80s. It smelled and was what it was.

    I have not been back to Barbados for a while now, but that will be my first stop.

  13. ru4real

    Do migratory birds still land there?

  14. Thistle

    Yes, they do.

  15. Waterboy

    Letter to The Editor Nation Newspaper October 03, 2008, seems relevant to this post.


    Excerpt from the letter:

    “My problem is that land developers are cramming homes in areas of approximately 6 000 square feet or more without green areas or proper recreational areas. The absence of proper recreational green parks, social recreational areas cannot be replaced by community or resource centres.

    The absence of proper parks for a child or an adult to go quietly and think and reflect breeds anti-social behaviours and intolerance, then we ask why all the boys are liming on the blocks. ”

    Well said my friend but will they listen and act?