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More Indications That Barbados Government Will Not Keep Promise To Hold Public Hearings On Integrity Legislation

Folks, we received this anonymous email that we should all treat as rumour – but here goes anyway…

That said, if the information is genuine it is further confirmation that the government intends to ram Integrity Legislation through without the promised public discussion.

Usually governments do this so they can pass some half-hearted or flawed legislation without public scrutiny and then when the laws are found to be full of holes, they say “It is done, stop your complaining.”

And that is exactly what we fear: Integrity Legislation from the Thompson government that has an agenda of not making it too effective. (Neither Thompson nor Mottley want to have to lock up any friends, you know!)

We must remember that last June, Senator Orlando Marville, chairman of the new Governance Advisory Board that is supposed to be creating and implementing ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation – promised the following to the citizens of Barbados…

– Three town hall meetings will be held in addition to meetings with the media, the social partners, and other specific stakeholders in August.

– The process and materials will be placed online (Internet)

– Considerable public participation during the discussions in August.

You don’t have to believe us folks. Check out our article and the links to media articles quoting Senator Marville. (see BFP’s Barbados Government Says Integrity, Freedom Of Information and Defamation Laws In A Year Or So – Or Maybe Two Years)

August came and went and we never heard another word about public consultation. Now we get this anonymous email – that once again brags about ITAL coming, but seems to indicate that we, the public, should not participate in the process. According to this DLP insider, Bajans should just shut up and take whatever is imposed upon us by a condescending government…

Dear Gentlemen,

After much back and forth by BFP and BU on the subject of Integrity Legislation and the Freedom of Information Act, I am indeed very pleased to report that a full suite of Legislation is being completed and so far the Cabinet has seen and has approved the New FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT with the drafting of the INTEGRITY LEGISLATION nearly complete.

It is expected that circulation of both of these drafts will done prior to the Christmas break of Parliament and will be passed into law very shortly thereafter.

I trust that this will settle everyone’s nerves and will address the concerns of the people of Barbados, the gov’t of Barbados, the Opposition of Barbados and both BU and BFP.

The DLP promised that they would address these issues and they are doing what is required to make this a reality but on the other hand, as was the case at BFP making a daily issue of it with their silly remarks has done nothing to hasten the pace at which the work of those involved in the drafting of the legislation can perform it has happened at its own pace.

The work was carried by a group of well respected persons and it is hoped that at the end of it all that all the expectations will be served.

Not to be neglected is the new Freedom of Information Act this will present a whole new dimension to journalism and provide for more flexability in their reporting and interviews.

I trust that this will assist in given you some idea as to how far along and how serious the Gov’t is with these new pieces of legislation.



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Fabulous New Video About Graeme Hall And The South Coast Of Barbados Reveals SHOCKER

Click On The Photo To See The New Graeme Hall Video

Click On The Photo To See The New Graeme Hall Video

“Continued private support of the sanctuary and adjoining lands is in question”

… narrator on the film “Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – Barbados”

Are We About To Lose One Of Our Premier Eco-Tourist Attractions?

The new promotional film for the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is a combination of beautiful imagery, history and education about the south coast of Barbados and the last major mangrove wetland on the island. It includes some aerial videography of the Graeme Hall watershed and the surrounding development that I found to be very surprising…

… Surprising because you can drive around the area for days and never realise how much development has eaten away at this last green area on the South coast until you see it from the air. By the look of the video, much of the nearby development is of recent construction and I wonder how we can let this happen – because once this green space is gone it is NEVER coming back.

“Owners of the wetland include the Government of Barbados, the Sanctuary and a private holding company who have not indicated an interest in the environmental future of the wetland. The fight to preserve this last greenspace continues…” (from the film)

What Happened To The Graeme Hall National Park?

Shona and the two boys were watching the new video with me (well – Shona and #1 were watching the video while #2 was working hard to ensure that Dada didn’t get to work tonight without first having to change a stinky nappy. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are “my days” to do the changing.)

Anyway, I digress… we were watching the video with #1 yelling “burr, burr” every time he saw a bird on the computer screen when I heard the narrator say “Continued private support of the sanctuary and adjoining lands is in question…” I looked over at Shona, but she had missed it so we ran it back and sure enough, that was the message. It is not big time right out front and it sort of slid by, but there is no doubt about it.

And that was pretty well the punch line of the whole video for Shona and me.

“What about the National Park?” we both said at the same time.

What about all this recent talk by the Minister of Tourism about the environment, eco-tourism and the necessity for Barbados to preserve and manage our few remaining natural areas?

What about this “private holding company” that owns part of the Graeme Hall wetland and (according to the narrator) is not interested in the environment? And what does it mean that “private support of the sanctuary and adjoining lands is in question?”

From what I saw in that video, if we want this last bit of green on the south coast to be around in five years, the government had better do something besides talk and it better happen soon.

Have a look at the video at the top and you’ll see what we mean. (Click the photo or click here)


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