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Fathers Have No Rights

A Lost Son, And Nothing Can Be Done

I wish to engage the bloggers and readers and seek their opinion regarding the lack of support for men’s rights as it pertains to child support and parental rights.

Let me first relate a situation of one of my family members. He has a lovely son by a former girlfriend, the relationship did not last as there were trust issues his part regarding an affair she had when he went oversea. This man gave his son everything he needed, paid all medical bills etc. He met a young lady about two years after the birth of his son, they hit it off and decided to get married. Almost immediately upon making that decision, he was hit with a summons to court for child support.  He related that during that court meeting the magistrate sympathised with him after hearing what the child’s mother was demanding, he was however told that once an application for maintenance was made, the court was obligated to act upon it. He offered to pay maintenance of $350.00 per month, and has done so until this day.

The Child is now 14 years old and was (note I said was) at a very good secondary school. During the Christmas break of 2007, the child’s mother told the father she was going away for the holiday and would take the child with her, no problem. The child was to return to commence the 2008 start of school.

After numerous calls and visits to the house, the father could not locate the child. Eventually he decided to visit the school, only to learn that the child had not returned to school and was not even on the register. Two months later, he received a call from mother inquiring about child support since she had made arrangement with someone to collect from the court. When questioned about taking the child she said she thought she had told him. Imagine that.

To this day after numerous inquiries to lawyers and magistrates, there is no recourse he can take regarding his parental rights, he even inquired whether he should discontinue child support, since the child was not even in the island, but was advised if he stopped he could face action by the courts.

What rights does this man have, or other men who have similar situations? The court system cannot just favour the woman. I recognise that there are fathers who run from their responsibility, by all means deal with them, but on the other hand don’t allow the mothers to get away with injustices against the fathers. The system has to be fair.

BFP Reader “Bajejun”


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