After 10 Months In Office, Barbados Health Minister Admits He Hasn’t Read The St. Joseph’s Hospital Commission Report

Health Minister Estwick “Looking Forward To Getting My Copy” !!!

You want “bizzare”? How about the fact that some ten months after taking office, Barbados Minister of Health Dr. David Estwick says he hasn’t read the report of the St. Joseph Hospital Commission of Inquiry.

Not only hasn’t he read the report – he doesn’t even have a copy…

“I will be looking forward to getting my copy as the minister responsible for health so that I can look at it for myself and be able to see exactly the areas we have gone wrong,” Estwick said.

Perhaps my expectations are unrealistic. Maybe I’m the problem and I just can’t see it? This is Barbados in the year 2008, right? Will someone kindly explain to me why I should view this latest statement from our Health Minister as normal, perfectly ok?

The Nation News: $9m Inquiry


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25 responses to “After 10 Months In Office, Barbados Health Minister Admits He Hasn’t Read The St. Joseph’s Hospital Commission Report

  1. Snake-in-the-grass

    It’s ‘life in de tropics’ — what else do you expect?

  2. John

    If there is only one part he uses hopefully it will be the part about the implemention a code of ethics for public officers.

  3. PiedPiper

    To me, this is just another example of the BLP stealing from the taxpayers. I do hope that Minister Estwick was not being “tongue in cheek” when he expressed that this commission report has not yet been seen after almost 9 years. By that I mean that the report actually exists to be seen. One also has to look at whether a report that is almost 9 years old still has any relevancy or is it now redundant?
    Caloo, be a good boy and crawl back into your hole.

  4. lead by example

    It is really quite unbelievable that not only has the public elected such an incredibly lazy man but that the government chose him to be Minister of Health.

    No wonder the report took 9 years to put together if 10 months later the Minister doesn’t have a copy and hasn’t read it. Some people need firing yesterday.

    PS The Minister doesn’t look all that healthy. maybe he should be leading the Nation by being seen jogging and exercising with the youth.

    It would be very eye opening to read all the restaurant disbursements ( including liquor )submitted to the government for payment over the past 10 months by the newly elected members, not to mention seeing their weights just before the election and now. This might be a great example of who is leading by example and who is wallowing at the trough.

    Maybe the new promised ITAL legislation will allow the citizens to see these accounts as is done in most civilized and transparent countries?


    BFP says,

    I LOVE the idea of being able to see all the expense accounts for our government representatives, but let’s have the last 36 months, not just the last 10 months, OK?

  5. Sad To Say

    David grew up in St. Christopher while my family lived not too far away… I can see him trying to work out my identity. I was a lot younger that him… he is early 50s I’m 15 years younger. My older brothers tell me he was an idiot then… and leopards never become de-spotted. Only thing he has become increasingly despotic along the way. Whenever we meet this runt can never look me in the eye not only because he is vertically challenged but also because he knows that I know his entire life history. When he got his MD from UWI I lost all confidence in the medical degree program at UWI. How could a certified dunce like DE be given the responsibility of heading the MOH?

  6. J

    I like it, I like it.

    Let’s have a “weigh-in” on the date cabinet members and other high level officials are sworn in. Let’s have their blood pressure numbers, blood sugar numbers, blood lipid numbers. This won’t take to long and isn’t expensive. A nurse at the polyclinic nearest to government house or government headquarters could check all the fellows in less than a half day’s work.

    And let’s have the numbers once each year as long as the officials remain in office.

    It seems to me that human beings, including politicians and other high level officials (in the private sector too) tend to over eat and over drink and under exercise once they come into the money.

    These numbers may be a more important indicatator of who is the’ving and who is not than their bank account numbers.

    And maybe, just maybe we would finally have a Prime Minister who lives to be 73 years old; old enough to see his grand children grow up. Better for us. Better for the officials (private sector too)

    What does the BU family think?

  7. Littleboy

    I am surprised that you do not understand how this system works.

    The report BY LAW has to be FIRST handed to the person “responsible in law” for the report; that is, the ATTORNEY GENERAL.David Estwick is MINISTER OF HEALTH.

    AG Stuart first had to read the report before handing his findings to Cabinet and then releasing the findings (if he so chose) to the public.

    The report is extremely lomg and to be FAIR, we should not expect anyone (including Dr Estwick)to digest it in a short time.

    Please do not do things like this as they may only incite the uninformed.

    Thank you.


    BFP says,

    Hey… don’t blame us! Talk to the Minister of Health who was the one who said

    1/ He hasn’t yet read the report.
    2/ He doesn’t yet have a copy.

    The fact that the reporters at the Nation News have a copy and read it but the Health Minister hadn’t makes it all the more interesting.

    I guess we’re a little stupid around here. You see, I would have expected that when the report was laid before the Cabinet, that the government might have had enough sense to hand a copy to the Health Minister.

    But obviously they didn’t give him one and he didn’t think that it was important enough for him to insist.

    Ho hum… same old same old bout hey!

  8. Anonymous

    “The fact that the reporters at the Nation News have a copy and read it but the Health Minister hadn’t makes it all the more interesting.”

    Might I be so bold as to ask, for how long did the Nation had a copy and how did they obtain said copy?
    Was the report only made “public” to clear someone’s name?

  9. Tell me Why

    How could a certified dunce like DE be given the responsibility of heading the MOH?
    ………………………………………………………………………………….Come on my friend, debate without being personal. If he received a MD, don’t be a Columbus trying to denigrate the person. Remember, it is better to start out being a dunce and then becoming an academic, than to be an academic and then become a dunce. Get it my friend. On with the debate.

  10. Sargeant

    BFP, you wait nine years and several months before the report sees the light of day and now you expect the Minister to drop everything and read the report. If the BLP were still in power the report would be gathering dust in some vault and you would be there beating your chest and baying at the moon about when the Gov’t will release the report and they would have continued to ignore you and the rest of the public.

    BTW I notice a poster over at BU and another one here in an accompanying post make disparaging remarks about St.George Secondary and Princess Margaret School, can the Garrison be far behind?. It seems that some people have the mentality that only graduates of certain schools can be leaders in Barbados, all the others must follow in the pack. Elitism rears its ugly head again.

    Now all together: One step forward, three steps back…….


    BFP says,

    Did the report take nine years to finish? Or 12 months and it has been sitting on a shelf ever since.

    Why did it take the government 10 months to release it? Were any changes made from the “on the shelf” version?

    The report has been public for some weeks, why doesn’t the Minister of Health have a copy by now? He was walking around St. Josephs not long ago but hadn’t read the report?

    So many questions and just like the BLP, so few answers.

  11. crossroads

    I really don’t think its a big deal if he has seen it or not. Whats done is done and Bradford Taitt is still a teif. DE reading the document will change nothing.

  12. Miss Manners

    Why doesn’t the government publish the report on the gov info site? We paid for it and we deserve to read it, not only the bits and pieces they want us to see but everything in it.

  13. Sad To Say

    Tell Me Why: Sorry to have struck a raw cord. FACT 1: DE is an inherent DUNCE
    FACT 2: His Common Entrance mark was less than 40%
    FACT 3: DE had a failing private practice at BEST
    FACT 4: DE has been asked by PM Thompson to trasform himself into someone that he is not capable of being… DE has mimimal management skills, he was unable to transform his own practice, he was a failure in private practice, etc.
    FACT 5: Someone like DE CANNOT wake up one moring and be the answer to ALL of our health problems at the QEH, Polyclinics and otherwise

    Let us deal with the FACTS

  14. Tell me Why

    Tell Me Why: Sorry to have struck a raw cord.
    Let me make myself clear, I am against character assassination, especially the one base on academia. You are going down the same line as 181 and W.I.Vain who cannot debate unless being insulting. It is sad to say you are on his same wave length. Remember I prefer a dunce becoming an academic. But, I am not singing in any choir.

  15. Tell me Why

    FACT 5: Someone like DE CANNOT wake up one moring and be the answer to ALL of our health problems at the QEH, Polyclinics and otherwise.
    This is the only fact that has any logic.

  16. Littleboy

    Nobody knows whether David Estwick was correctly quoted as saying …”he had not yet received a copy of the report”. so how can we assume that he has not read it or received a copy.

    Come on BFP fairness is the high road. Please do not take the low road.

    And as for those (including BFP) who expect miracles within 8 months of an election, I sincerely hope you apply that same yard-stick in your daily lives!!! Look in the mirror, please.

    Let the DLP breathe!!!


    BFP says,

    Golly, maybe he wasn’t even there! Maybe the reporters made it all up!

    That’s it? That’s your defense? He might have been incorrectly quoted?

    Hmmmm…. sounds pretty clear to us…

    “I will be looking forward to getting my copy as the minister responsible for health so that I can look at it for myself…”

    What… you think the reporter made that up?

    And yes, I think that ten months is time enough for him to have said, “Gosh… I wonder what happened with that report. Oh… I see it is being reported on in the papers. Perhaps I should get a copy and read it!”

  17. J

    Dear BFP:

    Wuhloss!!!!!!!! You defending the accuracy of a Nation reporter.

    Looka I gine have to watch you.

    Next ting I know you working for the Nation.

  18. bob

    Sad to say.. you are really being unfair to Dr. David Estwick…. There is no need for the insults… you made your point so leave it there ..your point is you DONT like him OK…

    My contribution is simple….. it is unbelievable that Dr. Estwick has not seen the report… reading it is something different.
    The public inquest was NOT about finding miss-spent monies or finding someone guilty of stealing or VERY POOR MANAGEMENT skills…. it was about giving some Judges, Lawers and others a VERY HIGH PAID JOB … helping out BLP friends to find high paying employment.

    Look… we as citizens have endured many many commission of enquiries… did we ever get a single conclusive report.. Has anyone ever been sent to jail, anyone found Guilty? form the Pele Murder inquest, Carsiscot, the prison fire… how many more….. Anyone found at fault???? BUT the people who took the months and months at the tax payers pleasure… BIG Salaries….. see who they are and you’ll find out why we have these enquiries

  19. Sad To Say

    Once he continues in office DE is going to take our health care system that is already in shambles and destroy it completely. MARK MY WORDS. I fail to see why David Thompson does not wake up and smell the coffee. Thompson becomes an accomplice to this crime once he keeps DE in charge of the MOH. I would replace DE with Donville Inniss immediately, instead of wasting someone like Donville’s talent by keeping him in the shadow of Chris Sinclair while having him report to Darcy Boyce – imagine having an elected member of parliament report to a Senator.

  20. Eye95

    @ Sad to Say,

    Is former Prime Minister Sandiford not reporting to his former Personal Assistant, Chris Sinckler?”

    Talk about lack of lack of protocol and diplomacy. This must be a banana republic!

    Ohhh, how the Office of Prime Minister and that of former Prime Minister, has been “D”-valued!

    Thank you David Thompson! Since, according to you – you get the government you deserve – that is “change” we have to accept.

  21. Equity

    Eye95, And who is the immediate past prime Minister reporting to? Not the former Deputy PM? Has he been B-valued?

  22. Eye95

    @ Equity,

    Do you think it may have something to do with the fact that The Rt. Hon. Owen S. Arthur, M.P., – was not assigned a shadow portfolio?

    But, what about the cost of living?

    What about a package of sound initiatives to stimulate the economy? What about a reduction in the price of diesel?

    When will the DLP declare their assets and show Barbadians the invisible “ethical code of conduct,” it is alleged – all DLP Parliamentarians and candidates, signed on to?

    What about the “vexing” problem of the high cost of living?

  23. Tony Hall

    BLP opreatives in their droves!!!

  24. Eye95

    @ Tony Hall,

    How dare you challenge me that the DLP does not tell lies!!!

    The impression is being conveyed that “Video Conferencing,” or linking diplomatic missions overseas to Barbados, is a DLP initiative. That is not true. This is another DLP/Thompson lie.

    Turn your copy of the same National Strategic Plan 2006-2025 (which the DLP refused to debate in Parliament) to pages: 241 – 215 (Telecommunications) and pages 220 – 222 (Diplomacy)as to Barbados – is a DLP idea.


    By the way, the PEP says that the DLP stole its: “free bus ride for school children idea.” You mean, the DLP is so “desperate and power hungry,” that it is even “THIEF’ED” steals from the PEP?

    Same thing in Housing. Except for “the 20 year NHC free house political gimmick,” and the land at Bushy Park, every thing else being done or executed by the DLP in Housing was left on the table by the BLP.

    The only thing this anti-union; anti-worker DLP can claim credit for – is removing the union from the QEH Board, and the meltdown in the Barbados economy, which is manufacture by David Thompson.

  25. Littleboy

    Blind Elder can see through the whole set of baseless arguments put forward by the BLP operatives…did anyone notice what the replacement of the second syllable by an “F” could do …he he he.(Just pulling your legs BFP)

    Seriously though, who with any political sense could expect ta solution to all the problems faced by the incoming administration?
    BFP again, please, give the story on the report a rest. If Dr Estwick cannot come up with an answer IN A REASONABLE TIME then you can tar and feather him. Right now you are being unreasonable and unfair. And yes, you ignored the chain of command in so far as the vetting of the report goes.