Flavorite Foods Replies To Barbados Free Press About Ice Cream Recall – Won’t Provide Reason For Recall !!!

“Attached you will find the most recent Health Certificate issued by the United States Department of Agriculture to Flavorite Foods Limited for milk powder imported from Arizona and NOT China as you blog is suggesting.”

…Steve Bostic of Flavorite Foods Limited in an email to Barbados Free Press

Email Raises More Questions – And Answers None…

With the attached United States Department of Agriculture Export Certificate, the single sentence written above is the entire contents of an email received from Steve Bostic for Flavorite Foods in response to our article: Barbados Health Minister Estwick: TELL US THE TRUTH !!! Is Contaminated China Milk Powder Behind Ice Cream Recall?

In our article we asked if the recent recall of Flavorite ice cream had to do with the melamine-contaminated milk powder from China.

We had to ask because neither the Barbados Health Ministry nor Flavorite Foods informed the public about why the ice cream is being recalled. The Health Ministry merely said “This is being done as a precautionary measure under the Health Services (Food Hygiene) Regulation 1969.”

Bajan mothers are left to guess whether the ice cream they have been feeding their children has some bacteria contamination – or whether it contains a chemical that has killed four babies and sickened over 50,000.

So is truly disturbing that Flavorite Foods should contact us after reading our article and then not tell us the reason for the recall of their products. Nor does Flavorite Foods make an unequivocal statement that the recall is not because of melamine contamination.

Is Flavorite Food’s Response Deceptive, Or Merely Poorly Done?

We don’t mean to be unkind to Mr. Bostic or Flavorite Foods, but they sent us a certificate that shows Flavorite Foods purchased one shipment of milk powder in November 2007 from the United States – through a Dutch company. The certificate does NOT connect that milk powder to the ice cream that is currently under recall, nor does Mr. Bostic state that Flavorite only purchases milk powder from the USA.

He merely states that Flavorite purchased this one shipment of milk powder from the USA in November. The Export Certificate only says that the USA doesn’t have some specified bovine diseases. It does not say that the shipment was tested for any contaminants or standards.

We believe that Flavorite Food’s customers have a right to know the exact reason for the Health Ministry recall. We also believe that Flavorite Foods is not doing itself or its shareholders any favours by being secretive and evasive about why their ice cream didn’t pass the Ministry of Health standards.

Why was the Flavorite Foods ice cream recalled by Barbados Health Ministry?

Why won’t Flavorite Foods unequivocally state that the recall has nothing to do with possible melamine contamination?

Why did the Barbado Ministry of Health issue a recall on Flavorite Foods Limited’s ice cream?

Mr. Bostick and Flavorite Foods won’t say.

Here is the certificate he sent us. Click on the thumbnail to read it…


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29 responses to “Flavorite Foods Replies To Barbados Free Press About Ice Cream Recall – Won’t Provide Reason For Recall !!!

  1. jemma

    The only mistake Mr. Bostic and Flavorite Foods made was sending ANYTHING to the slug at BFP.

    They will know now that they should only submit public comments to genuine, reputable and established media organizations.

  2. Fishing4ever

    Very simply and powerfully stated BFP. Thankyou for doing what the mainstream Barbados press will not.

  3. jemma

    “public comments” should have been “public statements”

  4. jemma

    What is BFP’s interest in BICO, the competitor to Flavorite Foods?

  5. Red Lake Lassie

    jemma sounds like she is tired of BFP asking reasonable questions about food safety. Why is that?

  6. jemma

    Anonymous blogs like this are excellent tools to damage your competitor’s business… or political campaign.

  7. jemma

    Red Lake Lassie sounds like she is tired of jemma asking reasonable questions about BFP. Why is that?

  8. Red Lake Lassie

    What is BFP’s interest in BICO? Stupes! They recently did an article taking them to task for poor food safety!


  9. Red Lake Lassie

    Read the article. BFP asked BICO to reply but they didn’t. BFP said this:

    “To our knowledge, none of the unethical lapdog Barbados news media printed this very credible letter that calls into question the capabilities and willingness of BICO to maintain healthy standards for the public.

    Should BICO wish to communicate their side of the story with our readers, we would be pleased to prominently publish their letter unedited as it is received.”

  10. Green Monkey

    RLL like she bowling bouncers at wunna, jenna. Move from in front de wicket before wunna get lick down.

  11. Beefcake

    This information appears reasonable, Arizona is clearly not China. I think the BFP should amend its comments and accusations based on the information.

  12. jason

    Arizona is clearly not China, but if the ice cream company only purchases milk powder from the USA why didn’t they say so?

    Why didn’t they say why their product was recalled?

    Why didn’t they say that the recall had nothing to do with melamine?

    They purchase milk solids through a Dutch company. Does the Dutch company only purchase milk powder from Arizona, or (more likely) does it source the powder wherever it can?

    The information provided by the ice cream company isn’t “reasonable” as Beefcake says. It seems carefully crafted to present a certain picture and to deflect inquiries so the company will not have to directly answer the very reasonable questions we have.

  13. jason

    Oh, forgot.

    Why didn’t they clearly say that this milk powder was the only milk powder used in the recalled batch?

    Once again, why be evasive about the cause of the recall?

  14. life as art

    Flavorite gave the sort of half-assed evasive response that companies give when they don’t want to tell the truth.

  15. jemma; it’s good to have your contribution. The questioners always need to be questioned themselves. If this happened in government there wouldn’t be the need for BFP. Unfortunatly there is a great need for BFP and for the jemma’s of this world. Keep asking girl… your question did finally get answered.

  16. neutral observer

    Clearly Bostic thinks he’s dealing with the lapdog local media, who don’t ask probing questions, and accept all kinds of slipshod and pathetic half answers and explanations. Keep up the good work BFP!

  17. passin thru

    Thank you BFP for your hard work fighting for the truth.

  18. Butterfly

    Is this not a perfect opportunity for the ‘so called’ consumer watchdog groups to get involved??? A recall of product for unspecified reasons should never be accepted by the consuming public. I for one will not support this company until they explain why they recalled their products, and what systems they have put in place to ensure food safety in the future.

  19. Tell ME

    Someone Tell ME please why the government won’t say what the recall is for. Flavorite and the Barbados government health department are deceitful.

  20. life as art

    The news media are more interested in advertising revenue from the ice cream company than in asking the obvious questions.

    1/ Has this recall anything to do with melamine in the ice cream?

    2/ If not, what was the reason for the recall?


  21. Hants

    what was the reason for the recall?

    Both Government and the manufacturer should inform the public.

    Those who ate that Ice Cream need to know.

  22. Knight of the Long Knives

    Hey I ate some of that ice cream and my kids ate some I still have a bit in my fridge. I would like an explanation about the recall. I have bought a lot of ice cream from Flavorite for more than a year some months I buy 8 Litres. So someone needs to start talking or I will be buying no more.

  23. Ruff

    If the tainted milk went all over the world and was also found in other food products, why hasnt the min of health, recalled all those other products as well???

    BICO had issues with their standards in their plant, where as a result their product was also recalled..

    Also do you even know where the other brands of ice cream come from and where they get their milk product from??

    Do you not also find it strange the ministry AND the company are tight lipped?? Usually would at least ONE party be very vocal of the other if there was something to hide??

  24. Fool me once

    Steve Bostic find out one half answer is worse than none. Now we think this more serious even that it probably is like if they killed someone. No more Flavorite here until Steve own up the truth.

    Right now Bico has to be smart to tell us no melamine in their products and they will win out.

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  26. J

    Never though that the day would come when I would be glad that my children and I are intolerant of both milk protein AND of milk sugar.

  27. Tell me Why

    Mr. Bostic, you were trying to be honest but you caused more damage to your organisation than you anticipated. Where you not brief by your lawyer or your Head Office? The document shown has no relationship to milk coming out of China. This is just a standard document that will accompany food products coming out of the USA.

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