The Legacy Of The BLP Shows Where Their Priorities Were

A Hundred Million Dollars For A Few Weeks Of Cricket

Priority: A Hundred Million Dollars For A Few Weeks Of Cricket

Big Priority!

After 14 years of BLP Owen Arthur/Mia Mottley government, we blew a hundred million dollars on renovating Kensington Oval – but played the last Cricket World Cup in the dark because at cost a hundred million dollars, the lighting was optional!

Roshell Small Hauls Water Like Her Slave Ancestors Before Her

Not A Priority: Roshell Small Hauls Water Like Her Slave Ancestors Before Her

Not A Priority With The BLP: Water, Hospital

After 14 years of BLP stewardship, the current Thompson DLP government inherits a prison built where there is no water, and an ancient, leaking water distribution network.

Priorities. After a decade and a half, all the hype and press releases, it is easy to see where the priorities were with the Arthur/Mottley government.

We at Barbados Free Press will continue to hammer the current DLP government on our core ITAL issues, but sometimes we should step back and consider what a mess David Thompson inherited. Every time Mia Mottley opens her mouth to criticise something concerning the infrastructure of this island, we should see her as slapping herself upside the head.

There are two truths from all this…

1/ The past BLP government was probably the most corrupt and ineffective government this island has ever seen.

2/ If Thompson does not fully implement and embrace ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation – his team will soon be too far gone to recover.

Those who have ears, let them hear – because those who have eyes are already seeing the Thompson – DLP government members slip sliding towards corruption.

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143 responses to “The Legacy Of The BLP Shows Where Their Priorities Were

  1. Eye95


    You said: “The current Thompson DLP government inherits a prison built where there is no water, and an ancient, leaking water distribution network.”


    The only point is, the deeds of Errol Barrow years ago, is still haunting Barbados. It was he who took the millions, which the BWU had to fix 100 year-old mains (an ancient, leaking water distribution network) and re-directed those funds.

    However, in every negative, there is an equal positive. Had Barrow not done that, it would now be easy for Thomposon to heed the IMF’s advice and increase water rates.

    He cannot now, because of leakage, inefficiency and weak argument, which will not sell with the FTC.

    The water crisis has come full circle. It started with the Dems and is again back in thier lap. No issue here!

    The Rt. Excellent E.W Barrow and his DLP deserve all the credit for this island’s water leakage.

    Incidentally, it will take the same millions Barrow took away – to solve the probem he left and contributed significantly to!


    The wonderful expansion of the airport, which we were told would handle increasing arrivals over the next 10 years, was already too small when it was completed…

    Just another example of Bajan foresight and planning. It’s “life in de tropics” … don’t expect too much.

  3. ru4real

    Like the Abc highway that should have been made a two lane highway from the start .

    Like the flyovers which will come – but later at a greater cost.

    However the airport may be ok

    With the turn down in the economy and the increase in air flights it may turn out to be just the right size after all.

  4. Civilsociety

    You know who should be paying for the much needed water pipes? Bizzy Williams and his partners in Ionics Freshwater Limited. They charge the BWA (us taxpayers) for the water they “produce”, and then at least half of it leaks back into the water tables before it reaches you. If the government stopped paying for this, we would have loads of money to pay to repair our pipes. Check that one out BFP!

  5. Eye95

    @ Centipede,

    Why are people coming to Barbados? To help Thompson find the millions that are alledged to be stashed?

    What is your point? In less than a year of Government Headquarters at Bay Street being built, it was too small.

    If more “touristsss” are coming, we can thank the former government for a low crime rate; instilling confidence and for building new productive capacity.

    Independence square, salt pond at Seightstown, St. Lawrence Gap, Oistins, the Board walk, kensington, the Port, ABC highway, Dredging of the Careenage, the Hilton… May I please stop now.

    Look at our previous international ratings, UN, TPI…!!

    What is your points little girl? Alas! There is never one with the Dems: “brimming over with bright ideas” that are not in your manifesto.

    And after 14 years in the wilderness, a promise of “change” but no alternative soical or economic strategy for Barbados?

    Quiet please!!! BFP, bring me some coffee. Black with; no sugar, please. Stupseeeeeeeeeeee!


    Hey Eye95! I’m not laying blame on one ‘administration’ or the other.

    I’m just saying we Bajans just have a knack of not doing things commensurately. You don’t have to take my word for it…. yours proves the point!

    Stay well.

  7. Eye95

    @ centipede,

    Thank you kindly. And to you as well, my friend.

  8. khadija

    what about the millions spent on the airport, folks have a good look at the airport, our airport as we know it, are tents, there are 5 tents, how much does a tent cost? you tell me. There are made in china, so one can only imagine, the BLP took Barbados for a long ride. check their bank accounts in Switzerland.

  9. Tell me Why

    Waste of time commenting on this post. The assumption being played by you in this post regarding priorities and the blame on the non performance of water retainers. We must realised that water supply in the St. Philip area was always a problem. Here we have constructions of massive housing projects, massive commercial complexes and now a massive incarcerated complex and you know what, the Barbados Water Authority updating equipment in the pumping area and not replacing worn-out piping that were in existence from the time Adam was a Lad. This is the real problem that affecting the island. I have seen the Water Authority fixing a water leak one place and soon as power restored up comes another leak a short distance away. This is all about pressure being applied to a weakened water main.
    So BFP, regardless of misplaced priorities, we will still have a water a problem in Barbados.

    We can go down memory lane to the the sixties and seventies where certain homes had water. The majority of the populace had to travel to a standpipe to fetch water. This small load on main pipes could not burst pipes, that mean with economic advancement with massive communities all having connection to these said aged mains will surely caused the problems that we are encountering today. This will always be problems for any Government, thus your weak analogy.

    SOLUTION: Start replacing mains with the new plastic piping loitering on certain compounds.

  10. Eye95

    @ Khadija,

    There can be no secret bank accounts any where in the world say: China, North Korea, Cuba and Russia.

    Stop fooling the people. The OECD has seen to it that all secrecy laws were removed. Have you ever heard about Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties?

    You dems are giving this country a bad name. Consider that Barbados places great emphasis on the financial services sector.

    Fool! Whereas tourism has a carrying capacity, the financial services sector does not. If you want the government, keep it!

    Barbados belongs the Barrow and is therefore DLP country. It is yours! You own it. But please, spot hurting this country’ reputation, you unpatriotic bastards!

  11. Tell me Why

    September 26, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    khadija, check their bank accounts in Switzerland.
    While at it also check the Cayman isl ones and the Bahamas.
    If you have facts that these bank accounts are in these islands, why go an broadcast blank assumptions when you could have informed the police or if you don’t have trust in them, call in the FBI. What I am saying, shut up and perform. You need to remove the various blind of excuses that hindering your performance. Deal with what you have now and stop the talk of “past administration problems”, the electorate will soon get tired of your complaining.

  12. Eye95

    @ 181,

    If you know where those ‘stashed millions” are, why not tell the principle politcal adviser to Prime Minister Thompson.

    That info. could be important to the five other prime minister 181 advises.

    All Prime Minister Thompson has to do is to give the appropriate information to the Police. We wait for action, since it is high time “somebody” gets lock up for “thiefing.”

    If the DLP gets in the habbit of doing that, it most certainly will send a strong message to those now trampling each other to get to the trough.

  13. Eye95

    @ Tell me Why,

    As a proud, independent, liberated black woman, I support your above post, 100 per cent. Well said!

    Remember, “change!” Not more of the same!

  14. Knight of the Long Knives

    Eye95 you must be daft if you think the BLP has not been stealing money left right and center. Look how many of them never need to work again after a few years in politics. If you know people senior in banking circles you would be surprised at the things you hear and how rich successful Bajans were targeted by inland revenue for questioning where funds were going and coming from. But I ain’t calling no names :-).

  15. Hants

    “@ Tell me Why
    September 26, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    Waste of time commenting on this post.”

    You must give credit to ey295 for the aggressive campaign on behalf of the BLP.

    BFP is now their blog so DLP supporters may as well sit back, tek de licks and wait for the announcement from the AG and the DPP.

  16. Tell me Why

    BFP, please release my post.


    Wooooooosh…. you people really think persons who have ‘off shore accounts’ in the named countries, have those accounts in their name?

    Get real!

  18. Eye95

    @ Hants,

    I would be happy if the information is given to the Police. Since Prime Minister Thompson knows, the AG and the entire Cabinet should. Lock up “somebody”

    We have accommodation at Her Majesty’s Prison Dodds. Trust me! If you do that, Barbadians would know you are serious.

    By the way Hants, is it true that Donville Inniss just bought a house in Miami? Nine months after becoming a Minister!!! BFP, help us out here.

    DLP of “no secrets from the people” remember the above. Is Michael Lashley building a house in St. Philip?

    Did Minister Lashley threaten to fire the contractor, who promised to tell Thompson about the free cement from Rayside?


    Hello! Is “anybody” there?

  19. Eye95

    BFP, what about my post please! Am I being censored for telling the truth, “FREE PRESS?”

  20. Eye95


    Did Donville Inniss buy a house in Miami?

    Is Lashley building a house in St. Philip and had a cuss-out with the contractor who threatened to tell Thompson that Lashley is getting cement from Rayside?

  21. Eye95


    Is Michael Lashley asking for “kick backs” money – in return for giving houses.

    Please! In the national interest, investigate and if I am a liar, ban/ block me for life.

    Then tell Barbadians that this proud, independent liberated black woman is a liar, just like the persons who alleged that millions are stacshed in foreign accounts – at banks not known to anyone and in countries not yet discovered.

  22. Ras Bash

    u cud imagine dat a bunch of so-called intelligent ppl….getting on dis blog…debating who got millions n who in got..ehem..stashed overseas…….i taught dis wuz where i cud cum n have a civil debate on issues…..wanna missing d whole purpose of this blog ya….i bet d last bit o change in my pocket dat in 14 years if d DLP lose d government and sum odda party win dat wanna gine b saying d same tings………so i c sum a dis as pointless………………..

  23. Ras Bash

    n since i on it y every time sumbody mek a valid point da wan Hants talking bout da advocating fa d BLP…..everybody ain partisan like u

  24. Eye95

    Knight of the Long Knives,

    How is it possible that after driving a open-back brek-down suzuki van, Christopher Sinckle could suddenly buy a brand new Jaguar within three months of becoming a Minister.

    A ten-year-old Jaguar (top of the line car that only millionaires/ very wealth people) costs $350,000.

    Did Donville Inniss recently buy a house in Miami? When looking for an overseas stash, perhaps the search should start there! What do you think, Hans and 181?

  25. Ras Bash

    wha wanna shud really b talking bout iz d countless amount o ppl dat now jobless after 8 or 9 years o service cuz a man/woman tink dat ya shud b working on a monthly basis now…….i.e. afta September i might not want u bac…there goes d mortgage……car….wife n kids…..ammmmm duz dis soun famila….d only ting we waiting pun now iz d %cut……….i like dis change doah…it only happen fasta……….cha

  26. Hants

    located just SW of Ft. Lauderdale in the Davie/Plantation area close to I595 & Pine Island Road.

  27. Eye95

    @ Hants,

    How? Was there a loan? Still, what about the foreign exchange lost/ “capital flight?”

    Are Barbadians unreasonable to expect disclosure of assets as promised?

  28. Eye95

    See why disclosure of asset is important now? Just nine months!

  29. Eye95

    All right Hants,

    What about the Jag? And the house is St. Philip?

  30. Eye95

    Hants & 181,

    When can Barbadians get an announcement from the AG and the DPP about that alleged million which are stashed in foreign accounts? The DLP has publicly admitted that it knows for a fact that the alledged missing millions are in the Cayman Islands; the Bahamas and Swizerland?

    Of course, it would also be aware that those are all Commonwalth countries, with whom Barbados has a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty!

    Next week then! Nobody wants this to goo away, especially since it makes a mockery of your solumn commitment to “clean up politics” and provide “change” and ITAL.

    THE ALLEGED STASH in foreign accounts IS THEREFORE AS MUCH A CREDIBILITY ISSUE FOR THE DLP as is the declaration of assets, which the DLP is now reluctant to do.

  31. bob

    to Eye 95… Mr. Barrow has been deceased what ..20years now and you are still blameing him for spending the water authotity monies (if it were true to start with) in other areas ??? the BLP took the reigns of government for 14 years and had all the time to invest some of their spending in the water facilities. Face it… they spent the money elsewhere… they built our New Kensington Oval on land NOT belonging to them, they renovated the Airport, The innerbasin Carreenage… looks nice and lets not forget Jubilee Gardens, Speightstown and our Price Winner… The Greenland Dump. Is it opened as yet?? then what about the NEW Chamberlin Bridge in the City… will it Ever be opened to vehicular Traffic???

    Yes Eye 95…. from your arguments we can all see that you are a STRONG BLP Supporter and you suggest that BFP is a strong DLP supporter. My observations are different however. I think that BFP are Barbadian Patriots who are willing to question God and the Devil for TRUTH, JUSTICE ans EQUALITY and my blog friend is why readers like myself will continue to respect their opinions.
    Our January elections and Government changes were NOT about preference B or D..LP the change was because EVERY BAJAN was becoming quite unhappy with the way our affairs were being managed. The Bureaucracy became UNBEARABLE to us citizens. When the new administration starts becomming unbearable ..WE the citizens will change them once again…. Got That ?

  32. The scout

    181, Waiting In Vain
    Since you have ALL this information PLEASE give it to the P.M to help him prosecute the perpetrators. I would like to see these people brought to justice and convicted if found guilty. It appears you don’t really like the P.M because if you did you would help him avoid this law suit.

  33. Eye95

    @ bob,

    Yes Sir! You are a fine Barbadians. God bless yah son! Welcome to the list of indendents.

    BFP is doing a wonderful job. “Free Press”

    Now bob! What about that blasted cost of living. I have children to feed!

  34. Tell me Why

    Hi Bob, I will deal with the various infra-structures minus the Kensington Oval, since I am not a cricket fanatic as late and see that facility as an abuse and a big trick by ICC. Now to the others, Barbados has not major resources but its people, thus the country has no alternative but to set up building to compliment the tourism product. Do you feel that we could have accommodated major airlines at the small airport we had, notwithstanding the country being a hub for air travel? Do you feel we could do without creating walking space for our locals and the visitors that we would like to attract, thus the improvement in Bridgetown, Speightstown, Oistins and now the South Coast? Don’t you feel that the Swing Bridge will be a tourist attraction especially when the inner basin start docking Yachts?
    Or will you prefer 20 able-bodied men turning a wheel to open the inner basin?


    BFP CAUTIONS Eye95 For Multiple Identities.





    All yah,

    One the subject of legacy. See page 3 of today’s Nation? Yes! Our Prime Minister’s 25% withholding tax.

    The youth have been abandoned. Well, Arni Walter did say that his DLP government does not owe yound people a living.” That is certainly not what they were being told during the election campaign.

    They were promised the sun, moon and eleven stars. Even had their own manifesto. Now what!!!

    Funding for sports dried up. Barbadians youth, if you want to make it in sport or at the Olympic like Usain Bolt, go to T&T or JA.

    The DLP is anti-youth and anti-sports. Like us you too were tricked. Tighten your belts, the ride is going to be bumpty and this Christmas will be long, cold and lonely.

  36. The scout

    The NEW Chamberlin Bridge in the city—– will it ever be open to vehicular traffic????
    The Bridge was NEVER to be re-opened to vehicular traffic!!!! It is to be a pedestrian bridge and that’s what it is.I agree with you the government changed because the public was unhappy with the arrogance of the last government, plus three terms is enough for any one party. However, this present government is not living up to the expectations of the same public and the same unhappiness is surfacing, they have to move swiftly from becoming a one term government. The question is, would we want Miss Mottley to lead this country? Who would you suggest to be the next leader of Barbados from either party?

  37. J

    I have to pass by Kensington Oval and by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital twice each day. And twice each day I wish we had spent maybe $25 million on minor fixes of the old Kengsington and maybe $75 million on the QEH.

    And is is not that I don’t love my cricket. I went to several of the World Cup matches, sat in the rain for 3 hours while waiting for the match to start; waited in the dark for the last bowl to be bowled (ok, ok, I am a cricket idiot). I have always enjoyed excellent health so I have NEVER used the QEH, but I know that too often we get our priorities as Malick would sing Fuh Cupped.

    All that good money should have been spent fixing up the QEH for all the Bajan people.

  38. Tell me Why

    located just SW of Ft. Lauderdale in the Davie/Plantation area close to I595 & Pine Island Road.
    Hants, you planning to reside. Hope it is an upscale location.


    DID YOU SEE THIS in today’s Advocate?

    Barbados ranked 22nd on Corruption Perceptions Index. Web Posted – Fri Sep 26 2008
    Barbados has moved up one spot in the last year to be ranked 22nd in the 2008 Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).

    See todays advocate for the full data. Or go to

  40. Straight talk

    Why we must ask, after this new open Government opposed to institutional sleaze, are we 21 places off #1.

    What’s the problem?

  41. Melaka City Malaysia

    After 14 years of BLP majority government who spent without controls but with the wrong priorities, Eye95 wants to blame Errol Barrow for the current state of the pipes!

    How old are you, Eye95? Are you from the same planet as thinking human beings?

    Such a jokester!

  42. Tell me Why

    Wow. The area is an upscale area with close proximity to Jacaranda Golf Course and Central Park. These homes must cost a pretty penny.

  43. Tell me Why

    How old are you, Eye95? Are you from the same planet as thinking human beings?
    Melaka City Malaysia. You are the one who seems to have it wrong. The pipes are the problem, although I don’t agree with the blaming of Barrow. I must also be cognisant to the fact of governments not ensuring these pipes are replaced once construction is increasing and the strain on the system.

  44. Snake-in-the-grass

    Good thing Barrow, Taitt, Arthur, Mottley et al ain’t white – or the discussion would be having a different slant, we’d be hearing how the ‘white people’ ripping off we natives

  45. bob

    Scout, I’m no political guru and so the question of Motley being the next PM…. or who would I suggest … I really don’t see anyone with the Leadership Qualities like Mr. Barrow or the elequence of Mr. Adams, but we gave Arthur 14 years and we can now give Mr. Thompson his first five. If he fails us then we can drop him in the next elections but give him a chance.
    My concerns as is with many, Thompson and the DLP told the nation that they were ready and that they had all the evidence they needed to deal with the corruption. We were fed the $750,000.00 check deposited into Arthur’s personal account and we were told so much of the Hardwood Housing misappropiated monies.. we were shown all sorts of devious documents and where are we ? Mr. Arthur in the news is getting a big job and we’ve heard nothing further of Mascall. I’d suggest here that unless the new government makes good on their words, come 4 years from now elections will make a turn. It is really sad that there was so much talk of bad BLP management and so much corruption and stealing the tax payers money and much accusations with no charges. were we being lied to during the elections and if so, are we to go on the blogs and complain or should we visit our elected representaives and hold them accountable for their words?

  46. Anony

    Eye 95 its obvious that you are not seeing cleary because of your affiliations. It is also obvious you are a smart person. But dont give half truths, M. lashley’s house was being built before elections. If Mr. Inniss bought a house in Miami after 9 mths in govt then he would have to be a genius. Your problem like the lot of them is that you haven’t realised that the theives are no longer in govt.

  47. Anony

    On the pipes being replaced: Why were they not replaced in the last 14 years. It amazes me fools were allowed to rule and do nonsense for 14 years but now we expect miracles in 9 months.

  48. Tell me Why

    If Mr. Inniss bought a house in Miami after 9 mths in govt then he would have to be a genius.
    Check earlier posts for the address.

    On the issue of piping, remember Barbados had running water for 1861. This is not a 14 year thing. Now you do the maths and stop trying to discredit posters who sings in another choir. This replacement of pipes was problems before, are problems now and will have problems in the future once we have developments going on. That is the crux of the matter. We must stop the partisan talk and look at alternatives and improvements to sort our ongoing problems.

  49. Anony

    Tell me why i agree the pipes needs replacing but to blame the poor pipes on the blp or dlp is wrong. What is also wrong is that even before the prison was built they knew about the water woes. They had 2 choices either they upgrade the pipes or they place water tanks at the prison. Since they chose the water tanks then it only makes sense that they need to work.

  50. Tell me Why

    Tell me why i agree the pipes needs replacing but to blame the poor pipes on the blp or dlp is wrong..
    Successive Governments refused to allocate funds for the replacement of pipes unless one of them burst. Regardless how you feel about who is to blame, that will be matter for you, but I am bringing realistic facts to why we will always have burst pipes.
    I just hope that all the roads being resurfaced are not in vain when it comes to digging up to fix burst mains. These mains should have been replaced before applying new asphalt, but again….Who does the Pre-planning on these constructions? Maybe paying twice is the norm.

  51. Tell me Why

    Since they chose the water tanks then it only makes sense that they need to work.
    Who should be responsible for the ‘dry run’ no pun intended. It would be stupid to blame a Minister for the failure of the water tanks. The last Attorney General or the present Attorney General cannot be blamed, Even if the locks failed to work is not the responsibility of these Ministers. No one mentioned if a tap wasn’t turned on or off or even if the power supply was working, yet, we are hearing of all wide statements. We now know the tanks in working, let’s fix them now and stop who’s to blame.


    BFP says

    Tell Me Why is of the old generation. No one can be blamed. No one is responsible. We entrust elected and appointed officials with vast amounts of authority and resources, but when they fail or worse – steal – it is no one’s fault.

    No accountability.

    Welcome to the old generation of Tell Me Why.

    We, the new generation spit on such a culture of failure.

  52. Hants


    Sorry to disappoint you eye95 but it is me Hants who is looking at buying a house in Miami and found this .I am sure no hifalutin Bajan politician would want to live in this little “hut”.

    ASKING PRICE $62000.US
    Park City Estate is located just SW of Ft. Lauderdale in the Davie/Plantation area close to I595 & Pine Island Road.

  53. Tell me Why

    Welcome to the old generation of Tell Me Why.

    We, the new generation spit on such a culture of failure.
    BFP, as usual you write and still say nothing. First of all you should respond to Anony, but again, you know your bias. I gave a run-down from 1861 until present, I said the pipes are old; I said the BWA spent more effort in updating the pumps; I said pipes were mainly changed after bursting and the pipes usually burst nearby after turning back on the pressure; I said that the BWA should be replacing pipes when roads are being resurfaced. Now tell me BFP, what this have to do with old generation. If you want to use under hand tactics, Marshall was young like you and Boyce is old like me. You can decipher since you are the moderator.

  54. Thomas Gresham

    As an economist when considering how well a country is doing there are a few trends you look at.

    First, GDP per capita. In 2007 this was close to Trinidad’s which is remarkable given that they have the oil.

    Second, you look at unemployment which at the end of 2007 was below 7% a record low.

    Third you look at growth, which at 4% in 2007, was quite good.

    Fourth you look at the balance of payments. This showed a deficit on current account, more than matched by large capital inflows leading to a rise in international reserves. Not bad, but not too good either.

    Fifth you would look at external debt servicing, which at around 11%. This is pretty good, and was around the level of Trinidad a few years ago – oil wealth has pushed Trinidad ahead on this score more recently – but it could be better still.

    Finally, you would look at a range of social measures like literacy, education and health, encompassed in the Human Development Index, where Barbados was no. 29 in the world, the highest ranking developing country. This is pretty good indeed.

    You may then consider non-economic issues such as freedom of the press, rule of law and corruption. On these the record is more mixed and contentious.

    But the point is that no reasonable assessment of Barbados in 2007, would not be favourable on the economy, with worries on non–economic matters.

  55. Tell me Why

    TG, the wise one, can you give the statistics on the 2007 in comparison to 2008? Are we better off or are we slipping and sliding? I see negatives, what are you seeing.? WIV and Hants you can also give your input since BFP refused to write about the latest figures. Lets have an honest debate minus partisanship.

  56. Tell me Why

    Why moderate. It seems when you type in WIV it goes in spam. Is he part of BFP?


    BFP says,

    WIV is indeed blocked from this forum for constant violation of the rules. He was given many chances. So yes, type in WIV and you will be mederated.

  57. Tell me Why

    Help, I am being muzzled.


    BFP says,

    Poor baby! Can’t get the immediate clearing of comments that you demand?

    No problem!

    Go to and start your own blog.

    Give it a try, if you have what it takes.

  58. Tell me Why

    VIW backward is indeed blocked from this forum for constant violation of the rules
    My humblest apologies. At least my dumbness was able to unearth a technicality. In future I will use 181 when mentioning this PR.

  59. Tell me Why

    My 2% posting will reduce your popularity by 2%. You sure ain’t want that. Ha Ha Ha.

  60. Hants

    @ Tell me why

    I am not an economist so I can’t help much.

    It seems that Barbadians including experts like TG are still trying to separate the Barbados economy from the rest of the world.

    I live in Canada where the cost of living is higher than in the USA.

    I think it is amazing that Barbados has a high standard of living but things will get worse because the USA and Europe are going into a recession.

    I can’t truly understand the economic theories of TG and his learned collegues.

    I just the cost of Bread and milk if you get my drift.

    Now I gine and drink a likker while I can still afford to.

  61. Tell me Why

    I live in Canada where the cost of living is higher than in the USA.
    I visited your country four weeks ago, and I was delighted with your cost of living. I did realised that you have to do a lot of shopping around for bargains. I went to Tigre Mart and I was surprised with the bargains. I purchased jeans for Can$10.00, prior to visiting them, I was in a store in Angrignon Mall and saw jeans going for Can$250. Anyway, I prefer to spend the extra dollar in Canada instead of the US.

    We here in Barbados is blaming everything on external price increases, even the increase of milk being blamed on external costs.

  62. Adrian Loveridge

    Please BFP,

    Still around!

    Happy WORLD TOURISM DAY everyone and to the Barbados Tourism Authority on their 50th Birthday. Especial thanks to all those involved in the industry that go over and above the normal course of their duties to ensure the majority of our visitors return year after year.

    The tourism pundits predict that the next few months are going to be among the most challenging we have ever had to experience.
    This is the time to put all those self-interests aside and step in to play YOUR part is ensuring OUR challenges are turned into opportunities.

    You know who you are!


    BFP says,

    Hi Adrian,

    We removed the comment asking about your death because it was the same people who have threatened you and your wife in the past. I am doing up an article (again) on the lack of police action. The last time we wrote about this, the police had not even bothered to contact you again even though they knew who was threatening you from Cable and Wireless. Anything further to report?

  63. Adrian Loveridge

    Friends at BFP,

    Sadly not, and I have even spoken to the Commissioner of Police recently at a tourism meeting.
    I have only had one call, many months ago from a Superintendent Jedder Robinson.

    It really makes you think with all the evidence that the Police have been supplied with, WHY the reluctance to act?

  64. ru4real


    Did you expect them too?
    Has it not sunk in yet that the police are a law unto themselves.

  65. ru4real

    why are some posts moderated an other not?

  66. ru4real

    I will try again .
    Adrian did you really expect the RBPF to act?

  67. ru4real

    Its seems like whatever party is in power the RBPC remain a law unto themselves answerable only to themselves.

  68. ru4real should RTFM

    RTFM = Read The Fine Manual

    See those tabs at the top? “What is Comment Moderation? ?????

    2/ Why do some of my comments get held and some don’t?

    We use an automatic spam filter to try and sort legitimate comments from the spam. Mostly it works, but sometimes it grabs your comment and holds it until we read it. Other times it lets spam through onto the blog, which is why you sometimes see advertisements for everything from drugs to naked women posted in the comments section. We clean it out when we find it, but sometimes we miss it for days or even weeks if it is on an old post.

    The spam filters have their own minds, and also have a list of suspicious words, triggers and IP addresses. For instance, anything coming from Russia gets held for moderation (Russia is the spam king of the world), as will common spam words or phrases such as “viagra”, “drugs”, “hot sex”, “cars for sale”, “blackjack”, “incest”, “loan” and hundreds of other words from the lists.

    If you use one of those words in your comment, or you include more than two linked URLs, your comment is held until we get to it. So some of your comments will make it straight to the blog, and some will not.

    We don’t like it either, but that’s reality.

    3/ Why are comments sometimes held for hours or even overnight?

    There are only five of us, and we’re not always here. This is a part time blog staffed by volunteers who have children, real jobs and bills to pay. We get sick. We get tired. We travel. One of us works steady nights. Sometimes we even get fed up and cranky for a day.

  69. 181

    A Tribute to a fallen one, Mottley has been relegated to the trash heap by the party that she pretends to lead and the party that has clearly shown that they are not ready, willing or wanting to accept her, I am not sure the exact and precise reasons for them wanting to evict her but I would hazzard a guess as we all know that Dame Pat Simmons has defined that a person such as mottley with her vicious lesbian traits is not an ideal person to be seen as the leader of the blp, hence the pronouncments made by Owing See Thru Arthur that he is there to be a force to over throw this mottley entiltement mentality.

    It is with great amusement that I read today’s edition of Animal Farm revisited 111 in Flying and Fish and Cou Cou it says so much in print that we all know to be true.

    I have been saying here for some weeks now that based on a knowledge of the inner workings of the weaken blp that all hell is breaking loose and the latest ranglings with mottley and her charges does not do her any favours in the least, coupled with that the clear and defined statement made by Owing See Thru Arthur that he will be back to regain the reins of leader of the opposition surely CANNOT sit well with the mottley family clan, as I have stated before the mottley’s see this post and their daughters role as an entitlement that they must own, so how now do they conform to having her sit in the position as a caretaker awaiting the return of the See Thru drinker to undermine her and oust her from that lofty position?

    Duguid, Marshall, Toppin, Eastmond, Clarke you better escape this tryanny before you are asked to take sides and you all know taking sides in this meltdown will cause an eruption of mega proportions.

    Then we know that mottley will not go down (of course we all knows that she goes down with serious repercusions) with out a battle to lead and we know just how vindictive the short runt is when he smells POWER, GREED, AND MORE CORRUPTION, AND MORE CHILDREN that he will stop at nothing to achieve his urge to mute mottley and her group of hapless weak ones.

    I wish her well in her return to commercial law and hope that she can find honest work, as we all know her name has been badly tainted by her involvement in the corruption that was so much a part of her and Mr See Thru’s program that she is know not to be clean and has many questions over her head in just the management of a single project the VECO PRISON.

  70. J

    Dear 181:

    Is Dame Pat gay? straight? asexual?

  71. Hants

    @ Adrian Loveridge

    Problem. “next few months are going to be among the most challenging we have ever had to experience.”

    Partial Solution.

    The Greater Toronto Area (locally abbreviated as the GTA) is the most populous metropolitan area in Canada. The GTA is a provincial planning area with a population of 5,555,912 at the 2006 Canadian Census.

    The good news is that Bajans up here already booking flights in November on West Jet $543 and Air Canada $649.

  72. Tell me Why

    181, are u the author of the Barbadian George Orwell in Today’s Nation. It sound like you.

  73. Eye95

    Hartley Henry! Yes you 181,

    Is this why you are being paid $156,000 of our hard earned tax dollars annually – to show such disrect towards independent Barbadian females?

    It is not surprising why Mrs. Mazie Barker-Welch refers to the DLP as a “male chavonist” party. But, how do your above comments make it easier for females, when we go to the supermarket?

    Will it put more food on “anybody” table or help us decide, which bill to pay this month? Will it stop those 3000 who lost their jobs from worrying and others from going to bed at night in absolute panic, wondering if they will be next?

    Issues my friend! N

    Now that the DLP has “acquired” a 2/3 majority of Parliament, what about that blasted Agriculture Protection Act? And, what about the cost of living

    When will you advise our Prime Minister to reduce the price of diesel. Every country in the Caribbean already has!

    Reports state that at the United Nations, Mr. Thompson insisted that a mechanism be put in place to aid developing countries in these uncertain global times.”

    Yet! In Barbados, despite the pleading of the BLP, Mr. Thompson has bluntly refused to establish a Wages and Pensions’ Fund, which would shield our most vulnerable citizens, or – introduce a targeted stimulus package, to promote economic growth.

    This is not government on the side of the people, is it 181 a.k.a Hartley Henry?

  74. J

    Hants wrote:

    “The good news is that Bajans up here already booking flights in November on West Jet $543 and Air Canada $649.”

    We look forward to seeing ya!!!!!!!

  75. Thomas Gresham

    It is interesting that this substantial measure – removing $90m of subsidies on energy, that DLP supporters consider so obvious and right, was never in the manifesto. I would venture that this smacks of a certain lack of transparency and integrity in policy.

    But here is the economics. Permanent subsidies are wrong. If you think the oil prices are experiencing a temporary spike, then temporary subsidies to ease the pain on the most vulnerable in society make sense and have been done in many countries.

    However, if the oil price shock turns out to be more permanent, then the subsidies need to be phased out over a well announced period to support the adjustment towards higher oil prices. The phased withdrawal of subsidies should be supported by energy saving initiatives and support to public transport options.

    I do not know a single economist who would support the immediate, unannounced (as in no notice) removal of subsidies all in one go. It is a recipe for economic dislocation as people have no time to adjust, so they face an immediate cut in their disposable income which they have to cust down on other expenditure which reduces overall spending in the economy and leads to job losses by firms that are no longer making as much revenues and therefore are also paying less taxes, partly undermining the point of removing the subsidy in the first place.

    The rise in unemployment is a direct consequence of a removal of subsidies. It is a clear trade-off. Revenues or Jobs. The DLP chose revenues and they chose to do so in a cack handed manner that made the adjustment worse than it could have been. Poor policy implementation, not just the policy itself will have contributed to some of the joblessness.

  76. Adrian Loveridge


    I promise you, Canada is not being ignored.
    Government has just awarded an additional BDS$10 million in marketing support and a substantial part of that is being spent in Canada.
    We are already seeing a small surge of bookings arriving on WestJet.
    And it is having an effect on Air Canada’s pricing, as a group of six people staying with us in April (2009) actually got a cheaper fare from AC than WJ.

  77. Eye95

    @ 181, a.k.a Hartley Henry,

    Billie Miller is on record as having said that it will take the DLP less than 100 days to crash the Barbados economy. The DLP has made her a “political prophet.”


    Stuart said that the DLP did not have to know anything about the economy, that Barbados has well trained public servants who can deal with that.

    Maybe 181, a.k.a Hartley Henry also known as $156,000 to curse women – can say why all of the top officials in the Ministry of Finance are leaving!

    When in Opposition, there was a mass exit from George Street. Now that the is the Government, this country’s most competent public servants are trying desperately to get as far away from this “incompetent” and “vulgar” bunch as possible.

    Hartley Henry should know this – Even top DLP public officers. They are saying that Henry is “vulgar” and they will not subject themselves to “the indignity of taking instructions from a total clown.” Who could blame them! This is not Antigua/ Bird Land or “never never land my frined”

    Imagine! A little old lady cannot afford to buy a whole chicken, yet Henry gets $156,000 in salary. To do what! Disrect females and curse Miss Mia Mottley, week afetr week?

    The priority of the DLP is to “balance the budget and please the IMF.” Sounds like a rather silly reason to feed 3000 Barbadians to the wolves.

    For sure, when the BLP was in office, our economy was run from Bay Street and ALL economic policies were home grown. Thompson has “changed” that!

    With this “incompetent”DLP bunch “outfit” in office, policies now carry a “made in the US label and the Barbados economy is being run from Washington by the IMF.

    BARBADIANS WOULD NEVER BE IN THIS POSITION IF THE BLP (the party of innovation and ideas) AND OUR COMPETENT PUBLIC SERVANTS, were running things.

    What are the people saying:

    The DLP is in a mess.

    The DLP does not know what it is doing.

    The DLP is at crossroads.

    Oh Shi…, we made a mistake!”

    That is what even die hard dems are saying. Tell the truth, the people who are complaining most are dems, who are frustrated and disappointed.

    Prime Minister Thompson is right. “The DLP is in crisis and has really created a crisis.”

  78. Eye95

    @ 181,

    You Henry Henry should be ashamed of yourself, only if that were possible. You are passed $156,000 to disrespects females and curse the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, week after week.”

    Hartley Henry will point at Miss Mottley’s hair. He will try to invent a lifestyle for her in the hope that Barbadians will have doubts about her suitability to lead.

    He will draw attention to her clothes. Hartley Henry will even say that she is not a decent, independent, bright law abiding female.

    He will say that Miss Mottley is not a trained Attorney-at-law, This is most unfortunate!

    He will try to down-play the fact that Miss Mottley has excelled in a male dominated profession.

    Hartley Henry will try to tell you another lie – that Miss Mottley has nothing in common with you and that it is not true that apart from Tom Adams – she is not the only person in the history of Barbados, who has respondend to a PM’s budget speech, withou a scrap of paper or a prepared speech.

    Hartley Henry will even say that it s not true that Miss Mottley can speak on any subject known to man, without a note and cause even university professors to nod in amazement.

    Mia Mottley is a symbol for what Barbadian women can achieve in this male dominated and “male chavonist” world. Continue to shatter the glass ceiling, Madame!

    Henry, you and the DLP should be ashamed for treating Barbadian females this way! Little wonder that Undene had to remind the men in the DLP that women are good for more than clearing tables and frying fish cakes.

    Shame on you Mr. Hartley Henry, a.k.a 181 also known as Mr. infamous – “$156,000 to curse women” and the current Leader of the Opposition, just to make Thompson look good!

  79. J

    181 wrote on September 28, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    “Gresham, mottley , mascoll or whatever you maybe”

    The Thomas Gresham who writes on this blog can’t possibly be Clyde Mascoll. (I believe that Mascoll is a brilliant economist and I am sorry to see that his political future may have been compromised?) But whether or not you agree with Gresham you have to admit that he writes ELEGANT prose. Mascoll as published in the weekend paper is turgid (and I don’t mean to be unkind). He may be a brilliant economist but he is NOT a good writer nor public speaker.

    Therefore a forensic analysis of the language from the 2 different sources would prove that Gresham and Mascoll CANNOT possibly be the same person.

  80. Tell me Why

    After reading today’s Nation regarding ‘Let’s Chat’ by The Prime Minister towards Hamilton Lashley, it leaves me with doubts why after an opponent cried down a system how within few month after the grand standing two opponents can talk about chatting. Why did Hammie not chat before elections, or was he wearing two shoes to see which camp he will jump in after the outcome of elections? Why all of a sudden the PM is looking out for someone, why is he not looking out for Colin Spencer who campaigned all over the place and finding himself without a Party job? I admire our Prime Minister, but he must learn sit back and be silent whilst observing and projecting governance instead of jumping all over the place.
    By the way, how many people are on the ‘Poverty Bandwagon. You have Minister Lowe, you have Minister Todd, you have Undine Whittaker now you want to give a pick to Lashley. Come on, what is really going on? What is the salary bill for all these heads? Would Lashley be an ADVISOR to the Advisor on Poverty Alleviation? Remember you cried down the same office and dismissed the said Lashley who you decry as a consultant. Simply peace my friends.

  81. Eye95

    @ 181,

    Hartley Henry rattled and flushed out!

    The Democratic Labour Party, which pays Hartley Henry $156,000 to curse the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposion , week after week – must know that such a “vulgar abuse of public funds, constitutes a cost overrun.”

    “Nobody is concerned whether you Hartley Henry went on a cruise and took your male from Dominica with you!

    Nobody is concerned whether the female from St. Lucia (Hartley Henry’s side-kick) who is to advise on Constituency Councils – stayed in the same hotel room as Hartley Henry in Taiwan, after his wife left to return to Barbados, from China.

    Barbadians are concerned about their jobs; the high cost of living, our escalating crime rate and the fact that the DLP does not know what it is doing.

    This so-called DLP “outfit” of integrity – cannot justify paying Hartley Henry $156,000 ,simply to curse Mia Mottley – as his corefunction and at a time too when if women buy a whole chicken, they cannot afford the rice or the butter.

    What about the cost of living Hartley Henry? What was your fee for getting that $45 million from Chavez, for Dominica? And, how much did you get for doing similar for your male girl-friend in Dominica? Yes, “Skinette!”

    Finally where are you stashing that money? I leave you the the CIA and the FBI. The walls will close on you much sooner than you think my friend.

  82. Jerome Hinds

    Well so much for BLP legacy……that come tomorrow morning I have to meet with Hammie La to keep his pro – poor and socially uplifting programmes for the people in St. Michael South East……..going !

    After that Jezebel……Mia Mottley tried to silence Hammie La for supporting the progressive and revolutionary programmes of the GREAT DLP gov’t .

    But let me tell the BEES……Hammie La would not starve !!!

  83. Tell me Why

    But let me tell the BEES……Hammie La would not starve !!!
    Why did you alleviate him from his post and criticising him as being a consultant.

  84. Jerome Hinds

    Hello…..Tell Me Why , who appointed him………then DISAPPOINTED him ?

    Please revisit the case !

    Hammie La would not STARVE !

  85. Eye95

    @ Jerome Hinds,

    Prime Minister Thompson is paying Hartley Henry, a.k.a 181 – $156,000 to curse Mia Mottley, week after week.

    The question is, at a time when most Barbadians are suffering, where do our leaders (Thompson/Mottley) and our Parties (DLP/BLP) stand on the economy and the economic meltdown initiated, as a result of Prime Minister Thompson’ poor judgement and bad decisions?

    We need leadership that is not interested in politics and political survival, as being practice by David Thompson, who is paying Hartley Henry b$156,000 specifically for that purpose.

    Rather, Barbados needs the type of leadership and “real change” being offered by Mia Mottley, who is putting the concerns of the people and of this country before the Party she leads.

    It has not gone unnoticed that while Mr. Thompson is busy enjoying the, Office of Prime Minister and is taking frequent trips overseas – Miss Mottley has been consistently making mature and responsible recommendations that make sense.

    Miss Mottley has called for a package of targeted measure to stimulate growth, as well as for the creation of a Pension and Wages Fund, to shield the most vulnerable in our society. Thompson and Hartley Henry have bluntly said no.

    However, once implemented, Miss Mottley’s suggestions will significantly “ease the pressure” caused by Prime Minister Thompson, as well as improve the quality of life of ALL Barbadians, including Dems who are obviously disappointed and the one who are most vocal in their disapproval of what Thompson stands for and is doing.

    Miss Mottley and the Economic Team of the BLP are simply, “Better for Barbados!”

  86. Fairplay

    Hammie La is a good person but the DLP must remember that all of its supporters will not be happy seeing Hammie La being given special privileges again.
    He disappointed me when he crossed the floor. That put the DLP in a tail spin that lasted very long because the BLP gained the perception as the party for the poor.
    Lashley’s presence helped the BLP to win the second and third term in office. That is why Owen would not let him leave, sick or healthy.
    It will come back to haunt the DLP if they elevate Hammie to any high office. The Barbadian public is sick and tired of grasshoppers. He did once, he did it twice and if the third chance presents itself he would do it again. If you cannot handle opposition politics resign.

  87. Thomas Gresham

    Dear J,

    Thank you for your kind words.

  88. Waterboy


    After the St Joseph Hospital Commission of Inquiry cost us taxpayers a bundle could you ask Miss. Mottley why the BLP never released the report?

  89. Eye95

    @ Fair Play,

    Prime Minister Thompson increased the license fee for doctors to operate. This will no doubt result in the people of St. Michael South East (SMSE) having to pay more when they go to the doctor. Yet, hammie said Thompson’s budget was a poor man budget.

    Lawyer’ fee were significantly increased. On would think that given the rate of crime in SMSE (the Pine in particular) is times higher than the national average and by extension, given the number of young men who get in trouble with the law – hammie would be concerned. He clearly is not.

    Hamilton Fitzgerald Lashley, 111 is more interested in alleviating his own poverty. According to him, Thompson’s budget is a poor man budget.

    As a result of increased license fee for ZR’s and minibuses to operate, which comes on the heels of a 77 per cent increase in diesel – operators say that they will be forced to install fare-boxes, which will see 1000 conductors (many from SMSE) loosing their jobs. Yet hammie congratulates Thompson for bringing what he called: a poor man budget.

    The license fee for small shops in SMSE to operate has moved from $350.00 – $1,000. Yet, hammie said the budget was a poor man budget.

    Persons with cars in SMSE will have to look for $400 to pay road tax. That has nothing to do with increased drivers license fee and increased insurance. Yet hammie said Thompson brought a poor man budget.

    Barbadians will have to pay an additional $46 million in road taxes, yet hammie said the budget was a poor man budget.

    There was an increase in the environmental levy; excise tax and by extension, VAT. A recipe for an increase in the cost of living. PM Thompson will rake in an additional $180 million in new taxes this year. Yet silly hammie said the Thompson’s was a poor man budget.

    If a man in SMSE sold in car his iafter July 7, 2008 – he will not be able to get back the unused portion of his road tax. Yet hammie said the budget was a poor man budget.

    Under the BLP, Barbadians were able to purchase land on non-plantation tenantries at $2.50 per square foot. Under the DLP they are now required to pay $5.00. Yet silly hammie says it is a poor man budget.

    Look! Once the price is right, Hartley Henry will be able to get hammie to say publicly that Hitler was right to put people in the gas chambers. Hammie would even wear a dress to Parliament if the price is right.

    hammie is a tradable commodity! Much like the global financial system – AIG or Merrill Lynch. There was meltdown; the share value drop – now requiring a rescue package.

    Thompson say hammie will not starve. His shelf life will be pro-longed “a little longer.” hammie will, however, remain a tradable commitity that has little value – a modern version of “Eric Fly” at best.

  90. Eye95

    @ Waterboy,

    I think the question is: The Report found Taitt guilty of “unethical behaviour,” yet this so-called government of intergrity made him President of the Senate – the third highest in this island.

    Should Brandford taitt now receive a knighthood on November 29, 2008? Is this government serious about “integrity” and “good governance.” Then why knight Taitt instead of asking him to resign, which would be the decent thing to do?

    Or, is it that the DLP has now to significantly lower the bar, in order to funtion?

  91. Eye95

    @ All,

    Based on the back cover of yesterday’s Sunday Sun, while the “bail-out rescue package for hammie,” will be completed some time today, the government of so-called “accountability” will keep the “details” a closely guarded secret from the taxpayers, who will have to foot the bill.

    The bottom line is, by the end of the day, David Thompson would have “acquired” “a non-credible asset,” more like “a tradable comidity of questionable value.”

    The taxpayers should be concerned about such an abuse of public funds!

    Still, haunted by Peter Wickham’s prediction of a “one-term” government, this desperate attempt by Thompson is intended to add to the “shelf life” of the DLP.

    Thompson’s “power-play-gamble” is intended to secure a second term – not based on performance, buy – by “using public funds to buy support/votes.”

    David Thompson has long been of the view that “anybody can be bought, once the price is right.”

    In a desperate attempt to alleviate his own poverty, hammie has allowed himself to be purchased!

    This is Eye95 reporting for BFP.*


    BFP says…

    Perhaps Eye95 can say he is “reporting ON BFP”, but never “FOR” bfp.

    Eye95 is in NO WAY associated with BFP, he is an ordinary commenter like everyone else.

    Watch it, Eye95…. once more and you’ll be asked to get your own blog. We value our 2.7 million visitors a year and we’ll be damned if you will start claiming any turf at BFP. You are here as a guest and only as long as you behave yourself and do not monopolise. Word to the wise.


  92. Waterboy


    This is the question I asked you:

    After the St Joseph Hospital Commission of Inquiry cost us taxpayers a bundle could you ask Miss. Mottley why the BLP never released the report?

  93. Jerome Hinds

    Eye 95…….surely your cataract is worsening !

    If that was not the case……. how then can you say that Mia ‘ a- man ‘ Mottley is asking prudent questions:

    When she preseided over the mess :

    * At CBC …..$ 12.8 million in debt ???

    * The bungled ( T & T / B’dos) fishing agreement….$ 13 million in attorney fees ( and no agreement ) ???

    * The tieffing at UDC……$ 5.6 million ???

    * The ‘LOCK – DOWN ‘ of $ 28o million at Dodds prison ??? ( Mia has yet to tell Bajans if this US currency or not !!! lol )

    * The on going saga with EDUTECH……some
    $ 400 million…….up in CYBERSPACE ???

    Eye 95 ……..this Mia ” a-man ” Mottley that you say is so PRUDENT was deputy PM , Minister responsible for those projects above and shared collective responsibilty with the CABINET of Barbados at the time…….!

    You know what….Mia ” a-man ” Mottley was so PRUDENT….that Bajans kicked she and the same BLP party BACKSIDES from the corridors of government !

    That is PRUDENT……CHANGE that I support !

    I am a rational thinking Bajan VOTER………and I approve this message !

  94. Eye95

    @ Waterboy,

    I remember having heard Miss Mottley say on Brass Tacks Sunday that she will not be looking back.

    Perhaps that explains why the BLP under her watch, represents: “FRESHNESS; NEW ENERGY – A NEW BEGINNING!”

    What you should note is that:

    This DLP Government, “which does not know what it is doing:” is “crowding-out the local private sector by using up the liquidity in the system.

    As a result, interest rates will increase as there will be no funds to lend.

    Having said that it will not borrow because the national debt was too high, the DLP (which is in a mess) has already borrowed $100 million on the capital market and is now going to borrow another $100 million.

    Thompson loud talk about “DEBT” on today’s front cover is yet another in a never endding series of distraction tactics.

    The DLP is not reducing the national debt as promised but is adding to it by $200 million, and in just nine months. Can you imagine that!!

    Wake up Barbados! Wake up lazy press! Educate the people! BFP, you are napping, arise!

  95. Waterboy


    “I remember having heard Miss Mottley say on Brass Tacks Sunday that she will not be looking back.”

    Really! So she will not be accountable for past actions by her party? What arrogance. Well maybe she is not looking back but we the citizens of this country are looking back, sideways, up and forward.

    So here is the question again “After the St Joseph Hospital Commission of Inquiry cost us taxpayers a bundle could you ask Miss. Mottley why the BLP never released the report?”

    Or ask Mr. Arthur or he is not looking back either?

  96. Eye95

    @ Waterboy,

    Listen Stupid!

    There is only one (1) point in the St. Joseph Hospital Report.

    Former Democratic Labour Party Health Minister, has been found guilty of “UNETHICAL BEHAVIOUR.”

    Brandford Taitt, not the BLP, not Thompson not hartley henry!

    The DLP Government, which promised “good governance” and said its members have signed onto an “ethical code of conduct,” elevated him to the high “Office” of: “President of the Senate.”

    The third highest Office in the country.

    There is a fundamental contradiction between “unethical;” “good governance” and “integrity” promotion.” Do you understand that STUPID!!!

    Should “His Honour the President,” Mr. Brandford Taitt – be given a knighhood on November 29, 2008 or should he be asked to resigned the Office of: “President of the Senate?”

    How could the DLP promise “good governance;” “integrity” and “change” yet have a man who is guilty of an “unethical conduct” being President of her Majesty’s Honourable Senate.

    This is my last exchange on this.

  97. Hants

    eye95 says “This is Eye95 reporting for BFP.”

    BFP is this true? Is eye95 and BFP intertwined?
    Is eye95 Marcus or Cliverton undercover?

    Given the dominance of eye95 as the primary “attacker” on this blog, I just thought I should ask.


    BFP says,

    Not bloody likely! I hadn’t noticed that and I’ll change it now.

    Typical that the defeated BLP would now wish to capitalise and ride upon the popularity of the very blog that probably pushed voters over the edge, don’t you think?

    Thanks, old friend!



  98. bob

    Eye 95……… You have a goog point… and I too would like the questions answered along with others….
    1)- Why wasn’t the Report on the St. Joseph released before? where does Mia Motley Fit in with this… and as AG… wasn’t she responsible for the report?
    2)- If Branford Tate was found guilty of “Unethical Behavior” as is so stated then by putting him as “President of the Senate” not also Unethical? akin to placing the fox to watch over the Hens?

  99. Waterboy


    I will not stoop to your level and engage in name calling.

    Basically you are saying millions of taxpayer’s dollars were expended in a Commission of Enquiry
    and the single point of that expenditure was that a former DLP Minister of Health was found guilty of “UNETHICAL BEHAVIOUR.”

    So why didn’t the BLP expose the unethical behaviour noted in the report so that public opinion would have deterred the DLP from appointing the said individual.

    The BLP had to waste millions in taxpayer dollars to tell the country what they knew already? The joke is the BLP did not even tell the public. The DLP had to expose one of their own.

    I may be stupid but one thing I am not is a yardfowl. BLP / DLP are both full of unethical politicians supported by sycophants like you.

    Shall we have some more Commissions of Enquiry or will it be “Forensic Audits” to root them out?

    By the way “stupid” people like me, also known as “independents”, are the ones who change governments at election time and remove people like you from politicaal influence, at least until the next elections.

    Personally I do not think any party, BLP or DLP, should be in office longer than 5 years.

  100. Hants

    BFP I am taking this opportunity to voice my objection to the politicks of inclusion with emphasis on the word tick.

    Hammie La makes a lot more money than the vast majority of Barbadians as a member of Parliament.

    Having collected as a minimum an MP’s salary for the last 14 years, he cannot starve.

    As a former minister, he is guranteed a job somewhere when he returns to private life.

    If the people in his constituency needs help, Undine Whittaker should be given the support to help them.

    I am a DLP supporter but floor crossing and politicks of inclusion is not acceptable to me.

    Unlike a respected former BLP Minister, I do not think the opposition and their supporters should “starve”
    because all ah we is Bajans.

  101. Eye95

    Waterboy said:

    “Basically you are saying millions of taxpayer’s dollars were expended in a Commission of Enquiry
    and the single point of that expenditure was that a former DLP Minister of Health was found guilty of “UNETHICAL BEHAVIOUR.”

    So why didn’t the BLP expose the unethical behaviour noted in the report so that public opinion would have deterred the DLP from appointing the said individual.”


    Talk about: “unethical behaviour,” is mere cotton wool language. It is intended to suggest a “tiny” “very minor” misdemeanor – a courtesy to the guilty party. Still, no murder was committed. Why not ask BFP to publish the recommendations?

    It would appear that those recommendation were intended to “stop-up” the loop holes through which the abuses occured.

    Therefore, printing those recommendations should tell Barbadians whether they are dealing with a small infraction or not.

    The desperation to suggest millions were spent but..a so-called, “very small, tiny infraction,” is understandable.

    Look at the recommendations. That will tell you how serious the problem was.

    By the way, “Independents” changed the government and diesel increased by 77 per cent. So too has the cost of living. Independent also change the government in America. The result – a US$760 billion bail-out.

    My point! There is a fundamental difference between the exercise of a constitutional right and making a sound or the responsible decision.

    Isn’t that what UNESCO tell our children? Think about that for a while!!!

    By the way, what about the cost of living? Is it my imagination or are prices rising?

    Is this government well on the way to borrow $200 million, thereby adding to the national debt, while creating a burden for future genrations?

  102. J

    Chezze on bread BFP.

    Can’t you get the yardies of both parties to shut up

    I am bored by their 2 note songs.


  103. Waterboy


    You say “Look at the recommendations. That will tell you how serious the problem was.”

    Exactly my point. So why didn’t Ms. Mottley, Mr. Arthur and the BLP release the findings?

    With regard to this they had no respect whatsoever for the citizens of this country who paid for the Commission of inquiry.

  104. Bajan-Canadian

    Now he and wife no longer live the high life with free taxpayer money in Canada a certain two time “diplomat” has found his old calling of BLP propagandist . We are on to you Glyne Blind Murray aka Eye95.

  105. Eye95

    @ 181 a.k.a Hartley Henry,

    I too wish people would stop spreading rumours about you. Surprisingly, the rumour is being fanned by you – that you are some type of “political strategist”


    But hartley, you ran and St. George North and lost.

    You advised the DLP in three general elections and it also lost.

    You advised Bird in Antigua and he lost.

    You advised Kenny Anthony in St. Lucia and he also lost.

    You advised the COP in Trinidad and despite the millions available to it – it lost.

    The only memory Barbadians have of you is you telling the people in St. George North, that they are ungrateful dogs, after you tried to bribe them with hams, which you called back for.

    You did say that you will never run in Barbados again.

    Now Hartley! Why do people spread such a bad rumour about you – that you are some “politcal strategist, when it is clear that you could not even plan a strategy to get yourself elected?”

    Here is the contradiction. Through one corner of your mouth you say that Barbadians “dumped” the BLP. Yet, you credit yourself for some great effort in getting the DLP elected.

    It is easy for anyone to plan, simply because you have an ego and talk too much!! Sociologists calls this, a desire for social acceptance. It is like lust or a kink. You would know what I am talking about.

  106. Tell me Why

    Unlike a respected former BLP Minister, I do not think the opposition and their supporters should “starve” because all ah we is Bajans.
    At least Hants,you have more “balls” than the other full-time DLP bloggers. How on earth can Hammie starve with a Parliamentary salary, why fool the public with such nonsense. If the PM want to in cooperate Hammie in his cabinet or being an advisor, do so, but forget the “starve” talk. I am stating that by bringing him into the social ministry it will undermine Undine Whittaker, even Minister Todd. I see problems with the inclusion of Hammie and agree 100% with Hants since during electioneering the last administration was criticised for political “inclusions” better known as “grasshoppers”

  107. 181

    eye thing when will you make a contribution that contains something that is sensible and come with something that we can discuss meaningfully ?

    Have you not noticed that your contributions are shallow and devoid of logical thought ?

    What about discussing the struggles Duguid is going thru with the blubber mottley?

    Or the reasons behind Hammy having to jump ship to support a party as he says it, that is working for the poor and the needy, something that you and your group of crooks neglected to attend to after 14 years of spinning tops in mud it took the the NEW AND THINKING DLP to see after the needs of the needy and the needs of the parents of the school children, to put in place a FREE BUS SERVICE IN PLACE IN LESS THAN 9 months in office, tell us again how long you had in office and if there was a will to provide these services they could have been done but not you and your clan of crooks, you were too busy lining your pockets and offshore bank accounts.


  108. Tell me Why

    181. Think Antigua and you will see who is the real crook. Waste of time talking to a stick record.

  109. Tell me Why

    Have you not noticed that your contributions are shallow and devoid of logical thought
    How many people reply to you and your diatribe. You lack debating knowledge since you are only able to deal with cut and paste or your pep words Veco, Hardwood, Owen, Mia, Nicholls. Come on brother, you will find more societal problems to talk about.

    You are simply devoid of a brain. Stupppeeesss!!!!!

  110. 181

    Tell me Why, I will suggest to you that our local blp clan is Noeless Blarney aka MM Lynch, Glyne Clarke, Mottley, Duguid, See Thru Arthur who are all in the major league along with Bannister, Cox, Shorey, Nicholls et al would make The Birds look like simple chicken crooks.

    No kidding you my friend they were rotten bad, I could stay down by the beautiful Animal Flower Cave and smell the rotten corruption that was arthur and company in Bay St.

  111. Tony Hall

    I hear a lot of talk on this blog about this DLP government being a one term one. This is the type of propaganda being spread by BLP operatives, the same ones who wanted this blog shut down way back on 2007. A Government will make mistakes from time to time but if you think this government will be a one term one don’t hold your breath. The people of Barbados are not stupid. The BLP was given three terms. They did some good but afterwards took the population for granted by becoming arrogant and corrupt. A lot of BLP supporters are still in shock over the loss of power in January hence the nasty behaviour on the blogs.

  112. Eye95

    @ 181, a.k.a hartley henry,

    You advised Thompson who then engage your side-woman “Melissa Rambally” from St. Lucia. The same “Rambally” who Sir John Compton fired for “thiefing.” She is engaged by Thompson under the guise that she is advising on Constituency Councils.

    So much for employing non-nationals. Incedentally, she is being passed BDS$18,000 monthly. Isn’t that corruption?

    What about $35.00 locks at the Rural Development Commission being changed for $2,500.00? That must be corruption!

    Why are houses, which were being built under the BLP for $57,000 – now being built by DLP contractors for $89,000? Isn’t that corruption?

    A DLP contractor, get mobilization fee, three days before he sends in a tender – on three occasion. His bid was the highest, yet RDC Chairman Power, gives him the contracts. Isn’t that corruption?

    Instead of dealing with the problem, the Minister and Thompson are “blue vex” that the information got out.

    hartley henry! John Wallace, who owns “Mapou”and other gambling interest in T&T – put one million in the DLP’s campaign. He now says that he gave you money on the side. Is he telling lies? Waldo Ramsay blue vex too!!

    There are other reports of people wanting things done but have to pay you a nogiation fee “up front.” Are they telling lies on you?

    “Mr. Excellent example of corruption,” now is not the time my friend. But you better hope that you get the election result in the “U.S” both you and Thompson want. Barbadians will leave you to the FBI and the CIA.

    hartley! You are times more corrupt than all and any person in Barbados.

    Imagine this! For 14 years, Transparency International (TPI) said that Barbados was the least corrupt country in the Caribbean. You advise 5 other Prime Minister, right. Well those countries do not even feature on TPI’s radar.

    Up come you and the “fatted-calf DLP” and all of a sudden, Barbados is no longer the least corrupt in the caribbean.

    My Point! St. Lucia is now the least corrupt country in the Caribbean. BUT YOU DO NOT ADVISE THEM!! That is why. WHERE EVER HARTLEY HENRY GOES, THERE IS A TRAIL OF CORRUPTION. Make a phone call to Antigua! Check fah yah self!!!!

  113. Waiting

    When are we going to begin drilling for offshore oil and gas?

  114. Eye95

    @ Tony Hall,

    Not only does “This DLP Government not know what it is doing,” but “Tthis DLP Government tells lies.” That is a big problem.

    The people of a country do not trust this DLP Government or what the prime minister says. That is not only a big problem, but a crisis!!!

  115. Eye95

    @ Tony Hall,

    The Democratic Labour Party has placed itself under tremendous pressure, and is now swiping wild. Its tools of choice are: lies, distraction tactics, false accusation and corruption.


    Mia Mottley and the BLP have an excellent record of putting people and country first. Mia Mottley will never be the kind of Prime Minister who will travel overseas instead of staying in Barbados to solve problems for the people and fix what is broken.

    Prime Minister Thompson is a fan for higher taxes. He calls it: “getting Barbados back on track.”

    In contrast, Mia Mottley is for cutting taxes for seniors, families and small businesses. She will be a Prime Minister who will tell Barbadians the truth.

    Miss Mottley will implement a pro-growth agenda, which will grow the economy, cut taxes; create jobs, provide necessary assistance for small businesses and put more money in the pockets of ordinary Barbadians.

    Support for Mia Mottley means that the DLP, who is responsible for putting you in the position you are now in – will be out of business. That is creating panic. The DLP line to the trough is long and each man is pushing like mad to get his fill before time runs out.


    It has not gone unnoticed that with a DLP Government in office, this country is still crying out for strong leadership and real change.

    But, real change is coming.

    Miss Mottley will provide strong, progressive leadership. Not watch from the fence as Prime Minister Thompson now does. That is precisely what got Barbados in the mess it now is.


    BFP says,

    Why did Mottley not release the Gems audit report, the St. Jo’s hospital report and so many other “reports” if she has so much integrity?

    She also called for the radio talk shows and blogs to be censored and controlled. She is not a believer in freedom of speech by citizens nor transparency by government.

    Why did she not introduce integrity legislation while she was AG?

    Why did she award the jail project to a corrupt VECO company that had no previous experience in building jails?

    Too late for Mottley to put on a new dress and call herself new.

  116. Hants

    eye95 says


    BFP do you support the above statement ?

    I suggest that you respond to eye95 .

    It was BFP who first enlightened us on the BLP corruption supported by clarification by William Doogood with regards to the house on the hill with Glyne Clark’s Benz underneath.

    I would also remind our fellow bloggers that it was former Prime Minister Owen Arthur who explained that he received $750,000 and put it in his own Bank Account.

    It was former Prime Minister Owen Arthur who said that he gave a man a job in Government to “help him out” .

    It is up to you BFP if you want to talk about the dealings with the extremely corrupt prison builders VECO whose business practice includes bribing politicians.

    BFP it is up to you if you want to reprint the article from a British Newspaper showing that Danos the 3S partner was charged and before the courts in England.

    I cannot keep up with eye95 who is like RoyalRumble used to be in dominating this blog.

    Uh gone.

  117. Eye95

    @ BFP,

    If my memory serves me correct (and it often does) Sir Louis Randall Tull, Q.C., of the BLP – drafted “integrity legislation” for the entire CARICOM, which is based on the UN model.

    Surely you BFP have head about the CSME and the need for the harmonization of regional policy.

    BFP, the fact that comments are moderated on your blog – suggest that there is “censorship and control,” albeit, internal.

    To the best of my knowledge, the prison was built within budget and Government stands to get 50% of the savings. hartley “181” henry can confirm this.

    BFP, it was known that Thompson had an addition to telling lies when in opposition. He is now the PM, who promised “integrity” “change” and good governance,” but the lies continue.

    Should Barbadians march or should the will of the people be respected. You report, we decide!

    I am Eye95 and I approved this message.


    BFP says,

    Oh, the BLP implemented Integrity Legislation for Barbados? Oh…. really?

    Such BULLSH*T from you Eye95. Can’t you see how this looks to everyone? You must be older because you and Mottley think just because you as a politician say something “it is”.

    The Owen Arthur/Mia Mottley government were in power for 14 years. Their legacy stands on what they really accomplished, and what they ignored.

    They ignored integrity legislation, transparency and accountability.

    When your Government Minister Gline Clarke built a home for his mistress on land that your government expropriated, Mottley and you remained silent.

    There are a thousand other similar situations.

    We’re really getting tired of you and 181 monopolising the conversation here with very little new to say.

    We’ll talk about it at this week’s board meeting, but as far as I’m concerned you are a negative here at BFP, not an asset.

  118. bob

    Hants….. I could only say that now the people of B’dos have rejected the BLP which includes Eye95… he is angry that his income has probably been eroded if not dissapeared completly….. He now has all the time in the world to praise his beloved supporters … Motley & Co.

    Unless Thompson makes good on his promisis quite soon regarding 1)- The ITAL and 2)- dealing with the parties involved in corruption (ie.. Jail time) this may well be a One term Government.
    If these 2 items take too long to be implemented then the anger of Barbados for all the corruption will FADE AWAY and citizens will loose confidence in the Government’s ability to keep their word. Come elections in 2012 … there will be a toss up. Maybe by then the team at BFP may have decided to offer themselves to serve.

  119. Eye95

    @ 181 a.k.a hartley henry,

    I dare you! In fact, I double, triple dare you! Barbadians will be happy. Put the so-called crooks on the stand. Stupseeeeee!

    IMF Secret Deal, St. John Development Plan, now some hogwash about “millions stashed in foreign bank accounts” – in countries not on the world map, and banks not yet built or not known to anyone on planet earth.

    hartley! Shup up and drive. Stupid!!!!

    You should be as concerned as the majority of our society that Barbados has been significantly weakened with David Thompson as Prime Minister of this country. Ask Rev. Messiah; Peter Wickham; Gonzales or Manning!

    Barbadians – you therefore have all right to be worried and to feel afraid, especially when you see David Thompson, who is supposed to be the pilot – rushing pass you with his parachute.

    It is painful, that while most of you are having sleepless nights wondering how you will make ends meet – David Thompson is busy trying to see how many countries on the planet he can visit in a month and which he will visit next.

    But there is hope! It has not gone unnoticed that on every issue of national importance since January 15, 2008 – Miss Mottley, Q.C., – has been spot on and absolutely correct, while Prime Minister Thompson continues to get it wrong.

    David Thompson was wrong to have increased the price of diesel by 77 per cent; wrong to have imposed such high taxes on the middle class; wrong to have caused 3000 Barbadians to loose their jobs.

    His comments about non-nationals are silly. But he is wrong to have created the economic mess Barbados is now in.

    My fellow Barbadians, David Thompson and the DLP are responsible for your “misery “and the fact that you cannot pay your bills.

    While the Dems and their families are feeding and the trough and getting obese, you are struggling to make end meet and cannot even afford a whole chicken.

    THIS DLP IS MORE CORRUPT THAN IT “ALLEGED” THE BLP “WAS.” Ask Transparency Internation.

    Barbados was the least corrupt country in the Caribbean. Of course, that was before hartly “181” henry” of “fatted-calf fame” – landed at Bay Street and headed straight for that blasted trough – even pushing aside the DPP and Stuart WHO WERE BLOCKING HIS PATH.


  120. Eye95

    @ 181,

    Hit the ground running, or hit the skies flying? Still, what about the Agriculture Protection Act? What about the cost of living? When will DLP politicians declare their assets and stop telling lies?

    Barbadians are now being fed lie about the Canadian market. If there is one person who can tell Barbadians about Canada, it is not you or Thompson.

    As far back as 2006, 60% of the richest companies in Canada had already invested in Barbados. What do you think was discussed when the Canadian Prime Minister came here. Not what was reported, what was discussed!

    Read the National Strategic Plan, page 220: 4.2 Objective 1.3:

    “Increase the flow of investment and development finance to Barbados by developing and widening the network of Bilateral Investment and Double Taxation Treaties; and further promotion of Barbados as a leading international business and leisure centre and a preferred location for diplomatic missions and regional and international organizations.”

    My point! STOP TELLING LIES AND CLAIMING CREDIT FOR BLP IDEAS. And this DLP has the nerve to talk about integrity! Stupseeeeeeeeeee!

    You can always expect that once you point-out that the DLP is telling lies, they try to silence you. The DLP should be very very afraid to even mention the word: “corruption.” Dam Lieing Party!!!

  121. Eye95


    Barbados was the least corrupt country in the Caribbean. Of course, that was before Hartley “181″ henry” of “fatted-calf fame” – landed at Bay Street and headed straight for that blasted trough – even pushing aside the DPP and Stuart – WHO FOUGHT DESPERATELY, BUT WITHOUT SUCCESS – TO BLOCK HARTLEY HENRY’S PATH.

    Nine months after being elected and Barbadians are disgusted with – and do not trust the DLP. Barbadians feel that they elected this Government to lead but should not now have a duty place on them, to check each time the DLP says something, to see whether it is yet another in a never ending series of lies.

    The people of this country are also aware, that instead of fixing the problem, as any responsible Prime Minister would, Mr. Thompson is constantly looking around for someone to blame.

    It is shameful that Mr. Thompson, who promised to reduce the cost of living, is guilty of gouging Barbadians on petroleum products.

    Despite pleas from the Opposition, Prime Minister Thompson arrogantly refuses to pass on saving to the people of this country. There is no clearer example of price gouging to be found anywhere in Barbados.

    This is not Government on the side of the people, or Government giving power back to the people – but Government “fleecing the people.”

    It is debatable, which song best apply to Prime Minister Thompson – whose poor judgment and bad decisions continue to cause Barbadians “misery.”

    One Republic’s, (too late to) Apologise, or – “You don’t have to say you’re sorry cause the damage is already done”, by Anthony B.

    Can you imagine that when it was in Opposition, the DLP gave the impression that once elected – it would have been a “perfect Government?”

    It is now clear that the DLP is not ready to lead and does not even have appropriate answers to the question being asked by Barbadians.

    In fact – the so-called Government of “integrity” and “good governance,” has now to significantly lower the bar – in order for it to function.

  122. Jerome Hinds

    It is now official…….Hammie La has just passed over to the DLP politburo……the name and details of the last BLP fish ( thus far ) who have millions of $$$$ stashed overseas.

    It will be interesting when this info gets into the hands of Interpol….!


    BFP says,

    So what? Thompson isn’t about to charge anyone in the previous government with any offense.

    Not a single person.

  123. Eye95

    The Annual Statistical Digest 2007 published by the Central Bank of Barbados – lists Wages and salaries at $643.9 million, while the figure for Capital Transfers (Statutory Boards) was given as $558.9 million.

    In the absence of current financial information, by this Government, which promised “freedom of information,” one can conclude that Government’s salaries and wages bill is some $1,083,000.00.

    With inflation projected to be 9 per cent by year end, unless the Unions are selling out the workers of Barbados, they cannot ask for less than a 10 per cent increase in the first year, plus a “cost of living increase” – triggered if inflation reaches 10 per cent.

    What are the projections?

    The Unions will sell-out the workers. The DLP will listen to the IMF and increase the rate of VAT from 15% to 17.5%.

    Mr. Thompson will continue to tax the middle class “unconscious” and will continue to price gouge Barbadians on petroleum product or delay reducing the price of petroleum products, as long as Barbadians remain silent.

    Talk about $100 million in “unexpected debt” and “an empty Treasury,” while Thompson flies all over the globe – is to ‘trick” the Unions and make them feel guilty by appealing to their sense of patriotism.

    Imagine! Most public servants, as do Barbadians – cannot afford to buy a whole chicken. Yet, Hartley henry can buy ten chicken farms on his present Government salary, if he wanted.

    How can the Unions allow themselves to be tricked when Thompson is responsible for triggering the meltdown of the Barbados economy?

    How can the Unions talk about negotiating, when they refuse to ask Thompson for the current economic statistics, which this so-called Government of “freedom of information,” is keeping secret?

    All of a sudden it is the global economy and imported inflation. When Clyde Mascoll pointed to the cost of lunches and encouraged Barbadians to shop around, everyone laughed.

    Now what! “DLP’s credibility in question!” All I can say is, amazing! Absolutely amazing!!

    If the DLP was ready to lead, and if it knew what it was doing, the Barbados economy would not now be on meltdown.

  124. Jerome Hinds

    If the DLP was ready to lead, and if it knew what it was doing, the Barbados economy would not now be on meltdown.

    Cataract…eye 95 carry yuh tail to the dump !

    So the meltdown that is ocurring in Japan, UK , USA & elsewhere is because of the DLP ?

  125. Thistle

    Sometimes I wonder about the naivete (I don’t want to say rank stupidity) of some people. It has been revealed, for all the world to know, that certain members of the BLP have millions stashed away in foreign banks. Do people honestly believe that now that is known, they will just leave them there – in the same banks, under the same names? Get real! Those millions would have been shifted around so many times and under so many different names that it would be impossible to trace them. They’re all a bunch of criminals, but I don’t think they’re a bunch of idiots!

    I tend to agree with BFP, however, that if proof can be obtained, it is highly unlikely that ANYTHING will be done to bring them to justice., more’s the pity.

  126. Straight talk


    It is obvious to everyone here that Eye 95 is as much a party shill as 181 (aka The one who dare not speak his name without instant moderation).

    Eye 95 raises some valid points , even some which support your concerns about this new administration, dedicated to ” change “.

    You banned Fishing in Maine for his foul language not for his blatant unsubstantiated partisanship.

    Why now threaten an alternative, yet equally biased view from the BLP?

    We are all grown ups on this blog, who can recognise propaganda, but can also discern a grain of truth in the opposition viewpoint…just as you do.

    Let democracy flourish.
    Accept diverse opinions.
    Let your readers decide whether to ignore or acknowledge party political viewpoints, until they become too abusive.

  127. Eye95

    @ Jerome Hinds,

    These are the reasons for the meltdown now occurring in Barbados, which was triggered by Prime Minister Thompson poor judgment and bad decisions:

    It started with his 77% increase in diesel; 24% increase in gasoling, 30% increase in bottle gas and a 10% increase in kerosene.

    His “inflationary budget, which is raking-in $180 million in new taxes made things worst, especially for women and the middle-class. The $108 million in VAT receipts mentioned in the Estimates – was the first hint that prices would rise and not come down as stated by Thompson.

    Either he did not know and that is incompetence or he knew and did not say which is deception. The latter would be worst, especially coming from a party which promised “ITAL”

    Now! Throw in – a lack of confidence due to serious concerns about the competence of Prime Minister Thompson and the DLP to effectively manage the economy and provide the required leadership.

    Then add the fact that Mr. Thompson cut Government’s capital works programme thereby sending a very bad signal to potential investors.

    Do not forget, his poor judgment; bad decisions and weak leadership. What has been the result thus far:

    Stagflation (high unemployment plus high inflation.) In addition, triggered meltdown resulting in a lack of confidence (consumer and investor) 3000 on the breadline, panic, fear and uncertainty and serious economic misery for
    ordinary Barbadians.

    The sad thing is, government is yet to bring a stimulus package to boost the ecomomy and instead of lowering petroleum prices, opts to price gouge Barbadians.

    Both DLP; BLP and those who vote based on issues (I am careful not to use the word: “independents,” since it has now been vulgarised by hammie) are feeling it in their pockets.

    This is not an original point, but I agree that: “in this country you have Bees married to Dees.” We are all Barbadians, first. Still, the pain is real, but could have been ovoided. It required strong leadership, sound judgment and competence.

    We therefore have a “crisis” because the DLP does not know what it is doing, and at this time of “David Thompson manufactured economic meltdown,” the DLP does not have any answers to the serious and very important questions being asked by Barbadians.

  128. Tell me Why

    Do people honestly believe that now that is known, they will just leave them there – in the same banks, under the same names? Get real!
    The naive aspect is most befitting of you. You admonished that people would have removed funds once publicised. This is the same argument I made earlier regarding the Prime Minister espousing details to Bajans living in Toronto instead of notifying the police. Just stop the constant blabbing.

  129. Thistle

    When you stop your constant BLOBBERING I will stop my constant blabbing. You and your lot tried in vain to wipe out this blog and now you’re using it hourly with your verbal diarrhoea.

  130. Eye95

    Prime Minister Thompson is being led by blind men! Thompson is therefore, an “errand boy.” Most say, a “puppet” of hartley henry (a clown) and darcy boyce – two blind men.

    Boyce tries to manage the economics and finance, while henry handles the politics and the corruption. Thompson merely delivers the message but does not have a clue if it makes sense. Errand boys seldom do! Barbadians! There is a crisis, and we all should be very very worried.

    David Thompson using talk about being faced with $100m more debt than expected, is nothing more that a desperate attempt at “retroactive” validation for having picked an additional $180 million in new taxes from the pockets of Barbadians, at a time when he should not have. It also serves to rob public workers of a decent salary increase.

    There was no logic to increase taxes. Darcy Boyce realized that taxes on some items were not increased for close to two decades, so he convinced himself that July 7, 2008 (the budget) was the right time, “to try a thing.”

    That $180 million mentioned above – is separate from the millions Thompson is raking-in, “from price gouging,” or over pricing petroleum products, as well as from the additional $108 million in VAT – he will collect this year, due to the escalating cost of living.

    David Thompson increased the ad valorem rates of the Environmental Levy from 1.5 and 2 per cent to 2 and 3 per cent. He said that this will yield and additional $3.5 million.

    He did not tell you, that it will result in Barbadians having to pay more for every item from A-Z. You certainly do not expect this from a Government, which promised to reduce the cost of living.

    Effective August 1, 2008, the fees charged by the Town Planning Department will be increased. Thompson will raise an addition $500,000 in a full year.

    When added to increases in the cost of building materials, transport and labour, and Government land moving from $2.50 to $5.00 per square foot, Mr. Thompson’s decision will most certainly make the cost of building even more expensive.

    Mr. Thompson placed a monthly tax of $4.00 on each of this island’s 290,000 cell phones. This will yield $13.9 million in a full year. How can anyone forget his tax on bicycle, from $3 to $25.00!

    David Thompson also increased the Insurance Premium Tax resulting in an addition $6.6 million for his DLP in a full year, while the annual license free for insurance companies to operate – was increase from $5,000 to $20,000. Barbadians can therefore brace themselves to deep deeper into their pockets, as their policies are likely to increase.

    Further, given the increase in license fee for financial institutions, especially banks – Barbadians will feel the pinch in their pockets, as bank charges increase. No such worry for the DLP, which will rake-in an additional $4.9 million in a full year.

    Mr. Thompson’s 25 per cent withholding tax on gambling is already having negative implications for sports, and by extension, the youth. But, why should he care?

    His decision will cause Barbadians more economic pain, but will put an additional $8.7 million in the Treasury in a full year. This is money that otherwise would have been spent on athletes and to develop cricket and other sports.

    In all this, there is no additional cost to the DLP, as regards funding any project it is likely to execute, especially since the tax measures announced by Mr. Thompson in his July 7, budget – will raise over $180 million, whereas he will spend a mere $82.0 million of that.

    That is the “$100 million” he purports to be looking for, right there!!! Only if Thompson and the DLP knew what they were doing!!!

    But! Increased taxes without service or justification.” Just more money for Hartley; to throw into the through and put in DLP pockets.


  131. 181



    When you get up to your old tricks, we go through and eliminate every comment you’ve written under your new name.

    Every one.

    We’ll complete the rest after lunch.


  132. Eye95

    @ BFP,

    Oooooppps!!! I seem to have typed a banned word. My post is on pause. If only I knew those words, I would aviod them.

    Could they be:


    Or! The DLP does not want the public to comment on integrity legislation because it is afraid that, “the people will set the bar way too high,” thereby making it impossible for the DLP to function.

  133. Eye95


    Have you set an extra alert filter on Eye95 or am I using the wrong words?

    I am still new around here and do not know all the rules yet.

  134. Eye95

    181 + 181 = 282,

    As regards your last post, how will it reduce the cost of living or make it easier for families at month end when the bills pile-up or when they go to the supermarket?

    You see why the DLP would have a serious problem with integrity legislation? See why it is necessary that FoI must not be at the expense of decency?

    Do you now understand my point!!

    The DLP will never be able to function or survive once it introduces ITAL?


    The bad decisions and poor judgment of Prime Minister Thompson is causing Barbadians severe pains and misery. It is too late to apoligise…the damage is already done!!!!

  135. Tell me Why

    You and your lot tried in vain to wipe out this blog and now you’re using it hourly with your verbal diarrhoea.
    Be fair Thistle my friend. Just check back prior to 2008 and see the army of writers from your camp. At least, I criticise Bees and Dees, even Grasshoppers.

  136. Eye95

    @ 181+181=282,

    As I recall, Mia Amor Mottley, Q.C., M.P., was the Campaign Manager for the BLP in 1994; 1999 and 2003.

    The BLP won by a land-slide in 1994; by three land -slides in 1999 and by four land-slides in 2003.

    hartley henry could not even advise himself how to win and therefore lost in St. George North. Mis Mottley out strategised both he and Jennifer Laszlo in 1999 and again in 2003.

    I have never heard “anybody” spread the rumour about hartley henry that he is bright. I have heard other truths, which were of major concern to regional Police, but never the rumour that he is intelligent.

    Miss Mottley is a winner. She is “brilliant, yet remains humble, well organised and discipline.

    As far as I can see (and I do see very far, hence (Eye95) unlike the DLP, which does not respect women – the men of the BLP respect women and therefore have absolutely no problem being led by Miss Mottley.

  137. Eye95

    How much will the “bail-out/aquisition plan” for Hamilton Lashley cost the taxpayers of Barbados? Hamilton Lashley already gets about $6,000 as a Parliamentarian.

    If he resigns from Parliament, not only will he “trigger the process of cleaning up politics locally,” but he is likely to get a respectable pension of $15,000 per month.

    It is now crystal clear that the DLP was not serious when it promised “integrity” and “to clean up politics.”

    But, how will the DLP explain the new acquisition to the public, especially since camps is far less important than reducing the cost of living?

  138. Eye95

    The crisis in the American market came about as a result of “poor risk analysis,” a bit of “gansterism” and “a weak regulatory framework.”

    The exact things, which got America in trouble – are the very loophole Arthur and the BLP stop-up – much to the criticism of the visionless DLP.

    The CJ of Barbados introduced new rule in the court system.

    The BLP gave the Central Bank of Barbados more authority in law, to monitor commercial banks and determine interest rates and so on.

    The BLP also gave the Auditor General more power. The Accountant General was given more power when the BLP changed this country’s system of accounting.

    The Public Accounts Committee was given more power when the PAC Act was passed by the BLP. The BLP passed tougher laws to protect the savings of Barbadians in credit unions.

    Even the public who were misled by the DLP criticized the BLP but should be happy now knowing that their savings are safe. THE BLP DESERVES AN APOLOGY.

    The BLP restructured the Barbados Economy so that it now has less dependence on tourism, which has a carrying capacity.

    Greater emphasis was therefore placed on the financial service sector, while Barbados focused on the high end of the tourism market. Millions were provide by the BLP for old “brek-down” hotels to upgrade.

    In short, it was because of the vision of the BLP, and it effective management of the economy that Barbadians were protected from external shocks.

    Further, because of the “share natural; unmatched brilliance of the BLP, in handling the economy, “the DLP inherited a perfect batting wicket.”

    “Unfortunately, due to the share incompetence of Mr. Thompson, compounded by his bad decisions and poor judgment, a meltdown of the economy was triggered.” The impact is obvious. Misery, lack of confidence and suffering.


  139. Eye95

    Instead of griping about the loss of jobs “we should focus on how we could equip our people to create employment”, says Prime Minister David Thompson.

    That is nothing more than an amended version of: “Mr. Thompson’s bus fare and lunch fare doctrine.” Prime Minister Thompson really has not matured.

    Despite what is happening in America, a few weeks ago Mr. Thompson tried to encourage a sub-prime market in Barbados, when he told Scotia Bank that it should lend money to people who “have a hunch” or what those persons think is a good business idea.

    According to Thompson, experience or guarantee of the banks money, is less important. Prime Minister, what is your strategy to grow the economy and create jobs?

    Barrow had one, so too Tom, and Owen!

    Why are you accepting a monthly check, when – you do not have a clue; are not producing and – your advice is not capable of being followed?

  140. Avatar Gurl

    Oh God…

    Could SOMEONE please shut this Eye95 UP!?!?!?

    “Black liberated woman…” You have GOT to be kidding me!

    Listen…to all the Eye95, 181, and other party moochers…


    We KNOW that you guys are talking poop out your anuses! We KNOW you’re feeding for a little piece of gold from the trough! We KNOW you’re doing a lot of foolishness!

    Now just shut up and let us live properly, with our wits…because you took our precious resources AWAY FROM US!

  141. Eye95

    @ Avatar Gurl

    Shouldn’t you be directing you anger and and obvious frustration at Prime Minister Thompson – who now causes little 5-year-old-girls, to pay a $25.00 tax to ride their bicycles?

    Should your anger be directed at Mr. Thompson and the DLP, who are “gouging Barbadians on petroleum products,” while pointing an accusing finger at the private sector?

    Shouldn’t you be angry that old ladies who were once taken off the land tax roll, now have to pay because of the poor judgment of Mr. Thompson?

    Are you happy that the A&E was not ready by September as promised?

    Why are you congratulating the DLP for not completing the ABC highway by the start of the September school term, as promised?

    Are you gloating that as promised, the DLP did not build the 2000 houses it promises Barbadians?

    Why are you congratulating the DLP for allowing the cost of lving to go up, day after day?

    Why are you delighted that young people are now turning to crime?

    Such misplaced energy and anger! Shame on you “unpatriotic gurl!”

  142. I Amnomouse

    It is simply amazing that anyone could forget all that took place in the last fourteen years so easily.

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