Brandford Taitt, Ted Stevens: Two Crooked Senators – One In Alaska Faces Charges, One In Barbados Is “Cleared” Because We Have No Laws Against His Corrupt Behaviour

“The first story takes place in Alaska, USA. A U.S. Senator is being actively prosecuted. The press has been brutal with him. The second story is set in the tropical paradise of Barbados. A commission reports on the actions of a former minister. The press announces, with an exclamation mark, that he is cleared. No charges were filed. No disciplinary action was taken.”

… from Keltruth Blog’s St Joseph Hospital Commission of Inquiry – Branford Taitt must be Thankful He is Living in Barbados!

Barbados Loves The Phrase “No Criminal Wrongdoing”

Former Barbados Minister of Health and corrupt piggy Brandford Taitt stuck his head in the public trough when he unethically had a government contractor do work at his home – probably using materials that were to be used on the St. Joseph Hospital project.

The news stories about the hospital report don’t say for certain that hospital building materials were used on Taitt’s home – only that materials used in the hospital construction are unaccounted for because Mr. Taitt failed to account for them. Ha!

Let’s see the full St. Joseph Hospital Report published on the internet. It is disgusting that the government has not already done so.

Keltruth Blog makes an excellent comparison between corrupt Senator Ted Stevens having VECO renovate his home and our own corrupt Senator Brandford Taitt. The only difference between these two crooks is that Alaska has laws against this kind of thing while successive Barbados government (including that of David Thompson) have failed to pass laws that prohibit their own feeding at the piggy-trough.


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9 responses to “Brandford Taitt, Ted Stevens: Two Crooked Senators – One In Alaska Faces Charges, One In Barbados Is “Cleared” Because We Have No Laws Against His Corrupt Behaviour

  1. Beefcake

    The joke is that Taitt is declared as having behaved unethical.

    You would think that this would be pursued further, but it sometimes appears that unethical behaviour is accepted as a norm.

    How can a person officially derided as unethical be in charge of the Senate? If he had any moral decency, he would step down. Buth that’s the ethical thing to do…

  2. The scout

    I read the same article and then waited for the government’s response. That response was that Taitt had done no wrong. Then I looked up the definition of the word unethical and came to the conclusion that the english language has changed drastically. I’m confused, but then in my estimation the P.M is also appearing unethical by smearing people’s character by suggesting the leaders in the last government was stealing, yet he can’t say how or where. Maybe he has done nothing wrong either. I wonder how many more “nothing wrong” acts or statements this government is going to be responsible for?

  3. Fool me once

    Cleared of criminal wrongdoing doan sound too good when no criminal laws. If I steal shutters from Mr.Taitt’s house that must be alright then.

    Tiefing always wrong though and our money.

  4. Eye95

    BFP warn eye 95 of unethical behaviour on its blog.
    I did not “thiefed” any of those alleged millions stashed in foreign bank accounts.

    I did not put 47 buses that were condemned as not road worthy back on the roads.

    I did not steal money from the NIS, the Magistrates’ court or uses the QEH equipment for my private practice.

    Was I responsible for what the Auditor General wrote in his Report for the last 14 years, especially at the Ministry of Agriculture, and will write again this December as regards – accounting proceedure within the public service?

    Am I responsible for the supercession within the public service?

    I heard at a press conference that Ronald Jones the BFA President, sent letters to the very Chairmen of school boards that ronald jones the Minister of Education appointed, asking for sponsorship, which ronald jones the Minister would ultimately approve. And BFP tells me about “unethical behaviour”

    A Report ,which was commissioned by His Excellency the Governort General – find Brandford Taitt guilty of “Unethical behaviour.” He has not been banned from the Senate.

    In fact, he is likely to get a knighthood in November and thereafter – be eligible to act as Governor General when the current one demits office soon.

    Has Mr. Taitt been banned from the Senate? So there was a promise of ITAL, except that there is one law for the meades and one for the pursians!

    May heaven help us. This country is truly in crisis!!

  5. Eye95


    The truth cannot be wrong and ought not be censored. Mr. Taitt wasn’t. He was elevated to President of the Senate, the 3rd highest office in this country. Imagine that!!!

    And BFP talks about banning EYE95. Absolute amazing!! You can rease my other post. It contains logical and factual arguments.


    BFP says

    Listen stupid….

    You used a second name and did the old trick of pretending to be someone else endorsing your own comments.

    You are also fast monopolizing the comments section as it is obvious that you are a 24/7 initiative of the BLP. Hell… you’re probably more than one person.

    We have our eye on you but we will let you continue as long as you are not too invasive.

    Up to you what we do from here. Any sass and we will recommend that you start your own blog. Simple. 10 minutes at

  6. Hants


    Why don’t you behave yourself so you can keep posting?

    You are very effective in reminding the Electorate that they voted out the BLP because they believed them to be corrupt.

    You also unintentionally keep reminding the public that the BLP was in power for 14 years.

    Using your reasoning, it helps us to make conclusions about these facts.

    VECO bribed politicians in Alaska.
    3S partner Danos charged in England.

    1 and 1 is 2, 2 and 2 is 4, but things doan always add up so doan worry.

    You remind me of Shaggy. “It wasn’t me”

    I will leave it to Adrian Hinds and others to ask BFP to give you a break and let you keep posting.

  7. Littleboy

    Branford Taitt’s hiring of the contracting company to work on his house was silly not unethical.
    The budget to refurbish the hospital was not managed by Taitt. However, he should have known that in a small country like ours, people would assume that there was some underhand dealings there especially since it was a black-owned company.
    I know of cases where the same company was used to work on hotels and other businesses and the houses of the respective CEOs. Of course, assumptions similar to those used against Taitt were made.
    But we all know that if we see a person doing good work and we have a project in waiting we go to that person. After all, good workmen are in short supply.
    BUT, Taitt should have seen what was coming, especially since he was/is a politician.The public LOVES toaccuse politicians…”wuh I vote fuh he an’ he en do nuffen fuh me …” and statements like these are made after 4,5,6 or even 8 months of the politician being elected for the first time.


    BFP says,

    You call it “silly”, we call it “corrupt” – especially seeing as how thousands of dollars of materials are unaccounted for in the hospital project.

    No rules against this type of thing on lawless Barbados though… because the elites don’t want to stop their feeding at the trough.

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