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The Legacy Of The BLP Shows Where Their Priorities Were

A Hundred Million Dollars For A Few Weeks Of Cricket

Priority: A Hundred Million Dollars For A Few Weeks Of Cricket

Big Priority!

After 14 years of BLP Owen Arthur/Mia Mottley government, we blew a hundred million dollars on renovating Kensington Oval – but played the last Cricket World Cup in the dark because at cost a hundred million dollars, the lighting was optional!

Roshell Small Hauls Water Like Her Slave Ancestors Before Her

Not A Priority: Roshell Small Hauls Water Like Her Slave Ancestors Before Her

Not A Priority With The BLP: Water, Hospital

After 14 years of BLP stewardship, the current Thompson DLP government inherits a prison built where there is no water, and an ancient, leaking water distribution network.

Priorities. After a decade and a half, all the hype and press releases, it is easy to see where the priorities were with the Arthur/Mottley government.

We at Barbados Free Press will continue to hammer the current DLP government on our core ITAL issues, but sometimes we should step back and consider what a mess David Thompson inherited. Every time Mia Mottley opens her mouth to criticise something concerning the infrastructure of this island, we should see her as slapping herself upside the head.

There are two truths from all this…

1/ The past BLP government was probably the most corrupt and ineffective government this island has ever seen.

2/ If Thompson does not fully implement and embrace ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation – his team will soon be too far gone to recover.

Those who have ears, let them hear – because those who have eyes are already seeing the Thompson – DLP government members slip sliding towards corruption.

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Brandford Taitt, Ted Stevens: Two Crooked Senators – One In Alaska Faces Charges, One In Barbados Is “Cleared” Because We Have No Laws Against His Corrupt Behaviour

“The first story takes place in Alaska, USA. A U.S. Senator is being actively prosecuted. The press has been brutal with him. The second story is set in the tropical paradise of Barbados. A commission reports on the actions of a former minister. The press announces, with an exclamation mark, that he is cleared. No charges were filed. No disciplinary action was taken.”

… from Keltruth Blog’s St Joseph Hospital Commission of Inquiry – Branford Taitt must be Thankful He is Living in Barbados!

Barbados Loves The Phrase “No Criminal Wrongdoing”

Former Barbados Minister of Health and corrupt piggy Brandford Taitt stuck his head in the public trough when he unethically had a government contractor do work at his home – probably using materials that were to be used on the St. Joseph Hospital project.

The news stories about the hospital report don’t say for certain that hospital building materials were used on Taitt’s home – only that materials used in the hospital construction are unaccounted for because Mr. Taitt failed to account for them. Ha!

Let’s see the full St. Joseph Hospital Report published on the internet. It is disgusting that the government has not already done so.

Keltruth Blog makes an excellent comparison between corrupt Senator Ted Stevens having VECO renovate his home and our own corrupt Senator Brandford Taitt. The only difference between these two crooks is that Alaska has laws against this kind of thing while successive Barbados government (including that of David Thompson) have failed to pass laws that prohibit their own feeding at the piggy-trough.


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Flavorite Foods Replies To Barbados Free Press About Ice Cream Recall – Won’t Provide Reason For Recall !!!

“Attached you will find the most recent Health Certificate issued by the United States Department of Agriculture to Flavorite Foods Limited for milk powder imported from Arizona and NOT China as you blog is suggesting.”

…Steve Bostic of Flavorite Foods Limited in an email to Barbados Free Press

Email Raises More Questions – And Answers None…

With the attached United States Department of Agriculture Export Certificate, the single sentence written above is the entire contents of an email received from Steve Bostic for Flavorite Foods in response to our article: Barbados Health Minister Estwick: TELL US THE TRUTH !!! Is Contaminated China Milk Powder Behind Ice Cream Recall?

In our article we asked if the recent recall of Flavorite ice cream had to do with the melamine-contaminated milk powder from China.

We had to ask because neither the Barbados Health Ministry nor Flavorite Foods informed the public about why the ice cream is being recalled. The Health Ministry merely said “This is being done as a precautionary measure under the Health Services (Food Hygiene) Regulation 1969.”

Bajan mothers are left to guess whether the ice cream they have been feeding their children has some bacteria contamination – or whether it contains a chemical that has killed four babies and sickened over 50,000.

So is truly disturbing that Flavorite Foods should contact us after reading our article and then not tell us the reason for the recall of their products. Nor does Flavorite Foods make an unequivocal statement that the recall is not because of melamine contamination.

Is Flavorite Food’s Response Deceptive, Or Merely Poorly Done?

We don’t mean to be unkind to Mr. Bostic or Flavorite Foods, but they sent us a certificate that shows Flavorite Foods purchased one shipment of milk powder in November 2007 from the United States – through a Dutch company. The certificate does NOT connect that milk powder to the ice cream that is currently under recall, nor does Mr. Bostic state that Flavorite only purchases milk powder from the USA.

He merely states that Flavorite purchased this one shipment of milk powder from the USA in November. The Export Certificate only says that the USA doesn’t have some specified bovine diseases. It does not say that the shipment was tested for any contaminants or standards.

We believe that Flavorite Food’s customers have a right to know the exact reason for the Health Ministry recall. We also believe that Flavorite Foods is not doing itself or its shareholders any favours by being secretive and evasive about why their ice cream didn’t pass the Ministry of Health standards.

Why was the Flavorite Foods ice cream recalled by Barbados Health Ministry?

Why won’t Flavorite Foods unequivocally state that the recall has nothing to do with possible melamine contamination?

Why did the Barbado Ministry of Health issue a recall on Flavorite Foods Limited’s ice cream?

Mr. Bostick and Flavorite Foods won’t say.

Here is the certificate he sent us. Click on the thumbnail to read it…


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