Doctor Michael Davis Passes – Barbados Lost A Friend

Doctor Davis Intended to Practice In Barbados

As an internationally recognized specialist in lung diseases, most of Michael Davis’s patients were tiny. His field was infants and premature babies.

“His expertise was research in lung physiology of infants and the care of children with chronic lung disease,” said colleague Larry Lands, director of pediatric respiratory medicine at the Montreal Children’s Hospital…

Davis was planning a semi-working retirement in Barbados and looking to purchase a house there when he suffered a heart attack on the Caribbean island and died on Aug. 29. He was 57…

His wife, Myrna Lashley, a psychologist, was director of the Children’s Hospital employee assistance program and she and Davis began dating shortly after he joined the staff. After 14 years together they married in 2001.

…He and his wife often went to Barbados, where she was born and her mother still lives.

“Mike played rugby when he was young but what he loved was sitting or floating in the sea. He could read two books a day on vacation and if he could float and read at the same time he was the happiest,” Lashley said.

… read the full article at The Gazette (link here)


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8 responses to “Doctor Michael Davis Passes – Barbados Lost A Friend

  1. Rumplestilskin


    Does it matter? Aren there not Barbadians who happen to be white, some who happen to have asian origins also?

    Or in your mind, is Brbados only for those who happen to have black pigmentation.

    Or in your mind, is it only the ‘majority’ pigmentation that should be featured?

    By your thinking, no Barbadians who happen to be black and have done well in the USA and UK, should be featured in any of their national newsmedia.

    Interesting. Same mentality of the ‘good ol’ boys’ down south USA, pickup truck, shotgun, do not like ‘them thar fawners’.

    Just different pigmentation.

    No different.

    Collect your Nazi badge on the way out, please.

    ps – if you are so ignorant as to not understand how beneficial it was to have someone of the expertise of Dr.Davis here in Barbados, which is why he is featured, then my words are probably wasted and you will go on moping about ‘de white people’.

    Its okay, you are only doing yourself harm, anyone with your attitude will be left behind (probably already are however).


    BFP Says,

    “Shady” is one of the old crew that were hired to take down BFP. It looks like they were back last night leaving many horrible comments – most of which never made it past the spam filters.

    Their IPs were and…. not that the corrupt and incompetent Barbados police care.

  2. Thistle

    BFP: Much as I pity that poor character, Shady, I cannot imagine how, in the name of all that is decent, you did not moderate this low, racist insult. This is the worst I have ever seen on this blog.


    BFP says,

    Thistle… I guess we have failed to communicate to you how moderation works. The long story is in the “What is Comment Moderation” tab at the top. We urge you to read it.

    The short story is that we are not always here looking at what people write. Sometimes we only check in every few hours or so. During the time we are not here, everything is run by the computer which blocks most of the bad comments and some of the good comments – according to its little brain.

    We come by later and check everything – taking away the bad comments that slip through the auto filter, and making other comments visible when the computer blocked something it shouldn’t have.

    BFP sometimes receives over 1000 spam comments per day so you can see the enormity of the task.

    About “Shady” – a few of his comments slipped through and we blocked them when we got home from work this morning.

    That’s reality and we do not deserve your criticism for “failing” to block a racist comment – because we weren’t here.

    Do you now understand how this comment feature works?

    And bye the way… the BLP operatives hired by the last government placed far worse than than on this blog… threats to rape, murder, arson etc. were placed on this and other blogs in the run-up to the election. The Royal Barbados Police Force were provided with all the evidence, named victims and named witnesses – and they discovered who has been doing these threats.

    Then the police stopped their investigation and did not pursue the matter because the people who were making the threats were too close to the government. Some of the threats even came from a computer used by a member of Parliament: Dr. Duguid. This was confirmed by Dr. Duguid himself!

    You can read some of the articles on this subject here…

    COVER-UP: Royal Barbados Police Force Ignores Violent Threats To Businessman

  3. Debbie

    I read this blog every day but I am not one to comment however what I have just read above by “Shady” actually make me ashamed to be a Barbadian. And people like you talk about racism…. what on earth is that?

  4. Rumplestilskin

    My first above in moderation.

    Such opinions as the first post above are why it is necessary for eternal vigilance and for such as the Simon Wiesenthal Foundation to exist and continue to work against hatred and bigotry.


  5. rumboy

    why delete the comment. Leave it there as educated minds will only read it but never digest. People like shady should crawl back into their hole.

  6. Thistle

    BFP: Well, after that tongue-lashing by you, I will hold my head in shame that I had the audacity to draw the “Shady” comment to your attention. Won’t happen again,


    BFP says,

    Drawing it to our attention is one thing. Blaming us for it is another. There is a difference.

    Thank you.


  7. Tell me Why

    BFP: Well, after that tongue-lashing by you, I will hold my head in shame that I had the audacity to draw the “Shady” comment to your attention. Won’t happen again,
    BFP, you owe Thistle an apology. You could have said two words…..the words that Bajan sometimes forget “THANK YOU”. Reinventing the problems of the past should have been avoided. ….and Thistle, I will still be debating your economic and social thoughts. But, I am a real man. Ha Ha Ha. Peace.

  8. Ras Bash

    I agree wid rumboy…..u shudda lef d comment….everyting ya read ya doan believe……educated minds are just that ‘educated’