Barbados Health Minister Estwick: TELL US THE TRUTH !!! Is Contaminated China Milk Powder Behind Ice Cream Recall?

Melamine-Contaminated Foods

Melamine-Contaminated Foods

Melamine Poison In Barbados Ice Cream?

Contaminated Oreo Cookies, M&M Chocolates, Snickers Bars, Instant Coffee Found In Other Countries including Canada, USA, Europe, Asia!

The Barbados Ministry of Health has recalled five flavours of “Flavorite” ice cream, but the only reason being released to the public is “This is being done as a precautionary measure under the Health Services (Food Hygiene) Regulation 1969.”

Considering that the China melamine-tainted milk scandal is still in full world crisis mode with dozens of countries still discovering tainted products on their shelves, it is only natural that Bajan citizens ask WHY HAS THIS ICE CREAM BEEN RECALLED?

Even today, September 25, 2008, new information has just been released indicating that the poisoned milk powder was used to manufacture chocolate bars, candy, biscuits and cookies that were exported around the world!

China has admitted to over 53,000 children seriously ill and at least four deaths and the toll climbs higher every day.

Bajan Parents Deserve The Truth So They Can Make An Informed Decision About Whether To Have Their Children Tested For Melamine Poisoning

Melamine poisoning builds up over time in a child’s body and eventually results in kidney failure and death. If our children have been at risk because a Barbados manufacturer of dairy products used contaminated ingredients that originated in China, we as parents have a right to know.

This press release by the Ministry of Health tells us nothing about the reason for the recall. How on earth could the person who made this press release think it was sufficient? Are they stupid or hiding something?

The lapdog Barbados media never even bothered to ask the questions WHY IS THIS ICE CREAM BEING RECALLED? IS THIS RECALL RELATED TO MELAMINE CONTAMINATION OR NOT?

Health Minister Estwick: Please provide some answers and also tell your people that they are not doing a good enough job in providing useful information to the people of Barbados.

from the Barbados Government website (link here) …


The Ministry of Health has advised the public of the removal of some Flavorite Ice Cream products from local retail shelves. This is being done as a precautionary measure under the Health Services (Food Hygiene) Regulation 1969.

The items are: Cherry Vanilla, 1 litre BB 2009 August 04; Coconut Vanilla Snack Cream, 148 ml; White Vanilla Snack Cream, 148 ml; Strawberry, 175 ml and Golden Vanilla 175 ml.

Meanwhile, Environmental Health Officers at the Ministry will continue to check distribution points and retail outlets to ensure the above-mentioned products are removed from shelves.

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BFP: China In Crisis: Tainted Milk Toll Skyrockets – Four Children Dead, Thousands Seriously Ill – 22 Milk Producers Involved – Many Countries Banning China Milk Products


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27 responses to “Barbados Health Minister Estwick: TELL US THE TRUTH !!! Is Contaminated China Milk Powder Behind Ice Cream Recall?

  1. Eye95

    Did I not read some where that this DLP government was promised millions by China to fix the St. John Polyclinic; the old Empire building and I think assistance with Constituency Councils?

    Did the then DLP tell us about “dirty sugar” from Guatamala?

    Why should anyone be surprised if the so-called government of ‘freedom of information,’ opts not to ‘put people first’ and keep a secret for the chinese – just like the IMF Secret Deal and much like the reasons for suspecting that millions are stached in foreign accounts?

  2. Anon

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the DLP government is behaving exactly as the BLP it replaced?

  3. Ras Bash

    The DLP government should stick to the business at hand instead of trying to mask the real problems of the economy

  4. Hants

    If anyone wants to follow my advice; you are welcome. Take responsibility for yourself and what your government does to help is a bonus.

    Do not buy and eat any chinese product or if you have to, do so in moderation.

    I live in Canada and it is easy for me to find alternatives.

    For example I have consumed a lot of chinese cookies and milk based drinks in the past. No mas.

    It is wise to reduce the risk even if you cannot eliminate it.

    “The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning Canadians that a dessert product sold in the country may contain milk contaminated by melamine.

    Nissin Cha Cha Dessert is distributed in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia by Regent Long Marketing and Distribution Ltd., of Richmond, B.C.


    BFP says,

    Hants, old friend… this is WAY BEYOND people “looking after themselves” because many of the contaminated products were not made in China. They were made with ingredients from China that are not listed on the package as being sourced in China.

    So… again… Does this recalled ice cream contain melamine? Is that the reason for the recall? Yes or No?

  5. Anon


    I read in the newspaper of the death of Byron Clarke.

    I speak subject to correction but I think that he retired from the Royal Barbados Police as a Senior Suprintendant.

    As I have written many times on this forum, the “Royal” Barbados Police Force is full of incompetent and corrupt policeman.

    Byron Clarke is another example of what I speak. Here was a incompetant policeman who ended his carrer at the top of the “Royal” Barbados Police Force. Here is a policeman who should have ended his career in prison. What actually happened, he was promoted and promoted. A huge square peg in a round hole.

    Cast your minds back a few years and you might recall the Victor “pele” Parris murder. This case defined Byron Clarke and other bad policemen.

    Byron Clarke was the officer in charge of the Victor “pele” Paris murder investigation. He made a monumental mess of it.

    Very important information which could have blown the case wide open was related to Cummings who was not in charge of the case, he telphoned Byron Clarke and passed the information onto him and to the day that he died Byron Clarke never acted on the information. As a result “Pele” killer is still walking around Barbados a free man. A key person of interest Hyacint Goring, i hope i have the name spelled right, was taken to a hotel to be interviewed, something unheard of in Barbados, and treated with kid gloves. Just because she was the daughter of a high ranking policeman.

    In the ensuing enquiry which followed the investigation, Byron Clarke lied, dodge important question and refused to truthfully speak on matters relating to solving the case. He in conjuction with Callender did their utmost to ensure that the truth of the case did not come out. Callender is another bad policeman who ended his career at the top of the “Royal” Barbados Police Force. The only policeman of the “Pele” enquiry who came out with his dignity entact was Legall.

    The “Pele” enquiry showed up for all to see the tremendous weaknesses of the Police force. especially those at the top of the Force. After the “Pele” enquiry many changes were made within the Police Force.

    Whittaker another corrupt policeman was also involved in “Pele” investigation. He too retired at the top of the “Royal” Barbados Police Force.

    I understand that Barton Clarke who is a chief in the Ministry of Agricultutre is the son of Byron Clarke I do hope that he is more competent that his father was. But the old people always say that the fruit don’t fall too far from the tree.

  6. Hants

    BFP says.

    BFP says,

    Hants, old friend… this is WAY BEYOND people “looking after themselves

    OK . Well I Hants may suffer if I injested any of the contaminated products in the past.

    I will look after myself and the government can look after the rest of you.

    I have not forgotten to squeeze a lime, and add water sugar and ice.

  7. Ras Bash

    fa a second i taught Hants did gine off ya….d comment din really mekking nah sense…….talking bout luk out fa yaself…….chek yaself bro when ya talking

  8. Eye95

    Off topic,

    There is a rather silly trademark – DLP letter in today’s Nation from one Anthony Davis who wrote:

    “Mr. Thompson said, ‘”This mad rush to parts known and unknown for labour, cheap and not so cheap, must and will stop under my watch . . . all sorts of aspersions have been cast on the work ethic and productivity of Barbadians”, and: “I want the rot to stop”

    Davis added: “Mr. Thompson is on the right track as this process must be halted as soon as possible. The BLP did nothing about it and so this Government has to clean up after it.”

    All I can say is that Education Minister Ronald Jones is right. This country’s educational system is in deep shit.

    First point! Mr. Thompson’s comments were intended to be a distraction tactic to cushion the impact of the unemployment statistics, which show that some 3000 Barbadians lost their jobs between January and June this year.

    Second point: Fifty (50%) per cent of what ever Barbados produces is sold the same non-nationals, Prime Minister Thompson is now criticizing. In Jamaica’s case a mere three per cent of what they produce is sold to the Caribbean and twelve per cent in the case of Trinidad and Tobago. By attacking non-nationals, Mr. Thompson is therefore like the man who bites the hand that feeds him.

    Third point: As lead Prime Minister for the CSME, Prime Minister Thompson should be aware that not only is he duty bound by the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas to allow those with freedom of movement to get jobs in Barbados and to be employed by the private sector legitimately, but it would be a breach of the CARICOM Treaty, as well as the laws of Barbados, for him to now tell the private sector not to employ non-nationals

    Fourth point: The old Treaty of Chaguaramas placed emphasis on the trade in goods and therefore benefitted Trinidad and Tobago. The revised Treaty places emphasis on “service” and favours Barbados. The DLP does not have a clue!

    Fifth point: The proposed union between T&T (the market where most of our regional tourists come from) and the OECS (the grouping that buys 50% of what we produce) is one which Barbados should be interested in, but because of ignorance, is not.

    Trinidad and Venezuela had already carved up the Caribbean Sea. An OECS/Trinidad Union, with T&T as the dominant partner – will have serious implication for: fishing, air right; economic zone. (OIL and GAS)

    That the DLP does not know these things and cannot figure them out – confirms why this country is not only in crisis but deep doo doo.

  9. Hants

    TAIPEI, Taiwan — Public health officials announced yesterday melamine taints instant coffee, milk t
    ea and chicken-and-corn soup that have non-dairy creamer mixed with them.
    All tainted products came from China.

    I found that out myself.

    Taiwan exports to Canada.
    Legally and Illegally.

    I hope you take my comments in the spirit in which they are intended.

    Just be careful and read the labels on the cheap sweet biscuits being sold in Barbados.

  10. Hants


    So… again… Does this recalled ice cream contain melamine? Is that the reason for the recall? Yes or No?

    You are correct.

    The Government has to tell the public why the product has been recalled and all Health care professionals must be informed.

  11. Melaka City Malaysia

    RTM (Radio Television Malaysia government broadcaster) just announced that Malaysia banned all milk products from China for three months. I want to come home. Keep repeating to self “Only ten more months. Only ten more months. Only ten more months.”

  12. Hants

    The UK, Germany and Spain will fall into recession in 2008, the European Commission has predicted.

  13. Eye95

    @ Hants,

    The UK, Germany and Spain like other coutries have gold, minerals, oil, gas and military technology.

    Some countries have even placed people on the Moon. Barbados simply had Arthur – his steady hands and the Economic Team of the BLP.

    Lawd knows! This country needs “The Economic Team of the BLP” – now more than ever!

  14. Ras Bash

    wait……I like I real slow doah……cud sumbody plz tell me y d ras da recall d ice cream…iz it bcuz d expiry date wuz gone…..if so dat ain nuttin Popular Discount n Cherish duz sell Soya Milk that expired….talking bout it still got shelf life… d ice cream shudda still had freezer life…….

  15. reality check

    “Lawd knows! This country needs “The Economic Team of the BLP” – now more than ever!”

    Please do not have us rolling on the floors in stitches as some of us are still working.

    This economic team could be called the economic self help team and Barbadians are just starting to feel the pain of their political tenure of greed, incompetence and staggering debt.

    None of these team members are suffering anything like the average voting and tax paying citizen.

  16. Eye95

    @ reality check,

    The question is, at a time when most Barbadians are suffering, where do our leaders (Thompson/Mottley) and the parties (DLP/BLP) stand on the economy?

    What we do know is that Prime Minister Thompson is busy enjoying his office and is taking frequent trip overseas. In contrast, Miss Mottley has been making sound recommendations that make sense.

    Once implemented those innovative suggestions will significantly ease the pressure caused by Mr. Thompson,well as improve the quality of life of ALL Barbadians, including Dems who are now complaining most.

    It is unfortunate that the DLP is very selective about who it will allow to feed at the trough and who it earmarks to pass public funds to.

    We need leadership that is not interested in politics (Thompson). But the type of leadership and real change being offered by Mia Mottley, which puts people and country before party.

    It seems as though it would have been better with the Bees! Even BFP agrees. “The Blog is sluggish.”

  17. PiedPiper

    I realize this is a bit off topic but I caught a news item recently about how the Spanish government is paying worker immigrants to return home. All laid off worker immigrants that would be entitled to unemployment insurance benefits are being offered 40% of the money upfront if the workers will relinquish their work visas and resident status cards to return to their home countries. Upon returning home, they will be given the remaining 60%. Sounds fair to me……what do the rest of you think?

  18. SJB

    To: BFP
    Please publish the copy (emailed to you)of the Health Certificate issued recently by the United States Department of Agriculture certifying milk powder supplied to Flavorite Foods Limited from Arizona, United sates of America AND NOT CHINA.
    Thank You

  19. Eye95

    @ PiedPiper,

    Check the Central Bank Report and see what 50% of our annual exports are? That is what Caribbean non-nationals buy from us.

    The Caribbean is probally our best tourist market after Ameica and maybe canada.

    Anyhow, what you would have to pay Caribbean non-national under your suggestion is “pickings” in comparison to what Barbados stands to loose if the Caribbean non-nationals stop buying the 50% of our exports, they now do.

    Our Prime Minister does not know these thing. Perhaps the real Prime Minister Sinckler should tell him.

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  21. bp

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is alerting consumers that seven Mr. Brown instant coffee and milk tea products are being recalled by the Taiwanese company, King Car Food Industrial Co. Ltd., due to possible contamination with melamine. King Car Food Industrial Co. used a non-dairy creamer manufactured by Shandong Duqing Inc., China, which was found to be contaminated with melamine. The recalled products are:

    * Mr. Brown Mandheling Blend Instant Coffee (3-in-1)
    * Mr. Brown Arabica Instant Coffee (3-in-1)
    * Mr. Brown Blue Mountain Blend Instant Coffee (3-in-1)
    * Mr. Brown Caramel Macchiato Instant Coffee (3-in-1)
    * Mr. Brown French Vanilla Instant Coffee (3-in-1)
    * Mr. Brown Mandhling Blend instant Coffee (2-in-1)
    * Mr. Brown Milk Tea (3-in-1)

    The FDA recommends that consumers not consume any of the above Mr. Brown instant coffee and milk tea products. The FDA also recommends that retailers and foodservice operators remove the products from sale or service.

    As of September 25, 2008, the FDA testing of milk based products imported into the United States from China has not found melamine contamination.

    The FDA is working with regulatory agencies in other countries. The New Zealand Food Safety Authority reports that its testing of White Rabbit Creamy Candies has shown melamine contamination at high levels. In light of the widespread contamination of milk and milk-based products in China and the New Zealand Food Safety Authority’s finding, the FDA recommends that consumers not eat White Rabbit Creamy Candy and that retailers and foodservice operations remove the product from sale or service.

    To date, the FDA is not aware of any illnesses in the United States stemming from consumption of either White Rabbit Creamy Candy or the Mr. Brown instant coffee and milk tea products.

    Individuals who have experienced any health problems after consuming either White Rabbit Creamy Candy or any of the identified Mr. Brown coffee and tea products are advised to contact their health care professional.

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  23. A Bajan who was in Beijing

    Please note the $3 stores on the island increasingly sells food products.I have no doubt these are sourced in China. I’d hate to think parents are unwittingly buying contaminated products for their children. This is a serious matter. Who will look into it?

  24. Avatar Gurl


    Well, I eat BICO, so there ain’t no result of ME getting sick!


    I don’t eat no stuff from Trinidad…

    That’s where “Floverite” comes from, you know!

    and I use “floverite” ’cause it makes your bowels “flow…!”

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