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Barbados Health Minister Estwick: TELL US THE TRUTH !!! Is Contaminated China Milk Powder Behind Ice Cream Recall?

Melamine-Contaminated Foods

Melamine-Contaminated Foods

Melamine Poison In Barbados Ice Cream?

Contaminated Oreo Cookies, M&M Chocolates, Snickers Bars, Instant Coffee Found In Other Countries including Canada, USA, Europe, Asia!

The Barbados Ministry of Health has recalled five flavours of “Flavorite” ice cream, but the only reason being released to the public is “This is being done as a precautionary measure under the Health Services (Food Hygiene) Regulation 1969.”

Considering that the China melamine-tainted milk scandal is still in full world crisis mode with dozens of countries still discovering tainted products on their shelves, it is only natural that Bajan citizens ask WHY HAS THIS ICE CREAM BEEN RECALLED?

Even today, September 25, 2008, new information has just been released indicating that the poisoned milk powder was used to manufacture chocolate bars, candy, biscuits and cookies that were exported around the world!

China has admitted to over 53,000 children seriously ill and at least four deaths and the toll climbs higher every day.

Bajan Parents Deserve The Truth So They Can Make An Informed Decision About Whether To Have Their Children Tested For Melamine Poisoning

Melamine poisoning builds up over time in a child’s body and eventually results in kidney failure and death. If our children have been at risk because a Barbados manufacturer of dairy products used contaminated ingredients that originated in China, we as parents have a right to know.

This press release by the Ministry of Health tells us nothing about the reason for the recall. How on earth could the person who made this press release think it was sufficient? Are they stupid or hiding something?

The lapdog Barbados media never even bothered to ask the questions WHY IS THIS ICE CREAM BEING RECALLED? IS THIS RECALL RELATED TO MELAMINE CONTAMINATION OR NOT?

Health Minister Estwick: Please provide some answers and also tell your people that they are not doing a good enough job in providing useful information to the people of Barbados.

from the Barbados Government website (link here) …


The Ministry of Health has advised the public of the removal of some Flavorite Ice Cream products from local retail shelves. This is being done as a precautionary measure under the Health Services (Food Hygiene) Regulation 1969.

The items are: Cherry Vanilla, 1 litre BB 2009 August 04; Coconut Vanilla Snack Cream, 148 ml; White Vanilla Snack Cream, 148 ml; Strawberry, 175 ml and Golden Vanilla 175 ml.

Meanwhile, Environmental Health Officers at the Ministry will continue to check distribution points and retail outlets to ensure the above-mentioned products are removed from shelves.

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Doctor Michael Davis Passes – Barbados Lost A Friend

Doctor Davis Intended to Practice In Barbados

As an internationally recognized specialist in lung diseases, most of Michael Davis’s patients were tiny. His field was infants and premature babies.

“His expertise was research in lung physiology of infants and the care of children with chronic lung disease,” said colleague Larry Lands, director of pediatric respiratory medicine at the Montreal Children’s Hospital…

Davis was planning a semi-working retirement in Barbados and looking to purchase a house there when he suffered a heart attack on the Caribbean island and died on Aug. 29. He was 57…

His wife, Myrna Lashley, a psychologist, was director of the Children’s Hospital employee assistance program and she and Davis began dating shortly after he joined the staff. After 14 years together they married in 2001.

…He and his wife often went to Barbados, where she was born and her mother still lives.

“Mike played rugby when he was young but what he loved was sitting or floating in the sea. He could read two books a day on vacation and if he could float and read at the same time he was the happiest,” Lashley said.

… read the full article at The Gazette (link here)


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