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Barbados New VECO-Built Prison Without Water For A Week – “Water Storage Tanks Have Never Worked”

How Many Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Did We Pay For The New Prison?

The inmates burned the last place down, so we had to build the new one.

What a great idea! Put hundreds of the most vicious, anti-social men we can find all in the same place and shut the water off for a week – because (according to a Nation article here) the storage tanks that are supposed to hold enough water to keep the place going for a week have NEVER worked.

Yup. Unfortunately that sounds like the Barbados I know and love… where hundreds of millions of tax dollars can be overspent on “consultants” but our “new” Kensington Oval didn’t have lighting for the Cricket World Cup finals. Where eight of twelve ambulances aren’t in service at the hospital – some because of stupid little things like a bearing that could be fixed in an hour, but we just don’t have what it takes to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

And now we learn that the water system at the prison has never been installed correctly.

WHO – WHAT PERSON – is responsible for this?

I’ll tell you who… “This is Barbados. No named person will ever be held responsible for anything.”


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Barbados Nation Newspaper Fails To Ask Director Of Emergency Management “Where Is The Stolen Money?”

“If Thompson and the DLP can’t put anyone in jail with the circumstances surrounding this case, they had better stop pretending that they intend to do a damn thing about corruption on this island.” … BFP’s George on a rant

Judy Thomas: Where Is The Missing Money?

Three months ago the Nation newspaper told the story of Theophilus Barrow – who was supposed to have his home rebuilt with the Hurricane Ivan disaster funds. That was in 2004, and it turns out that the funds to rebuild his home were paid out, but the work was never done!

In other words, the money was stolen.

Judy Thomas - Doesn't Talk About Stolen Money In Her Care

Judy Thomas - Doesn't want to talk about stolen money under her care!

Who was in charge of the public funds? None other than the Director of Emergency Management, Judy Thomas.

Nation reporters tried to interview her at the time, but she said “I don’t think I need to shed any light in the media on that matter.” – which really means “Stuff it.”

Here we are three months later and the Nation newspaper has forgotten all about the fact that someone stole the money to repair Theophilus Barrow’s home. Those professional journalists from the Nation interviewed Judy Thomas and produced a story “Praise for Emergency Personnel“.

Sure, our emergency personnel deserve our thanks and praise – because they go towards the danger when everyone else is running away.

But it doesn’t mean that the Nation should forget about a huge theft of government money that has left a person without a home. Has Theophilus Barrow’s home been fixed in the three months since the story broke?

Good Gawd, will somebody from the front desk at the Nation please walk into the newsroom and wake some folks up? Are they all smoking something?

Here’s a tip for the budding reporters at The Nation: Buy some index cards and when a story looks like it could use some follow-up, write a date on the card eight weeks hence and file it. Every day look at your “follow-up” cards and then, well, FOLLOW UP!

Here you go, mighty Nation newsroom. Like this…

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