Barbados Prime Minister Ambushed By Letter To All United Nations Delegates

United Nations Building New York City

United Nations Building - New York City

“As I post this on Monday night, we are part way through sending the following letter to every delegate at the United Nations. It is our intent that by the time Barbados PM David Thompson addresses the 63rd General Assembly Tuesday afternoon, every country’s delegates (listed here) will have received this letter…”

… from Keltruth Blog article Letter Sent to all United Nations Delegates re Barbados and PM Thompson

Keltruth Blog Goes For International Pressure Against Barbados Government

This afternoon, September 23, 2008, our Prime Minister, David Thompson, is scheduled to address the 63rd General Assembly of the United Nations. According to a story on Keltruth Blog, every delegate listening to the Barbados PM will have already received a letter from “K. Davis per Keltruth Corp.” in advance of the speech.

The article does not say how the letters are being delivered, but a published letter on the blog includes a “mail-merge” trigger tag (according to our Cliverton). A Google search shows that the 194 names published at Keltruth are a list of all Ambassadors to the United Nations from every country having a presence at the UN.

The PM and many of his government are in New York this week for various meetings at the UN. According to a Nation News article, after the PM speaks at the General Assembly he and/or some of his Ministers will be meeting with other Commonwealth, CARICOM and UN delegates in various forums. Prime Minister Thompson will also be meeting with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Will Keltruth’s Letter Matter? Will It Even Be Read?

Here at Barbados Free Press, we are believers in taking our local causes to international stages – as our local government simply does not respond to many citizen concerns. Not to mention that the lapdog Barbados news media tends to censor stories to protect whatever government is in power.

So we at BFP are big believers in going public locally and internationally to achieve change.

That said, we’re not sure what Keltruth Blog is trying to achieve, but we do believe that many in Prime Minister Thompon’s audience this afternoon will have at least heard about the letter. The delegates for the large countries may not even see the letter, but you can bet that CARICOM members and delegates from places like, oh, I don’t know… Tonga, Vanuatu and Iceland will have read the letter.

I mean, how many letters can the Ambassador from Vanuatu or Iceland receive each day?

Will Keltruth’s letter matter? What does it say?

Have a look for yourself…

Keltruth Blog – Letter Sent to all United Nations Delegates re Barbados and PM Thompson



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33 responses to “Barbados Prime Minister Ambushed By Letter To All United Nations Delegates

  1. Proud Bajan

    I’m not sure what to think. I am angry at Keltruth.

  2. Blue Sky

    181 is really saying,

    “Hush little girl. Don’t tell anyone what your uncle did to you. Do you want to hurt the family? Keep it to yourself for the good of everybody”

  3. Hants

    Writing letters to the delegates at the UN in this situation is treasonous in nature.

    When we have our battles on this blog, even though the world can read about it, there is no obvious intent to hurt Barbados as a Nation or Barbadians as individuals.

    What Keltruth claims to have done is their right in our Democratic world but it is still beyond what I believe the BFP blogging family can support.

  4. Blue Sky

    Was Thompson’s announcement to the Canadian press that the last government stashed away millions of dollars in stolen funds offshore treasonous?

  5. Blue Sky

    Here is the point of the Keltruth letter as I see it:

    “When you are asked to provide United Nations funding to Barbados, please consider the lack of anti-corruption laws and poor oversight in Barbados and how millions of dollars intended to benefit the people of Barbados ends up in secret foreign bank accounts. If the United Nations does advance funding to Barbados, I urge you to support an external system of accountability, goal reporting and audits to ensure the monies are used for their intended purposes.”

    That doesn’t sound like treason to me. Treason to the government maybe but not to the people of Barbados.

  6. Eye95

    @ 181,

    Every time the DLP is in office, there is a major scandal. Kola Syrup; the IMF Secret Deal….

    Under the DLP, Barbados developed a reputation as being a country, which uses it army to conficate the assets of foreign investors. Remember Carsicott?

    Did the DLP not threatened to embarrass Barbados when all those cameras were here for World Cup?

    181, is that letter any more damaging than Prime Minister Thompson’s allegations about money being stashed?

    It is not that blog or so-called letter, which is doing damage to Barbados’ good name and reputation. Ask the St. Vincent PM!

    Barbados’ opinion was once highly respected on matters of economic. Today this country is again the laughing stock of the Caribbean.

    This country’s new symbol is the begging bowl. The PM is begging philantropists to find Barbados attractive, the private sector to help him out with a few jobs, China to give a few dollars and overseas Barbadians to send in a few more barrels and some old clothes.

    Good call. After all, the cost of living is high.

  7. Sargeant


    Writing letters to the delegates at the UN in this situation is treasonous in nature

    Treason!! What treason? The individual is a private citizen and is free to write to any UN delegate with her concerns, are there any untruths in her letter? Would she be arrested in B’dos if she was there? if so, I would like some legal luminary to explain the charges.

    BTW does anyone think that those UN delegates will give a hoot about a letter written by someone in Miami who may have an axe to grind against the B’dos Govt? The majority of those delegates are concerned about their country’s status at the UN and the situation Keltruth’s complain about may very well exist in their own countries. I think that the UN delegates have enough on their own plates with possible world economic meltdown, war, poverty, disease and the constant threat of terrorism that I assume they’ll toss it into the nearest shredder if it actually reaches their desks.

    OK 123 everyone take a valium

  8. Eye95

    @ 181,

    Well! Lock up somebody. Bring the proof. Do you really believe that Barbadians buy the nonsence – that if this DLP government, which is facing one-term – had information to lock-up a Bee, it would be reluctant to bring it, especialaly after promising “change” and “integrity.”

    That would give you points 181. Your logic does not make sense. Go to the back of the line at St. george secondar. I find you out of place! Go and come again!



    BFP says,

    Ummmm….. yes, this DLP government is extremely reluctant to lock up any Bees for the simple reason that they don’t want to start a war and have the same thing happen to them when they leave office.

    So both parties have a gentleman’s agreement that there will be much shouting, but no charges.

    If Thompson was serious, he would have asked the FBI for their VECO Barbados evidence some nine months ago. He has not, and will not.

    You talk such foolishness! Of course Thompson will not charge a Bee or even do an audit on the Prime Minister depositing “campaign donations” into his personal bank account – something Arthur even admitted to in public!

  9. Wondering

    When will the party faithfulls of the DLP and BLP stop bringing their “political yardfowlism” to the table. This is not a party issue.

    This is an issue dealing with Barbados as a whole. The Rt Hon. David Thompson is Prime Minister of Barbados and was elected on a DLP ticket. However something like this goes much deeper than party.

    I think that it is about time that we start electing independents to Parliament it would (hopefully) ensure that this needless yardfowlism is brought to a minimum and people who are actually looking to represent their community can then be given a chance instead of the moneygrubbers who all look to kill the fatted calves after being in the opposition( I mean both parties).

    I think that if we cut their salaries and implement Anti-Corruption laws we will see who is really in it to help and who is out to pad their pockets.

  10. Eye95

    @ BFP,

    Then why promise “Change,” “openness; accountability; financial prudence; integrity and freedom of information.”

    Are we to believe that in a mere 251 days, the DLP has resorted to its comfort zone of old style, slash and burn politics. That is not change!

    Given the DLP’s inability to effective manage the economy, perhaps 181 and Hants could tell Barbadians who voted for change – on what basis does the DLP now occupying that prime real estate on Bay Street?

  11. Eye95

    @ Wondering,

    There have been distinguished ladies and gentlemen in the BLP and DLP, who have done this country proud.

    Both the DLP and BLP have had good leaders: Sir Grantley, Mr. Barrow, Tom Adams and Arthur.

    Independent you say! No need for “referrendum.” The Party system has worked well and continues to work. It is the duty of the Opposition to keep the government’s feet to the fire.

    When the party system works the way it should, Barbados wins. Dishonest by any name is the same thing. Let us fix the problems.

  12. Blue Sky

    Why promise “change” Eye95? To get elected!

    Now that Thompson is elected the only “change” is going into the DLP pockets. Community councils are the next vehicle for “change” Ka-Ching!

  13. Eye95

    @ 181,

    Hello Mr. signature word: “this out fit” did keltruth do anything to barbados’ reputation internationally, that the DLP did not do whether in Opposition or even now it is Government.

    Why is the pot calling the kettle black? What if the Republicans win the election? Could you ever imagine seeing Mr. Barrow attending the DNC in Denver?

    Could you ever imagine reading about someone easing Mr. Barrow through the side door?

    181, take note. In every country on the planet, persons who hold themselves up as moral authority on decency are being embarrassed.

    Do not take my word for it. Look at the instant discussion regarding the Ethics Committee in the USA. You should know this better than anyone!

  14. J

    Boys and girls, please behave yourselves.

  15. Eye95

    Someone bring me some coffee, please. I am marking out my run-up.

    The bowling will be fast. This is a no spin zone. Take note 181.

  16. Eye95

    You can always tell when ever the DLP is loosing on the issues. It always resort to gossip and holds to Cammie Tudor’s legacy: “the big lie.”

    Barbadians who did not vote for the DLP in last election, are happy.

    Perhaps Hants and 181 could say why there are so many now “trying desperately to get as far away from Dem” as possible.

    I, am just – the voice of reason and balance, with an eye for the working class, the middle class and the poor.

    No, I am not Zorro. I am: “Eye95.” The true and origninal Independent, who you can trust.

  17. what do you expect?

    The BBC and The Voice of America were beamed into Totalitarian countries and around the world since the second World War and before.

    In some cases, these broadcasts were the only means of expressing opposing views to oppressive regimes which completely controlled the media and every other vestige of an individuals right to be free.

    In 2008, in an increasingly globalized world, the internet has provided this very freedom of expression by way of individual blogs and not state apparatus.

    Elected officials have the ability to make fundamental change for the betterment of all citizens. Promises only mean something when they are followed by real actions. Thompson and members of parliament were voted in for real and substantive change.

    If the organs of power are controlled to the exclusion of justice and fairness, then the only thing left for citizens to do is let the citizens of world know what is going on.

    Sargeant is right, many of these UN countries have their own depths of corruption and will not give the letter more than a passing glance.

    Nevertheless, these continuing stories of broken promises to the electorate and failure of governments to fix some of these problems can not be good for business and future investment.

    Thompson needs to buckle down and fix some of these problems including implementing ITAL and a Ministerial code.

    Stop looking at your image in a mirror and start looking at the substance of your leadership.

  18. political whoredom

    just checking the theory bout overseas bajans voting in bajan elections.

    Hmmm how does this work? I love my Bajan people home and abroad but if you not living bout hey I dont want you voting. I aint care how much land you buy or how many barrels u send in.
    I still waiting on my tax refund.

  19. Fishing4ever

    I hope Prime Minister Thompson knew about this letter when he was talking to the United Nations.

    His staff must have known.

    Do you suppose they told him, or waited until after? LOL

  20. BajanGirl

    According to BGIS – “On Friday, September 26, Prime Minister Thompson will deliver Barbados’ address to the UNGA. He will be the 10th speaker at the afternoon session which be held from 3:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.”


    BFP says,

    Hmmmm…. The Nation still says today (Tuesday). If it is on Friday then presumably more people will have read the letter by then.

  21. Eye95

    The so-called letter is not the embarrassment to Barbados. Comments that are contrary to the findings of Transparency International, for the past 14 years, are.

    Under the BLP, Barbados enjoyed a reputation as one of the least corrupt countries in the world, of 182 countries surveyed. Barbados was certainly the least corrupt in the Caribbean.

    The DLP of fatted calf and so-called integrity fame – has chnaged that!

    Our Prime Minister made silly comments and does not even realise that Barbados has a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty with the same Canada.

    The OECD, which Arthur fought single handedly -on behalf of the Commonwealth, especialaly when it sought to black-list Barbados as a country which has tax evasion laws – required the removal of secrecy laws.

    Prime MInister Thompson has therefore embarrassed Barbados with his childish ignorance. To ak him to resign would be decent. Let him continue to provide comedy for the intelligent world.

    You wanted change and you got Thompson! But, how could anyone swop a Bishop for a pond!

  22. Fishing4ever

    The Transparency International “survey” was nothing more than asking the very Barbados business people who gained from the corruption “does corruption exist”?

    They said “no”.

  23. Eye95

    @ Fishing4ever,

    What nonsense!

    That is like Thompson having a problem with the unemployment statistics and keeping them secret from the public eventhough promising freedom of information.

    Doesn’t Frank Dasilva have something to do with Transparency International?

    TPI measures corruption within government, the public service and the private sector?

    Is it not true that persons depositing $10,000 or more have to indicate the source? However, I agree that there is corruption.

    For example: $35.00 locks being changed for $2,500, houses that were being built for $57,000 under the BLP now being built for $89m,000.

    Bees being fired, Dems being hired. Now this! A Minister’s sister gets a big pick at the QEH. (John Boyce) Another Minister’s uncle is Deputy Clerk of parliament Suckoo) Another Minister woman is a Minister Personal Assistance (Jones) . Another Minister neice works at NHC (Lashley)

    Family first has been given its literal interpretation but constitutes corruption. In real life it is called: “NEPOTISM.” In bajan dialect, corruption.

    Do you understand now the so-called distraction tactic about millions off shore accounts? Do you see why TPI is concerned about corruption in Barbados, when it had no reason to be for the past 14 years?

  24. Curious

    Did anyone at BFP realise that Officer Vaughn who has been charged for accepting bribes which was in the Nation News papers is the same Vaughn who acted on behalf of the DPP in the Ronja Juman story? Should we expect the DPP to follow suit like Vaughn? Anyone has any info on this?


    BFP says

    I think you missed our story!

    Meanwhile… can you tell us the status of the Ronja Juman case please?

    Here is our story… enjoy!

    Corrupt Director Of Public Prosecutions Must Now Prosecute His Corrupt Police Friend For Accepting Bribes!!!

  25. Tell me Why

    Did anyone at BFP realise that Officer Vaughn who has been charged for accepting bribes which was in the Nation News papers is the same Vaughn who acted on behalf of the DPP in the Ronja Juman story?
    Hi Columbus, this story has been aired in BFP. Since them we are dealing with current issues like the topic you are posting on and many interesting posts by BFP.

  26. Eye95

    All yah,

    No response to the attempt to mitigate the report by Transparency International, as regards Barbados corrution rating – by making irresponsible allegations about million being stashed in foreign account, which has now back fired on the DLP?

    The AG is acting PM. When will someone be charged. There is a new prison at Dodds. When will someone be sent there as regard Mr. Thompson’ “wild allegation” about million being stashed in foreign bank accounts?

    Stop the talk. Lock up “somebody.” Where is the evidence. Having promised change and ITAL, sorry will not do. SHOW BARBADIANS A SMOKING GUN OR RESIGN.

    Remember your promise: “no secrets from the public and freedom of information! Was that just talk?

  27. Tony Hall

    You are spouting good BLP propaganda purporting to be an independent mind. Carry on. The more the monkey climb the more he show he tail.

  28. Eye95

    @ Tony Hall,

    Hammie was a D, then a B, now an Independent D, yet you question whether I am an “independent?”

    Did I increase diesel prices by 77%, raised an additional $280 million in new taxes, caused 3000 to be on the breadline or am guilty of handpicking people to pass public funds to?

    Have I caused the economy to be on meltdown as a result of bad decision, poor judment and share ignorance?

    Deal with the issue and stop fighting with the electorate who are expressing their frustration that the DLP has again betrayed their trust and confidence after promising change, ITAL and to clean up politics?

    People who went to bed last night worrying about which bill they will pay this month, woke up this morning in the same position.

    Prices are still rising and the DLP will still try to see how many times they can travel around the world in 5 years!

    Address those issues. “You son of a gun, you won a country and cannot get it run.” What a crying shame!

  29. dominoes

    I would like peter wickam to do a poll and see how much ground the dems has lost

  30. St. Lucia is perceived as being the least corrupt country within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), according to a survey released by the German-based Transparency International (TI) on Tuesday.

    The organisation polled 180 countries for its 2008 Corruption Perception Index (CPI), which ranks countries according to the degree to which politicians and public officials are perceived to be corrupt by senior resident business leaders and non-resident analysts. It scores countries on a scale of 0-10, with 0 being the most corrupt and 10 being the least.

    St. Lucia took the number 21 spot with a total of 7.1, followed by Barbados at 22 with 7.0. St. Vincent and the Grenadines was at number 28 with a score of 6.5, while Dominica had a score of 6.0 to be number 33 on the list.

    Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname tied for the 72nd place with a score of 3.6, while Jamaica’s 96 position was a result of its score of 3.1. Belize was 109 with a score of 2.9, while Guyana placed 126 due to its rating of 2.6.

    Haiti, the least developed CARICOM country and one of the poorest in the world, ranked 177 with a rating of 1.4.

    “In the poorest countries, corruption levels can mean the difference between life and death when money for hospitals or clean water is in play,” said Huguette Labelle, Chair of Transparency International.

    “The continuing high levels of corruption and poverty plaguing many of the world’s societies amount to an ongoing humanitarian disaster and cannot be tolerated. But even in more privileged countries, with enforcement disturbingly uneven, a tougher approach to tackling corruption is needed.”

    The other CARICOM countries – Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Montserrat and St. Kitts and Nevis – were not included in the CPI this year.

    Transparency International placed Denmark, Sweden and New Zealand at the top of the list of developing and developed countries with scores of 9.3 out of 10.

  31. Keltruth fan

    Can’t blame them, only way 2 shame this Govt, they had 100 days and they use the time to jack up fuel & Taxes instead of coming clean

  32. Eye95


    There was a time when a leader of Barbados spoke at the United Nations, international delegates took note and nod in approval.

    Back then, our leaders were able to master the art of diplomacy. In nine months, Prime Minister Thompson has “changed” that.

    We knew there was a decline when Prime Minister Thompson attended that Convention in Denver, something, only a leader of a banana republic would!

    Now, last Friday, Prime Minister Thompson told the United Nations: “Barbados believes that those responsible for the crisis, and who also created, controlled, and manipulated the global financial system for their own advantage, cannot now be trusted to heal it.”

    Did we not hear that exact line on Fox News?

    Under astute leader, this country developed the reputation of never making trifling comments on the international stage.

    It gave advice, which was always capable of being followed. Speeches we punctuated with substance and diplomacy. Thompson has “change” all that.

    No career foreign service officer or public servant is capable of writing such a speech as was deliver by Prime Minister Thompson. If he did, he should consider himself “unpatriotic” and resign immediately.

    Prime Minister Thompson’ speech was “political hog wash.” Sounds like it was written after the author had “two-straight-ones” and after watching Fox News.

    Hartley a.k.a 181! Yah too “clumsy” man! Diplomacy old boy! Diplomacy!

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