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Barbados Prime Minister Ambushed By Letter To All United Nations Delegates

United Nations Building New York City

United Nations Building - New York City

“As I post this on Monday night, we are part way through sending the following letter to every delegate at the United Nations. It is our intent that by the time Barbados PM David Thompson addresses the 63rd General Assembly Tuesday afternoon, every country‚Äôs delegates (listed here) will have received this letter…”

… from Keltruth Blog article Letter Sent to all United Nations Delegates re Barbados and PM Thompson

Keltruth Blog Goes For International Pressure Against Barbados Government

This afternoon, September 23, 2008, our Prime Minister, David Thompson, is scheduled to address the 63rd General Assembly of the United Nations. According to a story on Keltruth Blog, every delegate listening to the Barbados PM will have already received a letter from “K. Davis per Keltruth Corp.” in advance of the speech.

The article does not say how the letters are being delivered, but a published letter on the blog includes a “mail-merge” trigger tag (according to our Cliverton). A Google search shows that the 194 names published at Keltruth are a list of all Ambassadors to the United Nations from every country having a presence at the UN.

The PM and many of his government are in New York this week for various meetings at the UN. According to a Nation News article, after the PM speaks at the General Assembly he and/or some of his Ministers will be meeting with other Commonwealth, CARICOM and UN delegates in various forums. Prime Minister Thompson will also be meeting with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Will Keltruth’s Letter Matter? Will It Even Be Read?

Here at Barbados Free Press, we are believers in taking our local causes to international stages – as our local government simply does not respond to many citizen concerns. Not to mention that the lapdog Barbados news media tends to censor stories to protect whatever government is in power.

So we at BFP are big believers in going public locally and internationally to achieve change.

That said, we’re not sure what Keltruth Blog is trying to achieve, but we do believe that many in Prime Minister Thompon’s audience this afternoon will have at least heard about the letter. The delegates for the large countries may not even see the letter, but you can bet that CARICOM members and delegates from places like, oh, I don’t know… Tonga, Vanuatu and Iceland will have read the letter.

I mean, how many letters can the Ambassador from Vanuatu or Iceland receive each day?

Will Keltruth’s letter matter? What does it say?

Have a look for yourself…

Keltruth Blog – Letter Sent to all United Nations Delegates re Barbados and PM Thompson


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