Let’s Discuss This Again: Barbados Prime Minister Thompson Confirms Previous Government Officials Stashed Millions In Foreign Bank Accounts

Former PM Owen Arthur And His Coat Of Many (Offshore) Dollars

Former PM Owen Arthur And His Coat Of Many (Offshore) Dollars

What kind of wealth does it take to give away US$150,000 dollars in after-tax income to a cricket charity? Barbados Free Press asked that question in a January 15, 2008 article A Reminder On Election Day: Prime Minister Owen Arthur Personally Donates US$150,000 In After Tax Income To…

Everyone knows that the previous BLP government reached new heights of corruption. What more need be said with dozens of projects worth millions and millions of dollars handed out like candy without legal documents being signed? The BLP has a legacy of perfecting political office as a road from rags to riches.

Such style, too! A BLP Government Minister who built a home for his mistress on land his government expropriated, a Prime Minister who was caught depositing a “corporate campaign donation” cheque into his personal bank account and could only say “ooooops” and so many over-priced government contracts awarded to friends, lovers and family members – sometimes for doing no work at all.

And it wasn’t all huge contracts either. For our Barbados Treasury the little thefts and overages were like a death of a thousand cuts. Like when former Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley paid her good friend Richild Springer $30,000 for a two-week “consulting” contract – which included money for accomodations even though Ms. Springer was Mia’s house-guest at the time! And that was only one small example of hundreds of similar “consulting” contracts issued by the past government.

And then we have the “middlemen” like Hallam Nichols and so many others who were paid five and ten percent of our tax dollars to “source” government supplies… as if our government employees were incapable of picking up the phone or getting on the internet and discovering how much a new fleet of garbage trucks or buses would cost.

And all these millions flowed with no oversight, no accountability and no transparency. Even today, Barbados still doesn’t have laws that prohibit the receiving of gifts by holders of public offices.

David Thompson Gave Us Hope With His Hardwood Revelations

Oh yes… during the election campaign, David Thompson and the DLP talked about wrong-doing and corruption by the Owen Arthur/Mia Mottley government. Elect Thompson and the DLP, we were told, and there would be forensic audits, accountability and recovery of the stolen monies. Thompson waved around the Hardwood scandal as a big example. So what do we hear now?

Now David Thompson Is Delivering Cow Dung

“This is 2008 and it is not easy to tap into a person’s personal bank account and find necessary deposits…” … Prime Minister David Thompson quoted in the Nation News.

Excuse me, Mr. Prime Minister?

“This is 2008 and it is not easy to tap into a person’s personal bank account and find necessary deposits…”

Are you joking? With all the anti-money laundering requirements and computerisation of Barbados banks, it is far easier to access financial information than at any time in history! All you need is a judge’s order and some courage.

And cut the cow dung about really meaning to get to bottom of things. If you really meant to get to the bottom of things, you would have already approached the United States FBI for legal access to that pile of VECO Barbados information that they seized as evidence!

Here… let me assist you how Barbados or the FBI would conduct an investigation of where the missing $100 million dollars is that disappeared when the BLP hired corrupt VECO Corporation to build our oil terminal and new prison. Here is just one investigative strategy…

You ask the FBI for all the supplier records and payment records for the VECO Barbados projects. Then you do corporate searches to find the shell companies in the USA that “middle-manned” the supplies. Then you follow the money for “consulting” contracts paid out by the suppliers. It will take some slogging through business records and some honest work and manpower, but it really is simple.

AND ALSO… you can get that corrupt, re-virginated Chief Justice to issue some judge’s warrants against the bank account of his old drinking buddy, Mr. Owen Arthur. We KNOW that Owen deposited “campaign donation” cheques into his personal account and never claimed them as income – because he admitted the same to you in Parliament.

Do you have the courage to clean up this mess, Prime Minister Thompson? Do so… and don’t be laying on so thick cow dung like “Wahloss, de banks have no business records dem”

Cow dung.


PRIME MINISTER DAVID THOMPSON is convinced that millions of dollars “bizarrely spent” during the previous Barbados Labour Party (BLP) Administration are now stashed in foreign bank accounts.

He did not call any names but he made it clear that he hoped one day to be able to track down the bank accounts and expose the culprits.

“Week after week in Cabinet, we unearth horror stories of how millions and millions of dollars were spent in the most bizarre of circumstances,” Thompson said as he addressed the Canadian branch of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in Toronto on Saturday night.

“This is 2008 and it is not easy to tap into a person’s personal bank account and find necessary deposits, but I am saying tonight that the money that was spent so recklessly in the past 14 years has not all dissolved into outer space, although much of it is not in Barbados.

“It is somewhere hidden and I intend to find some, if not all, of it,” the Prime Minister said.

“We are not talking about a few hundred dollars here. We are not confusing ourselves with petty cash or other fine change. We are talking about millions and millions of dollars that could otherwise have gone into social, infrastructural and economic development policies and projects for the benefit of Barbadians,” he charged…

… continue reading The Nation News Secret Accounts


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139 responses to “Let’s Discuss This Again: Barbados Prime Minister Thompson Confirms Previous Government Officials Stashed Millions In Foreign Bank Accounts

  1. political whoredom

    “This is 2008 and it is not easy to tap into a person’s personal bank account and find necessary deposits….”

    This is so far from the truth. In the post 9/11 era you can trace anything, let me repeat you can trace anything. Does the PM really expect people with intelligence to believe this? What this statement shows is that he is unwilling for whatever reason to search for these funds. It is sufficient to say them(BLP) thief but it is impossible to show how they did it. Maybe he’s taking lessons. Meanwhile rumours of the treasury being empty abound. Is this why I have yet to receive my tax refund!
    I’m surprised no one has commented on this.

  2. The Punisher

    Yes! While it is true that post 9/11 money is tracked to prevent funding of terrorists networks, we do not care about that fact.

    Barbadians will believe anything. I mean – our boy Hartley Henry may have gone a little over-board this time. But, forget that this allegation sounds like Antigua politics.

    We need distraction tactics. If Barbadians feel that money was spent that they can benefit from, do you think they will concentrate on cost of living; high taxes or job lost. Come on man, get real!

    Somebody will say that Thompson have bank accounts in “Malaysia” we will deny that!

  3. J

    Punisher we know what is going on. Even now our land tax bills are dropping in our mail boxes and we don not like what we see.

  4. The Punisher

    @ J,

    What land tax bill? Owen gave you the first $125,000 tax free. You think we taking that to $150,000?

    Don’t hold your breath. All of that freeness done!

  5. The Punisher


    You said $25m? Why goodnees,! Only that? And in 14 years?

  6. Tell me Why

    Reports reaching me state that Hallam Nicholls is reported to have said that he is scared that Owing and company will make him the scape goat,
    This is the second sign-in name for WIV. He surely cannot hide his stripes. He is the only person who speaks of “reports reaching me….”
    However, I must say that electioneering is still continuing and no economic systems in place. Why would the Prime Minister use our hard-earned tax dollars to travel to Toronto just to talk about the past administration alleged thieving along with Lashley “will never be hungry” talk under the DLP. Where are the programs to propel Barbados as a lucrative tourist market; where are the programs to beguile wealthy business people to invest in Barbados, where are the figures to show nationals that Barbados is doing well and can return home to see a vibrant country with economic wealth. Come on WIV; do tell us the rationale for speaking in Toronto and the constant nomadic preaching of the same sermon. I crucified Owen for the nonsense traveling and here we have an administration that every ministry is having an acting Minister, soon we will have an acting country.
    Let’s direct our efforts in creating a vibrant society and eased up on gesticulation until you have facts in your hand. Lock up the culprits by getting facts, not speculations. Peace be with you

  7. Tell me Why

    It may be much easier for the FBI to trace proceeds and ill gotten gains that it is for us.
    You can see last four words…..”IT IS FOR US”. You can see clearly the style of a consultant. Your guess is as good as mine, just think Antigua.

  8. Tell me Why

    Why is my post under moderation. Does the truth hurts?


    BFP says,

    “Does the truth hurts?”

    Huh? Who is this? George W. Bush?

    You comment has been approved and we suggest you read the tab at the top about comment moderation before you again speak such nonsense. “RTFM”

  9. khadija

    Thompson should not have to look far. money laundering is the norm in bim. Take a look at Grenada, The new government is exposing all the bad apples.

  10. Thomas Gresham

    I was struck by three things on reading the Nation’s headline today. First, that these are very serious allegations. But I did not fall off my chair on reading them, because this is the upteenth time we have heard them. Each time we dont hear more details about the previous allegations, just new, wilder allegations. Is anyone else getting tired of allegations and allegations, but no investigations, evidence and action?

    The second thing that struck me is that the PM said that it is 2008 and so it is hard to find out what people hold in foreign bank accounts. This strikes me as someone not very familiar with trying to track down money flows. It has in fact got much easier to find out what is in bank accounts in 2008 than in previous years as a number of Germans with funds in Lichtenstein recently discovered. Even Switzerland’s coveted banking secrecy laws are lifted if there is a criminal investigation. That is how they found they found the money stolen by the Nigerian military dictator in Swiss bank accounts. When I was a director of a bank, I saw first hand the dramatic change in discloure rules in the name of “Anti-Terrorist Financing”. If the PM was serious about this he would be telling us something more, projects that were involved, trails being looked at, and jurisdictions that we have requested a lifting of bank secrecy laws to pursue criminals. But no, it sounds more like another throw away allegation with no real effort in following it up. If $25m plus was stolen from us, the tax payers, I would want a lot more than repeatedly throw away allegations.

    Thirdly. The PM made these allegations in Toronto at a DLP meeting. But the PM is in Toronto on official business – an investment promotion event. Is he using tax payers money to fly him over to Toronto to speak on party business? Or was he flown over by Clico, to conduct a mixture of Party and Government business, with Clico a major beneficiary of govenrment contracts.
    BFP, lets follow this up. Who paid for the trip? Is Hartley Henry with him? Who paid for his trip – Barbados tax payers? None of this smacks of someone who understands ITAL, far less caring about it deeply.

  11. The Punisher

    @ Thomas Gresham,

    You can sing until the cows come home, we have five years. By the time we start easing the pressure in year-three, no one will remember the first two.

    Any why overseas? Votes; investments, desire to instill confidence? Do you have money to invest.

    Can you provide an extended market for products produces locally; can you add to the BTA’s marketing effort?

    I did not think so. Why are you trying to undermine our government and put obstacles in its way.

    You know, if we fail, it will be your fault; 181’s; Fairplay’s and DLP haters like Hants.

  12. Tony Hall

    Tell Me Why and Thomas Gresham,
    You guys should know better. Stop nitpicking. The PM is on official business in Toronto. When he comes to New York this week for the UN General Assembly are you going to ask what he is doing there? By the way Tell Me Why hope to see you Friday.

  13. sarahpalin

    And all the money was scammed off building projects like “Sands.”

    You wanna stop public officials stealing millions. Enforce strict building regulations and allow public viewing of construction contracts over $1,000,000.

  14. Tell me Why

    Is anyone else getting tired of allegations and allegations, but no investigations, evidence and action?
    These allegations are becoming alligators without teeth.

  15. JC


  16. Melaka City Malaysia

    Thompson could order the bank account information with a snap of his fingers. The laws are in place and he has the authority.

    “Cow dung” is right.

  17. Red Lake Lassie

    Put up or shut up, Mr. Prime Minister. You’ve been saying the same thing for a year.

    Give us one name, one criminal charge or STFU!

  18. Tell me Why

    By the way Tell Me Why hope to see you Friday.
    I am getting scared by this statement. Will I be the first casualty of the FOI? BTW, my language is not based on nitpicking, it is protocol that we seems to overlook whilst ministers are on official visit. Meeting with party supporters in these countries can be risky because the audience you might be speaking to might just be nationals hungry to know what’s happening back home. The supporters you might be addressing could be Bees or Dees. How will you know? So the best thing to do is speak about the solutions and investment opportunities that will paved the way for a smooth passage if these people are willing to return home. That’s what these supporters are begging to hear, yuh hear!

  19. Tell me Why

    Tony, I will be glad to meet with you, maybe, just maybe we will be able to mix simpleton politics with political politrix. Remember, we all live here and here is where I will stay unless I change my mind and go to live in Roger Harper’s country.

  20. Thomas Gresham

    Dear Tony Hall,

    It is disturbing that you think it is nit picking to ask whether tax payers are paying for the PM and his entourage to make a speech in Toronto to a DLP meeting.

    He is in Canada on official business, paid for by tax payers, but what we hear is not about new initiatives to encourage Canadian business, but about his politiking. That’s nit picking?

    Shame on you.

  21. BFP

    So let’s have some transparency from the Prime Minister…

    Who is he traveling with, meeting with, and what are his traveling arrangements.

    Standard stuff when there is real transparency… but then, there is Barbados.

  22. art

    Take 3S and Veco to court, get a court order for all their financial and bank information; forensicly audit them… and see who/where they made payments to.

    It’s that easy.

  23. Tell me Why

    Your problem 181 alias WIV, you always avoiding the questions and labouring on Veco, Danos and the lot. You will not be respected until you bring hard facts. What to do, simply shut your mouth, collect the evidence and the dollar trails and then come back to the blogs. Otherwise, shut up and drive. By the way, were you the mastermind for the PM Toronto speech?

  24. ru4real

    Windbag in Pain
    More lies and hot air
    Change the record for goodness sake

  25. Hants

    BFP Marcus and Cliverton I hope you you are reading the comments by The Punisher and will come to my defence

    Here is one.
    “You know, if we fail, it will be your fault; 181’s; Fairplay’s and DLP haters like Hants.”

    This The Punisher person is a pathological falsifier of veracity whose agenda is to discredit the DLP and its supporters by fradulently pretending he represents the DLP.

    I bet his ip address is the same as royalrumble.
    BLP Headquaters.


    BFP says,

    Hello Hants…

    We generally like to give people around here enough rope to hang themselves and we have done just that. Mr. P and his IP are now on the spam list. As usual, such idiots sneak back once in a while and we deal with them and move on when good folks like you alert us.

    We now take you back to our regular programming….

  26. Deng Xiaping

    Help me to understand your (BFP’s) policy:

    the P******r is clearly anti-DLP. I found his (or her) style amusing and the tongue-in-cheek satire of assumed DLP policy was provocative without being offensive. So he called Hants a DLP hater; so what?

    Anyone who’s been on BFP for a few minutes will know that Hants is one of the DLP’s most ardent supporters! Your readers are not stupid and can see that the P. is lampooning the support of the DLP by other posters. P’s posts were never racist, vulgar, homophobic, nor called for the injury/death of persons etc. So why the ban? I thought that BFP was for free exchange of ideas and opinions. Didn’t you notice that over 40% of the electorate supported the BLP in the last election? It is your blog but you have appropiated the words Barbados and Free in your name, I hope you would represent them by your actions.


    BFP says,

    Hi Deng Xiaping,

    Marcus here taking over from George until 10pm when Clive will have a go.

    I spoke with George about why he put the Punisher on the spam list and I have reviewed much of what the Punisher posted. While he wasn’t racist etc., there is a behaviour called “troll”… Someone who enjoys visiting a blog or forum and creating as much trouble as possible to disrupt real discussion.

    Frankly, it used to happen all the time when the BLP had that project going to take down and disrupt BFP and some other blogs.

    Punisher’s behaviour is troll-like and disruptive. I mean… just look at the thread since he/she came on board compared with the many good discussions that happen at BFP.

    So…. here’s what we’ll do. Punisher is on “always moderate” for now. We’ll review what he/she writes and if the quality of the discourse is maintained we will allow the post.

    As the bad man said in “No Country For Old Men”… It’s the best I can offer.

  27. Eye95

    What if the punisher called Hants a DLP hater? I enjoyed his post since it did juice up things a litlle bit.

  28. Die Hard B

    I have been monitoring this blog for a very long time and find it funny that post from a “P” could create more debate than the issues that are raised.

    My grandmother uses to say, when your own dog bites you, you are well bitten. It was only a matter of time before one turned.

    The Dems did not see that coming. I will keep watching to see who else is banned.

  29. Die Hard B

    @ Hants,

    You should be ashamed of yourself. Getting Mr. “P” banned. Do you listen to the call-in-programme? You don’t listed to VOB? Well, you should. You have perhaps silence one of the biggest dems on the call-in-programme. Not evryone has a computer you know.


    BFP says,

    We’re curious… How would you know that the Punisher is a caller on VOB and which caller he is?

  30. Deng Xiaping


    thanks for your response but IMHO the P’s style was satire and political double entendre. I would say that he was effective as for example, I am looking out for the introduction of a constitutional amendment that would extend voting rights to Bajans resident abroad. This is not so improbable as the PM has publically recognised the importance of remittances to our economy.


    BFP says,

    Well, maybe we’ll step back a bit and watch some more then.

    OK… I’ll unban him and we’ll see what happens.

    Look friends, we’re only a few people who do this on the side and as our long-time readers know we have had many instances where trolls and others with agendas try and take over the comments section. It is a constant battle and the end result is that we sometimes we have short fuses and little tolerance for “unusual” commenters.

    We are still the number one website out of Barbados and we’re about to have our 4 millionth visitor since January 2006. BFP is a valuable resource for Bajan democracy and sometimes we move from a labour of love to just plain labour and that is how we feel today.

    hmmmmmm….. I think I need a rum. But I’m working later on tonight….

    Ahhhh decisions, decisions….


    OK…. I surrender.

    Darlin’, please bring your man a Banks and a dark on the side straight up.

    Thank you darlin’ !!! 😉

  31. BFP

    OK… Punisher is unbanned.


  32. Deng Xiaping

    Cheers! glug glug gluug!

  33. Hants

    There is a difference between supporting your political party and deviously trying to disrupt the flow of this blog.

    BFP allows a lot of freedom on this blog but devious disruptive commenters should not be tolerated.

    Remember the viscious verbal attacks RoyalRumble/Sylly G rained on me when he was defending his boss Owing?

    That was straight politics.

    What The P was doing here is devious and disruptive.

    We can now get back to serious issues like MIA’s demand that the PM get the Police to start charging people and stop accusing BLPites of infelicities.

  34. Hants

    BFP I see you have unbanned The Punisher.

    Prehaps you are right.

    He/she will probably make this blog more exciting.

    You can ignore my previous post.

  35. Die Hard B

    Thank you BFP,

    You know kind Sir,

    In Zimbabwe for example, the Opposition was beaten, their houses burt, and worst!!!

    In order to have saved their lives, people had to put ink on their fingers. We may not agree politically, but we are all bajans.

    Let have tolerance for divergent views.

    Thank again. While I may note write, I am always watching and reading. Thank you and goodbye.

  36. Die Hard B

    @ Deng Xiaping,

    You make a great “lobbyist” The world could do with a lot more like you.


  37. Tell me Why

    Someone who enjoys visiting a blog or forum and creating as much trouble as possible to disrupt real discussion.
    Can we catalog WIV as a troll. His style along with Jerome can be offensive even for both parties.

  38. Thistle

    Hants: Et tu, Brutei? You joined the happy band of cowards? I’m shocked.

  39. The scout

    Reading today’s nation newspaper’s front page got me sick. Yes, I’m sick everyday since elections hearing the P.M talking about stealing, yet after 8 months not even a charge brought against a fella. This last statement made in Canada, is so dangerous that it has the implications of stopped or retarding investors from doing business in this country. For his sake, I hope he brings somebody to justice soon or he is going to look soooo silly. Some-one needs to tell David Thompson, elections are OVER. HE has won.

  40. Hants

    @ Thistle

    As a contributor to this blog from the early days,I owe it to BFP to support their decision to allow Punisher to continue his tabloid style contributions as it may help their ratings.

    Prehaps it will be a treat reading the Punisher as the coming events unfold.

    More importantly,I listened to MIA and DALE on VOB this evening demanding that the PM stop making accusations or get the police to charge former BLP Ministers and their operatives.

    I hope MIA gets her wish.

    festina lente

  41. Hants

    @ The scout

    Nothing the PM said will stop Canadian Investors from exploiting opportunities.

    Canadians are not choir boys on the road to sainthood.

  42. Hants


    Thistle call me a traitor and a coward and yuh gone murderating my reply.

    I just trying to leh he know it ain’t so.

  43. Anonymous


  44. 181

    September 23, 2008 at 2:48 am
    All that I will suggest to you is if you had a second brain you would still be a half twit, a word to the wise if you can be considered as such is enough.

    Like you Hants, I to wish that the thing mottley gets its wish and I hope that its only mate in the house is not implicated, as he was the driving force to make the conditions available to import the VLT or SLOT MACHINES into the island, he Dale Marshall, Owing Arthur in conjunction with George Payne coordinated the effort to permit these machines into the island, now I hope not to hear that they received funding from Bob Johnson the mega wealthy American owner of BET etc for a job they thought that was well done, until the 15th of Jan happened and exposed their little scam.

    Then we have Stanton Alleyne who is now begging and begging for a separation package, or the Leo Brewster and girlfriend $ 1 million fraud, or the missing Urban houses, or the missing Urban rents collected by Atherleys wife and NEVER PAID INTO URBAN.


  45. ru4real

    Some-one needs to tell David Thompson, elections are OVER. HE has won.

    But he doesnt seem to know what to do next……….

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  47. WildyCoyte.

    David Thompson will not charge anyone,civil servants will have to be first and we all know that won’t happen,plus he can’t jail his buddies,cause there would be revenge brought upon him,so for now he is blowing hot air and making himself look stupid at the same time,is this the change bajans voted for????

    As usual give the masses of asses something to talk about while we feed,i feel sorry for the little children that have to grow up in this system,their worries will be far greater than ours if some new laws don’t take effect soon,i can also see hate and envy increasing for the little that have a lot from the lot that have very little,we are heading down the road of Jamaica and Trinidad only thing is they have laws that actually prosecute those who do wrong against the people and the system.

  48. Anony

    Slimy Sylvan is back

  49. Eye95

    Here are ten (10) things Punisher aka “Mr. P,” I presumed – did not say about the DLP;

    1. It has placed 3000 people on the breadline since January 15, 2008;

    2. The DLPpromised a Freedom of Information Act, but keeps employment and Economic Statistics a closely guarded secret;

    3. PM Thompson’s recent inflationary budget will pick over $280m in additional taxes from the pockets of Barbadians, especially the middle class;

    4. In its first 100 days, the DLP raised diesel by 77%, Kerosene by 10%, gasoline by 24% and bottle gas by 30%;

    5. Prime Minister Thompson made statements in Opposition without producing eveidence. he now continues that bad practice in government. This is not change but “the same old slash and burn politics,” Barbadians dislikes;

    6. The DLP said that it will build 2000 houses this year. They must be invisiblehouses – known only to Michael Lashley;

    7. John Boyce said that the ABC highway would be completed by the start of the new school term. It has not happened;

    8. There was supposed to be a new – state-of-the-art, A&E by September – equipped with coffee machine; curtains; pictures and plants. It has not happened;

    9. The DLP said that it will “Immediately introduce integrity legislation requiring a declaration of assets, and a code of conduct.” That will not happen;

    10. Prime Minister Thompson is hand-picking people for government funds. At the NIS, where you get back what you put in, people are now getting higher pensions, even without an Actuarial Study.

    11.The private sector is being accused of employing non-nationals. Who employed St. Lucian Rambally? Who engages T&T’s Montanna for US$30,000? Who employed the Swiss GM at CBC? Who will complete the St. John Polyclinic (Chinese)?

    12.Every conceivable way is being found by this government of so-called accountability and integrity, to “pass” money to supporters.

    For Example:

    (a) Constutency Councils will eventually get $1 million to canvass for the DLP;

    (b) Constituency 4H Clubs will get an undislosed amount to do DLP biddings;

    (c) Volunteers at camps will get $500.00 every two weeks, but not those who volunteered for World Cup;

    (d) DLP contractors will continue to build $57,000 houses for $89,000 and will also change $35.00 locks for $2,500.00.


  50. Anony

    You guys dont seem to get it, punisher is slimy sylvan pretending to be with the current administration.

  51. Eye95

    @ Anony,

    That cannot be true! Why would he pretend? This sounds like George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” and the description given of Snowball.

    The person of whom you speak is no coward. He has had a distinguished career and is an excellent example of what “loyalty” is all about.

    He served his party well, like distinguished persosn such and Hants and 181. Let us continue to focus on the issues and may the strongest argument survive.

  52. Eye95

    Punisher is a Dem. Perhaps one who has gone of course because he is not getting any of the fatted calf. Look! It is no secret that a lot of your people are frustrated. You cannot deal with that.

    When a person goes to a branch meeting, he/she hears things. To know is power. You must be careful about who have access to your secrets. But, what do I know.

    Punisher proved to be an embarrassemnt for you all. He probally leaked too much too fast. Well, now we know.

    We will just have to wait to see if his predictions come true. Then we would know that he was telling the truth.

  53. Eye95

    @ 181,

    So-called free bus fare for all school children, even with an enty Treasury! What would rattle the Opposition? “Cammie Tudor’s Big Lie politics.”

    Intelligent Barbadians pitty the DLP. It is doing exactly what it ACCUSED the former government of. Consider this: One-term government!

    Court? Those who do wrong should be woorried. I my friend, am not. This nonsence about the BLP being conservative is old style hog wash.

    Do you know that Douglas Lynch, a wealthy white man, like Perter Morgan, were candidates for the DLP. The DLP did not give COW 80 acres in 6 days. he said Arthur did not give him in 14 years.

    The BLP’s only connection with big business was that two of our dynamic leaders had an office in Jack Dear’s.

    The BLP gives jobs, while the DLP taketh. “You son of a gun, you won a country and cannot get it run.”

    By the way, who is the Barbadian who organised that $45 million from Chavez for Dominica, and what was that person’ fee?

    Do not worry about the BLP! Worry about the FBI and the CIA. Your wall will close in on you, much sooner than you think.

  54. Eye95

    @ 181,

    The BLP was not “voted out” beacuse it was not performing, but because Barbadians wanted change they could trust and believe in. There is now a swing against you government.

    People are now realising that they made a serious error and are soory. Deal with that

  55. Eye95

    @ 181,

    The so-called massive confusing in the US economy is not too dissimilar from Barbados. Poor regulation by Greenspan, and bad decision and poor judment by the current president.

    He funded a wars and would not fix the economy. Some 605,000 jobs were lost. Like the US, 3000 have been lost up to June and since the DLP’ rule began.

    When the BLP was in officer this is what we had to navigate:

    Crisis in the stock market (remember the collapse Asian Tiger) , the Ibola Viris, foot in mouth disease; the West Nile Virus; the war in Kewuit, 911; Y2K, American afraid to fly. Should I continue? Still more jobs were created than at any other time in the history of this country.

    Unlike T&T, Barbados does not have money tied up in those failed US companies. Our economy has long been restructure, so that when America sneezes, we no longer catch a cold.

    You should know what the Democrats in the US are saying about the flawed policies? If I was there for 14 days, I certainly would.

    Here is your signature: “never never land.” You call me an idiot and to think that Punisher said that the $156,000 annual part-time salary paid the Mr. Thompson’ principle political advisor, is not enough!

    Barbados is not being impacted by the crisis in the US. Ask Tony Johnson or the Governor of the Central Bank.

    What are you saying. Did Thompson not tell Scotia Bank that it should facilitate a sub-prime market in Barbados for mico-enterprise even where they do not know anything about business?

    Look! The DLP is in a mess; at Cross roads, and do not know what it is doing. Lilttle wonder that the DLP has local, regional and international investors scared.

  56. Wondering


    Your headline states that the Rt Hon David Thompson (correct address for Prime Minister) confirms that Previous Government Officials Stashed Millions In Foreign Bank Accounts.

    Your headline may need rewording as you can only confirm when you have proof (investigation, audit etc.).


    BFP says,

    Thompson seems to think there is sufficient proof for him to say such a thing on the world stage. Good enough for us.

  57. Eye95

    Rt. Hon. when one has been invited to sit in Her Majesty’s Privy Council.

    To the best of my knowledge, so such inviatation has been extended thus far. ” Hon.” Si Vous Plait.

  58. Wondering

    Their was so much fuss about KB calling him David. That I thought I should call him by his title.

  59. Wondering


    Without an investigation?

  60. Wondering

    By the way

    I respect the Prime Minister of Barbados as an office.

    As a person (had dealings before they became PM) not so much

  61. The scout

    The statement made by P.M Thompson was a careless one. There are many adverse results that can comr out of this. God forbid but if we had to go to the IMF for assistance, he might have to provide proof of stealing or filtering. These people not going to take up money and lend if the country can’t control it. If the P.M have evidence of any kind, he needs to charge some-one now or apologise to the previous administration and the people of Barbados for the reckless statement. Maybe he had a few Canadian drinks in his head.

  62. Eye95

    @ The Scout,

    The Prime Minister of Barbados told the world that he knows that lots of money has been stashed in overseas bank accounts.

    He must bring the evidence; lock up some people or “RESIGN”. No less is expected from a person who promised “change,” and “integrity” and “good governance.”

    Funny thing is, this DLP Government cannot withstand public scrutiny on any issue, even when using its own prescribed measure.

    One page 46 of its manifesto, the DLP said that it will, “clean up politics in Barbados.” Well show us that you are serious!

    Here is another point. On page 47 of its 2008 manifesto, the DLP writes: “The DLP administration’s attitude to accountability will be based on the understanding that as servants and representatives of the people there can be no secrets or matters to be hidden from the population.”

    Well Mr. Thompson, bring the evidence, lock up some people or RESIGN. It is that simple as that!

    Now tell me Hants and 181, who is an embarrassment to Barbados? keltruth? Really!

    Man you are out of line. Come again!

  63. Hants

    Canada was the perfect location for that statement even if you think it was careless.


  64. Eye95

    Previous Government officials stashed Millions is foreign bank accounts! What?

    And a present Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of a respectable country like Barbados is not calling on the FBI, INTERPOL and others to help in recovering those funds.

    To bring someone to justice would most certainly guarantee this DLP a second term, despite it glaring below average performance.

    Cud dear. I am not unreasonable to ask the PM to lock up sombody or resign. Am I. And, if we are really going to clean up polictics, where should we start BFP?

    Certainly with the DLP and its trademark, salacious gossip.

  65. WildyCoyte.

    One more thing,Barbados is one of a few countries where known criminals and fraudsters like Hallam Nichols can drive past the police,even shake at them and they “shake back” without even thinking off arresting him and bringing him up on “one charge”i now see why detectives have low morals in this country and why only poor people and drug dealers end up before the courts.

  66. Jerome Hinds

    Eye95…….you must surely have got cataract !

    Only 9 months in office of a 5 year term…….and you pronouncing a ” below average performance ” of a DLP administration which among many other ACHIEVEMENTS :

    * Have allowed NHC tenants of 20 yrs or more to own their units ;

    * Have allowed schoolchildren and those 18yrs old attending other learning institutions ( with ID ) to travel free on Transport Board buses ;

    * Have started 2 housing developments ( with 5 more to start before December 2008 ) ;

    * Have trimmed the ( Fat Cats a.ka CONSULTANT FEES ) from the backs of Barbadian Taxpayers ;

    * Have given pensioners an increase ;

    * Have eased the growing debt of National Oil Terminal….by alowing Barbadians to pay for the fuel they used ;

    * Have set up a committee to institute ITAL
    ( folks at BFP are happy about this ! )

    Whey even Hammie La told the world that the BLP will ever be known as the…………………… Blasted Lying Party !

    Wait until I release the information about the millions stashed overseas……you NOTICE Owen Arthur ain’t ………UNPICK his teeth about that one ?????

    Every Skin Teeth….ain’t no laugh !

  67. Tell me Why

    Hi Jerome, TmW at your service. I check your accounts and see that you are spending and no money coming in. Check with your accounts payable:

    * Have allowed NHC tenants of 20 yrs or more to own their units ;
    Accounts payable. Loss to the company.

    * Have allowed schoolchildren and those 18yrs old attending other learning institutions ( with ID ) to travel free on Transport Board buses ;
    +++Post to “Accounts payable”. Loss to the company.

    * Have started 2 housing developments ( with 5 more to start before December 2008 ) ;
    +++Post to “Accounts payable”. Loss to the company.

    * Have trimmed the ( Fat Cats a.ka CONSULTANT FEES ) from the backs of Barbadian Taxpayers ;+++Post to “Accounts receivable”. Reopen new account – +Post to “Accounts payable”.

    * Have given pensioners an increase ;
    +++Post to “Accounts payable”

    * Have eased the growing debt of National Oil Terminal….by allowing Barbadians to pay for the fuel they used ;
    Post to “cancel account”

    * Have set up a committee to institute ITAL
    ( folks at BFP are happy about this ! )
    +++Post to “Accounts payable” post under advisors”

    Based on my findings, the company is starting to belly-up due to the company failure to create income. This is the fundamental problem why Barbadians are concerned with the 9-month performance of this new administration.

    You must understand that this administration is not a Dems administration and surely not a Bees administration. This administration should be for the people and that’s what the people are looking for. So forget your partisan cover-up and deal with the issues that are confronting this nation. Stop trying to be-friend the populace with give away here and give away there. In the final analysis, Barbadians will be looking at our Balance of Payment; Low unemployment; Low inflation rate and we can go on and on.

    Peace unto you my brethren..

  68. Tell me Why

    181 you said
    “total disarray just ask Hammy Lashley how united they really are my answer is zero unity.”
    TmW is saying that you was one of the many commenters ripping into the same Hamilton Lashley regarding the cutting down of the Ackee tree. This is the type of dishonesty that are plaguing this nation. We talk and spit up into the air and fall right back into our faces. Am I Lie?

  69. dominoes

    The P. M. only come up with this story because MIA asking he for d quaterly report on unemployment and d other report, so he come with this so as offset d public.

  70. J. Payne

    To Barbados Free Press: Regarding phrase.

    “This is 2008 and it is not easy to tap into a person’s personal bank account and find necessary deposits…”

    It is possible. It depends who– is doing the probing. It is questionable on whether a US-based bank would allow the Government of Barbados to investigate someone in their bank. They will probably tell the Barbados Government to turn over their evidence to US authorities and they would launch their own investigation. The only way Barbados authorities could probably do this is if Barbados and the USA had a bilateral agreement that allowed each other’s governments to probe one-another’s bank accounts. Which likely would spell the end of Barbados as an offshore business location.

    In the USA privacy laws a strict. You can even sue a credit agency if they call your job looking for you and they in-advertantly ‘start talking your business’ with others in your office. Getting this proven is a gold mine because you can turn around and sue them for leaking your personal information. I doubt any US banks will turn over information on one of their banking customers to the Government of Barbados if requested…

  71. Eye95

    Let me start with WildyCoyte,

    No sensible Barbadian believes that froath about millions being stashed in overseas bank account.

    That was both a pre-emptive strive, damage control and a distraction tactic rolled into one desperate package.

    For the 14 years the BLP was in office, each year the highly respected “Transparency Internation,” voted the BLP-led-Barbados-Government, as the least corrupt in the Caribbean.

    Up comes the so-called DLP of change, integrity; free access to information and accountability and Barbados is no longer being hailed as least corrupt in the Caribbean.

    That is why we conveniently heard about millions being stashed in overseas accounts. It was a desperate attempt to give the impression that the DLP is not responsible for the slide.

    What do know? Under this so-called DLP government of change and integrity, $35.00 locks at RDC are being changed for $2,500, while houses which were being build for $57,000 under the BLP are nowe being built for $89,000.

    Tell me Hants, 181 and WildyCoyte, how can the DLP promised its members to slaughter the fatted calf for them, but seems surprised that it is no longer the least corrupt contry in the Caribbean, as was the case for the past 14 years under the BLP.

    Think about that! But please, do not hurt youself, especially 181.

  72. Eye95

    @ Jerome Hinds,

    As regards you so-called achievement:

    When will persons who had already paid for their NHC units, get a refund, and how many persons have so far received their title deeds.

    The DLP promised to build 2000 houses this year. Are they build of invisible material. Perhaps the Minister should share that trade secret with the private sector.

    The bus rides are not free. Barbadians are paying alearly paying through their teeth for them. Here is the proof: $280 million in increased taxes, increase petroleum prices and a high cost of living.

    By the way, what happened to those 47 busses which were condemed as being not road worthy?

    Are school children travelling on them daily -without knowing the danger? Is that why one of those buses nearly caught fire by CBC?

    Trimmed what consultant? Henry is being paid $156,000 per year to offer part-time political advice; a St. Lucian is being paid $18,000 to advise on Constituency Councils, should I go on? Ask 181 to connect the dots.

    Do not introduced hammie into this serious debate of national importance. Thompson will alleviate his poverty on October 10th. Ask 181!

    And yes!c Overseas accounts.

    The Dems are so stupid, they do not even know that Barbados have mutual legal assistance treaties with the US, Canada, the Commonwealth and every country on this planet except China, North Korea, Cuba and Russia. No on shore or offshore account is off limits once the PM or the AG can produce a shred of evidence of wrongdoing.

    The DLP’s intended distraction tactic has proven to be a major embarrassment for it. It has backed fired and now puts the DLP even further on the back foot.

    Two points: Tranparency International and Mutul legal assistance treaties. Your argument is therefore as dead as a door nail. Wheel and come again! Loosers.

  73. Eye95

    @ 181,

    You are best suited to say, in whose office was hammie sitting before he made his press conference? What was he promised and when will he get it?

    Do you really believe that any right thinking, law abiding Barbadian would use hammie as a character witness?

    Let me make a point which I do not claim credit for. The swing against the BLP in the recent election was 9%. The negative swing against hammie was 23%.

    According to Wickham, hammies shelf live has expired and his sell by date is gone.

    It was not me who said that Thompson should be congratulated for throwing him a few pay scraps or that this country do not want another eric fly. It was one of yours: Punisher, a.ka. “Mr. P”

  74. Thomas Gresham

    Dear J. Payne,

    You are not quite correct on information sharing. The “compromise” reached between offshore financial centres and the OECD jurisdictions was that while we could charge “low” tax rates, we would agree to mutual information sharing under certain conditions. One of those conditions is a criminal investigation. Indeed, under the original 1984 double taxation agreement with the US, signed by a DLP administration, there was an tax information sharing agreement.

    The Swiss, who have most to lose from the erosion of bank secrecy laws had to agree to this also. So, if there was any evidence against a person with a foreign bank account, the obstacles to looking into the bank account are far lower today than they used to be. It is easier, but I hesitate to say it is easy, but to suggest that it is harder today than before, is to show that they are not even trying. Perhaps because they have no evidence (the BLP position) or perhaps because they do not really want to clamp down on corruption (the BFP position). The Gresham position is that I am getting tired of talk and would like some action, action on the cost of living, action on jobs, action on releasing data on the economy, action on QEH, action on the highway, action on ITAL and action on corruption charges. Governing is not the same as Opposition.

  75. Eye95

    @ J. Payne,


    Have you ever hear of Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties? I guess not! Well, Barbados has one with America of which you speak, Canada where Thompson spoke recently and the entire Commonwealth.

    Prime Minister Thompson must have sounded rather silly to the Canadians, given a sizable amount of the foreign current Barbados gets, come Canada, which sees Barbados as an attractive finanancial service domiciles.

    My Goodness! And you people running a government! Thompson is righ. This country is truly in crisis.

    Barbados is now the laughing stock of the Caribbean and the World. My, my, my! How have we been D-minished and in just 9 month? Heaven help us!

  76. Deng Xiaping

    Where is The Punisher? After arguing his case with BFP, he/she gone and left the blog high and dry!

  77. The scout

    I was listening to the news tonight to hear which politician was going to be charged. The news finished and I’m disappointed. Maybe we have to wait until Mr Thompson visits Barbados again or maybe he’ll make the announcement when he passes through N.Y this weekend

  78. Eye95

    @ Deng Xiaping

    Punisher was banned because he talked out the dems secrets. They are too thin skinned and cannot take criticism.


    BFP says,

    Hardly. He was banned because he was trolling. In any event, we unbanned him an hour later. What is your problem?

    Do you think by the way we are attacking the current DLP government that Barbados Free Press is now a BLP supporter?


  79. Deng Xiaping

    PM Thompson does travel quite a lot doesn’t he? Since he took up office, he has been to Trinidad, Jamaica, Bahamas, Cuba, Antigua, Denver, Miami, New York, Beijing, Madrid and now Toronto. At this rate Attorney General Freundel Stuart will qualify for a PM’s pension given the number of days he will have acted as PM.

  80. Thistle

    You in love with PM Thompson that you keeping track of all his travels? And you vex that he ain’t tek you to Beijing with him? Ka-dear.

  81. Eye95

    The scout,

    Do you realise how shaky the Dems are on the issues?

  82. Eye95

    @ Deng Xiaping,

    Is that right? I thought the Treasury was empty?

    Where is this money coming from to finance overseas frequent travel?

    Why not stay home and address to high cost of living, health care, the ABC highway and flyovers and housing.

    Couln’t some of that money be also used to pay the police; nurses and teacher more, or even give them the duty free vehicles they were promised by Prime Minister Thompson?

  83. Deng Xiaping

    Next year, will those people who, (as of 2008 have been renting NHC units for 19 years and are not in arrears), reach the milestone of having rented for 20 years be offered ownership of their housing units free of costs except for legal fees? Was the gift of housing units this year a one-off event?

  84. Eye95

    @ BFP,

    What is “trolling?”

  85. Eye95

    I do not understand it.

    PM Thompson fired 3S, just like he did – the Director of UDC, which he had no lawful authority to. Alright! He made yet another of his trademark boo boos. But now say his government is taking 3S to court?

    Does Mr. Thompson act and then realise he did not think?


    Explain his “childish;” “immature”and “irresponsible” comments about foreign bank accouts?

    If Mr. Thompson was PM of Canada, he would have to resign. And Barbadians voted for “change?” Like Mr. Thompson always says: “you get the government you deserve.”

  86. Eye95

    @ Deng Xiaping,

    According to Christ Sinckler, wasn’t the Treasury supposed to be broke?

    How does the Government justify all of these overseas trips, especially when some Barbadians are starving, while most are struggling to make ends meet?

    Is the DLP trying to see how many times they can travel around the world in 5 years?

    It is cause for serious concern that in nine months, DLP Minister have travel more than the entire BLP did – for 14 years? Why?

  87. Eye95

    Imagine 181 having temerity to tell “somebody” about having their day in court or purporting to give lessons on the meltdown in the US economy.

    Why laugh. The DLP idea to reduce the cost of living is to hope for a price war and to encourage Barbadians to agitate for cheaper prices.

    181, the problem in the US economy is lack of good credit and risk analysis, pumpkin head! The need for a more effective regulatory framework.

    Can you image any previous Prime MInister of Barbados being a casual observer at CARICOM when matters of ecomics are being discussed?

    Thompson has changed that? Ask the T&T PM. There is a proposed union between T&T and the OECS and Barbados opts out.

    Can you image that madness, especially when we have a trade surplus with the OECS? Even BFP would agree that it would be better to be on the inside where you can shape things.

    Thompson will be the worst Prime Minister Barbados has ever had. Worst even than Sandi who was very bad by Barbados’ high standards.

    My free advice to the taxpayers who voted for change and ITAL! Get rid of 181. Save Barbados $156,000 annually, which now constitutes a cost overrun.

  88. Thistle

    Um … excuse me, BFP, my comment is awaiting moderation. Any reason why?


    BFP says,

    Hi Thistle,

    Nothing in the spam bucket. Everything from you has been posted. Maybe it didn’t take?

  89. Eye95

    Let me just state for the permanent record that I have established beyond doubt, that there is no truth to Prime Minister Thompson’s “childish,” “immature” and “irresponsible” comment, as regards: “millions stashed in foreign bank accounts.”

    The comment were, “a staged distraction tactic,”which was intended to down play and cushion the impact that for 14 years, Transparency International said that Barbados was the one of the least corrupt countries in the world and certainly the least corrupt in the Caribbean.

    The DLP a.k.a “Party of fatted calf” – changed that in a mere 9 months.

    I further establsihed that the unprovoked attack on the private sector is two-fold: It was intended to down play the fact that 3000 lost their jobs betwwen January and June.

    Secondly, it was intended to distract attention away from the fact that this DLP Government, which promised freedom of information legislation – continues to keep unemployment and cost of living statistics secret from the people of Barbados, who voted for change and ITAL, including freedom of information.

    I have also established that the DLP has therefore lost what little credibility it had, when the very standards it set – were applied.

    I have also established that there is no good governance as was promised. As was said, the DLP has merely resorted to its comfort zone of old styles – slash and burn politics.

    I have also established that instead of “change,” the DLP has resorted to “Cammie Tudor’s old days, big lie politics.”

    Every thing the DLP says hereinafter must be taken with a pinch of salt.

    Oh what a let down!

    May I take my leave please. Good night BFP, my DLP friends who won a government but cannot get it run. Good night independents; good night Barbados.

    Tomorrow will be more of the same. Economic harship, high fuel prices, higt taxation, grid lock on the road; more broken promised by the DLP and more DLP lies and excuses.

    Good night all!

  90. J

    Was talking to some of the Toronto possee last night.

    Contrary to what was reported the room was full of D’s AND B’s.

    The room was full of Bajans.

    As we well know there are a lot of D Bajan husbands who sleep happily every night with B wives; and a lot of B wives who every night sleep happily with D husbands.

    In truth that is the Bajan way, and I hope that it remains so.

    What the Bajans heard from the PM is that he would like some of them to invest in Barbados.

    Polite applause all around. Same as when the former PM visited, same as when the next PM will visit. You know how Bajans are. Very, very, very polite.

    But the concern which was not raised by the polite audience nor answered by ANY visting PM is: “why does it take so long (sometimes years) for legal transactions to be concluded in Barbados?”

    The Bajans over in away are accustomed to going out and buying a house and land in a weekend.

    In Barbados the same transaction will take months, sometimes years, sometimes decades. The question for the PM AND for the leader of the opposition is WHY???

    The same with settling estate matters.

    On a related note the Leader of the Opposition is reported to have said that she has “assembled a team of lawyers” in response to what the PM is reported to have said in Toronto?

    My question is why?

    The Opposition Leader is a lawyer and I am sure that she knows that Barbados has NO jurisdiction over what was said in Canada.

    Would not that legal team better serve their clients and Barbados by concluding the work that is gathering dust on their desks?

    Would not Barbados and its citizens both here and over in away be better served if the minds of our best lawyers and judges were not always preoccupied by lawsuit happy politicians?

    Again I am neither a B nor a D.

    I am just asking the questions that polite Bajans do not like to ask of their Prime Ministers.

  91. Thistle

    Ok, thanks, BFP. Maybe the Chinee guy, Dung In-de-pen (or whatever) nicked it then! I had been wondering if he was in love with the PM and vex with him for not taking him back to Beijing, seeing as he appears to follow every step the PM takes. Ka-dear.

  92. Thistle

    Uh-oh! Gone into moderation again!! Your spam filter got something against me??!

  93. J

    So until our Prime Ministers can persuade or compel Barbadian lawyers to work efficiently, and reasonably; and to treat the overseas Bajans with the respect due to citizens, not all the Prime Ministerial trips abroad will persuade overseas Bajans to invest at home.

    Lawyers are our Prime Ministers’ worse enemies.

    Until Bajan lawyers clean up their acts our PM’s are just pi**ing to windward.

  94. Thistle

    I found the original one, BFP, so no need to post the second one (that also went into moderation). Thanks.

  95. The scout

    Is this the same Sincklar that was so opposed to the same EPA when he head that Caribbean body?
    A bajan-canadian e-mailed me and asked what madman we have for a P.M. In Oct ’07 when he was up there in Toronto, he went to hear what benefits they would get from a DLP administration. His address was on giving civil servants duty free cars. This didn’t benefit him one way or the other. This time he went back now that he’s the Big Man to hear something concrete and now he’s talking about who stole money that he might not find. He said that sounded so childish and old because he was hearing that same story for the last 30 years from both parties. He said most of those who attended left disappointed.

  96. Voted for change

    I must say that as a first time voter, I too voted for change but now fell betrayed.

    Based on all of what I see daily, this government is more corrupt than it accused the former one of being.

    Appointing family members to government jobs, firing people from the other party and employing yours, awarding suspicious contracts to your supporters, telling lies and doing the same things it accused the former government of.

    If elections were called tomorrow, I could not vote for this corrrupt DLP government. There are hundreds more young people like me who feel the same way.

    For sure, my Pastor, who is a strong strong dems also feels that way. Naturally, the views of our church has also changed. We are with him.

    I want a government that we can trust and respect and one does that not tell lies like the lying DLP. I feel betrayed, let down and disappointed

    Yours sincerely,

    First-time voter.

  97. WildyCoyte.

    This is one time i agree with Mia,bring the evidence, lock up somebody or STFU,its your call David Thompson.

  98. The scout

    My Prime Minister is doomed if he does and he’s doomed if he don’t. Let me explain, if he does, it just might expose a lot more than he bargained for if the truth is esposed. If he don’t he will look stupid in the eyes of not only the regional leaders but also international leaders and institutions. My Prime Minister is between a rock and a hard place, I just hope he finds a way out. The would is having a critical eye on Barbados. Don’t let it be said that without Owen we are nothing. This country was not built by any one person. You Mr. P.M is fast becoming the most unpopular Prime Minister this country has ever seen.

  99. Pingback: » S.B.G. had already Abandoned Deal, Forfeited Deposit before Thompson Signed! Keltruth Corp.: News Blog of Keltruth Corp. - Miami, Florida, USA.

  100. Deng Xiaping

    Oh Thistle
    it would have been wonderful to be back in Beijing!

  101. Eye95

    Where is The Punisher?

  102. ru4real

    I do not understand it.

    PM Thompson fired 3S, just like he did – the Director of UDC, which he had no lawful authority to. Alright! He made yet another of his trademark boo boos. But now say his government is taking 3S to court?

    Does Mr. Thompson act and then realise he did not think?

    Its a case of opening mouth before putting brain into gear.

    Or being a lawyer (by definition above the law) thinking he can get away with anything.

  103. Avatar Gurl

    Maybe he got punished!

    (cue drum roll & cymbal crash)

    Ok, ok…CORNY! Like we roast cob in September!

    Maybe he’s getting “evidence”…

    Good luck with that!

  104. Rumplestilskin

    I hope the Government has signed food deals with Guyana?

    I would strongly suggest an emergency agrictural package to boost farmers as soon as possible.

    The ride is about to get even more turbulent and we need to be ready.

    Runs have started on Asian banks and that indicates panic.

    Panic leads to trouble.

    We need food security NOW.

  105. ru4real

    There is a world shortage of wheat and other grains which means that bread will go up worldwise .

    Barbados seems to have a lot of land lying ‘fallow’ why isnt it used to grow produce?

  106. Eye95

    ru4real and Rumplestilskin are both correct.

    When food prices started its climb, the Minister of Agriculture blamed COW for not planting enough food. That – at a time when government land was idle.

    I am told that it would take less than the time this government was in office for most crops (yams, potatoes, eddoes) to be ready for harvesting.

    Nine month after, Haynesley Benn is still telling us that his government “WILL SOON” press 1,000 acres into food crop production. Is he serious!

    We keep hearing about what the government WILL do, but nothing about what IT IS DOING or WHAT IT HAS DONE to make life better and more bearable for Brabdians. Just talk, promises; excuse afetr excuse and blaming. The Americans have a saying: “What “change,?” It is just, “more of the same.”

  107. Eye95

    @ 181,

    Prime Minister Thompson told overseas Barbadians living in Canada, that former government operatives “stashed millions in foreign bank accounts.”

    After the silliness and untrustworthiness of Mr. Thompson comments were pointed out, his $156,000 paid principle political adviser writes in today’s (September 25, 2008) Advocate: “Prime Minister Thompson will probably never trace a cent of this to any personal bank account.” Mr. Henry, after the IMF Secret Deal Fiasco, nobody is surprised. Everybody on planet earth expected that lame response.

    First point: Mr. Thompson’s comments were supposed to down play the report from Transparency International that for 14 years under the BLP, Barbados was the least corrupt country in the Caribbean. It took a mere nine month for the DLP to change that. Perhaps Hartley Henry can explain why.

    Second point: Contrary to the impression given by Mr. Thompson, once he has evidence that there has been a breach of any law of this country, it is easy for him to gain access to those persons’ bank accounts.

    Third point: The agreement reached between offshore financial services centres and the OECD was that while we could charge “low” tax rates, we had to agree to mutual information sharing under certain conditions. One such being, criminal investigations.

    Fourth point: Even the Swiss, where foreign accounts were traditionally said to be held – have to abide by the erosion of bank secrecy laws. Therefore, contrary to what was said by Mr. Thompson – if there is any evidence of wrongdoing against a person with a foreign bank account, the obstacles to looking into that bank account is far lower today than before.

    Fifth point: All of the UN Conventions against corruption, not only speak to politicians but also politically exposed persons. No one can hide.

    Sixth point: Barbados has mutual legal assistance legislation and is party to mutual legal assistance treaties with US, Canada; the Commonwealth and our major trading partners. Again, if there even the slightest evidence of wrongdoings – through it central authority – the government of Barbados can request legal assistance from any of those countries.

    Seventh point: In today’s sophisticated financial markets, the movement of every penny the PM alleges is stashed in account abroad can be traced. The local police are often called upon to assist foreign authorities in cases similar to what is alleged by Thompson.

    Eighth point: To talk about fraud and corruptions and then try to give the impression that there is nothing government can do is ridiculous. It is well within the technical capacity of the local Police Force to investigate such matters as they have done in the past.

    Ninth point: Canada is one of our leading trading partners in the offshore financial services sector, from which we source million in foreign exchange. Barbados enjoys an outstanding reputation in that domicile. Thompson’s comments therefore run the risk of doing serious damage to this country’s good name and image there, and in circumstances where he has a duty to protect Barbados’ good name.

    Tenth point: There is evidence that the tender price at the RDC has doubled, yet Mr. Thompson has done nothing to address that situation.

    Twelfth point: Instead of protecting the interest of Barbadians in these challenging times, Prime Minister Thompson opts to use distraction tactic so that people would not focus on the high cost of living

    Thirteenth point: Prime Minister Thompson is yet to disclose his assets even though he does not need legislation to do so.

    Fourteenth point: The DLP gave the impression that its members had signed on to some integrity – code of conduct, but to date, that Party, which promised freedom of information and that it will not keep any secrets for the people – is yet to make the contents of that secret code of conduct, public.

    Fifteenth point: The DLP is not doing anything to address the cost of living; or help Barbadians pay their mortgage and protect their jobs.

    Sixteenth point: Barbadians are not foolish. We are interested in how this government will advance our welfare. We are not interested in salacious gossip. We voted for change.

    Seventeenth point: The DLP does not need legislation for its members to declare their assets as promised. It does no need legislation for it to release unemployment and cost of living figures.

    Eighteenth point: Mr. Thompson investigated Hardwood and the UDC. He must also say who are the person/s and agencies involved.

  108. Eye95

    What are these alleged “bright ideas,” DLP Ministers have but cannot implement because millions are stashed in foreign accounts; in countries and at banks – not known to anyone on planet earth.

    What are these so-called good ideas not in the DLP’ 2008 Manifesto? Does any of those so-called “bright ideas” have to do with ways how to reduce the high cost of living, that is now making us snort?

    You do not need those stashed millions in foreign bank accounts millions to reduce the cost of living or do you?

  109. Eye95

    @ 181,

    On this subject of foreign bank accounts. I read the column of the principle politcal advisor to Prime Minister Thompson some time back when he admitted being principle political advisor to five other regional Prime Ministers.

    We know for sure (Debate from Parliament) that Prime Minister Thompson and this DLP government – is paying “him” $156,000 anually.

    The principle political advisor will take no less from those other countries. $156,000 X 6 = $966, 000 – say one million annually. Five million in five years. Where is that money being held?

    THIS IS GETTING INTERESTING!!! And you talk about ITAL. “Man this DLP really fooling we!

  110. Eye95

    @ 181,

    How do you feel knowing that the salary in five years – of the principle political adviser to Barbados’ PM and five others within the region – will be TIMES MORE than the combined live worth or the former Prime MInister and Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados, both of whom served for 14 years, plus additional years in opposition before?

    Image! More money than the Caribbean’ foremost economist and legal brain!

    Isn’t that something?

  111. Eye95

    “Only his five-year salary! But far more than their combined life worth.”

    Amazing! Absolutely Amazing!!!

  112. J

    Dear I-95:

    Truly I am not fan of Hartley Henry, but if he can persuade 6 Prime Ministers in the region to pay him $156,000 a piece I say more power to him.

    I too wish that I could sell my service to 6 countries and earn 6 times the salary I now earn.

    Maybe more of us should seek to do like Hartley.

    Hartley certainly got CSME wuk’king fa he. Maybe more of us should do the same.

    However I do question the good judgement of these 6 regional Prime Ministers and I bleed with the tax payers.

  113. J

    Dear I-95:

    One of the reasons that land is lying fallow is that many small farmers (those whose lands are too small to permit them to buy their own equipment) have difficulty getting their lands cultivated. The privte sector does not seem interested in small farmers, (those who cultivate less than 2 acres of land) and the government doesn not seem interested either.

    Small farmers need to be able to access cultivation equipment/services in a timely fashion and at reasonable cost.

    No political party seems interested is giving very small farmers a hands-up this way, even though the farmers are willing and able to purchase the services (even if they cannot afford to buy $10,ooo+ pieces of equipment)

  114. Eye95

    @ J,

    Good morning J. I am now rising. But today will be the same as yerterday. High, unaffordable prices, grid lock on the roads, low wages and stess to make ends meet.

    Not for our PM’s principle political adviser, especially given his six salaries. Grid lock doesn’t bother him. He flies, and often by private jet.

    His stress does not come from a lack of money, like the rest of us. Rather, from how much to spend on “kinks” “cruises” and where to stash it.

    You are right. Not for Prime Minister Thompson’s principle political adviser. Those regional PM’s who cannot pay $156,000 can simple give him the contract to operate all the gas station.

    With petroleun prices this high, that is even more lucrative than the $156,000 I mentioned. But, do not take my word for. Do your reaserch.

    The misery for ordinary continues!

    Even BFP is under stress from Prime Minister’s Thompson’s high cost of living. No removal of VAT on electricity bill, plus high cost of living = current turned off, no accest to computer and the internet.

    As a result, the blog quiet because the DLP are in panic mode and too busy trampling each other to get to the trough. Peter Wickham did say: One-term government!

  115. J

    Dear I-95:

    Why have both political parties abandoned small farmers? Small farmers have always made a significant contribution to Barbados’ food security. If we are to contine we need to access timely cultivation services at reasonble costs.

    Answer me nuh?

    Don’t give me no party line.

    Give me the truth.

  116. Eye95


    Here is where to look for the facts:

    2003 Financial Policy Statement of the former Giovernment, page 43 – 63

    2004, pages 13 – 15

    2005, pages 51 – 59

    2006, page 66 – 77.

    2007, page 19 – 28.

    2008 – No new policies, just a continuation of the above.

    Then see pages 177 – 180 of the National Strategic Plan 2006 – 2025.

    These things are not difficult for any student of economics. I checked, but you can always read for yourself.

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  118. 199

    Guys, for some unaccountable reason while perusing this story the song by ‘god know who’ now came to my mind about ‘an englishman needing time’!! Well, guys, it’s only been a few months so perhaps, Thompson’s your version of an Englishman!! I doan know boa, but sometimes u does have to laugh!!

  119. Juris

    Slow news day, huh BFP?

  120. Tony Hall

    Got to be a slow news day!!

  121. J

    Eye-95 wrote on September 26, 2008 at 2:04 p.m.

    “Here is where to look for the facts: 2003 Financial Policy Statement of the former Giovernment, page 43 – 63; 2004, pages 13 – 15; etc…these things are not difficult for any student of economics. I checked, but you can always read for yourself.”

    Dear Eye-95″

    I ain’t no blinking student of economics who have the time to follow-up no arcane references.

    I am a small farmer.

    Tell me where to find a plough for hire when I want one.

    Go give your citations to a university student.

    Send me a plough NOW.

    I willing and able to pay for the 2 hours work.

    The money in my hand right now, but I can’t find a plough for sh*t*.

    And it ain’t got nothing to do with party, both parties same sh*t*.


  122. J

    Dear Eye-95:

    Ok since it is Sunday morning answer me this question.

    If your daughter asked for bread, would you give her a stone? And if your son asked for a staff, would you give him a serpent?

  123. J

    So if J asks for a plough why do you think that economics data will satisfy?

  124. twobits

    Thompson spent the election campaign talking about corruption in the BLP. Think Hardwood for one, then the campaign donation check that Owen Arthur deposited into his personal bank account.

    Then after taking office Thompson said he could see that millions of dollars had been stashed offshore by the BLP.

    One year has passed (minus a few weeks).

    Okay, Mr. Prime Minister, where is the action? Where is the proof? Where are the inquiries and investigations?

    Bullshi* is what Thompson gave us. Bullshi* is what he continues to spew.

  125. akabozik

    What Thompson’s statements prove is that there is money available for the party in power. Strange that we don’t see the DLP taking steps to close off the abuse of the system. 😉

  126. Getting BYE

    We have other problems in BIM too. Please see the link below about a tourist family being visited by a man wielding a machete in Barbados. 😦
    Tourism is our business?


    Why is there so much violence in Barbados?

  127. Robin Hood

    Chinee I see you posting on this blog. What’s up?

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  129. interested

    Check the Nation News link at the end of your article ” … continue reading The Nation News Secret Accounts”

  130. Just spoke with..

    .. a small time accounting firm in Port of Spain,
    and they intimated that if you think you’ve heard about all the CLICO bobol
    there’s something cooking up in the works, soon to be released/revealed
    within a week?

    So those of you who are interested in the money you lost
    you might keep an ear to the ground?
    or phone hi-up ppl in T&T?

    The new T&T Gov’t. is discovering much like what the new Bds. Gov’t. is discovering after taking over from a corrupt party wot’s been in power for 3 or 4 terms of office..
    -that the treasury is in bad shape, that nuff money missing
    Just the usual ting.

    Oh well, I guess it was fun while it lasted!

  131. Same ole ting

    @Just spoke with…

    Thanks for the tip. I think I already know where some of my money went and it makes me very angry. Apart from the high living, private jets and mercedes benz a number of political parties in the region used my money in their election campaigns. In fact the former Barbados CEO/Chairman of Clico is reported to have said that he owned six Caribbean Prime Ministers.

    Well we know that he is honorary consul for St. Kitts and is Chairman of CBC. We know that we were given the assurance that Clico was sound and yet I still can’t get my money.

    This Government has a lot to answer for as far as their handling of the Clico collapse is concerned. And when I think that this bast**rd got out close to a million dollars I have to remember the sixth commandment and my children and grands.

    It is time for a forensic audit. Somebody has to pay for this fraud that has been perpetrated on innocent Caribbean people. Lord let me be the man at the ‘hellum’ for one day. Just one day. We want justice.

  132. 231

    never liked insurance companies
    always felt that they were thieves
    driving around expensive cars
    building elaborate houses
    seemingly consumed by materialism
    always knew that some nonsense like this would happen.
    ‘Investmenting’-(new word) is good but
    the bank , treasury bills and government bonds, the credit union and lastly the bank and a hole in the yard are the best places to put yuh money.

  133. 231

    WAIT !
    THE TREASURY WAS IN TROUBLE when the DEES tek over ?


  134. 172

    Insurance has always been a rip-off.
    Gamble is a more correct word.

    They bet you won’t need it.
    You bet you will. Place your stake.

    Personally, I’ve always looked forward to the global collapse of the entire insurance scam-industry.
    Oh sure, there would be lots of upheaval
    but there’s only one way to get thru such crises, and that is to get thru them.
    Kinda like that operation you know you have to undergo -or die.
    Take your pick!

    Too late now to put your money into Gold
    but consider that at nearing-1300USD per troy ounce
    that doesn’t say a whole lot for the value of the paper dollar,
    or for the state of affairs on the planet!
    We live in “interesting times”!!

    Gold is a barometer of mankind’s state of affairs
    and 1300 is one heckuva hi temperature to have.
    It’ll go even higher if/when Insurance Inc. collapses!!

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