Conversations About Integrity And The Current DLP Piggies In Government

BFP Reader Inkwell Writes…

Every other week, BFP moans and groans how David Thompson lied about members of the DLP signing a code of conduct if they won the election and promised ITAL within 100 days of assuming office. The same BFP who were so naive as to take the word of a politician who was on his third strike and would do or say anything to get elected, announced loud and long that Thompson would follow through and endorsed the DLP, no doubt persuading some other gullible readers to follow suit.

Mine was the sole, lonely voice warning that the DLP’s feet should be held to the fire and they should not be elected until at least they displayed the signatures of their members on a code of conduct and committed to ITAL.

I argued that the only way to force them to do this was to keep them in opposition for five more years to show that we meant business. Even though everyone was convinced of corruption in the BLP and arrogance was certainly evident, five more years of the BLP would not have been too high a price to pay for the guarantee of ITAL and a framework for good governance for future generations of Barbadians.

No one supported my call, the DLP seem to have every intention of making full use of its turn at the trough and we have the bleak prospect of continued corruption with nowhere to turn in the foreseeable future, except back to the BLP for more of the same.

I hope you enjoy it.


BFP Replies…

Inkwell, old friend… please don’t re-write history. While it is true that BFP came out on January 6, 2008 with a public position that we believed Mr. Thompson was sincere and that we would vote for him… we also said the following to David Thompson…

“This does not mean that we won’t hold your feet and the DLP to the fire, and it doesn’t mean that Barbados Free Press has gone soft on the DLP or its leader. Where we disagree with your or your government’s actions you can expect the same double-barreled blast as before. Even worse if you let us down.”

You can confirm that by reading our article Dear Mr. Thompson, We Believe You Will Do It…

Only two days before, we published our article David Thompson Reveals DLP’s Integrity and Freedom Of Information Plans – Much Cut and Pasted From The Internet Only A Few Days Ago

We said in that article…

“Frankly, we expected – we hoped – for better from the DLP. For two years we have been demanding that both the BLP and the DLP implement integrity standards within their own parties and as legislation. The DLP could have, should have, shown leadership all along. They should have, could have, had the legislation all set to go.

But what we received from the DLP was a cut and paste job thrown together at the last moment just for the election.

Barbados deserved better.

Do Thompson and the DLP really mean it? Are they willing to make the very tough decisions that go hand-in-hand with integrity legislation?”

So our support of the DLP was with two raised eyebrows, and frankly, although we wanted Thompson to win to turf out the existing cabal, we were not naive. We had to give Thompson and the DLP a chance to do as they said.

What Thompson and the DLP proved is that they were LIARS. But we had to give them the chance so that the Barbados electorate could truly see that there is no difference between the BLP piggies and DLP piggies.

INKWELL, YOUR POSITION is that the BLP should have stayed in for another four years, further consolidating their position and strengthening their networks using all the resources of government – while we waited for the DLP to … what? Adopt a code that they had refused to adopt in the past 14 years? Or maybe simply declare a code and then fail to pass the laws just as they have done now?

That would have put us another four years behind where we are now, my friend.

OUR POSITION is that turfing the BLP and putting the DLP into power…

1/ Disturbed the entrenched corrupt BLP cabals.
2/ Denied the corrupt BLP the resources of government.
3/ Showed the people and the politicians that the issue of ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation – is enough to take a government down and out of office.
4/ Raised the level of public consciousness about ITAL to levels never seen before in Barbados.
5/ Gave the public the language of ITAL as even the corrupt politicians and corrupt media were forced to speak about it in public.
6/ Produced verbal and written commitments from the DLP as to implementing ITAL. True, Thompson and the DLP lied, but we actually got something in writing from them.

All this had to happen to get to where we are now…. where the public is finally realising that it is the absence of laws that produces corruption – not the quality or character of those they elect or appoint to public office.

Without laws, who can resist the temptation? You? Me? Thompson? Lowe? Mottley?

No one.

We are where we need to be now.

Lately you see many lawyers and police officers charged with offenses. This never happened before. Never. This is a result of a new public awareness about integrity and is evidence of ongoing changes to our culture… changes that came about as a result of free speech on the blogs.

The new public awareness of integrity issues certainly didn’t come from the politicians or the lapdog news media! It came from the blogs and the ordinary people, and don’t you forget that!

The next step is an ongoing public campaign to recall the Thompson government and to run candidates who are willing to personally adopt and practice ITAL and declare assets etc before an election.

Barbados Underground, Jerome Hinds & Other DLP Supporters Now Silent About Integrity Issues!

Thompson and his DLP gang are lying piggies at the trough who have proven exactly who and what they are. Unfortunately even Barbados Underground, Jerome Hinds and other DLP supporters who solidly beat the ITAL drum prior to winning the election have now gone entirely silent on ITAL. Perhaps they are embarrassed.

Whatever happens, the public mind is on ITAL like never before. The BLP cannot now simply change personnel and come back as before.

Nobody said it would be easy. We knew we would be lied to, deceived and abused by an old generation of greedy pigs who call themselves our political leaders.

But that doesn’t change a thing.

The Barbados electorate, the ordinary people, have started to walk in a new direction and they will not turn back.


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53 responses to “Conversations About Integrity And The Current DLP Piggies In Government

  1. .84

    Thompson lied. Oink Oink Oink.

  2. dominoes

    We get fooled, we saw a shaddow and we catch at it.

  3. Jerome Hinds


    Take it easy……nobody is fooling no one here.

    ITAL is coming….but first we must approach it with some level of caution… it is not only politicians that will be affected .

    ITAL legislation is going to affect public officers, private individuals , media personnel , judiciary etc.

    It is a fact that a number of these individuals need to be coaxed into this new dispensation .

    If BFP believes so much in Freedom of Information legislation……..are the personnel at BFP willing to publicly disclose their IDENTITY ?

    See what I mean…….my friends ????

    It takes time !

  4. Question

    Jerome, the first step of ITAL was promisted to be implemented on the day that Thompson took office. That was the ministers code and we know what happen to it. Nothing.

    Then going to be all sorts of ITAL public meetings in August. Stakeholder meetings, public town hall meetings. So many.


    What happened? A woman can make a baby in nine months but Thompson and the DLP can’t make one little rule that no government contracts will be issued to companies owned by government officials!

    Thompson can’t even publish a schedule of ITAL meetings, personnel.

    Thompson’s ITAL committe don’t even have a phone number.

    BULLSH*T you give us more BULLSH*T

  5. Tony Hall

    Be real!!!!!

  6. Hants

    BFP personnel please do not disclose your identity.

    You do not have to fear the Dems but take my advice if you wish.

    The DLP has choices to make if they want to get reelected.

    They MUST enact ITAL and a Freedom of Information Act.

    They must prove that the previous BLP Government was corrupt.

    They must disclose evidence of that corruption in a Court of Law.

    They can also choose to do none of the above and lose the next election.

    I am a DLP supporter who believes that in spite of the delay, they will do what is right.

  7. Barbados Underground, Adrian Hinds & Other DLP Supporters Now Silent About Integrity Issues!

    John, Marcus et al we note that yet another label has been attached to Barbados Underground, we are always reconciled that we have to accept that we all have our positions 🙂 On the question you/Inkwell have raised, BU is in full agreement that the Thompson administration’s feet should be held to the fire on the issue of ITAL. Where we disagree is that we should rush into its implementation. We have models in the region which have identified problems which will arise if ITAL is not rolled-out properly. ITAL as we understand it is not simply about politicians signing a paper, it is a very complicated process which must be managed when judged against the fact that Barbados is a small society. We will have more to say on this in the coming days.

  8. BFP

    You have such faith Hants.

    But in ten minutes I could go to WordPress and create a blog “Barbados ITAL Committee Information” and post the contact information, meeting schedule, members names, and all working documents.

    There really is no ITAL Committee, Hants. There has never been a meeting of the committee. They have no phone number. No published mandate. No schedule of future meetings. No list of “stakeholders”. No way for interested parties to apply to be a “stakeholder” or to make a presentation.

    Smoke in the wind, old friend. You just can’t see it yet, and we say that kindly.

  9. reality check

    start looking now for honest Barbadians who are willing to stand for office and don’t have to get to the trough to survive.

    There are lots out there but they need to step forward. Let the readers start submitting names.

  10. Tell me Why

    Based on Jerome’s language, it seems that the ITAL that’s being proposed might have a Communistic element. David any “model” can be adjusted according to the country involved. If we can get buses working, give away houses as gifts and create a budget within a eight-month period, how come a manipulated ITAL cannot be in the public’s domain?

    What we are seeing are constant rewriting of policies just to put a rubber-stamp by the minister involved. The real issue that is confronting us is ITAL. This is the only benchmark that will stop political corruption that affects our taxed dollars and would give a lead way to our law enforcers in apprehending those involved within the drug culture.

  11. Prime Minister Thompson (not really)


    My integrity committee does too have a phone number, a website, email addresses, a meeting schedule and a list of stakeholders.

    I have that information right here. Just a moment while I post it.

    Oh. It was here a minute ago. I guess the dog ate it.

  12. Antonio Foster

    I read Frank DaSilva contribution in the Weekend Nation of September 19, 2008 and couldn’t help but notice that he seems to have convinced himself that there are a number of successes of which the DLP can feel proud.

    It certainly will not take me the same five hundred and nine words he did, to prove that his contribution cannot withstand serious public scrutiny.

    A mere nine month in office and the economy is on melt-down, 3000 Barbadians have lost their jobs; Barbadians have been taxed as never before in Prime Minister Thompson’s recent inflationary budget; the DLP increased the price of diesel by 77%, gasoline by 24%; bottled gas by 30% and Kerosene by 10 per cent and Barbadians are now worst off than they were in 14 years.

    You will note that I am being courteous by not talking about the current mismanagement of the economy, the exercise of poor judgment on matters of critical national importance, which require sound judgment or the unprovoked attacks on public servants, who were accused of passing files to unauthorized sources.

    Mr. DaSilva, it was the former BLP Government, which outlined plans to build a new general hospital and thereafter, refurbish the QEH. The DLP has merely created confusion, which highlights the factions within.

    Prime Minister Thompson says that Cabinet agreed to refurbish the QEH, while the Minister of Health said that Cabinet has agreed to build a new Hospital.

    Since there can only be one Cabinet decision, perhaps you can say who the people of this country should believe. David Estwick or David Thompson?

    Mr. DaSilva wrote: “The irrevocable commitment of our Government, during its election campaign, to restore integrity to all aspects of its activities, ensuring there is full accountability and transparency, supported by a long overdue freedom of information act.” That sounds good but can it withstand scrutiny?

    The integrity legislation and declaration of assets seem to have been shelved. It may only be a coincidence that one Minister gave a company he had resigned from a million dollar subsidy, while another Minister wrote to his Ministry seeking funding, when he would eventually have to approve the request made.

    Accountability; transparency and a freedom of information act, you say? Then, explain the reluctance of the DLP to release financial and unemployment statistics within six weeks as is required?

    Mr. DaSilva then spoke about DLP politicians being servants of the people. Did Ronald Jones forget that when he told parents at the St. Paul’s Primary School that he is tired hearing Barbadians complain, and that they should put their backs to the plough?

    The people of Barbados can only deduce from the Minister of Education’s comments that, if the electorate are the servants, the he and the DLP would have to be the lord and masters.

    Antonia Foster

  13. Hants

    September 19, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    You have such faith Hants.

    Yes I do BFP. I am either for you or against you where politics is concerned.

    I am not a weather cock like the BLPites who were DLPites.

    You gave the BLP 14 years. Now all of a sudden no more talk on this blog about the corruption you alleged to have occured. No more Owing,Danos,Maascoll,MIA,Veco,wuk fuh wuk,Blarney.

    I can at least give the DLP 14 months.

    I am also surprised that you all seem to think that the DLP and Barbados is immune from what is happening in the rest of the world but that is another story.

    In the words of a late friend of mine.

    I done wid dat.

  14. Prime Minister Thompson (not really)

    Thank you Hants. I won’t let you down. I promise I will adopt a Ministers’ Code and integrity legislation immediately upon our re-election in 2012.


  15. Tell me Why

    You gave the BLP 14 years. Now all of a sudden no more talk on this blog about the corruption you alleged to have occured. No more Owing,Danos,Maascoll,MIA,Veco,wuk fuh wuk,Blarney……………………………………I done wid dat.
    The law – ‘Innocent until proven guilty’. Back in 2007, we were told of documented facts regarding alleged corruption. The stake holders voted base on pre conceived evidence with the understanding that all corruptible acts would be drawn before the Law Courts. This is nine months and we are still singing the same hymn.

    It would be sad to see someone of your professionalism remove yourself from this debate. At least you are fair in your statements although you has a laced partisan tongue, but your brain is not clouded by political stupidity, which I admire.

  16. Real Ting

    Stop telling lies Antonia foster; Where de 3,000 jobs gone? because unemploment rise don’t mean jobs lost. You think 3,000 jobs could disappear in 6 months and ppl still partying for kadooment. 3,000 jobs would affect lots more,; children , spouses, girl friends . you see any lifestyle changes in bajans; you see kentucky or chefette or xtreme or jumbies or jungles lacking for patrons. People like you who don’t know one ass does get on these forums and try to convince people that things real real hard. you think somebody need to be told whether it hard or easy for them.

  17. Real Ting

    I aint totally satisfied with how this DLP government doing things but they aint get a failing grade yet ; maybe a C plus; lots of room for improvement but dont fool ppl with how rosy things was at the end of the last government . beacause u sit in your house and spray febreeze dont mean that yuh septic tank aint over flowing and stinking out de place. Sooner or later the febreeze had to run out. them subsidies and ting was bear febreeze.

    look and see how the SUV sales dropping ; before the disel increase all sort of ppl did running to buy gas guzzling monsters cause it was cheaper for them to run them than to run a car. cheaper for them but more expensive for the taxpayer and yall asses now vexed because you have to pay for what you use. IF yuh could afford to buy an F150 or a Landrover or an Xtrail or a prado then yuh should be able to pay the full price to put blinking gas in it. Yuhknow i sorry that there isn’t a premium price charged on gas and diesel sold to vehicles above 2000 cc’s.

  18. Hants

    @ Tell me Why

    I aint “done wid dat” forever.

    I will let others step up to the plate and debate the issues.

    Other DLP supporters should present sound explanations for the actions of their Government.

    I also do not believe in the politics of inclusion as practised by the previous Government.

    I will remain politically partisan. A DLP supporter.period.

    I also respect BLP supporters. I just don’t like floor crossers.

    Democracy in Barbados is very much alive.

  19. Jerome Hinds

    Antonio Foster a.k.a Mia – a – man Mottley !

    You have once again provided a sumptuous
    ” Paralysis of analysis ” !

    You claim things so bad….. people losing jobs….yet all the international institutions credit the B’dos gov’t for keeping the economy in a good shape …….despite what is happening globally !!

    No wonder Barbadians voted your BLP tails out of office .

  20. Prime Minister Thompson (not really)

    I’m still searching for the phone number and website information for my ITAL committee. I know it is here somewhere!

    I’ll let you know when I find it.

  21. Tell me Why

    ….yet all the international institutions credit the B’dos gov’t for keeping the economy in a good shape
    Are you speaking about the IMF? Do tell the blogs about the other international institutions.

  22. Fairplay

    I am giving the DLP a passing grade because of the present economic situation in the world. The last government squandered the opportunity to place Barbados on a stronger economic footing. Persons were fooled into living beyond their means SUVs and all. Too much money was wasted especially the rainy day loan, The fact that the government could put in place social policies to help the poor eg. free bus rides for school children, NHC houses for those who lived in them for over twenty years, the increase in the students revolving loans just to name a few. The BLP supporters are itching to get back in government so that more plantations can be bought. The DLP should introduce ITAL but only when it covers all of the important institutions that persons take bribes on a daily basis.

  23. Thomas Gresham

    The facts of the matter are these.

    The analyst from Standard & Poor’s, a credit rating agency, which measures the ability of Barbados to repay its debt – nothing more, nothing less, approve of the budget on the basis that it improved the government’s ability to repay its debt. It did so, because it was net fiscally restrictive: $190m of revenues were raised or saved and an additional $50-$60m was promised to be spent.

    The question is whether it was wise to have a fiscally restrictive budget at a time of growing global economic problems. You cannot call a fiscally restrictive budget which takes money out of the economy and hence threatens jobs and incomes a “poor persons” budget.

    The US, UK, Europe and Japan have all done the precise opposite and increased debt levels – even though US and European debt levels are already high- in order to protect the local economy from international pressures. Our government chose to prioritise international debt over jobs and the international credit rating agency approved of that.

    I would have capped the subsidy and announced a timetable for withdrawing it over 12 months, giving people time to adjust. I would have increased welfare, not by $200,000 but by $2m plus and targeted it on those who were suffering most from the removal of subsidies on energy costs. I would have had a fiscally neutral budget or a modestly expansionary one. The credit rating agency would have said that I was not yet tackling the debt problem, but I would have protected jobs. In the current environment there is no difficulty getting the debt serviced by investors afraid of the equity and corporate credit markets. Once jobs were protected and growth assured, I would have then turned my attention to the debt.

  24. Fair Play

    Mr. Gresham
    Why did the American investors not bail out those large financial institutions? The last time the DLP was in Government where were the investors to bail them out .The DLP always have to take the harsh decisions to pull Barbados out of trouble. The last Prime Minister refused to take unpopular decisions. For example, the Minister of Transport Anthony Wood said that bus fare was going up and the people were furious. The Prime Minister waited and then said it would not be increased. Now you know that what Mr. Wood had said would have been a cabinet decision.

  25. Tell me Why

    The fact that the government could put in place social policies to help the poor eg. free bus rides for school children, NHC houses for those who lived in them for over twenty years, the increase in the students revolving loans just to name a few.
    Concentrating too much on Social policies without creating an enhanced system for sustained economic returns will eventually affect the bottom line. The first quarter showed the country doing good due to the removal of subsidies and the dismissal of consultants etc., but within the second quarter and going into the third quarter, we have returned to almost the same percentage point with the rehiring of advisers on one hand, promising too many social services and failing to create any new economic activities. Simply, we are spending far too much and not reinvesting.

    By the way Fairplay, please explain the statements by Chris Sinckler about the deadline signing of the EPA and the turn around decision by the PM, also the statement by the Minister of health about the building of a new Hospital and the turn around by the PM. Don’t you feel these statements by the two ministers could also be based on cabinet decisions? Please think before posting.

  26. Thomas Gresham

    Dear Fair Play,

    I am not sure you are being fair with the facts. The US gave guarantees to J. P. Morgan Chase to buy Bear Sterns in March 2008. These guarantees could amount to over US$25bn, but it is unclear how much today. The US government took into “conservatorship” Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, two quasi-government agencies that guaranteed mortgages to encourage private companies to give mortgages to low income groups. The cost of this conservatorship could be to raise US government debt by 50% as their liabilities are in the region of US$5trn. They did also decide not to bail out Lehman Brothers, because they felt Lehman’s were given plenty of opportunities before for help and didn’t take advantage of them.

    The US govenrment’s actions to help support the US economy have so much increased debt that the financial markets have raised doubts on the ability of the government to repay its debt. This is the first time this has happened for 100 years. This is in sharp contrast with our govenrment, which, in an unprecedented manner in the post-1930s-depression age, has decided to take money out of the economy at a time of global economic weakness, thereby worsening conditions. There is no point trying to justify a mistake, instead we should be looking at how they can rectify the mistake as soon as possible. The consequences of this mistake will be higher unemployment – this increase (as opposed to the level) will have nothing to do with immigrants or oil prices – which are back to the level when they took over, but a direct consequences of an irresponsible budget. I cant understand why so many have raved about an extra $200,000 on welfare and overlooked the extra $104m of tax rises and $90m of subsidy cuts.

    In life there are difficult trade-offs to make. My trade off would have been jobs first and debt later when gobal conditions improved, the government has chosen international creditors instead – just as they did in their last government.

  27. Fair Play


    I am not an economist but just using common sense.You said
    The US govenrment’s actions to help support the US economy have so much increased debt that the financial markets have raised doubts on the ability of the government to repay its debt.
    Is this not what the Barbados government is trying to prevent?

  28. The scout

    Jerome Hinds
    If you made a promise to some-one to give them something within a certain time and you don’t deliver you owe them an explanationThe P.M said within 100 days ITAL would be in place many 100 days have passed and nothing. Obviously, bajans are beginning to believe that they were tricked or rether lied to.

  29. Thistle

    I don’t honestly believe we were deliberately “tricked” or “lied to” over the introduction of ITAL. I think that the P.M. was a little too over-enthusiastic, and perhaps he meant what he said in all sincerity, but he is ONE man! I get the impression there are unforseen complications and drawbacks, and perhaps Sen. Orlando Marville is dragging his heels on the matter. I should think it is an embarrassment to the P.M. What I can’t understand is, why the hell don’t they open their mouths and say something about it? If only they would level with us, maybe we would try and understand. But to leave us in the dark like that is not good, and I am very disappointed, as I have stated before. It gives the detractors a lot of fodder and they are making use of it.


    BFP says,

    The PM could, tomorrow, without changing the law – simply declare as a matter of policy that this government will not issue contracts to companies owned by elected or appointed government officials or their immediate family.

    That would be a simple first step that would say so much.

    But that is not going to happen.

    How long will you personally give the PM before you say he lied, Thistle? Nine months? (oops… gone), A year? Two?

  30. The Punisher

    The DLP made a sacred commitment that once elected, it will, in the first 100 days, do certain things.

    The DLP was supposed to build 2000 houses this year. If it has, they must be invisible, with the location known only to the Minister.

    What hapens when people lie in court? What happens when your children lie to you. Have we so reduced our core values., that telling lies is now a new acceptable norm?.

    How do you think those 3000 Barbadians who are now on the bredline feel? What if you are next? How would you feel if the drug man replaces you as provider for your children?

    How is India and China doing so well under the same turbulant global economic conditions? Could it be strong leadership?

    Weren’t Barbadians better off before? Who are the one’s getting jobs? Can’t you see it is the immediate family of Minister? “Family First” has been given its literal interpretation! Check for youself!

  31. The Punisher

    Fiar Play,

    Whether we were in 1820, 1937 or in 2077, what ever in done in Barbados has to bear some relationship with what is happening in the rest of the word.

    The global economy has always been and will always be a factor. The edge is created through sound economic forecasting skills and the ability to take evasive action, based on early warning indicators.

    Sandiford did not, between 1991-1994 and Thompson lacts the ability to do so now. This is the problem! We live in a real world, where people have options, tourist especially.

    Why insult non-nationals when Barbados has a trade surplus with the OECS, while most of our tourist come from T&T. The PM does not seem to understand these facts.

    While he talks “tough,” about not employing non-nationals, merely to boost his ratings, (the nation newspaper poll – 70% disapproval) , his principle political advisor tells Barbadians that he also advises six Prime Ministers in the Caribbean. Am I missing something here?

    Do you see why the PM says Barbados is in crisis?

  32. Thomas Gresham

    Dear Fair Play,

    The point Fair Play is that a US Republican Administration is prepared to take serious risks with debt in order to protect jobs. Life is full of trade offs and much about timing. There is a time to reduce the debt and deficits. It is important to do so. But this is not the right time as the US, UK, Germany, Spain and others have just shown us today and as the Great Depression taught the last generation. US bail outs have almost doubled the amount of debt – all to keep unemployment down and their unemployment rate is lower than ours has not risen as rapidly as ours.

  33. Q

    ITAL is the name given to a certain type of food that Rastas consumed as part of their lifiestyle.
    Ital is the corruption of the word Natural with the imposition of the I concept of Selassie I -the first Jah Rastafari -i-i-i—-


  34. The Punisher

    Thomas Gresham, is right.

    You do not reduce expenditure when your economy is heading for recession. That was a view held once by the IMF.

    Of course, that was until they were given lessons on managing a small economy, by Arthur. Sandiford reduced expenditure between 1991-1994. Thompson is making the same error, again. The DLP was never good at managing the economy!

    The IMF’s Managing Director is now advocating running a higher than usual deficit. It is therefore clear that this Government does not know what it is doing.

    Its primary objective seems to be to reduce expenditure and do the impossible of “balance the budget and run a surplus at the same time.”

    That is certainly not “putting people first.” Government has sent a very bad signal to the pricate sector when it cut its capital works programme, thereby indicating that it has no confidence in the economy or in its capacity to manage.

    Thompson is righ! The DLP is in a mess; Barbados is in crisis and it is clear that he does not know anything about economics.

    By the way! With oil prices down $22 below the January 15, 2008 position, chicken is going up on Monday.

    Brace yourselves boys and girls., it is truely going to be a long; cold; miserable Christmas for far too many. But, it does not have to be this way. I agree with the Bees: “How soon is too soon when it is bad?”

  35. The Punisher

    BFP is on the money.

    The first thing a Minister of this Government did was give the company he had just resigned from, a sweetheat one million subsidy.

    Ronald Jones – President of the BFA, sends a letter to Chairmen of School Boards, that Minister of Education – Ronald Jones appointed, asking for sponsorship, which Ronald Jones, the Minister, will approve for Ronald Jones the President of the BFA. Isn’t something very wrong her? “Integrity!

    This Government promised a Freedom of Information Act, but Barbadians cannot get the same Government to release the St. Josheph Hospital Report; unemployment or economic statistics. And Thompson has the temerity to talk about accountability!

    This is change we cannot trust or believe in.

    Why is no one talking about “family first,” which has been given its literal interpretation? More on that later!

  36. Hants

    @ Thomas Gresham and The Punisher

    I hope people on this blog understands your logic.

    You should advise the Canadian political leaders who seem to disagree with your theory.

  37. Tell me Why

    You should advise the Canadian political leaders who seem to disagree with your theory.
    Should we made to believe that Stephen Harper’s theory is not good for Canada’s economy?

  38. Thomas Gresham

    Dear Hants,

    Dont be silly, Canada is a major energy exporter. The rise in oil and to a lesser extent gas prices has been a boost to the Canadian economy not a drag, of course their policy stance is different in this global crisis to other energy importers. However, if in some future date commodity prices collapse and the Canadian economy is set to suffer, I will bet you that they will not respond by raising taxes and cutting spending. I will be visiting the Bank of Canada at the end of next week and would be happy to discuss Canadian policy further when I return. Do you know what the weather is like in Ottawa? It has been hot, wet and humid here, but I still prefer that to the cold.

  39. Pat

    Thomas Gresham

    It is a balmy 24C in Ottawa today. The forecast for next week is more of the same. I am now retired, or I would have met you for coffee. My office tower looks down on the Bank of Canada. We are both on the Sparks Street Mall. By the way, it seems Barbados does lots of training here. The AG is also in my former work place and I met several groups of Bajan auditors who came up for training.

    Are you here to discuss fiscal policy or joint research? The Bank has some of the best fiscal economists going. They usually make the rounds of Finance, Treasury Board and a few had work stints in Industry.

  40. Hants

    @ Thomas Gresham

    I will be silly sometimes because I am not very well Educated.

    If you are “important” enough to visit the Bank of Canada, the weather should not matter.

    You will be very comfortable travelling around in your climate controlled Limo.

    dang. being silly again. not funny either.

  41. Hants

    American High economics.

    Rich people lend money to poor people to buy houses poor people can’t afford.

    The Rich people then take away the poor people houses when they default on the mortgage payments.

    Rich people then get G dubya to take 700 Billion dollars US of poor people tax money and give it back to the same Rich people who tek way the poor people houses.

    I in got nuh sense so i must be got it wrong.

  42. The Punisher


    You are right. It is like the Barbados scenario. The present uncaring Government, gave a big wig 80 acress within 6 days of forming the government.

    The same Government, placed a Programme called: “Transfer of Titles” – through which poor people were allowed by the former Government, to own the land they were living on by paying $2.50 per square foot, on hold.

    Can you imaging that Hants???

  43. Thomas Gresham

    Dear Hants,

    You are all over the place. Who is defending the US financial system, or their distributive policies? Its a mess, but one that would be alot worse if they started raising taxes on these same poor people and cutting govenrment spending too. That’s the plain, simple point.

  44. Hants

    @ The Punisher
    who says
    “It is like the Barbados scenario. The present uncaring Government, gave a big wig 80 acress within 6 days of forming the government.”

    Wrong. the DLP Government is not uncaring.

    However you are doing a good tactical job for the BLP in spreading misinformation and inuendo.
    You sound like sylly greenidge or his protege.

    @ Thomas Gresham

    I am always all over the place except that I do not waver in my support of the DLP.

    Just ignore my simplistic undereducated comments.

    Enjoy your stay in Ottawa.

  45. The Punisher


    It wasn’t me who use the Ministry of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Urban Development to fix my father’s, aunt and uncle’s house, before putting everything at that UDC on hold. You want Patrick Todd.

    Integrity you say!

    I like the DLP too! Problem is, even with tickets, it is extremely difficulty to get to the trough. The line is too long, and the time is short. Pollster Peter Wickham said the DLP will be a one-term Government.

    If only there were not so many people trampling each other to get to that dam trough.

  46. Fair Play

    If the DLP is going to be one term government then I hope it is not back to the thiefing BLP. Therefore people like you punisher will have a longer time crying. You people are so desperate for power again that nine months have not gone yet and you are running political broadcasts on VOB on Friday afternoons. A strong independent set of persons must emerge to run for office with all of their assets declared before the elections. The integrity commission would be mandated to scrutinize accounts yearly. If you cannot account for any increase wealth you would be charge and brought before the law courts. If you are found guilty then it is prison like Panday in T&T. That would stop the feeding at the trough.

  47. The Punisher

    Fair Play,

    I agree with you. People who “thief” should be behind bars for along time. However, there is somthing flawed with your argument. You said: “Then I hope it is not back to the thiefing BLP.”

    Where is the smoking gun? Where is the smoking gun on Hardwood; or the UDC? You think that if there was evidence of “theifing” that Thompson and Hartley Henry would be reluctant to make it public, especially at a time when this nine-month government is lost; in a mess and desperate?

    There will never be a perfect government. However, whether it is politics; the Church or Unions – some people are more honest than others!

    They are people who make the news; some who are the news and others who report the news? I am, simply – “The Punisher.”

  48. Cheshire Cat

    In the interest of balanced discussion, should the post of Deputy Director at the QEH have been advertised and should we have been told that Maria Boyce who was given the position is the sister of Minister Boyce or that Mitch Codrington the Chairman of the QEH Board, was in fact her lawyer when she was store manager at PriceSmart

  49. The Punisher

    Dear BFP,

    I couldn’t help but notice an amusing letter to the Editor in today’s Advocate (September 21, 2008), where one: I. Marshall, wrote that: “Barbados needs more like Hamilton Lashley behind bars.” Who am I to argue!

    That letter write (I. Marshall) is correct to bring to the nation’s attention that hammie did not allow any obstacle to prevent him from alleviating his own poverty.

    The writer also makes good sence by saying that if the UDC Report is ever made public, hammie’s example would be a good one for the youth who want to end up in jail.

    I do not agree though that history will be kind to hammie. How could it? Cutting down an ackee tree for $15,000; getting a car for a raffle which has disappeared, but there is more. Just ask Government to bring the UDC Report!

    One final point. The swing against the BLP in the last election was 9 per cent, while the negative swing against hammie was 23 per cent.

    To put that in English. Hammie is a commodity whose shelf live has expited and whose sell-by-date is passed. He is yesterday’s bad news. His legacy will be worst than “Eric Fly’s.”

  50. The Punisher

    Dear BFP,

    I know salary and wages negotiations are ongoing. Permit me to add my two cents worth. I feel that given what he does, $156,000 is not enough to pay Mr. Hartley Henry, monthly. He should be getting no less than $25,000 per month.

    I also feel that Prime Minister Thompson should be paid no less than $50,000 monthly, while his Ministers should get no less than $35,000 per month.

    Consistent with the Prime Minister’s high- brown-complexion, he should be travelling in style. Jet travel by air and Mercedes on land. Say, a Mercedes SL350 Grace Black!

    Anyone who disagrees with me is “unpatriotic” and “pure nickpickers.”

  51. The Punisher

    Jerome Hinds,

    You are a clown. Even if the international institutions praised the Barbados “Government,” they did not say the DLP. You are making us look like we are scraping the barrel.

    You make us look bad and run the risk of us being accused of feeding 3000 workers to the wolves; raising diesel by 77%; Kerosene by 10%; Gasoline by 24% and bottle gas by 30%.

    It is third class clowns like you who run the of us having to explain where those 2000 houses we are suppose to build this year, are!

    Do you not see that we are taxing the middle class to death, and while we say that the Treasury is empty, we boast of giving free bus rides; while our leader travels at least five times a month.

    Boy! You mekking we shame. Hush up!

  52. cq8

    Here we are coming up on a year and a half since the DLP were elected. Thompson promised that 100 days after election he would have integrity legislation.


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