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China In Crisis: Tainted Milk Toll Skyrockets – Four Children Dead, Thousands Seriously Ill – 22 Milk Producers Involved – Many Countries Banning China Milk Products

Breaking: Other China Milk Additives Include Animal Urine & Skin To Increase Protein Count

A senior dairy analyst said Chinese farmers were cutting corners to cope with rising costs for feed and labor.

“Before the melamine incident, I know they could have been adding organic stuff, say animal urine or skin,” said Chen Lianfang of Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant Co. “Basically, anything that can boost the protein reading.”

But he and others expressed skepticism that so many farmers would know to add melamine to milk. The chemical is not water-soluble and must be mixed with formaldehyde or another chemical before it can be dissolved in milk.

“Farmers can’t be well-educated enough to think of melamine,” Chen said. “There must be people from chemical companies contacting them and telling them it’s a good idea.”

Whey Powder Also Suspect…

“The (US) Food and Drug Administration said it is stepping up inspections at ports as a precaution. Inspectors will be sampling bulk shipments of food ingredients from Asia that are derived from milk, such as milk powder and whey powder. The FDA also plans to issue a consumer alert warning people not to buy milk products from China on the Internet.

Above Breaking News from AP: Milk Off Shelves As China’s Safety Scandal Grow

Original Story…

A week ago, Barbados Free Press was first to break the news on Barbados of China’s melamine-tainted powdered milk and baby formula. Then it was one dead and hundreds of babies seriously ill.

A week later and we know the situation is much worse and far more widespread than previously thought. Four babies dead, and the number of seriously ill is heading for ten thousand. The contaminated products are now known to include fresh milk, powdered milk, baby formula, yogurt, snack bars and cream.

22 Chinese Milk Producers Delivered Tainted Milk Products

And it is not just one company anymore. TEN PERCENT of samples from all producers tested in China show melamine contamination.

Reports of Tainted Products Found So Far In: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Yemen, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Gabon and Burundi

Dr. David Estwick, Barbados Health Minister

Dr. David Estwick, Barbados Health Minister

Health Minister Estwick: What Is The Situation In Barbados?

We’d like some communication, Sir. Don’t you think it is about time for you to share what, if anything, your ministry has actually done in response to today’s information about tainted milk products from China? Are there any products on our shelves that contain any dairy ingredients from China?

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Conversations About Integrity And The Current DLP Piggies In Government

BFP Reader Inkwell Writes…

Every other week, BFP moans and groans how David Thompson lied about members of the DLP signing a code of conduct if they won the election and promised ITAL within 100 days of assuming office. The same BFP who were so naive as to take the word of a politician who was on his third strike and would do or say anything to get elected, announced loud and long that Thompson would follow through and endorsed the DLP, no doubt persuading some other gullible readers to follow suit.

Mine was the sole, lonely voice warning that the DLP’s feet should be held to the fire and they should not be elected until at least they displayed the signatures of their members on a code of conduct and committed to ITAL.

I argued that the only way to force them to do this was to keep them in opposition for five more years to show that we meant business. Even though everyone was convinced of corruption in the BLP and arrogance was certainly evident, five more years of the BLP would not have been too high a price to pay for the guarantee of ITAL and a framework for good governance for future generations of Barbadians.

No one supported my call, the DLP seem to have every intention of making full use of its turn at the trough and we have the bleak prospect of continued corruption with nowhere to turn in the foreseeable future, except back to the BLP for more of the same.

I hope you enjoy it.


BFP Replies…

Inkwell, old friend… please don’t re-write history. While it is true that BFP came out on January 6, 2008 with a public position that we believed Mr. Thompson was sincere and that we would vote for him… we also said the following to David Thompson…

“This does not mean that we won’t hold your feet and the DLP to the fire, and it doesn’t mean that Barbados Free Press has gone soft on the DLP or its leader. Where we disagree with your or your government’s actions you can expect the same double-barreled blast as before. Even worse if you let us down.”

You can confirm that by reading our article Dear Mr. Thompson, We Believe You Will Do It…

Only two days before, we published our article David Thompson Reveals DLP’s Integrity and Freedom Of Information Plans – Much Cut and Pasted From The Internet Only A Few Days Ago

We said in that article…

“Frankly, we expected – we hoped – for better from the DLP. For two years we have been demanding that both the BLP and the DLP implement integrity standards within their own parties and as legislation. The DLP could have, should have, shown leadership all along. They should have, could have, had the legislation all set to go.

But what we received from the DLP was a cut and paste job thrown together at the last moment just for the election.

Barbados deserved better.

Do Thompson and the DLP really mean it? Are they willing to make the very tough decisions that go hand-in-hand with integrity legislation?”

So our support of the DLP was with two raised eyebrows, and frankly, although we wanted Thompson to win to turf out the existing cabal, we were not naive. We had to give Thompson and the DLP a chance to do as they said.

What Thompson and the DLP proved is that they were LIARS. But we had to give them the chance so that the Barbados electorate could truly see that there is no difference between the BLP piggies and DLP piggies.

INKWELL, YOUR POSITION is that the BLP should have stayed in for another four years, further consolidating their position and strengthening their networks using all the resources of government – while we waited for the DLP to … what? Adopt a code that they had refused to adopt in the past 14 years? Or maybe simply declare a code and then fail to pass the laws just as they have done now?

That would have put us another four years behind where we are now, my friend.

OUR POSITION is that turfing the BLP and putting the DLP into power…

1/ Disturbed the entrenched corrupt BLP cabals.
2/ Denied the corrupt BLP the resources of government.
3/ Showed the people and the politicians that the issue of ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation – is enough to take a government down and out of office.
4/ Raised the level of public consciousness about ITAL to levels never seen before in Barbados.
5/ Gave the public the language of ITAL as even the corrupt politicians and corrupt media were forced to speak about it in public.
6/ Produced verbal and written commitments from the DLP as to implementing ITAL. True, Thompson and the DLP lied, but we actually got something in writing from them.

All this had to happen to get to where we are now…. where the public is finally realising that it is the absence of laws that produces corruption – not the quality or character of those they elect or appoint to public office.

Without laws, who can resist the temptation? You? Me? Thompson? Lowe? Mottley?

No one.

We are where we need to be now.

Lately you see many lawyers and police officers charged with offenses. This never happened before. Never. This is a result of a new public awareness about integrity and is evidence of ongoing changes to our culture… changes that came about as a result of free speech on the blogs.

The new public awareness of integrity issues certainly didn’t come from the politicians or the lapdog news media! It came from the blogs and the ordinary people, and don’t you forget that!

The next step is an ongoing public campaign to recall the Thompson government and to run candidates who are willing to personally adopt and practice ITAL and declare assets etc before an election.

Barbados Underground, Jerome Hinds & Other DLP Supporters Now Silent About Integrity Issues!

Thompson and his DLP gang are lying piggies at the trough who have proven exactly who and what they are. Unfortunately even Barbados Underground, Jerome Hinds and other DLP supporters who solidly beat the ITAL drum prior to winning the election have now gone entirely silent on ITAL. Perhaps they are embarrassed.

Whatever happens, the public mind is on ITAL like never before. The BLP cannot now simply change personnel and come back as before.

Nobody said it would be easy. We knew we would be lied to, deceived and abused by an old generation of greedy pigs who call themselves our political leaders.

But that doesn’t change a thing.

The Barbados electorate, the ordinary people, have started to walk in a new direction and they will not turn back.


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