Corrupt Director Of Public Prosecutions Must Now Prosecute His Corrupt Police Friend For Accepting Bribes!!!

Sergeant Paul Vaughan (left) & Charles Leacock - Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

Unholy Alliance: Sergeant Paul Vaughan (left) & Charles Leacock - Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

The Corrupt Relationship Between A Dirty Cop And Our Director Of Public Prosecutions

Just before Christmas, 2006, Barbados Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock told his police friend, Sergeant Paul Vaughan, to collect some back rent owed to him by a former tenant named Ronja Juman.

Sergeant Vaughan used an illegal, blank, pre-signed search warrant to raid Ronja Juman’s home in the middle of the night with some of his fellow thugs. Juman was dragged off to the police station where she was strip-searched and humiliated by a VAGINAL SEARCH!

Over back-rent.

Nope… the Barbados police didn’t find any back-rent money in Juman’s vagina.

For Sergeant Paul Vaughan of the Royal Barbados Police Force, the middle-of-the-night raid was all about terrorising the woman to get back rent for his friend DPP Charles Leacock. There is far more to the story and none of it is good. (The links are at the end of this article.)

Sergeant Paul Vaughan Took Bribes For Years!

Now we see that Sergeant Paul Vaughan has been charged with taking bribes for years to not prosecute a woman for selling counterfeit DVDs. The truth is that Vaughan used his police power to extort money from Cindy Bushell – who saw little choice but to pay Vaughan’s demands. After all – the police in Barbados are a law unto themselves.

Do we really expect that Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock has any credibility at all to prosecute his friend Paul Vaughan?

Our prediction: The trial will be postponed by DPP Charles Leacock until the 5th of never – so his friend can walk free.

I love Barbados – but I hate the corrupt and incestuous cartel that seems to run everything.

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61 responses to “Corrupt Director Of Public Prosecutions Must Now Prosecute His Corrupt Police Friend For Accepting Bribes!!!

  1. Anon

    I have said all along that corruption is endemic in the “Royal” Barbados Police Force.

    However I must confess that I am pleased with the current attempt to hold some really bad Policemen feet to the fire.

    All may not be lost.

  2. .78

    “I love Barbados – but I hate the corrupt and incestuous cartel that seems to run everything.”

    How true brother! Sad but true.

    Keep telling it BFP. Keep telling it.

  3. The scout

    If what I’m reading is true, the whole judicial system in Barbados is under a cloud. This government needs to get to the bottom of the matter because if there is a collapse in the system, the drug lords would jump at the opportunity to establish a stronger base.

  4. passin thru

    What happened to the rape charge against journalist Roy Morris? Faded away into nothing.

    The same thing will happen wit dis.

  5. Tony Hall

    This recent charge is very disturbing. I am very pro-police but if he if found guilty after evidence is presented he should be lost away in Dodds.

  6. West Side Davie

    What happened with the Ronja Juman trial? Did it “disappear” ?????

  7. Hants

    BFP I have noticed that most times when you publish a “sensational” story and me being a “doubting Thomas” I say to myself this story can’t be true.

    Almost everytime, you are proven to be telling the truth.

    Nuh wonder duh wan to ban blogs in Barbados.

    BFP says

    Thankyou for the encouragement old friend

  8. PiedPiper

    God help Barbados. I don’t know what the answer is but it must be clear to even the most dubious that RBPF is in serious trouble. Which island was it that they sent down Canadian RCMP officers to “clean up” and retrain the local police service?
    I remember all the caustic posts made about sending foreigners and white foreigners at that to try to rein in the corrupt and ineffectual police force of that island. What is the solution? The RBPF needs a complete cleaning out from top to bottom.

  9. Anony

    How come all of a sudden cops are being charged for stuff? Sumting aint right, I smell a rat.

  10. crossroads

    Lawyers getting charge
    Police getting charge
    Things changing bout hey!

  11. Hants

    @ Anony

    There are many outstanding honest policemen and they are obviously doing their job including weeding out the bad apples in the force.

  12. Q

    well indicators seem to point to prosecution of known criminals as the dawn of a new day

    did any one see former band manager DAVID HOOPER ‘s picture in the newspaper today and yesterday—WOW !

  13. Adrian Hinds

    I am not ready to indict and condemn the entire police department (it is high time in a civilized post colonial Barbados that the word “FORCE” be removed from the title of our Police).

    ……I have relatives and friends in the Department who i have known to be fine up and outstanding men and women some even espousing a deep Christian faith and practice as such.

    ………But this Paul Vaughn whom i have also known very well, and for a very long time, I can say that am not surprise by the charges. NOT AT ALL. I am almost certain that there will be very little “weeping and gnashing of teeth” in Redman’s village St.Thomas.

  14. The people must be first not politricks

    If it starts at the top do you not expect that it will finally reach bottom. How long do you think the pressures of a high price, racially divided, economically segregated and politically corrupt island can remain morally and ethically stable. The quest for riches, lavish and comfortable style of living is the dream of every Barbadian. Unfortunately the race to get there is by any means necessary. Even if that means is by way of corruption or worse yet, murder.

  15. PiedPiper

    I see another solicitor, Therold Fields in court for allegedly thiefing clients money to the tune of $700,000.00.



    BFP says

    Excellent idea with this story as the lead

  17. reality check

    You can’t have the wrongdoers judging the wrongdoers. This is just business as usual.

    Once a cleansing of those in high places, who have seriously abused their position, has occurred, then the honest ones who are afraid of their heads being chopped off can come forward and implement fairness and impartiality according to Rule of Law which has been non-existent for fifteen years.

    The fear that confronts just about all Barbadians to speak their inner convictions out honestly and strongly, without fear of retribution, has been reduced to an inaudible whine.

    Thank God for the blogs!!!

    Let the voices of the people of Barbados be heard loudly and strongly against those who have seriously abused their power and position by suppressing freedom of speech through control of the media, police and the Law courts.

    There are thousands of Barbadians looking for the kind of leadership they thought they were voting in to power last January.

  18. WildyCoyte.

    Sad to see only crooked cops and attorneys before the courts,not one politician,especially past members of the opposition, who will continue to fly free like birds along with the consultants that were joined to their is still a sad day in Barbados.

  19. West Side Davie

    What a joke on the reporters of CBC, Nation, Barbados Advocate etc. that the Ronja Juman blank search warrant and all the court documents have been posted online for over a year and they don’t have the guts to cover the story.

    Vaginal search by police for Charles Leacock’s back rent and the press say nada. What a joke they are.

  20. Question

    Aside from the Ronja Juman arrest, can anyone tell us another occasion when the police used a criminal search warrant to raid a home looking for a landlord’s back rent?

  21. Sad To Say

    A few questions:
    1. What is the relationship between Leacock and Vaughn? Are they lodge (I am not referring to the revered St. John institution) brothers? Are they both graduates of Combermere?
    2. What is the relationship between BFP and Ronja Juman? Is BFP supporting someone absconding from the payment of rent due to a landlord? Has BFP ever criticised Juman for the fact that she did not live up to her side of the bargain?


    BFP says,

    duhhhhh….. No, we never criticised Juman for the fact that she did not pay her rent. Considering that she was dragged from her child in the middle of the night, strip searched and body cavity searched (vagina) using a phony, pre-signed blank search warrant – to look for her rental agreement…. we just never thought to criticise her for getting behind on her rent.

    Once the police started to look in her vagina for the rental agreement (which was the object to be searched for according to the illegal, phony warrant), we kind of thought that her not paying the rent didn’t really matter.

    But… if you say that she should be blamed for the corrupt actions of the police, the DPP and the Chief Justice because she didn’t pay her rent to landlord… well…

    … I guess it’s ok for the police to snatch any woman behind in her rent in the middle of the night and to look in her vagina for evidence of failure to pay rent. OK with you, right?

    You really don’t get it, do you? You haven’t a bloody clue about rule of law, due process, human rights etc etc etc, do you?

  22. Anonymous



    BFP says,

    And what specific “lie” is it that you are talking about?

    If you or anyone disagrees with anything we say, by all means – please write an article disagreeing with us and we will publish it with the same prominence as this article you disagree with.

    Thank you,

  23. Sad To Say

    BFP: Seem as though I struck the wrong cord… I guess I expected too much from you and your response to my last instalment just goes to prove the point that you are incapable of a balanced approach to this subject. We heard Juman side of the story (repeatedly) and guess it has been taken at face value… She may be telling the truth but who knows… it sounds a bit far fetched that some one like a DPP (It could be any DPP and does not have to be CL) could expose himself to the wrath of the likes of BFP over a couple of thousand dollars. Essentially what I have found amazing about Ms. Juman’s case is:
    1. It comes up repeatedly
    2. There seems to be no balance or objectivity here
    3. There is a distinct Pro-Juman or Anti-Leacock slant (or both)
    4. There seems to be personal vendetta… I smell a rat
    5. There is never mention that here was someone who was not paying her rent for several months. She is not ABSOLUTELY innocent

    I do not know any of the parties connected to this matter, and while I sincerely sympathise with Ms. Juman if she was indeed manhandled and strip searched the way she (and BFP) claims to have been, however, I must admit that I am not prepared to brainwashed into accepting that this story is 100% accurate.

    BFP be careful, you have attempted to present yourself as an entity that is beyond reproach, however, just a piece of constructive criticism your slip is beginning to show.


    BFP says,

    The sworn court documents are published for all to see. We have read them all and find it outrageous that the Barbados news media remain silent when a blank, pre-signed search warrant is published on the internet!

    Frankly, the DPP’s version is also published in those same documents and it isn’t pretty. It in many ways confirms much of what Juman says.

    Now… please can someone tell us… if there was no abuse of powers here by the DPP, can someone tell us some other incidents where female tenants have had the police search their vaginas over back rent?

    Can someone tell us one other incident where a criminal search warrant was issued over back rent?

    And yes, we are “pro-Juman” because we have looked at the entire situation and recognize it for what it is: a human rights violation that should be the concern of every citizen.

    The silence of the Barbados news media on this story would simply never happen in the USA or Britain. It is as much an indictment of our entire country as of the DPP and his crooked cop friend.

  24. .84

    Sad to Say, the Juman story is all about her failure to pay her rent. That has been clear from the start at BFP and in the published docs.

    BFP correctly points out the abuses of power by the police and DPP and the Justice who signed a blank search warrant. Good Gawd man: the blank search warrant is published on the website! That alone deserves a story and an investigation by the news media and government. Instead we get silence. BFP correctly continues to hammer this story every few months so it doesn’t fade like happens normally.

  25. BFP


    DPP Charles Leacock,
    Sergeant Paul Vaughan,
    Justice of the Peace Douglas N. Burgess
    Chief Justice Sir David Simmons…

    Each of you are mentioned in our Ronja Juman stories.

    If you have any documentary or other evidence or comments regarding the Juman case, we would be happy to publish the same.

    So far, none of you have responded to any of our stories or the court documents that are posted on the internet for all to see.

    In the absence of the “professional” Barbados news media carrying this story, Barbados Free Press will continue to call for an open public inquiry into the Juman case.

    The failure of our government and our news media to address the issue of the police use of a blank, pre-signed search warrant (that is published online) is an indictment of our entire country and will be seen as such by the international community. The same for the government’s and media’s silence over the use of a night-time police raid and vaginal search over back rent owed to a powerful government official.

    Three million people read this blog every year. The old days of being able to ignore something until it goes away are gone.

  26. Sad To Say

    BFP: Ms. Juman may be telling the truth… HOWEVER, LET US EXAMINE THE PROOF? A sworn affidavit? So you are trying to say that once someone produces a sworn affidavit that means that they are telling the truth? I do believe that we cannot ignore the character of the person producing the affidavit. Therefore ones enthusiasm to accept Ms. Juman’s story at face value has to be juxtaposed against the fact that she was utilizing services that she seemed to have no intention paying for. As stated previously I have no axe to grind one way or the other, however, I do believe that if you are trying to be balanced, you have to examine the source, is there a possible motive to embarrass the DPP, etc. On the other hand if the DPP did orchestrate the rape of this lady’s privacy I hope the entire world is reading BFP.


    BFP says,

    Yes, you are correct: Ms. Juman may be telling the truth. Once again, if the Barbados news media and the government were doing their jobs, there would be no need for us to constantly beat the drum on this important story.

    But the Barbados news media and the government would prefer that this story simply fades away like so many others.

    Criticise us all you want – the longer the media and the government ignore this story the more credible it becomes. As we say, the documentary evidence looks very bad for the DPP and the police.

    As to the issue of character, no, we aren’t ignoring the issue and judging by the arrest of the Police Sergeant, we were correct about his character all along!

    Also… as to proof… you can see that the search warrant was signed while it was blank. That is shown right on the web. The publishing of that document on the web – even anonymously – in the USA, Britain, Canada and so many other countries would produce an immediate feeding frenzy by the news media and a government investigation.

    Not bout hey though!

  27. The scout

    With the apparent lack of confidence in the police , attorneys and judicial system in Barbados, it may impact on investors doing business. We need to arrest that problem now before it becomes an international news item and this country is tarnished. Some person/s got to take the weight to send a strong message to the others not to or stop and clean up their act.

  28. Pogo

    Blank search warrants in the hands of the police.

    DPP Leacock using police to collect his own rent.

    Trial where Juman’s lawyer not present.

    Judge changing notes of what was said at trial.

    And not one word of disapproval from the Attorney General or the Chief Justice?

    They are a disgrace to the judicial system which we obviously don’t got one anymore. These men all wearing skirts afraid to do the right thing. Don’t deserve respect or the money we pay them.

  29. yatinkiteasy

    What I find incredible is that a “wheelchair bound” woman was charged with exposing counterfeit DVDs for sale…(copyright infringement) and yet Chubbies (an others) can operate several Video outlets that rent and SELL “non original” DVDs of all kinds….in broad daylight, operating from stores that any cop can visit and see this illegal trade! Whats up with that?Why aren`t they arrested?
    Double Standards!

  30. Write Or Rong

    Sorry to Say But Yes lots of Double Standards here, Peter should not have to pay for Paul….Somehow Paul makes his monthly payments certain people in the law to avoid being Towed away..maybe if Peter was richer he could do the same…so the Poor Gets Poorer and Peter Gets Richer…Is dat DOUBLE STANDARDS?….This society boy? Hard to Understand

  31. Sad To Say

    Chubbies blatant rental and sale of DVDs is an amazing story… However, if your name is DeBreitas or Gullam Bam around here you are at the top of the heap. And no one at the top of the heap ever gets touched… NO ONE!

  32. Sad To Say

    Points to take home for all:
    1.) Juman: You must choose your battles carefully. It makes no sense for a fly-weight to crawl into a cage with a 450 pound Sumo wrestler. In the future you MUST pay your rent on time or you will be harassed by your landlord. Take it from me.
    2.) DPP: The higher the monkey climbs the more he shows off his — —-. If you and your cronies orchestrated this debacle he should be ASHAMED of yourself. You need to learn that there are many other ways to skin a cat (no pun intended)
    3.) BFP: While you try to (OVER) EXPOSE the DPP/ Juman story for the world to see it must (appear to) be done in a balanced way. I see no reason to glorify Juman in the process. As far as I am concerned she is a little 2 x 2 thief that was mauled by a pit bull – the DPP. While there was an unfortunate outcome for the 2 x 2 thief there was also a tarnishing of the reputation for bullying pit bull.


    BFP says,

    We see no equivalence in morality or deeds between a single mother late with the rent (who gave jewelery to cover part of it) and the creation of a false search warrant, police raid in the middle of the night, vaginal search, extortion, threatening, and trial without a lawyer with doctored court records by the judge – all by a gang of thugs who happen to be police and other government employees.

  33. Sad To Say

    BFP: Are you an advocate of Sir Isaac Newton’s (modified) third law – “To every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction”? While what DPP & Co allegedly did was a considerable overreaction, however, the question remains – what precipitated this OVER REACTION? I say to Ms. Juman – in the future pay your damn rent and keep out of trouble. If I was your landlord I would not be too pleased with you owing me money. You can give me the jewellery however I can’t carry the jewellery to C&W, BL&P, Land Tax, IRD, VAT, etc. and tell them to hold it until you pay my rent. As a matter of fact these entities would have a good laugh at me while I am made to feel PRESSURE/ STRESS for not living up to my obligations. I REPEAT MS. JUMAN IS NO SAINT… AND THIS IS NOT A FLIPPANT OBSERVATION!!! AND IF THE DPP SODOMIZED THIS LADY HE IS/ WAS WRONG… VERY WRONG… and he should be humiliated to the maximum.


    BFP says,

    We Bajans also have a cultural problem with blaming any female victim – be it rape, fraud or police brutality and human rights violations. If the victim is a woman… she must share the blame.

  34. Sad To Say

    BFP: I am surrounded by women… I love women… If any of them was a victim of the DPP’s #%^&* I would be MAD AS HELL… However, on hearing the FULL story that they REFUSED to pay his rent I would be less sympathetic… I would ask, and those who know me well will confirm, “Why the hell you refused to pay the man’s rent”? … I would have gone onto note “You must have seen this coming, for something like this just does not happen out of the blue”. OVER AND OUT!!!


    BFP says,

    Why yes, those women must be shown their proper place and there’s nothing like a strip search to teach them to pay the rent on time. I’d be less sympathetic too if she refused to pay the rent.

    Deserved everything she got then and more. Yup… I agree with you totally that she caused the whole thing. Any woman who doesn’t pay her rent loses all civil rights from here on.

    Who could blame the DPP and the cop for using an illegal search warrant and a night-time raid in front of the children in these circumstances?

    We’ll take down the entire story right now then, and never mention it again.

    Let that be a lesson to any woman who doesn’t pay her rent to the Director of Public Prosecutions or any other government official with first-hand access to the police!

  35. J

    Ms. Juman should have paid her rent in full and or time.

    Once she realized that she could not she should have moved out.

    Her landlord should not have prmitted her to run more than 30 days in arrears. To permit months of arrears is just plain folish.

    On the 30th day of arrears the landlord should have got a good locksmith to change all the locks on his property. To do so would cost less than $500. Much cheaper than paying lawyers and debt collectors.

    The locked out Ms. Juman could reenter the premises to remove her things only once she had paid her back rent.

    With the number of sexually transmitted diseases out there vaginal searches can be a deadly health hazard.

    My advice to landlords (and ladies) keep a locksmith as your best friend, then you can avoid the health hazard of searching up in strange vaginas. I trust that Sgt. Vaught is still in good health.

    Nice and simple.

  36. J

    BFP wrote “When these thugs…were unsuccessful over some weeks with mere talk, threats, visiting her son’s school and blocking her car in her driveway”

    Question: Did Ms. Juman tell you at any point WHEN or IF EVER she intended topay her rent?


    BFP says,

    Nope she didn’t. You and STS have changed our minds…. we think that any woman who doesn’t pay the rent should be subject to a humiliating vaginal search, night time raid by police in front of the screaming children (even though they could have come in the day time – the night is always better to terrorise so we have to give a big “well done” to the police on that one.)

    Yup… and never mind allowing any woman to have a lawyer present at her trial either.

    Gotta teach these women their place… and if they don’t pay the rent – strip search ’em every one.

    Yup… you’ve convinced us that the woman must bear (or bare!) most of the responsibility for this. She probably should be made to apologise to the police for complaining about the vaginal search as it is well known that women keep the rent money there when they withhold it.

    Yup… we agree with everything you’ve said.

  37. Sad To Say

    BFP: As I said before… OVER AND OUT. I have MORE IMPORTANT issues to deal with.


    BFP says,

    That’s right… we shouldn’t be at all concerned over human rights abuses or when the police, DPP and the courts ignore the Rule of Law. quite right.

    Except it’s our blog and we’ll say when a topic is finished, my friend.

    And Juman will be front and center every few months for as long as this blog exists.

  38. Sad To Say


  39. Prime Minister Thompson (not really)

    I have ordered a committee to look into this just as soon as we finish introducing integrity legislation in 2012.

  40. Thistle

    BFP: You have made my day. Just to know that there is someone (and from what you tell us, at least three of you are men) who will stand up firmly for the cause of women. In this male-dominated island, it is heartening. Your tongue-in-cheek satirical humour will be lost on some bloggers, who only understand sick slap-stick humour, and will be gleefully jumping up and down and shouting, “Yippee! BFP agree with J and STS. Women must know their damn places!”

    Thank you for making my day.

  41. PiedPiper

    BFP: You can lead a horse to water but you can not make it drink. These two, “Sad to Say” and “J” are just hell bent on not seeing the point. Both keep going on and on about how Ms. Juman should pay her rent and both acting like they Landlords in real life. They can not and will not see that regardless of whether Ms. Juman was behind in her rent or whether she was holding crazed voodoo sex orgies on the premises, no one, least of all a police officer with a “search warrant of convenience”, should have subjected Ms. Juman to this degrading and humiliating ordeal.

    BFP: You have repeatedly presented the facts of this case, that it was the middle of the night, that it was in front of her children, that she was strip searched OVER BACK RENT and these two asses do not see anything wrong with this. I am left to wonder who these two individuals truly are and if perhaps they take this postion because they have a vested interest in supporting a rotten cop and a disgrace of an excuse for DPP.

    “J” your absurdly purient remarks about catching diseases from doing a vaginal search, makes one wonder if (as BWWR suggested) whether you have subsist on a diet of stupid pills: A) Even in Barbados, most police officers carry latex gloves B) Even if the police officer had been stupid enough to do a vaginal search without latex gloves, unless the officer had an open wound of some kind on his hand, there would be no transmission of STD’s.

  42. Juris

    If Ms Juman’s facts are incontrovertible, why does she not get a lawyer to launch a human rights claim? She should easily win such a case…perhaps BFP can show its consern in a real way and hire one for her. Trying the matter in a court of public opinion does not give her effective redress.

  43. Q


    why should BFP published the other side
    the other side of what

    there is no other side unless what BFP is saying is not the truth

    the story about juman is incidental to the point
    what are you saying ? that the action against juman is justified ?

  44. Sad To Say

    To ALL: As I said before… OVER AND OUT. I have OTHER issues to deal with.

  45. J

    “Even in Barbados, most police officers carry latex gloves B) Even if the police officer had been stupid enough to do a vaginal search without latex gloves, unless the officer had an open wound of some kind on his hand, there would be no transmission of STD’s.”

    Dear Pied Piper:

    Latex gloves (like condoms) sometimes break. Most manual workers (police for example) frequently have tiny cuts, scrapes and breaks on the hands. It is not unknown for people to catch an STD when the rubber breaks.

    BFP is mis-representing me. I did not say at anytime that I approved of vaginal searches for back rent. Because in truth that is an exceedingly MESSY AND INEFFECTIVE way of dealing with defaulting tenants.

    I did say several times on this blog, that landlords should

    1. Rent only with proper written leases.

    2. In case of default properly terminate the leases of defaulting tenants (that is to have the post office deliver to the defaulting tenant a registered letter terminating the lease)

    3. Have a locksmith change the locks. I’ll add that all rental properties should always have proper deadbolt locks. Good quality locks are well worth the expense.

    Yes I am a private landlord. Yes I have worked as a landlord’s agent in the public sector. Yes from long experience I know what works. No. VAGINAL SEARCHES DO NOT WORK. Yes. Proper written leases, proper eviction notices, and changing the locks is EXCEEDINGLY effective in persuading tenants to PAY OR MOVE OUT.

    No I have never met the DPP or Sgt. Vaughn and I have no desire to meet either of them.

    I have never met Ms. Juman either and I have no desire to do so.

    Would I rent a place to Ms. Juman?


    Would I rent a place to Sgt. Vaughn or the DPP?


    Would I rent a place to BFP?

    Yes (but at present there are no vacancies)

  46. PiedPiper

    J: You are grasping at straws. I could just as easily say that tomorrow when you walk across the street you may be hit by a bus.
    The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Barbados and the fear of contracting it would be enough to make sure that any police officer with a modicum of intelligence would make damn sure that his latex glove was not torn. It was a stupid remark in response to a serious issue………full stop.

  47. Avatar Gurl

    Now, hold on…

    Have you guys not just heard what J said in his LAST comment?

    It’s not as if he as supporting the DPP and his police buddie in this! He is just stating how the whole situation SHOULD have gone!

    I think Juman should have tried to pay the rent…if she couldn’t she should just have tried to sell the jewelry HERSELF and give the man his money!


    I think that he should’ve just given her notice of eviction and carried through with it…THAT is the RIGHT, MORAL and PRACTICAL way to do things! That way, no one’s human rights are compromised in any way, and justice would have been served…on all counts.

    However, the DPP seems to have taken a wrong and made it WAYYY WORSE with a BIGGER WRONG! Now he is even LOWER in human standing, as well he should be! NO ONE should go through that…

    However, don’t cuss J out because he told us the RIGHT way of dealing with wayward tenants! I’m sure he doesn’t approve of the way Ms. Juman was treated.

    And neither do I, so cussing me out because you think so will be moot & void!

  48. Curious

    @ Juris

    I think u r definitely onto something. BFP why do you not do some investigative work and retain a human rights lawyer to bring a case against the whole sorry lot?
    Perhaps even start a petition right here on the blog in support of forcing some government attention to this matter?
    Also do we really expect the DPP to follow through with the case against his corrupt mate when his own involvment be brought to light?

    I say they make Vaughn sing like a canary, then go after Leacock. Thompy should use Leacock as his shining example to the good bajan people that there is more than hot air yapping going around .

  49. Avatar Gurl

    I agree…

    Hot air and Horse Dung does NOT make for a pleasant environment!

    but hey…this is a “First World” country with Third World reality!

  50. bob

    I like Juris suggestion of having M/s Juman pressing charges against the DPP & Others concerned for the treatment metted out to her. Certainly one of the lawyers who read this blog can offer ways & means advise to her on how to go about filing a lawsuit. The thing that surprises me though is thatin all of the articles I do NOT see any denials of the occurances to M/s Juman from the DPP or anyone on their behalf.
    The midnite raid and arrest alone and without criminal charges being suggested is enough evidence to me of wrong doing.
    Dont mind Sad to say, If it were his sister or wife or daugher that were abused this way he’s be seeing it quite differently.
    As for the DVD rentals and infringement of copyright laws, The Government enjoys an Entertainment Tax of 20% that was implemented a very long time ago. I dont know if it still exists but if it does then Government is a 20% stakeholder in this criminal act.

  51. Anonymous

    Reading this and the other stories with lawyers and police officers being charged it makes me even more convinced that I’akobi death is very suspicious.

  52. Curious

    @ Juris

    Seems all the bite has been taken out from our good ole legal eagles as none have come forward. Perhaps BFP should send this email to TnT surely they still have lawyers there who remember what the words due process and justice mean?

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