Another Kite Song Featured On Prime Time American TV

Bajan Reporter is letting the world know that our Barbados musical group Kite had one of their songs used by a major American television production.

Read all the details at Ian Bourne’s Bajan Reporter article BREAKING NEWS – KITE’S ‘FIREFLY’ FEATURES ON THE CBS PRIMETIME T.V. SHOW “JERICHO”

You can also check out our previous article, Kite Rocks! Track From New Album ‘Thirteen Degrees North’ Catches Shona’s Attention


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9 responses to “Another Kite Song Featured On Prime Time American TV

  1. Happy To Say

    It is not my type of music, however, if they “big up Bimshire” I am ALL for this young group of talented musicians. I first heard “Young Marshall” over ten years ago and I am not surprised that he is going places – Oops I never intended to “big up” Bernie Weatherhead. Keep the broken trident flying high – it does not matter if you are black yellow, blue or white.

  2. Lady Anon

    Well done, guys. Have always been a fan and will continue to be.

  3. jinx

    Here´s wishing you every success!!!!

    With such a talent for writing and voices like yours. You deserve it.

  4. JJ and his wife went to Denmark for their Honeymoon, way cool, eh?

  5. Sundowner

    Wonderful music, well done

  6. Eddie

    Wish them well, but don’t hold your breath waiting for any success like Rihanna.

  7. Eddie

    Ask Ivory, they’ll tell you.

  8. I want to offer my sincerest congratulations to KITE

    I believe it is big shame that local music is not given pride of place on our radio stations

    Local artistes need to be rotated on our radio stations.

    It has been long determined that media houses have no policy towards promoting local music.

    What local radio stations are doing to our local music is tantamount to TREASON.

    I am calling on the honourable Prime Minister to launch an investigation and deal with them like how he dealt with the minibus and ZR people.

    There is so much local music that is not played it aint funny. The tokenism at Crop Over is sickening when after Crop Over the music is dumped and songs that dont get a chance at Crop Over dont ever get played. People returned to playing back-in -time music, the ubiquitous jamaican clap -trap and the american crap while our music is thrown away . UNPATRIOTIC !!!!!!!

  9. Karan

    Excellent Music My most favourite music and it is great that the group is bajan