Barbados Police Helpless In Stopping Boscobel Road Toll Gang

The road is closed. I need ten dollars.

The road is closed. I need ten dollars.

Hundreds Of Tourists Being Accosted For Money Every Month!

The Boscobel “Road Toll Gang” have been doing their thing for at least three years now. They stop tourist hired cars by standing in front of them. They inform the drivers that the road is closed, instruct them to drive another way and then demand money for the “assistance”.

They are big, nasty men and most of the tourists pay. It is a lucrative business for the gang.

Always seven or eight sitting at the “T” intersection and while one engages the driver in conversation another will sometimes come up behind on the passenger side, reach through an open window to grab a purse or a camera and then run like hell. Sometimes they will even open an unlocked door.

The Royal Barbados Police Force are well aware of this bunch of thieves, but have done nothing except take the reports from the poor tourists who are stupid enough to stop and roll down their windows.

I guess that Commissioner Dottin and his officers have much better things to do than to look after this group of thugs who are singlehandedly destroying the reputation of this island sometimes ten and twenty times a day.

No trouble finding them: they are at the “T” in Boscobel every day. It is their place of business, and their business is shaking down fearful tourists.


Yet Another Letter To Barbados Free Press About The Boscobel Road Toll Gang…

Dear Barbados Free Press,

We had just a great afternoon out today, perfect weather, had friends visiting from the UK, some wonderful places to take them. We did the usual spots then decided to drive up to North Point, did the cave, took photo’s etc, rambled our way back deciding to take them to Cherry Tree Hill for the view before returning them to Speightstown area.

When we got to Boscobel there were about 7/8 men at a junction trying to tell us to turn right, that the road was closed, we ignored them and turned left, then another man, almost stepped in front of the car and my husband, told me to drive on, this man was almost inside the car window, telling him a ‘good route to go’ eyeing up camera equipment at he same time, we told him we knew where we were going, I put my foot down and drove off.

After taking our friends back to their hotel we phoned the police, who GAVE US a description of the man! and said this group had been causing trouble with tourists, and they would speak to them again. I’ve already heard a story of tourists being nearly robbed near Cherry Tree Hill a few weeks ago, just a warning people, be careful…………


* About the photo: We are only using it to illustrate the story and have made the photo dark, blurry and sinister. The person in the photo is not associated with the Boscobel Toll Gang and has never been to Barbados. He is probably a nice, honest person.


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65 responses to “Barbados Police Helpless In Stopping Boscobel Road Toll Gang

  1. Hants

    Given that other DLP supporters and others who care about Barbados are on this blog, this problem will be solved in short time.

    The one thing we do not want is any tolerence for this kind of activity.

    Barbados needs Tourism.

  2. Green Monkey

    After taking our friends back to their hotel we phoned the police, who GAVE US a description of the man! and said this group had been causing trouble with tourists, and they would speak to them again.

    And next time, if they still don’t listen, they’ll be given a detention and forced to write a hundred lines: “I will not harass and steal from the tourists.”

  3. Straight talk


    This rip-off has been going on for years….uncontrolled.

    The North needs major investment and all credit to
    Kellman he strives manfully to rectify the neglect.

    But second airport Denis, forget it.

    Grantley Adams will soon enough be desperate for traffic.

  4. Hants

    Barbados police just took out a 55 year old man in St.Phillp.

    They can do the same in Boscobel.

    Barbados Police are quite capable of cleaning up Boscobel.

    I have seen about 6 police cars with heavily armed officers in a convoy in St.james.

    I have seen the Coast Guard beach their Patrol boat with officers armed with Machine guns.

    Boscobel is not a problem.Lawlessness can be dealt with.

  5. Jason

    This happened to some of our guests last year. Since then we tell friends to take a tour and not drive themselves to caves.

  6. Hants

    BFP I hope the face you used is really of the person who committed the crime.

    If it is not you should remove it.

  7. reality check

    a 30 day visit to Her Majesty’s lodging at Dodds with daily beatings and very very little sustenance might help clean up this behaviour. If not then 60 days and so on and so forth.

    If there is no will to deal with this matter ( ie accountability ) then Barbadians must face the reality of continued problems for tourists and a diminishing tourist trade.

    Has the PM become a helpless eunuch in the face of the bureaucracy?

  8. akabozik

    We lodged a complaint with the police two years ago. What a waste of an hour. We don’t go that way anymore.

  9. Sundowner

    I’d just like to comment that we were in a local car, not a Hire car maybe, the fact there was two white people in the car as well made them try and stop us? I don’t know………the policeman described the man as a ‘mean looking dark man’……..we have to go that way again soon, so if I see them again I might just take their photo’!!!!! damned if I’m going to let them stop me where I want to go!

  10. pissed off

    i came across the same bunch of ppl there at the same spot. The way they shout and talk you would think awe they are so friendly.I was driving with a guywho does deliveries for different companies on trucks and they were shouting him because they do the same thing to locals also. The guy who was with me told me not to even stop,that these guys do this for a living and that how on they get pay decent amounts from even local delivery guys because the delivery guys know they have to pass there on a regular basis and would rather pay than be afraid to drive through at other times.

    He proceeded to tell em that the leader is a very bright and educated guy, but yet he prefers there and do what he does on a daily basis than go look for work because it pays better. They are pest to every one who stop there, and thing is you have to come to a stop when coming from cherry tree hill side at that junction and have to risk getting attack there.

  11. PiedPiper

    For the life of me, I do not understand why the Police do not deal with this matter. They are aware of the problem and yet do nothing? Word gets out and tourists will go home and say that Barbados is a dangerous place. This sort of thing can ruin tourism. UKers are still reeling from what happened in Antigua and tourists do not always differentiate their overall view of each individual island.
    Someone needs to step up and put an end to this and if not the Police then who?

  12. akabozik

    I’d like nothing better than to see a few carloads of “offduty” police arrive after dark and “look after” this crew by inviting them to play some road cricket.

    You know what I mean. Road cricket.

    No warning. Let the first visit be “the warning”. Hunt them down like they deserve.

  13. Rumplestilskin

    If this is true and this appears so, the authorities had better do something before some group takes matters into their own hands and ensures that this will never happen again.

    I guess that may be what the Police may be waiting for.

    At least there will be no waste of magistrates time and appeals by some lawyer.

    It will also ensure that no one else gets this idea.

  14. Rumplestilskin

    The question then must be asked, as with all of these ‘things’ , is who are these people related to?

    Or the leader?

  15. Rumplestilskin

    It would indeed be wrong for any individuals to set up a ‘citizens group’ to deal with serious problems such as this, by however m,eans necessary.

    Such groups would be unlawful and would be liable to prosecution for any actions committed, if every caught.

  16. Rumplestilskin

    Can you imagine the turmoil if some such citizens group ‘took out’ the major drug dealers who are known etc etc.

    Such matters need to be left to the Police to deal with.

  17. akabozik

    Rumplestilskin says “Such groups would be unlawful and would be liable to prosecution for any actions committed, if every caught.”

    I LOVE IT! The gang terrorises tourists and locals for years. Hundreds of them.

    People complain to the police who do NOTHING FOR YEARS and you are worried that a few citizens are going to look after things themselves.

    Who should do it if the police won’t? Get the BDF in then if the police are too frightened.

    Who will catch the citizens who beat these gangsters? The police?

    You are a joker!

  18. Rumplestilskin


    Ah, my friend.

    There is reading.

    And then, there is READING!

    Goodnight and peace.

  19. Sundowner

    A few years ago I was hassled by a man in Bathsheba who has spent most of his life in and out of the psychiatric….. this man will stab you in the back, literally , as soon as look at you,he is reported time and time and time again to the Police, he causes them so much trouble they pick him up and carry him back to Blackrock whenever they can, why he’s ever let out again I don’t know……. but when my husband went and complained to the Police about this man they said if he -my husband- killed him they’d be delighted and ‘turn a blind eye’!!

  20. PiedPiper

    Rumpelstilskin: You have voiced what first popped into my head. Is it possible that one or more of these thugs are related to someone important or thinks they are important? Is it possible one of them could be related to a police? What other possible reason can there be that the Police have not dealt with this situation?
    Food for thought.

  21. West Side Davie

    What a condemnation of Barbados that we would be talking about these peoples being related to somebody and that why the police dont do anything. In the USA that would not be thought of but here it could be true. so sad.

  22. Capt. Nobody

    I am not surprised….Police in Barbados is real 3d world class.
    For example: think how Police is organized ….if you live in St. Philip or any other Parish far from Town and something bad happens to you during a weekend ……you are in trouble and sort it out by yourself!!!
    World class….3d world class!

  23. The scout

    This is news to me> I,ve driven that area occasionally and see these guys but never was interested in checking them out nor did they stop me,so thanks for putting me on my guard. A police friend once told me of an old police saying, “it’s better to be tried by 12, than to be borne by 6”. Anyhow, this is Owen territory so be careful how you step.

  24. J

    Dear akabozik:

    You wrote “I’d like nothing better than to see a few carloads of “offduty” police arrive after dark and “look after” this crew.


    In your scenario what is to prevent the SAME “off duty” police from inviting fathers who are in arrears with the chile money (ie. theifing not $10 from a tourist stranger, but tens of thousands of dollars from their own innocent children) from “looking after” such fathers. And heck who cares if some of these fathers in arrears are also “off duty” policemen. Let them be “looked after” too.

    And how about those who benefitted from slavery (and still benefit) and stole the labour of millions of people over hundreds of years. Shall we get the “off duty” policemen to “look after” the beneficiaries of slavery too?

    And when the “off duty” policemen are finished with the fellows from Boscobelle, and the chile fathers, shall they “look after” business men who steal from their companies? and politicians who steal from the taxpayers? And how about “looking after” all those who use illegal drugs. Because after all without users there would be no dealers. How about getting the “off duty” policemen to “look after” the drug users too, and the those who beat their wives and children? And how about getting the “off duty” policemen to “look after” those (such as akabozik) who seek to promote extra-judicial executions? And when they are finished cleaning up here why not let them “look after” the big boys who crashed the big financial firm on Wall Street yesterday? Hey why don’t we make this place so squeeky clean that there is no work for the “off duty” policemen and they can then turn and “look after” themselves.

    I am sure tht there are better ways of looking after foolish young men who are so silly that they believe that they can make a decent living from theiving $10 at a time.

    The truth is Barbados will never be an excellent place for tourists until it is FIRST an excellent place for Barbadians.

    There are no short cuts.

  25. Cheesecutter

    On a different matter….I see Veoma Ali in court getting bail for beating up kareen clarke.whats the lowdown on that?

  26. Happy To Say

    The King of Boscobel is former Deputy Commissioner of Police – Sylvester Williams. I am sure that Sylvester would be very willing to share any info he has with the RBPF. While he keeps one eye on his cows he is keeping the other eye on this criminal element.

  27. Ru4real

    “I’d like nothing better than to see a few carloads of “offduty” police arrive after dark and “look after” this crew.

    Are you kidding?
    The Police spend quite enough time beating up the public without further encouragement.

  28. The scout

    Happy to say
    Sylvester is my friend, he doesn’t have many cows to keep an eye on because fellows, maybe some of the very fellows, have stolen his cows. The frustrating part is that they would kill the cow on the spot, cut out the belly and leave it there for Sylvester to bury.

  29. Peltdownman

    One of the problems with the “stupid” tourists, as you call them, is that they come to Barbados thinking that Bajans are still the friendly outgoing people that the island has a reputation for. It wouldn’t occur to them that they are going to get ripped-off or even robbed by this group of men. The set-up is designed to look as though they are being courteous and helpful. This has been going on for years and I have been caught when trying to find my way to Cove Bay by the same man. The only thing that has changed since then is that the numbers have grown. Without evidence of theft, though, what can the police do but warn the perpetrators?

  30. Peltdownman

    moderation again?

  31. Hants

    Time to raise the issue on Brasstacks

  32. Mathilde

    I think the proper description of the police here is “unhelpful” as opposed to “helpless”

  33. Tony Hall

    This is the type of situation that could not happen years ago. People want the police to take action.Right!! Thugs like these have to be dealt with in a rough manner. I have come across these fellas on my visits to the area and they tried to accost me because I was driving a hired car but I gave them a taste of Bajan vernacular and they backed off. These thugs only know one language and when the police has to effectively deal with them you are going to hear the public complaining that the poor black man being unfaired. The former PM did not do such a good job in looking after his constituency otherwise these thugs would not be creating a menace to the society. The Commissioner has to allow the Serious Crime Squad to wipe out this menace once and for all.

  34. Pablo

    Hey hey what is happening in Barbados de police getting soft or wuh I can’t believe what I reading Look Commissioner Dottin try and put a stop to de foolishness in de early cause you see some of de tings that have been happening in the world Gun crimes and stabbings well it is becoming a regular ting in London I have always known Barbados Law to be tough on Crime come on get back on Track before all these lawless thugs tek over and wipe out Barbados I real concern bout it as my Family living over there and I sure like most Bajans they don’t want it to get to the stage where they have to stay in doors after 6o’clock in case they get attacked or something so come on we Bajans are laid back people but I think de Police force getting to laid back wunna better wake up fast or even de tourist gunna run lef Barbados and then where Barbados will be then.

    I Gone before I Get Vex!!

  35. Hants

    @Tony Hall
    The former PM did not do such a good job in looking after his constituency otherwise these thugs would not be creating a menace to the society.

    Prehaps the thugs felt they were special to be represented by Owing.

    Time to solve the problem.

  36. art

    When you get things like this it is a question of asking, ‘how do we catch them’. That is what the police will decide. When the fellahs see the police coming they know, because it is a small place.

    We could try a reciprocal arrangement with someone like the UK police force, or US police force, get some white undercover police officers to come, while they get a nice holiday for their trouble. The BTA could work with the RBPF and crack this gang. Adrian Loveridge is often on these sites, maybe with his directorship he will be reading this, and decide it is a good idea.

    Or we could try to solicit some caucasian Bajans into the force.

    Anyone else have another solution to the complaint?

  37. WildyCoyte.

    Barbados is corrupt to the core,from politicians down the ranks so to expect the police to do something..well..they might patrol for a day or two but that is it,they have to get back to selling drugs,guns,extortion, and what ever other crimes they are involved in,(don’t mind Darwin he know what going on)mind you the police are just as bad as the criminals for all who won’t admit it they are human to and we know what their salaries look like…right.

  38. Happy To Say

    The Scout: Sylvester must be in his late 70s now so I am not surprised to hear that the # of cows he looks after has decreased. What is unfortunate is how this has come about. What is happening to this beautiful land of ours? Can this rot be stamped out? Is it too late? What does the future hold for our kids? Nuff questions No answers.

  39. PiedPiper

    Wait, you tryin to tell me that some police from another parish can’t dress in civilian clothes and rent a hire care and go up there and take care of business??

  40. The scout

    When we have a situation where the administration has to advertise to get members for the force, you really think they getting commited members. Check the amount of officers going before the courts for crime? Most of these fellows just drawing money.

  41. J

    Dear art:

    You wrote ‘Or we could try to solicit some caucasian Bajans into the force.”

    But nobody is stopping causcasian Bajans form joining the police force.

    Surely white Bajans also have interests which need police protection.

    Surely white Bajans also feel the need to serve and to protect.

  42. .22

    Hants wrote: “Time to raise the issue on Brasstacks”


    These petty thugs needs to be in jail, not at a road junction preying on tourists for money.

  43. Sundowner

    Mathilde, the police weren’t unhelpful when I called, if fact pleasant and helpful, he knew about the problem, but I suppose unless these men are caught in the act they are ‘helpless’ … of those cases of not being able to do anything unless a crime is committed? I don’t know but its real sad that this kind of harassment can’t be stopped, spoilt our really good day out…..

  44. Tony Hall

    I agree that there are some bad apples in the RBPF and God knows they should be weeded out swiftly but how could you make such a broad statement like that about the police? Is that good for their morale? Isn’t this the same organisation you will call if God forbid you are victimised? That is one of the reasons the force is not attracting persons, the constant bashing without understanding the conditions and restraints that these men and women who put their lives on the line have to work under.

  45. Q



    BFP says,


    What individual is this? Can you recognize them? What is their name? Is the photo already online somewhere else identifying them as … something?

    Thanks for your opinion, but we’ve decided that there is no harm, no foul.

  46. Bill

    The police blind, deaf and dumb, how many police have passed out of the regional police training center (RPTC) over the years that have failed the course and are still allowed to protect and serve and are not qualified to do so, the next time you encounter a rude ignorant policeman ask to see his RPTC certificate, successfully completed is a pass and attended means just that he only attend but he didn’t pass

  47. Tony Hall

    I must agree with you to a certain extent but it costs the Gov’t a lot of money per recruit at RPTC and the only way a recruit wouldn’t pass out is if he/she were caught in a very serious transgression. However if a recruit fails the course it does not mean that she/would not make a good policeman/woman. I have known some who have passed the course with flying colours and were ” rude and ignorant.” It depends on the circumstances.

  48. Bill

    Tony Hall,

    Rude and ignorant is too common a behaviour associated with the RBPF, pass or fail. But something must be wrong with a system that simply allows people to have a job because a cost is involved to train them. Whats the point of screening and testing just give the job to anyone who wants to wear the uniform.

    In the US the common practice for the police and military forces is that you would have to go through the training again as they have already invested so much into the persons training.

  49. ru4real

    Rude and ignorant is too common a behaviour associated with the RBPF, pass or fail. But something must be wrong with a system that simply allows people to have a job because a cost is involved to train them. Whats the point of screening and testing just give the job to anyone who wants to wear the uniform.
    Maybe being rude and ignorant is a prerequisite for the job?

  50. ru4real

    Why are so many of the RBPC so rude and ignorant?
    There so many unpleasant surly police officers here ready to turn into little Hitlers at the drop of a hat.
    Do they have to prove themselves by bullying others
    have they forgotten that Police officers are supposed to be servants of the public who up hold the law not use it for their own self aggrandizement.

  51. ru4real

    Please have you had your coffee yet ?

  52. Sundowner

    My husband worked in St lucy yesterday and they drove past this lot of men again, same place…… if the police did speak to them thats all they did.

  53. Yatinkiteasy

    Problem is …this seems to be profitable business for the bad boys…better than pushing unripe ackees at the roundabouts! worry as with most things in Barbados, if left unchecked, it will multiply at many other remote tourist locations….Think barbequed pig tails..”man,deh makin real money…lewee try it too “…
    car washing at government car parks with clear signs prohibiting the same, vendors in front of Tri Mart on the bridge, the authorities are just laughed at by the new Bajan youth..a real pity.

  54. tony m

    i bet if this was happening at sandy lane and crinkley old celebs from uk or usa were getting robbed they would do something about it.

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  56. Neil

    Anything new to report with regard to this problem?

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  62. SANDY


  63. rasta man

    Wonder if one of them is shot if the shooter would be charged?

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