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Barbados News Media Fails To Cover Major China Story: Tainted Food Deaths

Barbados News Media Reports On China Tainted Food Story

Barbados News Media Reports On China Tainted Food Story

Mothers in Barbados want to know if any Chinese milk products have been imported into Barbados recently or at any time in the past, but the Barbados news media – both print and broadcast – remain silent.

The Shame Of Our “Bought And Paid For” News Media

The world’s news media has been in a feeding frenzy for three days over the latest contaminated food scandal from China. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of babies are seriously ill due to contaminated baby formula and milk products from China. At least one child is dead, maybe more if you don’t trust the Chinese to tell the truth… and we don’t.

News reports indicate that the Chinese manufacturer and government knew of the contamination weeks ago but in typical fashion failed to recall the product and alert the world.

The melamine-contaminated milk products have also been exported to at least one country outside of China for processing into products that will not bear the “Made In China” label.

Silence In Barbados

The Government of Barbados has said nothing. The Minister of Health has said nothing. The Barbados news media has said nothing…

Mothers in Barbados want to know if any Chinese milk products have been imported into Barbados recently or at any time in the past, but the Barbados news media – both print and broadcast – remain silent.

I guess it is payback time for all those free trips to China enjoyed by Barbados “journalists” as guests of the communist government.

To hell with them all.

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More Melamine Poisoned Chinese Food: Hundreds, Maybe Thousands Of Babies Seriously Ill – Deaths Starting

Why Take The Chance With Food From China?

Not Worth It: Why Take The Chance With Food From China?


– Product On Walmart Shelves!!!

– China Knew Since August 8, 2008 But Did Not Issue Recall For A Month!!!

– NEW STORY BREAKING: Pesticide Tainted Rice From China Consumed In Japan

Dr. David Estwick, Barbados Health Minister

Dr. David Estwick, Barbados Health Minister

Questions For Health Minister Estwick:

This Product Kills Children…

– Are There Any Milk Products Or By-products From China In Barbados Now?

– Have Any China Milk Products Been Imported To Barbados At Any Time?

– What Do You Intend To Do To Protect Bajans From The Continuing Threat From Contaminated Food & Drugs From China?

How many worldwide incidents of contaminated food from the People’s Republic of China does Barbados Minister of Health Dr. David Estwick need before he actually does something to ensure the safety of Bajans?

Barbados Government Should Ban Food Imports From China

News of the latest incident of melamine-poisoned China food products is just starting to break, and it looks like thousands of babies have been harmed by poisoned baby formula and milk powder. Melamine is a chemical used in plastics that was at the centre of a US recall of pet foods containing Chinese-made additives last year. One story by the Associated Press says that Chinese authorities and manufacturers knew about the contamination for many weeks and said nothing while babies died.

Reports say the contaminated baby formula and milk powder has been distributed and might even be on the shelves in Britain and the United States. Although some of the contaminated Chinese brands are known, what is not yet clear is whether any of the contaminated ingredients were shipped abroad to be used by manufacturers outside of China. (Breaking Sept 13/08 09:03am Bridgetown: Some bulk product was shipped abroad to Taiwan – from there, no one knows. So it looks like the original “assurance” from the Chinese Government that no contaminated bulk product was exported was false. No surprise there.)

We probably don’t know even the half of it and neither does Barbados Health Minister Estwick. And that is the key: Barbados Health Minister Estwick doesn’t know any more about this than does anyone else. The Chinese government certainly didn’t alert anybody about this latest incident, and even then they went into a mode of denial instead of immediately alerting the worldwide community so people could stop the harm.

“Made In China” Means “This Could Be Poison”

Let’s review what we have learned in the last few years about hazardous food, drug and manufactured products from China…

1/ China has a long history of scandals and incidents involving tainted food and pharmaceuticals. Likewise, hardly a week goes by that we don’t see another story of children’s toys or baby bibs containing high levels of lead or other deadly substances.

2/ The problem is not confined to products that are clearly marked as being “Made in China” as contaminated raw ingredients are often shipped in bulk to manufacturers on other continents including in North America and Europe.

3/ When another story breaks, the Chinese authorities exhibit a standard pattern of response that is slowly and reluctantly escalated as follows…

a/ Concealment of the problem by manufacturers, then government.

b/ Denial by government.

c/ Acknowledgment by government that there was a minor problem that was only local in scope.

d/ Where there are many deaths or extensive foreign news coverage, government makes a huge show of product recalls and announces an investigation. New inspection methods and routines are also announced.

e/ A “guilty” manufacturer or plant manager is quickly found, arrested and blamed for the event. He is usually executed within months, allowing the government to say “There. Fixed that. No more problem with contaminated food.”

f/ Everything goes back to normal until a month later when the next contaminated food or other health-related scandal erupts.

This is the standard pattern that we continue to see from China even though the incidents of contaminated food and drugs have risen dramatically in the last decade.

It is obvious that China lacks sufficient regulations and effective controls to ensure that their foods, drugs and other products are not hazardous. There is obviously a “wild west” atmosphere in Chinese manufacturing that their government has not been able to stop.

There is a price to be paid for cheap food from China and that price is paid by consumers all over the world – in deaths, illnesses and ruined health.

Barbados Minister of Health Dr. David Estwick knows that our country lacks the resources to test all shipments of human-consumables from China. Our population is at significant risk from dangerous and substandard made in China’s “wild west, anything goes” manufacturing environment.

In the absence of real changes in the quality of food and drugs from China, and considering our lack of ability to test products, and China’s history of cover-ups – Barbados should ban the importation of food and drugs from China, or products that were made with bulk ingredients from China.

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