Crooked Barbados Lawyers: Only One Arrested, Many Others Allowed To Walk Free… Why?

Why Was This Crooked Barbados Lawyer Charged? What Makes Ernest Jackman So Special?

Why Was This Crooked Barbados Lawyer Charged? What Makes Ernest Jackman So Special?

Folks were recently surprised to read in the Nation News that a crooked Barbados lawyer had actually been criminally charged with stealing from clients. Usually the Barbados Bar Association does everything it can to “handle” such situations internally. By processing complaints of theft through the so-called disciplinary committee, the lawyers make sure that their own kind don’t get hurt too badly.

As with politicians, Barbados lawyers have something like a gentleman’s agreement between themselves that it is best for the profession if misdeeds are covered up. So the Barbados Bar Association talks alot about integrity and accountability – but they don’t really want to see any of their good ‘ol boys network behind bars.

Like politicians, lawyers also know that it is dangerous to put others in jail who may have as much on you and you do on them!

So we were all surprised to see Attorney-at-Law Ernest Winston Jackman charged criminally with stealing a million dollars from a couple of clients. Especially after crooked lawyers like Mortimer Clarke, Ezra Alleyne and so many others were allowed to get away with the same behaviour.

Barbados Legal Profession In Damage Control Mode – But They Just Don’t Get It!

A few days ago, Wilfred Abrahams, president of the Barbados Bar Association, was lamenting in the Nation News that there are a few “bad apples” in every profession and that the public had it all wrong in their perception of lawyers. He then went on to speak about the disbarment of Barbados attorney Mortimer Clarke who had failed to repay money that he stole from a client – saying…

The Bar Association president further stressed that Clarke was afforded every opportunity by the Court of Appeal to repay the money he had misappropriated.

“The court took a position with Mr Clarke that it was there to uphold the law; that it is there to protect clients and it is there to protect the reputation of attorneys generally,”…

“And in Mr Clarke’s particular case, the court gave him a chance. It did suspend him but it gave him a chance to pay the funds back and he didn’t. What the court is showing now, is that it is not prepared to tolerate the nonsense anymore; the court is going to hold the attorneys to a high standard and I see nothing wrong with that,” (Barbados Bar Association president Wilfred Abrahams in the Nation News link here)

High Standard? What a Lie! What a Joke!

Mr. Abrahams’ statement illustrates perfectly why citizens and foreigners alike do not trust the Barbados legal profession. Every honest lawyer in Barbados should read the entire interview and cringe at the damage that Abrahams did to the legal profession.

Wilfred Abrahams, president of the Barbados Bar Association, is so divorced from reality that he is nothing but a liability to honest Bajan lawyers.

You see, Mortimer Clarke was NOT held to a high standard. That Mr. Abrahams thinks that justice has been done is a disgrace.

Let’s review the facts of the case, shall we?

In 1999, TEN YEARS AGO, Barbados lawyer Mortimer Clarke stole $150,000 in funds from a real estate transaction where he collected the money but didn’t pass it on to his client. The client complained but the police were not called in by the Barbados Bar Association – and it took almost a decade of begging, heartache and stress by the victim to get Clarke to pay back most of the stolen money in bits here and there.

So what did the Disciplinary Committee of the Barbados Bar Association think was an appropriate penalty for Mortimer Clarke for stealing $150,000 of a client’s money?

Disbarment? Jail?

Nope… a “reprimand” was the penalty assessed. That’s all, folks!

And Mr. Clarke could have escaped with only the reprimand except that he failed to repay $35,407.04 in interest and travel expenses incurred by the victim. A few months ago, the President of the Barbados Bar Association was placed in the outrageous position of appearing before Chief Justice David Simmons to argue that the reprimand imposed by his own Disciplinary Committee was not good enough unless Clarke paid the interest and travel expenses!

Even then, Chief Justice Simmons did not disbar Clarke – he only imposed a nine-month suspension.

Just to put this in perspective, anywhere in the civilized world a lawyer could expect a year or two in jail and permanent disbarment for similar activities. Not so in Barbados where the legal profession was apparently happy to accept Mortimer Clarke back into its welcoming arms after he had a little vacation. (”Pity you had a client complain, Morty old chap. We’ll have to make a show of it for a few months. Hope you understand.”)

Only when Mortimer Clarke didn’t come up with the money to pay the interest and expenses to the victim was the penalty raised from a nine-month suspension to disbarment.

My fellow citizens, the fact that the president of the Barbados Bar Association thinks that justice has been done in this case – after victim was subjected to ten years of torture by a crooked lawyer – is a national disgrace. More than that, it threatens our status as an offshore center for finance and corporations and it dirties the reputation of every honest Barbados lawyer.

A teacher who molests students has broken a sacred trust and for this reason is punished more severely than an ordinary person. Similarly a police officer who steals property under his care can look forward to more jail time than an ordinary thief.

There are good reasons for this standard, but in Barbados our lawyers have other standards…

In Barbados, if a lawyer gets caught stealing a client’s money, he gets to pay back the money, avoid jail and keep on practicing law!

So why was Ernest Jackman charged with theft of clients’ money while Mortimer Clarke, Ezra Alleyne and so many others were allowed to get away with the same behaviour?

That is the question that the Barbados Bar Association must answer if they wish to work towards public respect and trust. Simply complaining that lawyers are misunderstood is a waste of breath for Wilfred Abrahams and the Barbados Bar Association.

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62 responses to “Crooked Barbados Lawyers: Only One Arrested, Many Others Allowed To Walk Free… Why?

  1. reality check

    so lets hear which lawyers are on the ethics review committee as I am sure that some, if not all, have chequered pasts if they haven’t already been elevated to the Bench.

    This is what happens when you do not have independent honest laypersons from the public sitting on the committee.

    Placing laypersons with integrity on these committees is part of the transparency process that real democracies implement to help act as a check and balance against the excessess of small elite groups who are in a position of power and yet without independents and a free or neutered press continue to abuse time and again without any oversight.

    Come to think of it, there needs to be independents sitting on the civil service committees, regularly reporting to the press.

    David, we are waiting???

  2. Anonymous

    how many times do you use the phrase “they just don’t get it”??
    None of them get it, they’re all still stuck in the Sixties.

  3. .65

    Too right, BFP!

    Barbados lawyers have a rotten reputation not because they are all crooks, but because there is never any penalty for stealing from a client. That goes double if the client is from overseas!

  4. The scout

    This particular one is not surprising, it had to happen eventually, couldn’t keep getting away, one day the chicken would come home to roost. Is this the same person who had a business in Green Hill? I hope he’s innocent because I’ve heard so much adverse sotries about him that the best thing to happen is a quick trial and justice done to either clear his name or that of the profession.

  5. The scout

    I undrestand from very reliable sources that this particular attorney has/had a large amount case before the Bar association, many for fraud. there is the possibility that more will come to the fore. It is alleged that some siblings were trying to dig him out of the rut but he was too deep in it. Was he the attorney in the matter of BL&P and the young man who was crippled in an accident in Church Street, St. Peter?

  6. WildyCoyte.

    Good question BFP,i wonder if this crow “juck out” one of his colleagues eye..or eyes and now finds himself in this pickle???,things that make you go hmmm..somebody ain’t get their cut boy…lol.

  7. Fool me once

    So what do our lawyers do when they see another one stealing. Just help him out while the client gets boned up?

    Why not the whole law association not have to pay up for ignoring the problem for 10 years? Not that there weren’t complaints and signals that this was going on just no one would do something so it went from bad to worse.

    Aren’t these lawyers insured for mistakes and stealings?

  8. The scout

    I think it’s time a respectable committee of loyal bajans be set up to investigate , report on and bring to justice these attorneys. The problem is, we in this little island have too many and they have a certain standard to live up to and they can’t so when they see money they hold on to it for dear life. The awhful thing is that thereis certain business that has to be done by them. There is no choice.

  9. Passin Thru

    You heard the one about sharks not eating lawyers out of “professional courtesy”? The president of the Barbados Bar Association don’t complain about crooked lawyers for the same reason! 🙂

  10. If I run a stop sign, even by just 2-3 MPH, I’ll expect a fine. If I steal over one hundred thousand from Super Centre (just an example, I’m not going to!) will I get the chance to pay it back later, like an interest free loan from a bank? Laughing loudly, now.

  11. Nation 2/21/07: (also see Bajan Reporter blog)

    “American artiste manager James Branden, holder of the copyright for a song written in 1994, has hired local attorney Ernest Jackman to file a US$40 million (BDS$80 million) suit against the United States-based producers, claiming the song was infringed by artiste Prince and moviemaker Lee in a movie/soundtrack titled Girl 6.”

    Would this have made Mr. Jackman special?

  12. Civilsociety

    Standards man..standards. They need to open up the legal profession in many ways. 1) allow more people to study law at UWI so that there are more lawyers to choose from. 2) add competition into the equastion and stop this ridiculous minimum charge for legal fees..give me a break! 3) require lawyers to pay the client their due interest when they keep their money in trust. They tell you the money is in a zero interest baring bank account..please do they think we’s stupid?
    Lawyers are allowed to sign passports because they are supposedly ethical. Well, any lawyer, and I mean any lawyer in this country who has stolen from their clients should automatically be disbarred for life, and then they should face the courts as a common teef..cause that’s what they are.

  13. The scout

    You said “open up the legal profession?” There are over 500 attorneys in this little island. Most of them are srtuggling, that’s why when they get their hands on large sums of money most of it stays in their pockets.Attorneys, it is alleged, were caught in a bind when that bank on upper broad street closed. Plus do you think that attorneys would be exposed in this country? These laws would have to be passed in Parliament and the majority of M.P’s from both sides are attorneys. Come on what would you expect?

  14. The scout

    If a client goes beserk and takes matters into his own hands when an attorney messes up, he still has to get another attorney to try and plea the case for him or he would be a sitting duck in court because the magistrate or judge is/was an attorney too. They all belong to the same faternity.

  15. liz

    Can a client bring a criminal case for theft against the lawyer?

  16. The scout

    Who would try the case?
    Ans: A magistrate/ attorney or a judge/attorney
    Who would plea the case for you?
    Ans: an attorney?
    Small chance of winning.
    If you plea the case yourself and he/she has his/her gurus, you would look foolish when they start to quote law.
    Until some-one takes matters into their own hands, the condition will continue. It is alleged that a man was running this same guy across Walrond street one day with a cutlass in his hand.

  17. bad boy jim

    This is the same attorney who was part of the team who owned the untouchables tent.that tent had a few million dollars in the bank,which was made by all the performers through the years,only two of them from st .phillip got pay out,mac and the red.the closing of that tent was a scam and you should look in to this,serious,nough nouhg money got stolen and divided up amoung a few,and he was one of them.

  18. liz

    The Scout
    Forgive my ignorance/innocence
    If I report a theft to the police to press criminal charges do I need a lawyer?
    I thought the police would prosecute the case?

  19. The scout

    It’s best to take your own attorney since the prosecuter basically introduces the case, you would need a attorney to really question the accused fully.

  20. The scout

    bad boy jim
    As far as I’m aware, he’s the same one. Also I heard they are many more complains against him in the Complains Committee including and alleged case of overdue rent for the use of the old Downes building in Green Hill.

  21. Equity

    Scout, why are you giving misinformation? You do not need an attorney to prosecute in a criminal trial…liz is right.

  22. The scout

    I never said that you need an attorney to prosecute in a criminal trial. I said it’s advisable to take one and I would add, when dealing in particular cases even though it will be difficult to find a genuine one.

  23. dreamstarworld

    When I wrote the article for the NATION NEWSPAPER back in 2006 entitled “Where Have All The Good Lawyers Gone: Policing The Custodians Of Our Legal System” – it was denied publication.

    So much for FREE PRESS!!!

    My business partner and I were appalled that we were being dragged through the proverbial mud to get basic legal work done for commercial property we were buying…

    This same condition would not have happened to a White American or European but a Black man with a similar financial worth would be subjected to stalling, procrastination and dubious charges.

    Again, I want to be a facetious as I possibly can…

    Barbados gets what it rightfully deserves…

    We are a nation of pacifists whose bark is worst than its bite…

    Actually, when we do bite – our teeth are made out of rubber!!!

    The judiciary and the custodians of the legal system are “false gods” who are adored, revered and worshiped for their divine order…

    If there is no access to real accountability….

    If the “watchdogs” are bloated by too much “meat” and would rather lay down than watch the hen-house” – no wonder the sly foxes continue to prey on the vulnerable and the unsuspecting.

    I am not even sure if the entrenched nature of politics in this country can avert what will be a national disgrace.

    Things will only get worst as world financial conditions goes into further meltdown…

  24. mtual

    This is the same attorney who was part of the team who owned the untouchables tent.that tent had a few million dollars in the bank,which was made by all the performers through the years,only two of them from st .phillip got pay out,mac and the red.
    Millions? Sounds like a lot for a tent. Can you substantiate this? I would like to hear more.
    Read about another crooked lawyer with fifty traffic offenses refusing to pay and given a mere slap on wrist by a magistrate who is another lawyer. A few of these lawyers should be imprisoned for breakng the law just like a criminal from the Farm or Pine.

  25. The scout

    Who will guard the guards?

  26. Licky Lickum


    I was going to say the same thing. The “dishonorable Mr. Birch” slaps the wrist of all lawyers and legal staff when they come before him in his court. These people who can really afford the fine.

    Instead he tries to make the poor poorer for not coming to a full and complete stop at a stop sign leading onto an empty one way street when their car was only rolling forward at 0.5 miles before continuing onto the empty road.

    “Poor man see them from afar, a bunch of hypocrites that’s what they are.”

  27. bad boy jim

    ask mac why he closed the tent,and who was stealing the money.he got out before all was gone.

  28. J

    Dear dreamstarworld:

    You wrote “This same condition would not have happened to a White American or European but a Black man with a similar financial worth would be subjected to stalling, procrastination and dubious charges.”

    I say a black woman too. Maybe even worse.

  29. J

    Sometimes it seems to me that lawyers are all waiting for the big, big jobs to roll in their door. But the truth is most of us will never commit murder, most of us will never commit a million dollar fraud, most of us will never start a company the size of microsoft or even of williams industries.

    Most of us need lawyers for routine, boring, pedestrian, mom and pop stuff. We need a lawyer when we are buying a a house spot or a modest house, we need lawyers to help us write out wills (even though are assets are less than a million dollars worth and we have just the usual 1.6 children and long estranged spouse) we need lawyers to help us administer very small estates, we need lawyers to help us set up a small business.

    However I get the the distinct impression that most lawyers are bored by this routine, boring, mom and pop, pedestrian stuff.

    There is probably a lot of money out there to be made by the lawyers/legal firms which is willing to say “yes we do” to the tens of thousand of small legal jobs which need to be done. Not glitz, not glamour, just steady well paid WORK.

  30. The scout

    The real money in law is not made by the criminal lawyers but by the corporate lawyers. The ones that used to be referred to as solicitors. Today they are all classified attorneys- at- law and many people don’t know whose who. Therefore we have many of them who don’t know much about corporate law getting involved. the money looks good and some extras can drop off. After all, a baker gets flour all over him and if he doesn’t bathe before he goes home, he takes home some. Most attorneys don’t bathe before they go home, so what do you think they would take home?
    This faternity is protected by they own administrators/brothers, so what do you get. We need to call for an end to this. Is it clear now why ITAL would always “just a promis?”

  31. looking back

    @ The scout
    On topic of solicitors what became of charges against a Miss Waterman who was a solicitor cum lawyer? She was actually charged with stealing client funds. Was the case tried ? Are there any totally honest lawyers? I dont know AG Freundel Stuart but he comes across as being serious about honesty in the profession.

  32. The scout

    Looking back
    On both sides of the political fence, there are a large number of attorneys. Both the P.M and the opposition leader are attorneys plus most of the senior MP’s both sides. Do you honestly think they would create laws that might haunt them, depending which part of the fence they are on? The one man who did that was the first man to get burn by the law.
    I ask one more time “who will guard the guards?”

  33. Hants

    This is a freekin epedemic.

    FOR THE second time in two weeks, a lawyer has appeared before the law court accused of stealing his clients’ money.

    This time, the attorney is Therold O’Neal Fields, who has been charged with stealing nearly $700 000 in money from three clients in a two-year span.

  34. Barbadian Abroad

    From what I understand only Clarke made an unprompted attempt to replay his former clients. So he can stay. But if these “attorneys” are found guilty they should not be suspended, but immediately disbarred. And that is putting it mildly; they should be housed with the company they keep. You or I would be.

    I wonder if these lawyers were easy marks, and not the hardened criminals, and that is why they got selected for prosecution. Hum…

    BFP comments…

    You says… “From what I understand only Clarke made an unprompted attempt to replay his former clients. So he can stay.”

    Huh? If a lawyer steals, gets caught but then tries to repay the clients – you say he can remain a lawyer????

    Are you nuts?

  35. The scout

    I don’t quite understand the judicial system in Barbados. One lawyer is charged with One (1) million dollars and is on $ 250,000.00 bail, the other is charged with $700,000.00 and is on One (1) million dollars bail. It seems the more you are charged with the smaller the bail money. I forget, Attorney,Lawyer, Magistrate, Judge, A.G, C.J, all IS the same profession. Who will guard the guards.

  36. Barbadian Abroad

    To BFP:

    You have to pick and choose who can be rehabilitated and who cannot (that’s why sentences vary). If you called up every lawyer for this charge you would probably have none left.

    A suspension might have been appropriate in his case, I do not know the finer details. But according to your standards he is an honest attorney.

    Jackman stole $250,000; Fields $700,000; and Clarke owes 35,407. You do the math.


    To BA,

    You say “If you called up every lawyer for this charge you would probably have none left.”

    My friend, you are totally wrong about that. There are many good people who are lawyers in Barbados. But there are, or were, no penalties for theft. Mr. Clarke stole, then he paid it back. The fact that the Bar Association thought that paying back money once a lawyer was caught makes the theft unimportant is a condemnation of that professional association.

    Many Bajan lawyers realise that this has to change if the profession is to achieve any respect at all.

    Once a lawyer has broken trust and stolen a client’s money, if the other lawyers allow him to return to practice they hurt themselves and the profession.

    Mr. Clarke was given far more chances than he deserved.

    The theft of a single dollar by a lawyer is as serious as the theft of a million dollars by a lawyer. In fact, there is an argument that the theft of smaller amounts shows an even more flawed character than the theft of a large amount.

    The small-time thief has no standards or integrity at all!

  37. looking back

    More than epidemic Hants. Its a plague. Found this on Bajan Global Report.>>>>

    “Whatever happen to attorney-at-law Laureen Clothilda Waterman charged with stealing over $400,000 in September 2006. “The proceeds of a Royal Bank of Canada cheque that belonged to the NHC?”

    Yeah what happened to her?

  38. Hants

    What is the difference between a person stealing $1000 dollars from my house and a Lawyer stealing money from a Client?

    Does anyone ever go to jail for fraud in Barbados?


    BFP says,

    The difference is that your lawyer is in a position of trust when he steals from you, while the house thief just kicked in your door. The lawyer should therefore be punished more than the house thief IMHO.

  39. Citizen

    money is only half of it, how many lawyers out there in bim force clients to submit to sexual acts before any work is done or the settlement funds handed over.

  40. Hants

    @BFP you say

    “The lawyer should therefore be punished more than the house thief IMHO.”

    You are correct.

    Some people work 3 jobs to save for their retirement. They really hurt when they get ripped off.

  41. Hants

    How come wanna moderating me?

    BFP says,

    We’re not moderating you Hants. The fact that some get through the filter and some don’t proves that you are not on “always moderate”.

    RTFM at the top tab re moderating ! 🙂

  42. Barbadian Abroad

    To BFP:

    You contradicted and undermined your own argument by saying: “The theft of a single dollar by a lawyer is as serious as the theft of a million dollars by a lawyer. In fact, there is an argument that the theft of smaller amounts shows an even more flawed character than the theft of a large amount.”

    In saying that, it would follow that a lesser crime would receive a harsher punishment than a greater one.

    But I get your point, they should be equally punished. And I do not disagree with you.

    I might have made a gross generalization, but, quite frankly, I do think that a lot of Bajan attorneys are corrupt at some level. Want proof? Even those who are not directly involved in committing the misdeed are indifferent in their response to those who are (how many lawyers report their colleagues’ wrongdoings?). And if that were a fact, which it is, it would make them an accessory to a crime. Why? Because these law men and women are also sworn to uphold the law.

    Therefore, I cannot be “totally wrong” and you, in turn, cannot be completely right 🙂


    BFP says,

    BA say “Therefore, I cannot be “totally wrong” and you, in turn, cannot be completely right”

    Wait a minute! Is this my wifey? 🙂

  43. Barbadian Abroad

    To BFP:

    I stand by my original statement. The attorneys should be punished differently for their crimes since there magnitude differed. Naturally, I would then expect more punishment for Fields and Jackman than Clarke.


    BFP says,

    OK…. 2 years jail for Clarke

    5 for the others.

  44. Barbadian Abroad

    BFP says,

    OK…. 2 years jail for Clarke

    5 for the others.


    Agreed! 😉

  45. shame shame shame

    Bajans’ memories are very short. Ernest Jackman cah way money before and was kicked out the firm of Evelyn, Gittens and Farmer. I used to see he after that driving bout an old car and wid he head hold down. Now I was in utter shock when I open de paper and see he doing this same ish again. What is up with these lawyers and cahing way people hard earned money. They should sit down up Dodds like every other crooked thief and do hard time. If a thief cah way $20 from a store he does go before a magistrate and get six months. A lawyer should get 15 years for cahing way a million dollars!

  46. john

    The law system is made by lawyers for lawyers .Here here in Barbados we’re caught up in a slow legal process ,to get anything done is so stressful. From the top to the bottom everything is so dam slow except … wait for it …..the lawyers bill . Which on most cases is deducted at source so they always get paid and guess what ? if your unhappy ?go and find another slow ass lawyer to take even longer than your original slow ass one !
    The BBA is compiled of ? you”ve guessed it slow ass lawyers, which is why there is a backlog of over 2 years for complaints to be heard and all the while the very lawyer who has stole your cash is free to carry on stealing others with the blessing of the BBA

  47. john

    As a Bajan i’m telling you this is the ‘ tip of the iceberg ‘ Watch this space

  48. The scout

    barbadian abroad
    Jackman was charged for just under one miliion.dollars and is on $250,000 bail. There are over 25 more cases to come up for Jackman.

  49. fraud

    linzy boldin is a smart ass lawer you can’t get him he is thiefing money , land and what ever he can get , but ya can’t touch him , ya hear, he is a smart ass lawer. who was runing who down waldron street, you let him get way? now look what he is doing ,close eaglepoint like he shut down the tent in st. phillip. and start up a new company to steal some hardworking people money.

  50. We are more of Therold Fields Clients who have been robbed – Lawyers are considered to be like Doctors ,trustworthy, honest and believable – We don’t know where to go next to take action against Mr. Fields. Can anyone advise ?

  51. need help

    I can’t tell you they are all lodge brothers, I have also been robbed, and it realy hurts . I don’t know what to do, no one cares either, you don’t know who to trust. I am done with barbados the last one who leaves can turn out the lights.

  52. customer

    if a lawyer from barbados runs of with aload of my money which i trusted him to pass on for me to purchase my villa, he has been taken to court from the villa company for stealing millions from other clients, what does the BAR do with this, here in the uk they club together to pay back the cash.
    can you help?

  53. Hants

    Consult a reputable UK Law firm.

  54. @therold

    Can anyone give an update on this? How do the newspapers publish a picture of this cheating/stealing man and say when his next hearing is and not give an update?!?

  55. 237

    It’s amazing to see how some people in the law system are valued. Therold Fields a lawyer in this island who has done some fine work, for my family, and many other people in Barbados whether rich, poor, white, black, is still being victimized by the system and people who seem to be out for more than justice….(blood), As for Mr. Fields, I will ask him to keep his head high, keep helping the less fortunate, keep fighting and stay positive…

  56. 34

    earnest jackman owes over $100,000,00 to me but will never see it. Same story of taking from clients different names. I do not want to do business here will go to us there is no way to get money or make an honest leaving here. Doctors have a way to bleed you also. Unless Barbados cleans up its professional system they will remain a third country until the whites come in and help sort out the laws, etc.

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  59. Anonymous

    Lawyers in Barbados Should be held to a much higher standard. They are all thieves.

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