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Two Nuclear-Capable Russian Blackjack Strategic Bombers Landed Today In Venezuela

Russian Bear Awakes From Slumber – Cranky and Hungry

Two Russian Blackjack bombers landed in Venezuela last night for “exercises” over neutral waters in the Caribbean. Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez says any Russian vessels or bombers are welcome to visit his country.

Chavez said nothing about whether Georgia should extend the same offer to the Russian military.

Gosh… a little more of this and it will almost feel like old times around Bridgetown. Remember when American military personnel in civilian clothes were trying so hard not to be recognized as Americans when they were off their base?

Russia News: Russian Strategic Bombers Land In Venezuela

CNN: Two Russian Bombers Land In Venezuela


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Rumour Mill Going Crazy: Is Hamilton “Hammie La” Lashley Crossing The Floor?

In the last hour, we have received three emails and a call from a friend – all indicating that Barbados Member of Parliament “Hammie” Hamilton Lashley is crossing the floor to the DLP Government.

The St. Michael South East Opposition BLP member won his seat over DLP challenger Undene Whittaker by a narrow 3% margin out of about 4,800 cast. Hammie has always spoken his mind even against his own party and government. His constituants generally believe he represents them before his party. (That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it!)

Will he? Did he?

Let the truth come out!


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