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Barbados Corruption Scandal Continues For 18 Years: When An Outraged Billie Miller Called For The Resignation Of Deputy Prime Minister Philip Greaves Over Land Corruption

BLP Member Of Parliament Demanded Philip Greaves Resign Over Conflict Of Interest Land Scandal

The year was 1992 when an angry Billie Miller revealed that the DLP Deputy Prime Minister had been speculating in land that the government was expropriating! Philip Greaves and his DLP co-conspirators had attempted to gain control of Kingsland Estates – through misusing their government powers.

Where was the money to come from to purchase Kingsland Estates? Hah! The government was going to expropriate a few parcels of Kingsland’s holdings for the new headquarters of the Transport Board. The government would pay the purchase price to Kingsland Estates – where Greaves and his crooked friends would use the money to complete the purchase of Kingsland!

After that was done, Greaves and his friends (as the government) would then approve a 35 million dollar golf-tourism project and make oodles of money without investing hardly a dollar.

Philip Greaves replied to Billie Miller that there was “no law” that prohibited what he had done.

And isn’t that the truth…

Here we are some 18 years later and there is still no law to prevent Members of Parliament from using their position and power to enrich themselves. Even though Prime Minister David Thompson promised during the campaign that he would adopt a Ministerial Code immediately upon assuming office on January 16, 2008, once elected that promise was exposed as an election campaign lie.

Barbados Politicians Have Been Trying To Get Their Hands On A Billion Dollars Of Prime Barbados Land For 20 Years!

The land that Deputy Prime Minister Greaves was trying to gain control of back then was part of the Kingsland Estates properties. Yes… the same billion dollars of land that continues to this day to be the subject of numerous lawsuits in Barbados, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Both the current and immediately past Prime Ministers of Barbados face a civil lawsuit over land corruption charges surrounding Kingsland Estates. Bajans have been questioning how it is that so many of our politicians and other government officials are now civilly charged with land fraud by a Canadian Court, but the current article at Keltruth Blog answers a good many questions…

It appears that many politicians, government officials and hangers-on had their fingers in the Kingsland Estates pie over the years and all them chickens are now coming home to roost! Yup, it looks like Dame Billie Miller was seeing land fraud corruption by government officials at Kingsland way back in 1992, and that corruption is directly related to the current land fraud charges in a Canadian court.

Is the Barbados news media covering the story today? Not at all.

Do you think that the Canadian news media would hide the story if their Prime MInister was charged with land fraud by a Barbados court?

Folks… you owe it to yourself and your children to take an interest in the Kingsland Estates trials, because senior politicians and government officials of both parties are charged with land fraud and other corruption in a Canadian court. And that my friends is NEWS – whether or not the Barbados media wishes to ignore it.

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Who Pays For The Stolen Runway Lights In Guyana?

Back in August, Barbados loaned our portable runway lights to Cheddi Jagan International Airport. The permanent lights at Cheddi Jagan had failed and the country had no money to repair or replace them because the crooks in the government had left the place bankrupt.

Those portable runway lights are emergency equipment kept at our own Grantley Adams International Airport “just in case”. There are probably even some rules requiring emergency runway lights be available…

… But being the decent folks we Bajans are, we loaned the lights to Guyana.

Now we hear that runway lights have been stolen from Guyana’s Cheddi Jagan International Airport – and although no one is saying that the missing lights are the ones on loan from Barbados, one has to wonder if the thieves would have taken the broken lights that didn’t work – or the working-just-fine Bajan lights.


Sometimes it seems as if no good deed goes unpunished.

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