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Barbados Transparency The DLP Way…

“The WEEKEND NATION continues to receive queries about the non-appearance of the Democratic Labour Party’s weekly column under the pseudonym Douglas Leopold Phillips.

The last column submitted by the party for publication appeared on Friday, June 13. Since then, we have written the party on the matter and are still awaiting a response…” (From The Nation News link here)

After Achieving Power, Why Bother To Speak To The People?

DLP Blog: Abandoned since January 13, 2008. (link here)

DLP Weekly Nation News Article: Abandoned since June 13, 2008 (link here)

DLP After Cabinet Media Briefings: The policy of having a press briefing after every Cabinet meeting lasted for two months. Now press briefings are at the call of government rather than being regularly scheduled, a policy best summed up as “We’ll talk to the press when it is beneficial for us, not when they have something they want to ask.”

Governance Advisory Board A Sham – Promised August Meetings Another Lie

Way back in June, Senator Orlando Marville, chairman of the new Governance Advisory Board that is supposed to be creating and implementing ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation – promised the following to the citizens of Barbados…

Three town hall meetings will be held in addition to meetings with the media, the social partners, and other specific stakeholders in August.

The process and materials will be placed online (Internet)

Considerable public participation during the discussions in August.

You don’t have to believe us folks. Check out our article and the links to media articles quoting Senator Marville. (see BFP’s Barbados Government Says Integrity, Freedom Of Information and Defamation Laws In A Year Or So – Or Maybe Two Years)

The Truth About The Governance Advisory Board

– No media, social partners or stakeholder meetings were held in August.

– No public townhall meetings were held in August.

– The Governance Advisory Board didn’t even have a meeting themselves in August!

The Governance Advisory Board doesn’t even have a phone number! It has no physical address, no email address, no website, no support or clerical staff, no research staff.

– The Governance Advisory Board doesn’t have a website. No materials have been published on the web or on paper. No materials have been provided to the media.

The Governance Advisory Board is a Sham


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