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Pakistani Parliamentarians Defend Mass Honour Killing: 5 Women Buried Alive… But What About Bajan “Traditions” About Women?

Child Bride

40 year-old Husband and his 11 year-old Child Bride (This happy couple is from Afghanistan)

“Part Of Pakistani Tribal Traditions”

Five young Pakistani women who wanted to marry for love rather than mate with their family’s choice of a husband were murdered last month. After being tortured, the young women were buried alive.

Last week, two Members of Parliament spoke in defense of the tradition, and in defense of the police who did nothing, but (ho-hum) have now “opened a file” on the case.

You can view a video report here (content warning – shows bodies being dug up) or read about it on CNN here.

Do We Need Signs Like This In Barbados?

Do We Need Signs Like This In Barbados?

Barbados Traditions About Women

There used to be a time on this island when people – even women – would whisper that a rape victim had somehow “asked for it” because of how she dressed or acted. When a woman showed some bruising to the face, some folks would blame her for not looking after the home and homelife as she should. When a woman had a strange man kick down her door and assault her, the waging tongues would say that she had been out too late at night with a bad crowd and this is what happens to bad girls.

I’d like to think that those days are gone, but we know that Bajan women have a long way to go before they are considered full persons when it comes to being afforded all the protection and respect that this society gives men.

I haven’t quite decided if women are making progress or not on this island. When we ran an article on the Jippy Doyle child-sex trial, several commenters openly stated that the 13 year old girl was at fault for being alone with “Pastor” Jippy, or that she had dressed provocatively.

Consider BFP’s article about a woman named Ronja Juman – whose home was raided in the middle of the night by police using a blank search warrant. Juman was terrorised and strip-searched by thug police in an effort to intimidate her to pay up back rent owed to the Director of Private Prosecutions. “She deserved it” said some commenters, because (they said) she had been seen with a few men.

Over a year ago in April, we told you about a neighbour of ours who couldn’t break free from an abusive man. I am sorry to say that it ended very badly. We can’t get into the details, but you can read our original story here.

Last year too the island was not particularly shocked when officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force failed for four days to answer calls from a woman who was a victim of spouse abuse. See our article Beat Your Wife In Barbados? You Are Protected From The Police If You Live In A Gated Community!

Now we see that three police officers have been charged in separate incidents involving abuse of women…

More cops charged

THREE MORE LAWMEN will stand in the dock of the District “A” Magistrates’ Court later this month to answer criminal charges against different women.

One of those lawmen has been accused of assaulting a woman with a cutlass and threatening to chop her up…

… continue reading this article at the Nation News.

Barbados Is Not Pakistan

No, this island is not Pakistan – but we shouldn’t be so smug when we hear of such horrors against women… because the disrespect and abuse that Bajan women sometimes face comes from the same darkness that produced the honour killings in Pakistan.¬† Our cultural standards mostly limit the extent of the abuse – mostly.


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