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Guyana Free Press Hits Hard

“We na affiliated wid de bajans dem”

About We

We (two of us) have been long time Guyanese readers of the Barbados Free Press, and we always wished they had one for our home country.   So we decided ..why not do it ourselves?  It looks easy enough, right ? Right.

Good Luck To Our Friends From Guyana!

Guyana Free Press is a new blog, but is wasting no time in targeting the corrupt underbelly of their beautiful, but thoroughly corrupt country.

First, they predict that Judge Gordon Gilhuys who shot a police officer with an unregistered firearm will soon be happily sitting in court again, and do up a wonderful little cartoon of the (cough) learned Judge…

This man, a Jugde, a supposed upholder of the law opens fire with an unlicensed firearm on a policeman and walks away without even a night in jail.  On top of it, he refused to hand over de blasted gun.

A few weeks after the incident we saw Gilhuys teking a drink with de boys them at a certain rum shop in Waterloo Street. (We kicked ourselves that day, for not having the camera in the car).  Right then we came to the realisation that this matter will be covered up, and people will be paid off.  Corruption reigns supreme in Guyana from cabinet to the courts to the traffic police jamming yuh for a raise.

… from Guyana Free Press article Another big one gets off. Gilhuys to return to the bench ????

And then they published an article on the resignation of Chief Magistrate Juliet Holder-Alle and her accusations of corruption. (link here)

Yup… Guyana Free Press is our kind of people!

And, of course, they are “na affiliated wid de bajans dem”


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