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Barbados Should Push For Several Nominations In World Travel & Tourism Council’s Sustainable Tourism Awards

OK folks, there are tough times ahead and anything that we can do to further the world’s recognition of Barbados as an attractive tourist destination should be done.

Earlier this year, BFP wrote that the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary should be a shoe-in for the 2008 Skål International Ecotourism Awards. (Articles here and here)

We don’t know if the government or the BTA bothered to nominate Graeme Hall or any other Barbados projects for the award, but if they didn’t they missed a chance to have the world see our best – for a zero investment except a little bit of time to write up the nomination. (The nomination for the Skål International Ecotourism Awards must be officially backed in writing by the government or an official government tourism organisation)

Now we see another award that could easily be won by Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and a few other projects on Barbados. Our government and tourism organisations should really get up off their butts and put together a few nominations for some of the prestigeous eco-tourism awards that are out there. Eco-tourism attracts a more sophisticated and up-scale clientelle (read “with money”) and I don’t understand why we haven’t see a couple of nominations for worthy Barbados eco-tourism projects.

The Government of Barbados and the tourism organisations are really missing some great opportunities that cost nothing but could easily focus world attention on our best tourism attractions.

Adrian Loveridge and company… Was the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary or any other Barbados eco-tourism project nominated for any award this year? Why not?

Here is part of a press release about another eco-tourism award that could give world exposure to some of our best attractions…

The Tourism for Tomorrow Awards are presented annually to tourism organizations that are demonstrating best practices including helping to improve the livelihoods of communities and supporting the protection of natural and cultural heritage through sustainable tourism development. The Awards are given in four different categories addressing all sectors of the Travel&Tourism industry:

Destination Stewardship Award – For destinations comprising a network of tourism enterprises and organizations that show dedication to, and success in, maintaining a program of sustainable tourism management at the destination level.

Conservation Award – Open to any tourism business, organization or attraction able to demonstrate a direct contribution to the conservation of nature.

Community Benefit Award – For a tourism initiative that has effectively demonstrated tangible benefits for local communities, including capacity building, the transfer of industry skills and support for community development.

Global Tourism Business Award – Open to a large company operating in multiple destinations with at least 200 full-time employees from any sector of Travel&Tourism, this award recognizes best practice in sustainable tourism at the large scale business level.

… continue reading this article here.

Award website here.


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