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Barbados Prime Minister Says There Must Be “Transparency and Accountability” … Except for Government Ministers Who Receive Gifts From Contractors

David Thompson Says The Words “Transparency and Accountability” as DLP Supporters Smile And Think Of The Fatted Calf

When French author Jean Giraudoux said, “The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you’ve got it made”, he could easily have been talking about Prime Minister David Thompson and his broken promises to bring “transparency”, “accountability” and “integrity legislation” to Barbados.

At the weekend gathering of the victory-through-false-promises DLP crowd, Thompson again sold the same bill of goods that he successfully flogged a year ago in the run-up to the election…

“I do not want to perpetuate the same wrongs that I criticised the former Government of committing,” he said. “There must be structures and procedures. There must be transparency and accountability. I am very concerned about the issue of governance in this country.” (ref: Nation News here)

Where Is The Transparency Accountability In The PM’s Use Of Corporate Jets?

The Prime Minister talks about transparency and integrity, but we’d like to remind folks that one of his first official acts was his unethical use of a private business jet owned by an entity that does business with the Government of Barbados – a clear conflict of interest where he has shown zero transparency and refused to release any costing information to the public.

This bizjet situation unfortunately proved in short order after the election that David Thompson just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t see anything unethical about his behaviour, or any need to publicly justify an action that is against anti-corruption laws in many jurisdictions. He obviously doesn’t get the point that elected and appointed public officials must not only act in a manner that is ethical, but that their actions must also appear to be ethical.

After Nine Months Of DLP Government – Ministers & Officials Are Still Free To Accept Gifts From Persons Doing Business With Government

David Thompson and the DLP promised they would adopt a Ministerial Code immediately upon being elected – a code that would prohibit government officials from accepting gifts from persons who want to secure a contract with the government. Had this code been adopted, it would for the first time in Barbados have prohibited elected and appointed government officials from using their offices for personal profit.

David Thompson and the DLP promised that Ministerial Code would be effective on January 16, 2008 and they even published the code and their promise in writing.

Thompson Lied

Understand this my friends: David Thompson could, this very afternoon without passing any new laws, declare a government policy that government contracts will not be issued to businesses that are owned by government officials or their immediate family members. He could implement that step today, and require that all government contractors sign a declaration of shareholders and that no government official or an immediate family member has an interest in the company wanting to do business with the government.

Such a policy would immediately set a basic standard for integrity throughout government service…

… but David Thompson and the DLP government will not deny themselves their time at the piggy trough.


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