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VECO’s “Corrupt Bastards Club” Has A Barbados Chapter

Alaska Politicians Made CBC Caps!

Alaska Politicians Made CBC Caps!

Source: At Least Two Barbados Politicians Received Undeclared “Campaign Donations” From Corrupt Alaskan VECO Corporation

Alaska’s VECO Corporation is now infamous for using bribery of politicians as a standard operating procedure. In the United States, numerous US politicians and corporation executives are facing criminal charges or are under FBI investigation for receiving gifts, loans and outright payments from VECO.

Several people have already plead guilty or been found guilty, including VECO CEO and founder Bill Allen, VECO Vice-President Rick Smith and political big-shots Bill Bobrick, Tom Anderson, Pete Kott, Vic Kohring, Jim Clark and Bill Weimar.

The VECO Barbados Connection

VECO also did over half a billion US$ worth of business with the previous BLP Barbados Government – building the oil terminal and the new prison. Barbados citizens are unclear on the exact amount of tax dollars that was paid to VECO because under both the previous Arthur/Mottley BLP government and the current Thompson DLP Government, citizens have no right to know how much of their money the government spends and what for.

To give you an idea of how VECO typically operated, another one of Alaska’s senior politicians has just been charged by the FBI with various corrupt offenses. It is alleged that Senator Ted Stephens received considerations from VECO Corporation in return for sweetheart government contracts and for pushing through tax laws and other regulations that favoured VECO. Stephens also arranged for VECO to have an inside contact at the World Bank and to receive favourable treatment in an oil deal in Pakistan. Here is what he received that we know about…

– A job for his son.

– The ability to invest US$5000 in a Florida condo which was later sold for a profit of over US$100,000. (Not a bad return on $5000!!!)

– A new Jeep Cherokee vehicle for his daughter.

– A Land Rover for himself discounted by US$20,000 under list price from the CEO of VECO.

– A free generator for his chalet.

Ted Stephens and the others also received hundreds of thousands of dollars in “campaign contributions” from VECO to ensure that they would be reelected. Yup… nothing was too good for any politician who could award multi-million dollar government contracts to VECO. The corrupt company gave cash, renovated homes, bought cars, trips and condos for politicians as their standard method of operation.

That is just how VECO operated worldwide: they obtained government contracts by bribing politicians, but Barbados politicians would have you believe that none of that went on here. No Sir!

VECO’s Corrupt Bastards Club

At one point the bribes were so open that some corrupt Alaska politicians made up hats saying “CBC” – which stood for “Corrupt Bastards Club”.

This is the same VECO that the Owen Arthur/Mia Mottley BLP government of Barbados hired without open competitive bidding to build our oil terminal and our new prison. VECO had never built a prison before, but by god, they were given the contract as a gift by then Attorney General Mia Mottley and Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

Our source says that Mia Mottley received over $100,000 in undeclared “campaign contributions” from VECO Corporation that she fed into her constituency office. This is only what the folks in the office saw and is probably a fraction of the total. After all, if VECO received half-a-billion dollars in government contracts, you can bet that they paid out more than a lousy $100 grand.

Our same source says that Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s constituency office also received big money from VECO, but on the amount they are unsure. Would Arthur have accepted less than his Attorney General that he barely tolerated?

Perhaps Mr. Arthur can advise his fellow citizens from Switzerland, London or Miami – or whatever jurisdiction he ends up retiring to as he becomes a “consultant” to justify his continued income.

Former Attorney General Dale Marshall: Corrupt Bastard

And what did the Government of Barbados do when Barbados Free Press and the other blogs broke the story to the Barbados public that VECO executives and politicians were being arrested? (BFP and the blogs broke the VECO story on the island because the Barbados news media naturally wouldn’t touch a story that showed the government in a bad light.)

Well… good old Attorney General Dale Marshall announced that he would have a meeting with VECO executives to get the truth of the story… to see if any improper payments were made by VECO to Barbados government officials and politicians.

Yup… Attorney General Dale Marshall met with those VECO executives for a half an hour one morning and then held a press conference to announce that everything was on the up and up because the VECO executives said it was.

Whew! We were glad to hear that, Dale!

Dale Marshall: You corrupt bastard. You were supposed to look after the interests of your fellow citizens but instead you participated in a sham of an inquiry and then covered-up the corruption by your BLP friends.

VECO’s Corrupt Bastards Club – Barbados Chapter

So far the known membership of the CBC Barbados includes…

Owen Arthur

Mia Mottley

Dale Marshall

Arthur and Mottley are on the list because they took money from VECO. Marshall is on the list for being a corrupt bastard that covered-up for his friends.

Folks, let us know if there are others who should be on the list. Some of the BFP staff want to include current Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson for his reluctance to investigate the VECO scandal and failure to ask the FBI for access to their evidence against Barbados politicians.

We’re going to consider adding Thompson to the list, but we’d like some input from other citizens first.

Let us know what you think, folks!

Further Reading

Alaska Report: Case Against Senator Stephens Growing

Wikipedia: Corrupt Bastards Club

Anchorage Daily News: Corrupt Bastards Club – From Barroom Joke To Federal Warrants

Washington Post: Busting Alaska’s Corrupt Bastards Club

Barbados Free Press

May 26, 2007 – How Much Cash Did Corrupt VECO USA Executives Provide To Barbados Labour Party As “Campaign Donations” ?

May 30, 2007 – Who Did Barbados Prison Consulting?… VECO Paid Alaska Bribes Through “Consulting” Contracts With Politicians’ Relatives!!!!!

August 25, 2007 – Barbados Jail Builder VECO Added As Defendant In Lawsuit Against Prime Minister Arthur and Chief Justice Simmons

July 22, 2008 – Links To Keltruth ‘VECO Barbados Jail Fraud’ Story – Big Step For Little Barbados Blog


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Not Too Early To Buy Tickets For A Caribbean Christmas At The Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts

December 13, 2008 – 8pm

The University Singers have distinguished themselves as one of the leading choral groups in the Caribbean with their widely versatile repertoire of original music composed by Caribbean writers, classical choral works, American Negro Spirituals, Jazz, and Gospel. Always a favorite at Brooklyn Center , Jamaica ’s cultural ambassadors return with a joyous holiday program. Tickets $40, $25

Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts
Walt Whitman Theatre at Brooklyn College
2900 Campus Road, Brooklyn, New York

Online orders:
Box Office: 718-951-4500, Tuesday – Saturday, 1PM – 6PM
Subscription Orders/Season Brochure Requests: 718-951-4600, ext. 25


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Should Barbados Ban Tetra-Pak Containers?

A few weeks ago I was doing some Google research on those wayward billionaires and Tetra-Pak heirs, Hans and Eva Rausing, when I stumbled across a couple of articles at Temas Blog about environmental problems with Tetra-Pak cartons.

It seems that as good as the packaging is for keeping food fresh, the darn things are almost indestructible when put into landfills. If you bury them, they will still be like new a few hundred years from now – and still doing their job too well, keeping other garbage from rotting and breaking down because they create waterproof pockets and layers in the landfill. Recycling Tetra-Paks is difficult, requires special machinery and leaves huge piles of materials that have dubious value in manufacturing new products – thus defeating the final step in “recycling”.

Our friend at Temas Blog laid out how the Brazilian state of Paraná got fed up with Tetra-Pak and issued an ultimatum in May of 2007…

In a meeting held in Curitiba in the middle of May, the government of the southern Brazilian state of Paraná gave Tetra-Pak executives (including the Vice President for Central and South America) 60 days to come up with their own proposal to solve the post-consumer waste problem in that state associated with their long-life (aseptic) packaging — or face drastic action by the government, such as banning the sale of such packaging within the state.

Faced with the loss of a major South American market, Tetra-Pak caved in and cooperated on a major programme to mitigate the environmental impact of it’s product. According to Temas Blog, the Brazillian government sees it this way…

The State Environment Secretary, Rasca Rodrigues, declared that the point of the deal was not to make Tetra Pak solely responsible for the waste created by its packaging, but instead to ensure that the company was fully involved in the state’s efforts to realize its Zero Waste goal, particularly to design programs that feature “social inclusion”

What About Barbados?

As pointed out time and time again on this and other Bajan blogs, we as a society could be far more responsible when it comes to disposal of garbage. I am often shamed when taking visiting friends on drives across the island because you never know what ugly pile of garbage you will find in the middle of an otherwise beautiful view. There’s nothing like the beauty of a cane field ready for cutting against a blue blue sky… and then you see the dumped rusting stove or bags of stinking household kitchen waste.

The answer to our problem is not extorting a million dollars from Tetra-Pak – but producers of hard to dispose of products like Tetra-Pak could be part of funding a necessary change in our culture. Let’s face it folks… we don’t have much to sell to the tourists on this island except our natural beauty, and lately that beauty is becoming difficult to see with walls of condos blocking the seaview and garbage piles taking care of the rest of the island.

So take a note, Minister of the Environment: the precedent has been set by Brazil. If Tetra-Pak and other manufacturers of environmentally unfriendly packaging want to continue making billions, they should be giving something back to Barbados and assisting in cleaning up their products.

Further Reading

Temas Blog

Tetra-Pak Chooses To Deal

Tetra-Pak Given 60 Days to Propose Packaging Waste Solution… Or Else!

Barbados Free Press

Barbados Upper Crust Members Hans Kristian Rausing and wife Eva Rausing Charged With Drug Offenses


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American Baptist Missionary Says Bajans Easygoing And Friendly, But “Apathetic” Towards The Gospel

Missionary Richard Dukes In Barbados

Missionary Richard Dukes In Barbados

American minister Richard Dukes and two friends spent a month in Barbados this past June helping out missionaries Rick and Cindy Jenkins – working at the day care center and doing door-to-door preaching.

The local paper where Dukes lives in Eufaula, Alabama has just published a very positive article on his impressions of Bajans and Barbados. If we want to see what folks around the world think of us, never mind what the politicians say. Ask the ordinary people.

Minister Dukes and his friends are welcome to return to Grape Hall anytime.

Just don’t expect BFP’s George to get too excited about the bible anytime soon. Auntie Moses? Well… that is a whole different story!

Eufaula Tribune: Youth Director, Youth Visit Barbados


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Ho Hum… Another Barbados Government Audit Discovers Wrongdoing That Nobody Will Go To Jail For

A few weeks ago, Barbados Free Press wrote Ho Hum – Another ‘Special Forensic Audit’ To Nowhere In Barbados where we said…

So the Prime Minister will continue to launch “Special Forensic Audits”, but after six months in power it is obvious that he has no intention of making any persons associated with the last government at all accountable for wrong-doing.

That fits in nicely with what will be a two-year delay in adopting ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation.

Oink Oink

Now we see more of the same with yet another “audit” revealing corruption and big-money thefts in the schools. (see The Nation News School Audit Proposal)

“So what?” is our reaction… because David Thompson and his government have no intention of holding any specific individuals criminally or civilly responsible for acts of corruption during the last administration.


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The Folly Of CARICOM – Tourists See Caribbean Violence As Barbados Violence

CARICOM was supposed to be the great playing-field leveler: providing small island nations in our region with the economic and political clout of larger entities. Unfortunately, CARICOM is about as effective and successful as was the great 1958 West Indies Federation – which is to say, “not at all”.

And then there is the matter of the “Caribbean Brand” for tourism which was a disastrous policy created and followed by the previous BLP Government as part of the effort to prop up the pretense and phony benefits of CARICOM.

I wonder who the morons were who thought our Bajan image would be enhanced by linking to places like Jamaica, where armed guards have to look after the tourists swimming within sight of their hotel!

The folly of the “Caribbean Brand” has been once again shown by an article published in New Statesman concerning the recent horrific honeymoon murders of Ben and Catherine Mullaney in Antigua.

According to the article, we’re all the same in Caribbean… violent, bloodthirsty savages – and that includes Barbados – once again according to the author.

Our friend over at alerted us to the New Statesman article and has the link and some thoughts about where author Darcus Howe can stick his misinformed propaganda.

Although Barbados Free Press and Real Bajan disagree on the usefulness and impact of CARICOM, his article is well worth reading: Savage Murder in Antigua, Darcus Howe Prematurely Writes Caribbean Obituary


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Times UK Says “Top-End” Rum Is Bajan… Well, Of Course!

Cricket World Cup Rum - Aged In A Suntan Lotion Bottle For Stealth & Taste!

Cricket World Cup Rum - Aged In A Suntan Lotion Bottle For Stealth & Taste!

The Times of London has published an excellent article about the new popularity and appreciation of rums – and according to the author, this increase in interest and sales is at the expense of scotch. Whether this is a temporary fad or a trend that Barbados’ rum industry will be able to profit from for the next 20 years is still to be decided, but as they say “any publicity is good publicity”.

Again according to the writer, “At the top end there is Doorly’s XO from Barbados, a smooth raisiny rum aged in oloroso sherry barrels.”

At Barbados Free Press, our fully trained and experienced team of rum experts feel obliged to mention that Mount Gay Extra Old is an excellent “top end” rum at not a bad price compared with Doorly’s…

Is the sun over the yardarm yet? No?

Oh well… ! 🙂

Times Online: A Rum Business


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Why Won’t Prime Minister Thompson Investigate VECO’s Corrupt Acts In Barbados?

“Thompson and the DLP are not going to open that door. They would rather do nothing than find some of their friends took VECO gifts”

… DLP insider source to Barbados Free Press

Our Government Has Not Asked To See FBI Evidence About Corruption In Barbados!

It is no secret that VECO, the builder of Barbados’ new Dodds Prison and Oil Terminal, used bribes and kickbacks to politicians as a matter of normal business operations. The United States FBI and Federal Justice Department charged numerous politicians and business people in Alaska in a major investigation that is still ongoing and producing new charges. The FBI seized a million documents and has hours and hours of secretly-recorded conversations – some of which have been released to the public and show a connection to corrupt activities by VECO in Barbados.

But the Government of Barbados has not asked the FBI for access to the evidence about VECO’s corrupt activities in our country – in the building of the oil terminal and the new jail.

Depending upon who you believe, the new jail could probably have been built for 60 to 100 million dollars less. Any fool knows that tens of millions of dollars disappeared offshore to middlemen, suppliers and “consultant” companies who have connections with Barbados government officials.

But as our disgusted DLP government insider says, “Thompson and the DLP are not going to open that door…”

The fact that the Government of Barbados has not asked for the information from the FBI says everything.


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Hartley Henry Pays The Chinese Back For That Free Trip!

China 2008 Olympics – Memories Of Germany 1936

Hartley Henry’s current article in the Barbados Advocate is everything the Communist Chinese paid for when they gave Hartley and his wife that free trip to China. You have to hand it to the murderous ChiComs – they sure know how to buy the journalists they need to keep the world focused on the television spectacle while ignoring the plight of those in the government-run slave camps or the young mothers who are kidnapped off the street by government agents and forced to have abortions and undergo permanent sterilization.

Yup… Hartley Henry does a masterful job in briefly mentioning China’s human rights violations and then says that the Olympics shouldn’t be politicised.

I guess that Hartley “forgot” that China banned its own athletes from the games for having the wrong politics. Maybe Harley should recall the story of Fang Zheng and 43 other Chinese atheletes who are banned from participating in the Olympics for political reasons. In Fang Zheng’s case, the wheelchair athelete had his legs crushed by a tank in Tienanmen Square. But hey, like Hartley says… let’s not bring politics into the Olympics, ok?

Especially if we have to write a positive article as pay-back for that free trip!

Here’s what Hartley says about Tibet..

“First there was the Tibet uprising. That was unfortunate, but necessary. China really needs to do and be seen to be doing more to resolve this internal but yet international blotch on its record and image. But several of the other charges and allegations levelled against the host nation, and which really had nothing to do with its suitability to host the Games, were overdone and in poor taste.”

“Poor Taste”? Maybe Hartley should have a look at this video of Chinese troops shooting innocent Tibet folks. Oh well… maybe Hartley is correct… what are a few lousy slant-eyed Tibet people anyway? I suppose Hartley would have been all for having the Olympics in Botha’s South Africa too! What are a few niggers shot to death compared with not politicizing the Olympics? Yup, maybe Hartley is correct to forget about human rights violations.

After ignoring the plight of the Tibet people who are being slaughtered for being another race and religion, here is what Hartley says…

“For example, I can think of no greater form of injustice, man to man, than for a presidential candidate to be overlooked by a voter, a state and perhaps even a country on the basis of gender or the colour of one’s skin. To me that would rate among the most critical of human right abuses, if ever there was a rating or sliding scale.”

Really Hartley? That’s the worst?

How about the government of China kidnapping pregnant women off the street, holding them down and ripping the children from their wombs and then sterilizing them? How about Christians who are murdered and jailed for praying together or handing out bibles? (Story links here, here, here and here)

Folks, I want you to really read Harley’s article in the Barbados Advocate. Really think about the words he uses, the spin and the ideology and purpose behind his article.

Then think about his message and tell me this – in another time and place, would Hartley Henry have praised the 1936 German Olympics?

Hey… for the right price, Harley will write anything. Here is what he says about the Chinese Communists…

Well Done China!

CHINA has done it! Of course it is too early for a medal count, but a platinum award must go to China for arrangements and infrastructure. They have silenced the world!

Whether you are Uncle Sam or Auntie Jane you must admit that the opening ceremony, as witnessed on close circuit television last Sunday was nothing short of spectacular. Also, up to the time of writing, there were no reports of major incident, threat or scare to athletes and visitors alike.

Indeed, arrangements for these games will make other nations think twice before offering to host this elaborate activity in the future. The standard is high and there are few countries that henceforth that will be able to better what Beijing has offered!

I am happy for China because the western media, quite frankly, overdid the pessimistic articles…

… continue reading this bought and paid for Chinese Communist propaganda at The Barbados Advocate (link here)


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Storm Watch Barbados – Will It Grow To A Hurricane?

National Hurricane Center, Miami FloridaUpdate Here


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Cheese-On-Bread Succumbs To Own Romantic Fiction!

Shona and Auntie Moses are big fans of Cheese-On-Bread blog where Bajegirl publishes some pretty hot romantic fiction.

Well, it looks like Bajegirl has been reading her own material.. because she is as big as a house and about to bring a new life into the world. Something had to give so the blog is being put on hold for a while – hopefully a short while because the BFP girls need their Bajan romance story fix weekly!

All the best to our friend at Cheese-On-Bread. You will be missed.

Shona, Cliverton, George, Marcus, Robert & Auntie Moses


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How Honest Is PricewaterhouseCoopers Barbados?

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Barbados is part of a worldwide chain of accountants and one of the largest such firms in the world. In the past the big accounting firms were treated like gods. Their word meant everything – but then the big accounting firms started using their reputations for shady deals.

For a while they got away with it – then came 9/11, Enron and a host of other shameful revelations that exposed the unethical actions of the big firms. Remember Arthur Andersen… Enron’s accounting firm?

Remember the collapse of Bank of Credit and Commerce International? Pricewaterhouse facilitated that 20 Billion dollar fraud and they paid heavily in money and a sullied reputation.

Did PriceWaterhouse learn their lesson?

Apparently not.

And what about PwC Barbados? Are they an isolated case in the larger chain… perhaps with a reputation intact?


Keltruth Blog has the whole nasty story here.

Or… you can just Google “Pricewaterhouse scandals” and see what comes up!


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Mia Mottley Abandons Crippled Child – David Thompson Does The Same

Back in July, Julia Skeete told the Nation News that her crippled daughter Brianna, who suffers from cerebral palsy, was doing so well since she started attending The Codrington School, St John.

Ms. Skeete also stated that she was desperate for some government assistance because she needed help looking after her daughter. The Welfare Office used to provide a lousy $58 every two weeks to help with paying an assistant who is needed so that Brianna can continue in school, but for some unknown reason the payments stopped last October.

At the time, Mia Mottley said she would look into things – but Ms. Skeete never heard from Mottley after that promise.

Now we understand that the current David Thompson government just can’t seem to get it together for little Brianna either.

So both Mia Mottley and David Thompson can’t be bothered with helping the most vulnerable little ones.

Why do we have a society if not to assist those who truly need the help of others? The little girl has cerebral palsy for God’s sake. Why can’t we pay for an assistant so she can continue in school?

Oh well… we had a hell of a Cricket World Cup though, didn’t we?

For background see The Nation News: Mum’s Cry For Help


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Barbados Police Shoot Innocent Woman In Head – No Settlement, No Inquiry In 9 Years

Innocent Victim Of Barbados Police Shooting Points To Bullet Entry Scar

Another Innocent Victim Of A Barbados Police Shooting Points To Bullet Entry Scar

Another Innocent Shot By Police – No Compensation For Victim, No Public Inquiry, No Explanation

There are three truths revealed in the story of Kim Joseph, the 17 year old girl who was “accidentally” shot in the head by a Royal Barbados Police Force officer nine years ago.

The first truth is that Barbados police officers have proven time and time again that they are fast and reckless in their use of deadly force, and that our police generally lack the proper training, skill and judgment necessary to use firearms effectively and safely.

The second truth is that successive governments, the police and the courts generally put so little importance upon the rights of citizens, ethical behaviour and natural justice that ordinary people have zero recourse in our society if they are mistreated by government. For the innocent victim of a police shooting to have to wait for “justice” for nine or twelve years is simply more abuse at the hands of the powerful cabal of elites who control this country.

The third truth is that there is never any accountability in our society for wrongdoing by government officials, police or other powerful people. The Barbados news media has generally been complicit in enabling the police, government and other powerful organisations and individuals to avoid accountability. The ongoing silence and willful blindness of our news media to ongoing human rights violations and injustices in our country is their shame.

There has never been any critical, in depth look by the island news media into the numerous incidents of reckless shootings and other wrong-doing by the Royal Barbados Police Force.

The news media has remained silent about the failure of government to make the police into a modern, publicly accountable law enforcement organisation that respects the rule of law and citizens’ rights.

In free and democratic countries, responsible news media leads the way in holding police and government accountable to the people. Sadly, the Barbados News media traditionally jumps into bed with the government of the day in a quest for advertising revenue – as evidenced by the dramatic change in media support from the BLP to the DLP since the last election.

Further Reading

Nation News: Bullet To Head But No Money


Suspicious Death Brings World Attention Upon Royal Barbados Police Force

Nation News Finally Discovers That Barbados Police Don’t Give A Damn About Rule Of Law

Barbados Police Give Up On Enforcement, Surrender To Drug Dealers – Charges Laid Down 91% Since 2005!

COVER-UP: Royal Barbados Police Force Ignores Violent Threats To Businessman

Barbados Police Continue To Cover-Up Threats Against Adrian Loveridge, Court Witnesses, Bloggers

Judge Takes Barbados Police To Task – Failure To Perform Internal Investigations Into Police Wrong-Doing


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Prince Charles Lends Support To Barbados Wayward Children Hans & Eva Rausings

Cliverton: “So if I get caught smuggling heroin and crack into the US Embassy, does that mean I can expect a call from the future king too?”

Auntie Moses: “You be in enough trouble already to be talk such foolishness.”

From the Mail online…

Prince Charles backs Tetra Pak couple Rausings and declares ‘they deserve a second chance’

Prince Charles has controversially backed a multi-millionaire heiress caught with large amounts of crack and heroin, insisting she deserves a ‘second chance’.

Prosecutors dropped drug charges against Eva Rausing last month after she admitted possession of crack, heroin and cocaine.

Now Prince Charles is insisting Mrs Rausing should not be sacked from the board of one of his charities despite legal rules requiring trustees to be of good character…

… continue reading this article at the Mail Online here.


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Thousands Of News Outlets Worldwide Mention Barbados Free Press, Credit Our Tiny Snake Story – Associated Press, CNN, Newsweek, NBC News, New York Times…

Welcome To The Thousands and Thousands Of New Visitors To Barbados Free Press

At the time I am writing this, the Associated Press story Barbadians slam discovery, naming of tiny snake is less than five hours old, yet an online search shows that thousands of news outlets worldwide have published the story. The online issues of the New York Times, Newsweek, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and many other major news outlets around the world are featuring the story on their front pages – and all of them quote from Barbados Free Press and Margaret Knight and give the BFP blog credit for contributing to the story.

The story originated with Associated Press writer Danica Coto in Puerto Rico and is now making its way around the world with the new day – first in North America and then in Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand. News outlets in Asia are starting to pick up the story now and we presume as the day breaks in Europe and the UK that outlets there will join in.

Of course, the Olympics and the Russian invasion of Georgia are the big stories of the day – but thousands of news outlets are already following this new development in the Barbados small snake story. If the visitor numbers we are seeing continue, Barbados Free Press will receive tens of thousands of additional first-time visitors to our blog in the next week as a direct result of the AP story. There will also be a long-lasting legacy of residual visitors who will come to BFP as a result of online searches.

To Our New Visitors – Barbados Needs International Pressure To Fight Corruption In Our Government, Justice System and Police!

You arrived at Barbados Free Press as a result of your curiosity about the world’s smallest snake, but please take the time to at least read this, and maybe look around for a bit – because Barbados citizens need you to know about our battle to reclaim democracy and to eliminate endemic corruption in our government, justice system and law enforcement.

While that might not sound like the “Little Britain” Barbados you heard about, read on and you’ll see proof that the Barbados media is carefully controlled by government, and that opponents of government and the ruling elites are ruthlessly censored and harassed – even to the point of being fired or being threatened with murder, rape and arson by government power-brokers and insiders. The Rule of Law in Barbados is whatever the powerful say it is on a given day. (You don’t have to believe us about anything. Read on and you’ll see proof, photos, transcripts of recordings, court documents enough to make up your own mind.)

Police Arrest Barbados Reporter

Police Arrest Barbados Reporter

Police Corruption, Oppression Of Journalists

The Royal Barbados Police Force arrest and harass journalists – grabbing their cameras and erasing photos, assaulting and dragging them away for covering stories that the police don’t think the public needs to know about. The police have shot innocent unarmed citizens – even in the back of the head – and are never called to account. There are never any public inquests into deaths in police custody. Corrupt police are proven to use pre-signed blank search warrants as they act as debt collectors for powerful government officials like the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr. Charles Leacock.

Once again, you don’t have to believe us, read the links at the end of this article and you will see photos and proof on various Barbados blogs and media outlets enough to make up your own mind.

Chief Justice David Simmons - Political Hack

Chief Justice David Simmons - Political Hack

Barbados Judicial System A Tool For Corrupt Government Officials

The Chief Justice of our Barbados is “Sir” David Simmons: a career politician and former Attorney General who was appointed by his best friend, then-Prime Minister Owen Arthur, to gain political control of our courts. With the appointment of David Simmons as Chief Justice, the separation of powers between the government, the judiciary and the police effectively disappeared in Barbados.

Major police investigations, government audits, court cases and criminal charges often strangely disappear in Barbados without the news media mentioning a word. Official government documents routinely disappear in Barbados when they are evidence against a member of the ruling elite. Foreign investors or ordinary citizens who foolishly turn to the Barbados courts for justice against an elite never win. Never.

PM Thompson Says His Conflicts Of Interest Are None Of Your Business

PM Thompson Says His Conflicts Of Interest Are None Of Your Business

Successive Barbados Governments Refuse To Adopt Anti-Corruption Laws, Freedom Of Information

In Barbados we have no laws against government officials receiving “gifts” – even money – from companies that the same officials award government contracts to! Successive governments including the current DLP government of Prime Minister David Thompson have refused to adopt rules that would prevent government officials from using their positions for personal profit.

Corruption in awarding government contracts, kickbacks to officials and overpayments to favoured relatives and friends are endemic. There is no transparency, oversight or accountability of how our government spends monies it borrows or receives from international sources and agencies like the World Bank and the EU Development Fund. There is little doubt that several hundred million dollars have been corruptly siphoned off over the years.

Thank you for visiting Barbados Free Press. We love our country and we want it to be the best it can be – but we must now appeal to the International Community to put pressure on our government and business leaders to stop the wholesale corruption and human rights abuses that threaten the very soul of our nation.

Please read a few of the below links, and remember what you have read the next time that someone talks about Barbados.

Proof Of Endemic Corruption & Human Rights Violations In Barbados

Continue reading


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Barbados Borrows Another US$35 Million From The World Bank – With No Accountability, Anti-Corruption Rules Or Oversight

Lucky You!

The Government of Barbados has just borrowed another US$35 Million from the World Bank – this time for HIV/Aids prevention & control for the next five years.

And that is just fine if the money gets spent as it is supposed to be spent.

The problem with Barbados is that we have no anti-corruption rules or legislation to govern how the money will be spent, and no transparency and freedom of information laws to allow citizens to effectively monitor how their government spends the citizens’ money.

Prime Minister David Thompson refuses to announce as policy that the government will not award contracts to businesses owned by government officials or their immediate family.

How much of the taxpayers’ US$35 million will be used as intended?

Perhaps a better question would be… Without freedom of information laws, how could a citizen know one way or the other how the money is being spent or misspent?

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Press Release: Barbados Government Borrows US$35 Million From World Bank


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Nation News Steals Quote and Story Ideas From Barbados Free Press – Fails To Credit Source

Here at Barbados Free Press we always credit the source for any materials that we comment upon.

Not once have we quoted from the Nation News and failed to name the source.

But it appears the cowardly editors at the Nation News do not feel it necessary to extend the same courtesy to Barbados Free Press. Many times we have written articles only to have them publish similar articles days or even weeks later – but this time they have directly quoted from Barbados Free Press without attribution.

Those lazy, unethical pretend journalists.

Of course, this is the same so-called “newspaper” that refused for two weeks to publish the news that the contractor of the Barbados flyover project had publicly admitted to bribing politicians in many other Caribbean countries when building bridge projects! For two weeks the Nation News was shamed by Barbados Underground and Barbados Free Press as we taunted the editors at The Nation to cover the story. (See BFP’s article Triumph Of The Blogs’ Print Editions – Nation News Shamed Into Reporting Fraud Allegations Against Barbados Flyover Contractor)

This is the same newspaper that allowed its own reporters to be roughed up by police on two separate occasions while they covered serious motor vehicle accidents. This is the same newspaper that kissed the feet of the Police Superintendent who forced their own reporter to erase photos of the bus accident. (Read the unbelievable-but-true story here)

What did the Nation News do about this outrage against a freedom of the press? Nothing… they let the story fade into nothing…. just like they were told.

Bottom Line: you can’t rely upon the Nation News to provide Bajans with the simple, honest truth about anything… and this latest story is but one more example.

Bryan Walker wrote in the Nation article When Size Matters

Protests on blogs

Also on the blogs, Barbadians have been voicing concern about the matter.

One woman wrote: “This is ridiculous! Are we going to allow this American biologist, Blair Hedges, to walk in here and claim he has ‘discovered’ the smallest snake in the world, when this snake has been slithering around in the undergrowth since my childhood days? . . . How dare this man come in here and name a snake after his wife?”

That was a direct quote from Margaret Knight writing on Barbados Free Press which you can see right here.

Not only that, Nation News writer Bryan Walker lifted a main theme of our article that Barbados is receiving excellent worldwide coverage due to the popularity of this snake story.

Too bad that the so-called journalists at The Nation News don’t have the courage to report on the Ronja Juman story, or camp out in front of Gline Clarke’s home and ask him how it is that a Minister of Government built a home on land that his government expropriated!

Cowards. Lazy useless thieving lapdog cowards.


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