Harvard Law School’s Global Voices Translates I’Akobi Tacuma Maloney Articles For Major Worldwide Audience

Barbados Police Human Rights Issues On World Stage

Barbados Police Human Rights Issues On World Stage

Global Voices has translated their article about the strange death of I’Akobi Tacuma Maloney while in company of Barbados police officers into Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugese and a host of other languages.

The article, which includes references and links to stories by Barbados Free Press and other Bajan blogs, continues to focus international attention on the lack of accountability and professionalism shown by many officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force. Harvard Law School and Global Voices seem to have chosen to make I’Akobi’s death into a major and long-running feature story.

Our story Suspicious Death Brings World Attention Upon Royal Barbados Police Force was picked up by Global Voices and other websites around the world.

There is an active movement in Barbados to get to the bottom of the death of this young man. Many prominent citizens and a Member of Parliament have declared that the truth must be proven to the public by an independent inquiry – and that the police cannot and should not be investigating themselves.

A friend of I’Akobi’s family tells Barbados Free Press that unless the government acts responsibly, we can expect to see Bajan ex-pats being photographed and interviewed by major news media in front of the United Nations building as they call for an international inquiry into I’Akobi’s death.

If the Barbados government and police think that calls for an inquiry into the death of I’Akobi Tacuma Maloney will just fade away, they are very mistaken.


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  1. Melaka City Malaysia

    badmen police barbados

  2. Thanks for mentioning Lingua!

  3. ru4real

    So who is going to investigate the police?

    Even if they are not guilty of this young mans death their record of brutality and lies make it almost impossible to give them any credibility at all.

  4. ru4real

    This moderation is very annoying

  5. Published on: 9/1/08.


    GOVERNMENT has received a special report from the Royal Barbados Police Force regarding I’Akobi Maloney’s death.

    But Attorney-General Freundel Stuart isn’t rushing to judgement on the former Exhibition winner’s death on June 17 at Landlock, St Lucy.

    A justice committee formed to protest the police’s report, as well as the People’s Empowerment Party’s president David Comissiong, issued statements in July calling on the Commissioner of Police to suspend the officers until the investigation was complete.

    “That is not normal procedure. You can only do that if the findings reveal that they would have acted improperly . . . if there is evidence to prove it. Mr Comissiong was not down there as far as I am aware, and none of the people who are shouting were down there,” Stuart told the DAILY NATION.

    The Attorney-General revealed he had received an official report from the police and saw nothing questionable.

    “I have a report in writing from the police and there is no recording of anything out of the ordinary. What I had done as the Attorney-General was to request that report, and I shared the contents of that report, first with the Prime Minister and then the Cabinet, but this matter will have to take its natural course.”

    Stuart explained that in an unnatural death a Coroner’s Inquest must take place and if the court finds something wrong, the authorites would “take it from there”.

    Last week, the Maloney family secured attorney Andrew Pilgrim after saying they were denied the courtesy of identifying the body at the scene in St Lucy, that they were not present at the autopsy and that a request to have an independent autopsy was denied.

    They also queried the condition of Maloney’s bag following the autopsy report that cited the cause of death as “drowning”.

    Police later countered by saying that they never said Maloney jumped with his bag and also denied having any physical contact with the engineer.

    Stuart was unable to say when the start date of the inquest would be, and Barbados’ Coroner Magistrate Faith Marshall-Harris was not in the island when the DAILY NATION contacted her office.


  6. Inferno

    Barbados is a very funny place….usually this would have been swept under the carpet…that reporter better watch it cause he or she has been consistent and balance in their reports….the mistake the RBPF has made is that this guy seems to be very intelligent and not just your ordinary ‘rasta’…justice will be served…H.I.M. Lives!

  7. Warrior

    I hope that this attention will re-open the cases of those police men who died under suspicious circumstances one in St. Philip and the other on the beach in the Sandy Lane/Sunset Crest area as I vaguely recall

  8. 189

    Justice must be served. How long will they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look.

    The truth must be told. Why must the report be edited?? ?