Mikko Lost In Barbados – Please Bring Him Home!

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Please Bring Mikko Home

As of Tuesday afternoon, around 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon our Golden Retreiver has gone missing from our home in Locust Hall St. George. He Answers to the name of Mikko.   Mikko is literally a part of our family and we are totally lost without him. Our last dog only recently passed away due to kidney failure and we cannot stand the thought of not having Mikko come home. He has never gone missing for this period of time and isn’t wearing his collar.

He is not a dangerous dog, but is probably now very hungry and very thirsty by now. He is approximately 4 Years old and answers to the name “Mikko” [pronounce like me-kho].  An handsome reward is being offered for his safe return or for accurate tips leading to his whereabouts.

If you know anything please contact Luke, Mark or Adam on 256-8000, 256-8007, or 256-8001 respectively. Alternatively you can dial us on 435-6699.

If you spot him, please feel free to call the above numbers or email us where you last saw him at info@FindMikko.com . We consider him a part of our family and any tips you have about his whereabouts are sincerely appreciated!


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85 responses to “Mikko Lost In Barbados – Please Bring Him Home!

  1. Adrian Hinds

    Sorry but in the eyes of most Barbadians who are not by and large, dog lovers, Mikko is now a stray dog. I hope for his sake that he does not venture near any live stock or any children not known to him.

  2. Underdog

    I guess he was frightened off by the thunder. It happens so often that dogs get scared of thunder or fireworks and just start running aimlessly. I hope he will be found.

  3. J


    And there is a severe thunderstorm again today in Central Barbados.

    He may be scared and hiding.

  4. lu lu

    LOL i deading at the banner

  5. Anon 27

    I truly hope that Mikko makes it home safely but in Barbados a dog’s life is worth nothing. I have seen people pelt rocks at dogs for no reason, run them over deliberately and poison them.
    Mikko be safe and find your way home.

  6. Luke

    Barbados Free Press Man thank you so much! Could you please put a link to the site on your article? FindMikko.com ? It will allow people to see updates, such as the 1/4 page add to begin running tomorrow etc. THanks again! so Much!

  7. Pat


    If he is such a part of the family, why was he not taken better care of? Why was he allowed to run wild and it appears this is not the first time. Is this how you care for a valued member of the FAMILY?

    I hope all who finds him keeps him. You dont deserve to get him back.

  8. Anon 27

    Pat that was very unkind and very uncalled for. You have made a lot of assumptions. To tell these people they don’t deserve him back is just plain cruel and nasty.

  9. sungirl

    Pat,, my dog runs free and wild.. at the moment he doesn’t even have a coller, because I’ve just bought him a new one and either some other dog, or some human decided they liked it better. But he is known in our area (standard Bajan Chihuahua, but walks with destinct limp), and more times than not, comes home.. What would you rather me do, keep him on a chain 24hours a day like many people do?? which, by the way, is a fineable offense if you are ever caught and something you sounds like you do..

  10. Pat

    Anon 27

    That is your opinion and you are entitled to it.

    Why do people get pets and dont take care of them? I know the locust hall development. It means that dog was let off its property without its collar yet. The owner(s) said he has not been away this long before. That tells me this is not the first time.

    Do you let your young children run wild? Dont you know where they are at all times? People who cannot take proper care of their pets should not have them. VALUED member of the family indeed.

    I love dogs. I have had dogs. But now that I live in a development without open space where I can take my dog for a run, I no longer keep them.

  11. Pat, while I have the inclination to blast you for your idiocy, I wont promote that on the BFP blog who have run the story. Clearly you’ve never owned a Dog, or at least one that didn’t live on a 6 foot chain.

  12. Again for Pat, you are partly right. It isn’t the first time Mikko has escaped but it’s just natural when you live around other dogs who go into “heat” or “Season” and the males go looking. Couple that with the fact that you spend plenty of time with your dog teaching it obedience and doing agility training (obstacles courses, JUMPING, etc) and now you understand why thousands were spent to improve our fence. Just so you know, we’ve been at our new residence for 8 months, we fixed the fence 6 months ago and this is the first time he is out since.

    He’s also a Gundog who likes to spend time at the beach, so much so that as a family we alternate who spends time at beach houses around the island so HE can be close to the water.

    Plenty of dogs are also petrified of thunder, Mikko happens to be one of them and though the day didnt start so bad, it became quite terrible in the afternoon. Our gardener also happened by that day. So who can say for certain, Pat if my dog was let go accidentally by the gardener, or if he ran out in fear while the gardener wasn’t looking by the thunder, if he was stolen, or just plain went for a stroll and couldn’t find his way home, I don’t know. But more importantly YOU don’t know.

    It is typical for some people to come on blogs and run their mouth because they are too timid to do it in real life, but your ignorance has hurt my family and only thrown salt in already deep wound. I’ll have you know we returned home at 2:00 PM on tuesday to let him and THE 2 DOGS WE JUST RESCUED THIS WEEK inside from the weather only to find that he was not there. Immediately 3 search cars were on the road, we all left work, contacted every authority, spoke with every neighbor, reported it to the police, started a website, booked press ads for hundreds of dollars and have been forwarding his picture to every member of the kennel club we know.

    Very few people go farther than the drive around the block, but my family has been in these past 24 hours shaken in an ordeal that feels like days. Anon 27 was right, what you said was plain cruel and nasty.

    BFP again, I thank you for your generosity in keeping this post up. I thank the Ark, the Hope and all the vets who have it up in their bullet in boards. I thank the Kennel Club who know me very well, as I have taught obedience classes for them, and who are forwarding this on. I thank the local retriever breeders who witnessed first hand the pain we felt when our 11 year old retriever passed away only months ago with kidney failure, who are also forwarding this message.

    I thank those of you who have sent in comments and kind words, and all the others who are forwarding the messages on from our website. Those who have responded to the radio announcements with tips we thank you all sincerely. Unfortunately, there will always be the negative Pats in every crowd, we can only aspire not to let them dampen our spirits.

  13. george

    This comment is for pat.

    I agree with anon 27. That was very unkind of you to say. Maybe these statements come from the fact that if you were lost, your family would allow you to stay with the people that find you. I hope it is not a tribe that eats humans for an appetiter…. Food for thought.

  14. For George

    10 points george.

  15. george

    I would prefer 20. I will eat pat for mikko.

  16. Pat Eater

    For eating Pat you get 100 points.

  17. I hope you’ll take a tetanus shot 1st? Maybe some for ptomaine and trichinosis also?? Might be best to purge the critter on hibiscus leaves before preparation – oh yes, raw or cooked? Use plenty lime and salt either way!

  18. Tony Hall

    I am not a dog lover but Pat your comment was very insensitive. What if the dog is very close to one of the children of the family? Do you know how devastating that would be to that child to get wind of your comment?

  19. crossroads

    I love Patties

  20. N

    I think Miko left to search for his friend the other dog, who recently past away. He missed him.
    I hope Miko will come back soon.

  21. Annie


    I really don’t think that someone who doesn’t care for their animal would do everything that the owner is doing to find Mikko. Flyers, E-mails, Website, Barbados Free Press… to me it seems as though the owner loves his dog very much and that the family is truly missing him.

  22. The Mikko Rumor

    The rumor knocking about is that Mikko’s owners are none other than the family behind Barbados Free Press. Anyone else heard this one?

  23. re: The Mikko Rumor

    I did hear something like this myself… could one of the BFP identities be finally known?

  24. Luke de Freitas

    Hi all. I’m not affraid to say the dog is mine and i am not a part of the BFP family. Anyone who knows my family knows that our jobs require us to spend the days away form the computer. We simply could not find the time to publish this much information even if we were that technically inclined and had that many sources. If you want to see anything by me, check the Darcus Howe article at realbajan.com, but i dare not get more political than that.

    I hate to burst any bubbles but I love dogs and passively observing the political happenings. Sorry to the fans, I too desire to know exactly who cliverton really is – but alas – it is not I.

  25. Robert

    We found Kikko!

  26. Thistle

    Well, I’m sure we’re all glad you’ve found KIKKO, but is MIKKO still missing, then?

  27. Hannah and Luke

    Yes, Mikko is still missing 😦 unfortunately.


  28. Eddie


    I like the caricature above. Yes, I agree, find Mikko.

  29. Anonymous

    Yuh notice Pat didn’t find the strength of character to apologize?

  30. Lady Anon

    I do hope that Mikko finds his way home soon. Pat, your comments are insensitive. While growing up, we had a dog, which was not on a chain because we were fenced and walled in. During a bout of thunder our dog, scared as hell, jumped over the 6 ft wall and was gone.

    We searched and searched and she was never seen again.

    The majority of pet owners in Barbados are responsible.

  31. Good Hair Day

    Why not check any wells in the area – I was in the Locust Hall area this morning and was keeping an eye out for him, please keep us updated.
    (sorry people like Pat exist – waste of oxygen)

  32. Good Hair Day

    The Hope Sanctuary announced on the radio today that the thunder this week caused some dogs to run away and they have some new ones from this week alone – check there.

  33. Q

    losing a dog is not easy
    it has to be a miserable feeling

    sorry for the dog and the owners too

  34. Luke no one said you were Cliverton, they wondered if the Family was connected to ‘Free Press… H’mmm, so where DID you sleep for Kadooment?

  35. ru4real

    Pat your post was PAThetic and heartless.

  36. 156

    Well, on that topic about if de Freitas is a part of the BFP family….I have found a clue in all proper maliciousness of a Bajan.

    it would make sense seeing as at the very bottom of his blog template (www.realbajan.com) is a small, simple smiley face.

    The same smiley face can be found in the upper right hand corner of the BFP website.

    Some may say it is a mere coincidence, but I find it hard to believe that many Bajans who would want to be taken seriously would allow to have this light-hearted little icon displayed so prominently on their webpage. There must be a connection.


    BFP says…

    OHHHHHHHHHH! He got us! He figured out our sinister symbol!

    Hee hee hee!

    Oh, wait…. that smiley is on every blog hosted by WordPress.com.

    Drat! Foiled again!

  37. Get down to business


  38. Anonymous, re: Smiley… That applies to ALL WordPress templates, even websites as opposed to Blogs

  39. John

    Good Hair Day
    August 29, 2008 at 5:33 pm
    Why not check any wells in the area – I was in the Locust Hall area this morning and was keeping an eye out for him, please keep us updated.
    (sorry people like Pat exist – waste of oxygen)

    Good idea.

    Mikko’s owners could get the manager of Applewaithe’s Plantation to show them all the wells in the area and ask his staff to keep an eye/ear out for Mikko when they are in the fields.

  40. Anon 27

    BFP: The last 13 posts look like someone playing the fool.


    BFP says

    Hi Anon 27,

    We’re back now and I looked after them. George is on from 4pm and he will be right on top of the comments – unlike the Mrs. and me who are about to start preparing for our guests this evening.

    Such excitement!

    HE (a friend of mine) is coming “for dinner” – but it is really to meet SHE (a friend of Shona’s from the New York days who is visiting on vacation) and we wonder if there might be some electricity in the air.

    Shona hasn’t had so much fun since she plotted with her friends to meet me all those years ago. 🙂

  41. Sundowner

    Another worry, a pure bred dog like this is worth money, I hope you find him and he hasn’t been stolen.

  42. Anon 27

    You got that right Sundowner, purebred dogs are at a premium in Barbados. When I lived in Barbados, I had a female purebred Pit Bull who was brought into the country from the U.K. Many times I was approached and asked to have her bred with someone’s male Pit Bull but I always refused. On the advice of a friend, I tightened up the security around my home in order to prevent her being stolen.

  43. Thomas Gresham

    Dear Anon,

    Let me get this right. You had a pit bull – presumerably, partly for security reasons, but you had to put in security to protect your pit bull. Hmmm. I would have just not got the pit bull.

    On a related but separate matter. I am very concerned that Barbados is no longer a place you can go out for a walk because of dogs. Owners keep packs of vicious dogs behind low fences. I went out riding bikes with my son when he was six a couple of years ago and he was so scared by the dogs that he fell off the bike just in front of the dogs and got into a real state. And then there are the strays. I have just moved in to a house and found that I have three strays that practically live there. Two are half-breed Akitas, who are temperamental dogs at least. I dont feel its safe to have my kids play in their own garden.

    What is the solution? I dont have any solutions. I do think owners with dogs who attack people should face large fines. It seems weird to have people bringing in dogs when we have so many strays that hundreds are regularly put down. May be you need to pay for an import licence for a dog and this fee goes to housing strays.

  44. J

    Well said Thomas. I don’t know what to do about my neighbours large dogs who “get way” from time to time. But whenever a stray turns up n my yard I call vet to my house and the vet humanely kills the stray for me and I dig a grave in my back garden and therein I bury the stray.

    Problem solved, quickly, humanely and cheaply ($75)

    Mikko may already have been put down by a Bajan such as I am.

  45. J

    Dear Thomas:

    I am at a loss as to what to do about my neighbour’s large dogs, Akitas, Doberman’s etc who “get way” from time to time.

    But whenever a stray enters my yard I call a vet who will quickly, safely and humanely put the dog to sleep. I inter the body in my backyard or the vacant lot next door.

    Problem solved, quickly, safely, humanely and cheaply $75

    Mikko may already have been safely and humanely put to sleep.

  46. J

    If your dog comes into my yard I will have him put to sleep. If you do not want him put to sleep then keep him out of my yard.

    Real simple.

  47. Anon 27

    Thomas, it is hard to go into great detail in a post. I, personally, did not bring the pit bull into the country. I inherited her from someone who was leaving Barbados and I never thought of her as a dog to be used for security and frankly, she would have been hopeless for that purpose. She was a totally goofy affectionate dog who treated everyone as though they were her best friend.
    You are right though, there are too many stray and vicious dogs in Barbados and over the years I had more than one run in with unchained dogs hell bent on taking a chomp out of me.

  48. Straight talk


    There is an import license for dogs, you get it from the Govt Vet’s on the Pine.

    It is the same license as for Bush Meat or sausages.

  49. J

    Dear Thomas Gresham:

    Re your post “I have just moved in to a house and found that I have three strays that practically live there. Two are half-breed Akitas, who are temperamental dogs at least. I don’t feel its safe to have my kids play in their own garden.”

    As a father it is your duty to make your home and yard a safe place for your little children to play. Your children must come first. Call a vet and have him put down the 3 strays including the temperamental half-breed Akitas.

    It more people were willing to do this dog owners would be much more careful with their dogs.

    I’ve called both the RSPA and the Ark first but both are woefully understaffed and unable to respond quickly.

    No I don’t hate pets. I have some myself, and I do donate to the Ark, BUT to those of you dog lovers. You need to keep your animals in your yard, and in your house during bad weather ALL of the time.

  50. Eddie

    Thomas Gresham,
    I wholeheartedly agree with you on the dog matter. My concern is dogs on the beach.
    Some people bring their Pit Bulls and other deadly dogs on the beach with no regard for bathers.

    In addition, these dogs defecate on the beaches and the owners don’t carry a bag or make any attempt to clean up.

    If owners believe that their dogs need exercise or a bath, I don’t believe they should be bathing with human beings,

    These practices are unhygienic.

  51. Kay

    Not only do you pay for an import licence to bring in a dog, you also pay duty and VAT.
    People who bring in dogs do so because of their love for a specific breed, and to improve on the breed in the island new genes need to be brought in every so often.
    I am sorry that your son was frightened by some dogs but all dog owners, like all dogs are not the same.
    I would suggest that you might carry him to one of the local dog shows and let him see what a great variety dogs come in, as it would be a pity if he grew up scared of man’s best friend.

  52. Underdog

    Don’t give up hope, Luke. A friend of mine had a dog that ran away in Sunset Crest, terrified by the fireworks at Sandy Lane. It was several weeks later after they had given up all hope that we discovered he had been found by a little old lady in Sandy Lane, living the life 🙂

  53. Frisky

    I thought this was all about finding Mikko??

  54. ru4real

    Pitbulls have been oulawed in the UK for years so maybe your dog was a boxer .


    Cant you put a fence round your yard to protect your children?

  55. Eddie


    And Mikko related matters.

  56. Thomas Gresham

    Thanks for the helpful suggestions and thoughts everyone. I called The Hope and Ark and, as was said above, they couldn’t come out. I called the RSPCA who said to call the Animal Control Centre, though they did not have a number for them (@!%&*!) and when I found the number they said they would come that day, but a week later they have not. As they put the phone down before I could finish telling them my name, I was not very hopefully anyway. I hate the idea of killing the dogs however humanely – which is probably what the RSPCA and ACC would end up doing anyway – but I fear there is no alternative for me if I want to protect my kids and their friends, and what alternatives there are merely give someone else the problem.

  57. jinx

    To Luke,

    If you have not already done so, check the nearby villages… ask children around those neighbourhoods….. Some children will bring dogs home and the parents do not question them. I had a neighbour whos pet was stolen ….. she found it in a nearby village….The parent was not interested that the boy had brought a dog home and tied it in the back yard.
    Wishing for a positive outcome .

  58. Anonymous

    ru4real: She was most certainly not a boxer. The time period I am speaking off was 1990 before the ban took effect.

  59. Anon27

    It amuses me that posters on this blog will make rash, snide and inaccurate statements, ASSumptions and jump to conclusions based on very little info. Always a rush to judgement before careful consideration. Once they have been corrected there is no apology proferred or even a post to acknowledge that perhaps they jumped the gun and responded in haste. You both know who you are.

  60. Hi All,

    Thanks for the tips and kind thoughts. I’m afraid that all the advice given has already been followed, but there has been no sign of the Dog. We are still hopeful, but it’s going on to a week. This will sound extremely negative, but if he’s alive still, then he must have been stolen. I don’t think my dog has the survival skills to eat a raw steak on the side of the road.

    I’m praying whoever has him will bring him home, but a $1,000.00 reward generated no leads whatsoever. I can’t think of anything else to do but keep looking, keep putting up flyers, keep checking wells.

  61. Margaret Knight

    Hi Luke,

    I do feel your pain and I do hope that you will eventually find Mikko. I once had a cat who escaped down a gully when I took him to the Vet, and I practically camped out on the site for 3 days before I managed to entice him back to me, when he smelt some mackerel that I was baiting him with. There are some very insensitive people around, whose own lives are so miserable that they try to hurt others in whatever way they can. You only have to look around Barbados and see how animals are treated to know that, to them, a “missing pet” is no big thing. Good luck.

  62. Getting BYE

    Sorry he is missing and more sorry to think of the terrible ways some Bajans see fit to treat animals.
    I know there are a lot of angry dogs in Barbados and sadly it is not a shock considering the way they are treated. My dog escapes from time to time, and although we look and look we cannot find him -once he came home and someone else had put a beautiful collar on him. More recently a (very kind) stranager to our family brought him home. I am wishing the same for Mikko and also that PAT can turn away from her cruel attitude 😦

  63. Annonymous sunshine

    Continue with the flyers, and at all schools, gas stations, shops around the island.
    Golden Retrievers are a very friendly breed so I feel if he was able to move around freely, he would go to a home for other canine, human companionship, food, water and shelter and so someone out there would know where he is.
    Everyone (sad to say, does not read newspapers nor see the ‘net) so the flyers are important.
    He might also be injured and in a cane field/gully and unable to come out on his own so it is important to also get as much help as possible in searching those land areas. Plantation employees, B’dos. National Trust hikers etc. might be able to help with knowledge of the areas. Dogs can survive without food for a while once they get water, and there is a lot of rain water around, if he was unable to get out of a gully, or well.
    I hope you get him back but I do feel you have to move fast now, although you have worked very hard with the ads, flyers, and physically search some of the land areas in case he is injured and/or trapped.

  64. rumboy

    To the sons of Mark – keep praying for his safe return. To Pat – you prick.

  65. @TG – Killing a dog humanely? yes, maybe if it’s legs are broken, permanently damaged and he will live out the rest of his days where he stands. Or maybe if his kidneys failed (like one of mine) and his body was just eating away at his muscles for food, slowly deteriorating before your very eyes. Then yes, that is a humane (albeit painful) thing to do. Just for so because the innocent thing wandered into your yard is silly. I would love to hear that you killed one of my other imported retrievers!

    Dogs are legal property, kill my imported dog and expect the full $7,000 bill. idiot.

  66. rumboy

    Luke – some advice son, refrain from answering, just continue to browse to see if someone really does have sound information. All the sickies are coming out and they are getting to you. Keep the faith and the ads running.

  67. Underdog

    Yes Luke, rumboy is right. Just ignore the idiots. I shudder to think of treatment conditions of any poor creature owned by the two distastful posters on here.

  68. Kay

    If it is any consolation my dogs were missing recently and although I got them back within 24 hours it was too late to stop the ads in the paper, and many people called to tell let me know where they were, correctly. So if anyone out there sees the dog and the ads chances are you will hear.
    I don’t know if Mikko was microchipped but it is worth having it done as if there is doubt you can prove ownership.

  69. J

    To all those people who permit their dogs onto the public roads and into other people’s yards:

    I do have pets and I do treat them well.

    Food, water, spayed or neutered, veterinary care, the freedom to roam in my house and my yard.

    I do donate to the Ark and I would to the RSPCA too if they would ask me.

    But if your $7,000 dog is in my yard and I do not know you from the first Adam how am I supposed to get the beast back to you?

    Or do you expect me to provide food/water/shelter for ever?

    I have the number and kind of pets that I can afford to take care of.

    NO!!!!!!!!!! I am not willing to take care of yours.

    People are coming on this blog and pretending that they are the greatest animal lovers in the world. That is plainly untrue as neither the Ark nor the RSPCA can put together a group of volnteers which would permit them to respond in 24 hours or better still in 2.

    I cannot tell you the number of dogs and cats which have been struck by vehicles that I have had to take up with my garden fork and bury in my garden. Meanwhile my dog loving, dog keeping neighbours will drive past the corpse as though it has nothing to do with them.

    The truth is most people are selfish.

    They love their own animals. They care not a whit about other people’s

    Besides I NEVER touch other people’s animals.

    I am not sick.

    I am pragmatic.

  70. Straight talk


    I send real love and respect to you for our shared responsibility to those loveable but yet so vulnerable animals.


  71. Dog lovers

    I wonder if all the dog lovers love humans more?

    Just wondering

  72. J

    Dear Luke:

    Yu wrote “Dogs are legal property, kill my imported dog and expect the full $7,000 bill. idiot.

    That is exactly the trouble. A lot of Barbadians who keep dogs do not truly love animals. The animals are just one more piece of expensive bling. A way of showing that they have arrived. Like the brand name shoes, the gold teeth, the $100,000 SUV, the million dollar house.

    But I do not want your gold teeth, your shoes, your car or your dog in my yard.

    Its real simple.

  73. Jinx

    I can tell this is a high-class dog.
    1. The fact that a PAID newspaper ad was put out

    2. Luke mentions in his second comment ‘we alternate who spends time at beach houses around the island’
    Would it be that someone could take me around several beach houses occasionally.

    3. Also the mention of ‘gardener’-Erm obviously can afford the garden but would rather pay someone to look after it (not judging, but mine is small enough to do without ‘staff’)

    4. You attacking Pat for making worse your ‘ordeal’ is laughable. If a lost dog is the biggest of your problems, well…enough said.


  74. Jinx, you really have chosen a most appropriate name for yourself, you were a pain in the A*** on my blog too earlier this year… Can you not clone yourself and perform self fornication? If you have no useful input nor sympathy then please? Go f##p yuhself, do. (Whoops, borrowed that polite version from Schwarzenegger’s 6th Day)

  75. Anon27

    Jinx: ENVY is a B**** isn’t it? Poor you.

  76. Deng Xiaping

    This Luke fellow is piece of work. Gresham moves into a new home and finds 3 stray dogs (two of them part Akita) also hanging about there. He is concerned about the safety of his children and wants to enjoy his home surroundings. He calls the RSPCA, the Hope and the Ark and the Animal Control Centre to no avail. He contemplates with regret that he may have to have the animal puts down. Luke calls him an idiot and tells us about his $7000 dog!

    I am too polite to write what I would call Luke!

  77. Jinx

    I wish the “jinx” jinxing me, the original JINX (September 1st post on this story) would find themselves a different name!!!

    Luke, I pray your family will soon hear that familiar bark once more…..

  78. Sundowner

    I know the real Jinx and they would NEVER have written that comment on the 5th!
    Luke have you checked the area where you used to live? he may have returned to that area.

  79. rumboy

    Here comes two more Luke – Jinx and Deng Xiaping. What would you call Luke?

  80. Pat

    @ J

    Thanks, you have said it all.

    This is a FREE PRESS, and we are all entitled to our opinions. No one has to like them or agree. I do not know Luke and he does not know me. Yet, he deigns to say what he wants and I cannot? cheupse

  81. jinx

    Why has this missing dog become the source of such contempt? see “fake jinx” sept 5th post and other obvious ones.

    As much i would rather see abandoned dogs being adopted from RSPCA, ARK Animal Welfare or THE HOPE SANCTUARY ,(i think they make the greatest pets) it is anyones right to purchase/import a dog if they so choose. There are certain characteristics which some people are looking for hence the “breed”.

    This unfortunate dog has gone missing such as children have gone missing from right under thier parents noses.

    I do feel sorry for their loss and i still remain hopeful …..

  82. GoodHairDay

    He was spotted in Kingsland heading towards Newton yesterday morning.

  83. Lady Anon

    Was Mikko ever found?

  84. GoodHairDay

    Keep a fresh eye out for him, if the thunder in Sept made him bolt, last night’s may have put him on the road again.