Grenada’s Prime Minister Tillman Thomas Announces Integrity Commission – Don Mitchell CBE Hopes It Isn’t Empty Promises Like Barbados PM David Thompson

The new Prime Minister of Grenada, Tillman Thomas, says his government is embracing integrity legislation and vows he is setting a new course for his country. As reported by Caribbean Net News…

The Governor General announced that the government will set up an Integrity Commission to ensure integrity in public life. The Commission, he said, will obtain declaration of the assets and liabilities and income of persons in public life. Governor General of Grenada Sir Daniel Williams He also said a Public Procurement Authority will be established to regulate public procurement and practices in the Public Service.

In a move to prevent corruption, the Governor General also announced the establishment of an Investment Policy Review Committee to look at investment proposals (local and foreign) before they are considered by Cabinet, as well as a National Economic Council to advise the Government on macro-economic policies and other major issues.

Sir Daniel also announced the appointment of an Ombudsman, who will have the power to investigate the administrative actions taken by on behalf of Government and other public authorities, including statutory corporations.

… from Caribbean Net News (link here)

Corruption-free Anguilla Hopes Grenada Isn’t Deceived Like Barbados!

Grenada is in big trouble because the treasury has been emptied by successive governments who operated without effective integrity and freedom of information laws – the same lack of integrity laws situation that we have in Barbados.

Now Grenada’s new Prime Minister wants to establish effective integrity legislation – or so he says. While it is obvious that this call for ITAL is a prelude to yet another bailout by the international funds, perhaps Grenada will end up with actual ITAL. (ITAL = Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation)

Or, as Don Mitchell wonders on Corruption-Free Anguilla blog…

“If it is just empty promises, like PM David Thompson of Barbados seems to be making, then we shall have been betrayed by our leaders once again.”

Prime Minister Thompson should have a read of Don Mitchell’s article Grenada. He just might learn something.


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8 responses to “Grenada’s Prime Minister Tillman Thomas Announces Integrity Commission – Don Mitchell CBE Hopes It Isn’t Empty Promises Like Barbados PM David Thompson

  1. Juris

    Why would Don Mitchell think that the promises by Thompson are empty? Did Thompson not give a time line for their occurrence? Has that time passed?

  2. Fool me once

    Juris- you funny man. Time line for promises by Thompson be never and eternity.

    Maybe you can remind us all of one thing promised and done by the new government been here for 8 months now? No thing done.Gonna be same in 18 months 28 months until new promises made just before next election.

  3. Tony Hall

    You guys are funny. A gov’t in power only 8 months and you pretend to expect miracles. How come the BLP was never put under that type of scrutiny? Be objective. If 15 months go by and you see nothing tangible then you have all reason to complain and I would support if the complaints are credible. In 8 months of governance systems are still being put in place so don’t try to guage in such a short period.


    BFP says,

    How come the BLP was never put under that type of scrutiny? By BFP?

    What a joke.

    What a fountain of deliberate misinformation you are, Tony. Spin spin spin.

  4. Tony Hall

    This is not spin. After 8 months in office in 1994 was the BLP gov’t put under this type of scrutiny? If you bring me the evidence of such I will immediately apologise. I do not pretend to have the monopoly on knowledge.

  5. marvin bareback

    Why not stick to the point about Grenada instead of degenerating into a bee versus dee p***ing match. Grenada is on record as having the most corrupt international financial services industry in the entire Caribbean. There have been many articles exposing the former government as complicit in allowing swindlers and fraud artists own offshore banks and insurance companies. Investigations have led to the arrest of numerous US persons (see Eric Resteiner for example) and also included a special enquiry that was convened by our very own Johnny Cheltenham. His laughable conclusion is that the Mitchell government did no wrong and specifically the Prime Minister could not be linked to the alleged bribes received. The conclusion is so diametrically opposed to the evidence provided that one would have to think that Johnny was in on the proceeds to come up with no dirt on the perpetrators. However, it would be useful for the new government to call in the FBI and Scotland Yard to conduct their own investigations into the discreditable conduct of goverment officials in allowing such con-men to get permission to operate in Grenada. It would really be something to see someone actually get arrested and shipped overseas to the US or UK for allowing these things to happen while at the controls. When the peoples of the Caribbean finally stop idolizing their elected officials and hold some of them accountable is when some maturity will be evidenced by these democracies. If they are crooks, send them to jail, don´t name parks, bridges and highways after them and they should also forfeit those burgeoning pensions if found guilty of criminal conduct!!!

  6. Lindsey LaMothe

    Give Tillman Thomas a chance!! Grenada has given Mitchell enough!! Mitchell should be thrown in jail and then burn and melt the key!! Grenada is/was one of the worlds top producers of nutmeg and cocoa, but yet Grenada is so poor, where is the money??!! Money that should’ve been spent developing the countries villages, up rising the countries farms, suppling new jobs, helping the citizens, taking them out of proverty where is it? The only completely developed place is St. Georges why is that? Grenada is not that big why is it so hard to develope the entire country. Poverty is a Crime!!! Why didn’t Mitchell help the poor? he forgot about where he came from and once he got to the top acted like a greedy powerful pig! I believe he stole lost of money and was involved in a lot of criminal activities that he trys to cover up. Just think about the 17 group.. and the invasion back then he pretended to care and what did he do? The goverment in Grenada is so backwards officers show no remours nor do they care about the people aslong as they get their pay check to help them from poverty they don’t care about the rest! i was recently in Grenada and most of the police stations don’t have computer everything is documented by paper and pen thats gets thrown in a corner. I TRIED to file a report and do you know what the sgt. did wrote my name on a piece of scotch tape and stuck it on his desk which was coverd in junk, what kind of report is that???? you tell me please if you think he cares! All i’m saying is give Tillman Thomas a Chance!! Micthell has already stole, lied, and was in a position to help his people but didn’t!! A few new hotels and shops in St. Goerges didn’t help the countries poverty take a walk threw St Andrews, St David, St Patrick St mark and St John and then compare the cities. And you’ll see the difference. it’s so much more beautiful than St.Georges but yet the way of life is ruff!!!



  8. Lindsey I suggest you pay attention to this link before you go running your mouth about give Tillman Thomas a chance. You also pay attention to this link