Times UK Says “Top-End” Rum Is Bajan… Well, Of Course!

Cricket World Cup Rum - Aged In A Suntan Lotion Bottle For Stealth & Taste!

Cricket World Cup Rum - Aged In A Suntan Lotion Bottle For Stealth & Taste!

The Times of London has published an excellent article about the new popularity and appreciation of rums – and according to the author, this increase in interest and sales is at the expense of scotch. Whether this is a temporary fad or a trend that Barbados’ rum industry will be able to profit from for the next 20 years is still to be decided, but as they say “any publicity is good publicity”.

Again according to the writer, “At the top end there is Doorly’s XO from Barbados, a smooth raisiny rum aged in oloroso sherry barrels.”

At Barbados Free Press, our fully trained and experienced team of rum experts feel obliged to mention that Mount Gay Extra Old is an excellent “top end” rum at not a bad price compared with Doorly’s…

Is the sun over the yardarm yet? No?

Oh well… ! 🙂

Times Online: A Rum Business


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22 responses to “Times UK Says “Top-End” Rum Is Bajan… Well, Of Course!

  1. Mount Gay Eclipse – damn straight! Cockspur & Doorly’s (unfortunately “Extra Old” too, it’s the chemical used for darkening – that colouring is not off of a charred old barrel now) give me “De Belly”

  2. no name

    Ian, try the Cockspur Old Gold.

  3. 329.18

    Brown rum works well for me
    – as a purgative. No kidding.
    If I need a good flush out, I know what to take.

    And so the future is White Rum no less.
    The best brown rums are, alas,
    not made in Barbados,
    they hail from Demerara
    and the name is El Dorado

  4. De Original

    Morning All,

    Been a while since I posted. I aint a big drinker but Mount Gay Extra Old is definitely a top class drink. Some years ago tried it wid mauby, it was fantastic.

  5. Anonn


  6. Luke

    BFP, take a look at your photo, the upload didnt work on this post!

    **love doorlys

  7. Anon

    Owen Arthur must be so proud

  8. Anon27

    Interestingly, I recently did an online survey that was about alcoholic beverages and it quickly became apparent that the survey was looking for opinions primarily on “premium” rums.
    It asked specific questions comparing Jamaican, Puerto Rican and Barbados Rums. In my opinion there is only one rum that compares in quality to Barbados rums and that is LemonHart from Guyana.

  9. Iriebrown

    Nothing like Mount Gay Extra Old. The best in the world…..so smooth. Esp with coconut water and a splash of syrup.

    Always have Extra Old in the house, it’s the last thing I buy when leaving B’dos.

  10. crossroads

    I belive that “chemical” that giving you the belly is the Carmel added to the rum for flavour.

  11. Happy To Say

    I give the El Dorado 15 Year Old two thumbs up… I have a standing order placed with all of my Guyanese friends. Mount Gay Extrta Old comes in a close second. I suspect that if the Mount Gay was aged in the oak for another 4 years it may be even more mellow than the El Dorado. BTW Ian don’t blame “the belly” on the Extra Old…

  12. Sundowner

    I agree, dark rum not only ;the belly’ but a hangover as well, white rum is the tops, with anything!

  13. Happy To Say

    Sundowner: ALL rums (alcohol) can cause a hangover – this is normally more likely the more you consume. That being said Mount Gay Extra Old (MGEO) is the kleast likely to cause a hangover when compared to any other local rum – brown or white. MGEO has an edge over its local competition by virtue of the fact that ir is actually aged for 8 years.

  14. J

    I think that I’ll drink to that (all of the above)

  15. Pat

    A a rum aficionado, I love Mount Gay Extra Old. However the Cockspur Old Gold is also excellent. I like the one the Guyanese call “Russian Bear”, dont remember the proper name. From Cuba you cant beat Methusalem for an aged smooth rum on par with the best brandies and cognacs. They also have the Havana Club 7 year which is also good. From Haiti, I love Betancourt, not as good as the top Bim rums, but good, needs a few more years in the cask. Martinique has several good rums, but I cant compare them to others as they are 55% and 60% proof.

  16. Russian Yeast is better than any brown , red or white rum without the side effects

  17. Tony Hall

    All of the abovementioned Bajan rums are good but I like ESA Fields white. Drink lots of it and get no hangovers!!

  18. Pat

    @ Asiba,

    Is Russion Yeast the proper name for the Guyanese rum that I know as Russion Bear?

  19. Sundowner

    Happy To Say, strange that, alcohol gives you a hangover….. I’m well aware of that, my point was dark rums gives me a hangover, white rum doesn’t, however much I drink………..hic!

  20. Happy To Say

    Sundowner: I’ll drink to that. To take a leaf out of my good friend Ian Bourne’s book – White rum gives me “the belly” so the only rum that I am willing to try is an very aged brown rum… I guess “to each its own”… I’ll have a drink to that.

  21. Norman Tewarie

    The best RUM in the world is a special rum called “FREE RUM”

  22. Having lived in Barbados for little over a year, I enjoyed all their finest Rums but, as a Guyanese, there is no better Rum than El Dorado’s 15 year old. Hats off to the legacy of Peter D’Aguiar the founder of D.I.H. and Banks Beer respectively!