Why Won’t Prime Minister Thompson Investigate VECO’s Corrupt Acts In Barbados?

“Thompson and the DLP are not going to open that door. They would rather do nothing than find some of their friends took VECO gifts”

… DLP insider source to Barbados Free Press

Our Government Has Not Asked To See FBI Evidence About Corruption In Barbados!

It is no secret that VECO, the builder of Barbados’ new Dodds Prison and Oil Terminal, used bribes and kickbacks to politicians as a matter of normal business operations. The United States FBI and Federal Justice Department charged numerous politicians and business people in Alaska in a major investigation that is still ongoing and producing new charges. The FBI seized a million documents and has hours and hours of secretly-recorded conversations – some of which have been released to the public and show a connection to corrupt activities by VECO in Barbados.

But the Government of Barbados has not asked the FBI for access to the evidence about VECO’s corrupt activities in our country – in the building of the oil terminal and the new jail.

Depending upon who you believe, the new jail could probably have been built for 60 to 100 million dollars less. Any fool knows that tens of millions of dollars disappeared offshore to middlemen, suppliers and “consultant” companies who have connections with Barbados government officials.

But as our disgusted DLP government insider says, “Thompson and the DLP are not going to open that door…”

The fact that the Government of Barbados has not asked for the information from the FBI says everything.


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15 responses to “Why Won’t Prime Minister Thompson Investigate VECO’s Corrupt Acts In Barbados?

  1. De Original

    I take the side of BFP on this one whole heartedly. Why have we not moved in the direction of Integrity Accountability and Transparency. I look forward to seeing the Integrity Legislation in place.
    We Bajans replaced the Owen and the band of Brigands and we look forward to them being held accountable for any actions that were in contravention of our laws. Note I do not condone any witch hunts.

  2. Anonn

    Doesn’t have to be a witch-hunt.
    Just has to be integrity and enforcement.

    But we live in an essentially-Africa microcosm
    where ‘we are not an enforcement culture’ or whatever it is He said.

    And so it goes. Everyone’s happy.
    Everyone gets to the trough eventually.

    Only in white places
    like Denmark Sweden and Finland
    do they do things Properly.

    Melanin’s a birtch, isn’t it?

  3. Luke

    tis what it is! Who really expected things to be so different? Promises are fools paradise.

    After all, them “Slot machines” which were waiting to be released still coming after all of thompson’s hot air challenging arthur! Why dont more people challenge them? Why dont the media cover these things?

  4. Hants

    BFP are you writing Editorials about Integrity Legislation for The Advocate?

    “While we agree that care must be exercised when introducing any piece of legislation and not the wholesale copying that is sometimes evidenced in some of our laws, Cabinet should take measures to have this legislation passed sooner rather than later so that the questions of the public can be put to rest.”

    That is what you have been saying here from day one.

    Now it appears in “the mainstream media”.

  5. reality check

    These political thieves that have raped the treasury and the citizens of Barbados for twelve plus years are friends of David’s.

    With no implementation of a Ministerial Order or ITAL, as promised, it sure is looking like David is just more of the same.

    What an incredible dishonourable act of deception that has been inflicted on Barbadians once again!!!

  6. Thomas Gresham

    I have to say I am confused about this issue.

    The Prime Minister has promised on numerous occasions prior to taking office and since to investigate corruption allegations. I would have thought he would earn tremendous political capital in doing so, so why doesn’t he? There are two explanations. One is a “my turn” mentality, the other is that there is no substantive evidence to investigate.

    There is plenty of reason to be suspicious of corruption in the VECO contract here. It appears VECO has been corrupt in other contracts. But then again so has Siemens, British Aerospace, Boeing, and countless other companies who in their field, you would still have to consider working with. Corruption elsewhere is not evidence of corruption here and if you are not going to work with any company which has ever had corruption allegations the tenders will have few takers. Perhaps there is insufficient evidence so far. If the FBI has the necessary evidence why not take advantage of if? This question suggests the other explanation.

    However, while I think the government has shown a sorry degree of “my-turnism” in the appointment of chairmen of government boards with people who have no qualification to do the job other than party allegiance, and his personal, business and political entaglement with CLICO is simply inappropriate, I do not believe that this PM sets out to be corrupt. So, I am not sure about the “my turn” explanation either.

    Perhaps the other explanation is that Hartley Henry hopes to bring evidence at a more politically attractive time, in the middle of a re-election campaign when there would be no time to investigate the truth properly. Remember the repeated promises of “bomb shells” during the last campaign? They say all is fair in love and war, and politics is no different, but for those of us who are not politicians, I think “playing politics” with integrity issues shows a misguided view as to what integrity legislation and enforcement is about. Lets hope there is a better explanation.


    BFP says,

    Sadly, we fear that nothing will be done. Look at Hardwood. Such a simple situation with clear insider evidence shown to the public, yet no charges!

  7. Maat

    The difference with bringing charges, rather than making allegations is that one requires an untainted department of prosecutions.
    The director of public prosecutions is the one who would ultimately sign off on any charges that are made against local officials or others who may be suspected in criminal activity.
    Evidence of wrong doing, and clear legal statute have to be presented to the DPP and it is ultimately left to his discretion as to whether or not a case is laid in court.
    Who gets to change the DPP or is it a position for life?


  8. Wuh?

    BFP, stop lying again.

    The Prime Minister, in his interview on VOB, said clearly that important documents and items from Hardwood are missing. How do you bring an action without concrete evidence? If it fails, in your cynical way, you will then say that David Thompson set it up for failure so no one would get prosecuted! How can one win with BFP?

    Is David Thompson himself doing the investigation? Is he the DPP? Is he the Commissioner of Police? Is he a Magistrate or a Judge?

    Come on, BFP, get sensible.


    BFP says,

    YOU get sensible.

    7 months into government and the DLP has not brought one charge or civil suit against any member of what was the most corrupt government our country has ever known. Further, Thompson won’t stick his nose into the VECO mess or pursue investigations of offshore accounts held by BLP members.

    Couple that with the broken promises about integrity legislation and the total disregard for conflicts of interest by Thompson himself and his party members and it is soooooo easy to see what has happened.

    And don’t give us any stories about “he’s only the Prime Minister, what can he do?”

    Such nonsense.

    Same old, same old.

    Thompson showed evidence of Hardwood corruption prior to the election and called for a public inquiry and criminal investigation… and now … what? Nothing. That’s what!

    Total crap from a government that is well on its way to becoming as corrupt as the last BLP government.

    … and one more thing. If documents are missing, that is simply more evidence of corruption and incompetence. If criminal charges cannot be launched then launch civil lawsuits. Seize the houses and bank accounts of those who were supposed to be responsible. Fire the civil servants and government officials who failed in their duty to monitor the government loan to Hardwood. Track down the bank accounts domestic and foreign of every principal. Track down the suppliers. Sue them all.

    You say nothing can be done.

    Such crap sounds like the BLP more and more every day.

  9. Juris

    BFP, you say if criminal charges cannot be launched (because of missing evidence),then launch civil lawsuits. I’m afraid that civil lawsuits will require evidence too; it’s only the standard of proof that is different.


    BFP says,

    that’s right, Juris… the standard of proof is WAY DIFFERENT. Whereas criminal charges might not be possible, a civil case would be a winner. Think OJ Simpson where a criminal case failed, but a civil case with different standards of evidence being admitted well proved that he murdered two people.

    In a civil case for fraud in the Hardwood cxase, the standard of proof might well be “we the people gave you a million dollars and you didn’t build one home, therefore you owe us a million dollars”

    It could be that simple… breach of fiduciary duty, breach of trust, missing records and a few people get hit with million dollar judgments.

    … but trust us, Prime Minister Thompson hasn’t got the leadership necessary to recover a single dollar of funds stolen by the BLP. He is afraid it will come back to haunt him when he is finished stealing from the public purse.

  10. Juris

    Your law is laughable, BFP, but your heart is in the right place!


    BFP says,

    No Juris, our understanding of law is not laughable in civilized nations. Here in Barbados, yes, our understanding of law is laughable because the Barbados Judicial System has always been a tool of the elites that has nothing to do with Justice for people.

    When a career politician was appointed as Chief Justice to break down the divisions in governmental powers, the law in Barbados became a joke.

  11. Hants

    BFP I am surprised that you are suggesting civil lawsuits as an alternative to criminal charges.

    I thought this only applies in the USA.

    Is this really possible in Barbados ?


    BFP says,

    It would theoretically be possible when the threshold for criminal conviction was not there… or when there are assets to be recovered. Don’t forget: a criminal conviction does not return the stolen property to the owner! In the USA criminal and civil cases are sometimes run at the same time so that the property can be recovered by the owner from second or third parties like the thief’s family.

    This is not possible generally in Barbados because the Chief Justice is a BLP crony who would thwart any criminal or civil trial against members of the former BLP government.

  12. ru4real

    Whats the use of a civil lawsuit anyway?
    OJ Simpson never paid a dollar to the victim’s families even though they won the case.


    BFP says,

    In OJs case he moved to Florida where the law says that your home cannot be taken no matter what. In the case of the BLP government thieves, we are talking tens of millions of dollars or even more that are in bank accounts and property around the world. Oh yes, a strong effort could recover much!

    But once again… our corrupt Chief Justice would thwart any effort to track down the funds.

  13. Juris

    BFP, the CJ would not or may not try the civil case at first instance. Are you suggesting that the entire judicial system is corrupt? What proof of this do you have?

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