Storm Watch Barbados – Will It Grow To A Hurricane?

National Hurricane Center, Miami FloridaUpdate Here


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  1. Checkin-out

    What hurricane watch????

  2. Bajan in Canada

    Yes, what hurricane watch?

    By their terms (National Hurricane Centre), “Hurricane Watch:
    An announcement for specific coastal areas that hurricane conditions are possible within 36 hours.”

  3. Sundowner

    If you go to Weather Underground you’ll see the projected path of both of these storms, both, hopefully well north of us, a plane was sent to the first one today, and will go again tomorrow if necessary. It hasn’t even made a Tropical Depression yet!

  4. Cliverton Not Signed In

    OK OK… geesh you guys want total accuracy from a sorry drunk like me?

    Alright… I’ll change it to something a little less spectacular when I get home and can log in. (I don’t dare log in from the PC at work)

    Unless George is around? George please change it to…

    Storm Watch Barbados – Will It Grow To A Hurricane?

    Gotta have the word “hurricane” in the title for the search engines to pick it up effectively.




    BFP george say… done

  5. Synopsis: A strong tropical wave is approaching the island.

    Tonight: Partly cloudy to cloudy with some showers and the chance of isolated thunderstorms.

    Tomorrow: Partly cloudy with scattered showers and the chance of isolated afternoon thunderstorms.

    Wind: Light and variable tonight, becoming E – ESE at 10 – 25 km/h tomorrow.
    Sea: Moderate in open water, swells 1.5 – 2.0m.
    High tides: 00:46 hrs 14:39 hrs
    Low tides: 08:00 hrs 19:24 hrs
    Rainfall ending 6 pm today: 0 mm
    Total rainfall for the month: 25.6 mm
    Total rainfall for the year: 536.3 mm (Tue Aug 12, 2008)



  6. Sundowner

    Thank you Ian, talk about ‘scaremongering’!

  7. Hurricane


    -did not have a clue

    outside is so hot though, that my instincts told me bad weather is imminent

  8. lu lu

    so they do sensationalist garbage and inflate headlines for search engine attention? i can’t wait til you people are found out.

  9. rumboy

    Let’s hope they both stay way out so that Peter Gibbs and John Mike Peterkin have a chance to successfully complete their round the island swim this weekend and on that note, hopefully the press will give them some coverage.

  10. cynty

    Just heard they are now starting Saturday morning instead of Friday, good luck to them both.

  11. WildyCoyte.

    Funny thing is lu lu,they already know who “you ” are you simp.

  12. Anonn

    Sheesh I’d be glad just for some RAIN

    BRING ON the weather – ANY weather!!

    What a buncha chickenshirt cowards
    friken every lil buncha clouds.
    This whole climate of fear thing over vaguely-possible hurricanes is frankly amusing and could only happen on a boring small island just longing for some sorta excitement

  13. intellicast-dot-com



    apart from NOAA-dot-gov are some good hurricane trackers, apart from Wthr U’ground

  14. Boy I mussee sin bad, choopse, why not released again?


    BFP says,

    Hi Ian, sometimes the WordPress software has a mind of its own and if we are all at work or otherwise unavaiilabe your comment will languish in cyberspace until we come home. It is up now. 🙂

  15. Luke

    Haha Cliverton, if I keep reading your posts I will figure out more ways and keywords to put on m webpages. Got me here wondering how I can tie in “Hurricane” to one of my own posts.

    On a serious note though, when I first saw this article here it did shock me! Hurricane wahhh?

    A lil depression would be nice though, you would have more time to spend blogging about how David Thompson wont keep his promises (open information act anytime soon?)

  16. Thistle

    Anonn: I couldn’t agree with you more. There are also those paranoid, scaremongering control freaks – some not even living in Barbados! – who will invade your e-mail inbox and fill it on a daily basis with weather reports and tracking maps. They assume you haven’t the intelligence to find these weather maps yourself and they have to “educate” you. I’m surprised BFP hasn’t been inundated with weather reports (from Canada).

    Incidentally, I find the weather report from Al Archer on the Carters Weather Watch at 1.15 every day on VOB to be accurate and very helpful.

  17. Anonn

    Did U hear about the TSUNAMI the other night?
    WHAT tsunami?? you say…

    Seems there was a mad rumour going around (maybe Tues nite)
    that a tsunami was expected here in Barbados.

    One lady even packed her kids in the car and drove up to the top of Rendezvous Hill for awhile
    no doubt running up a considerable cellphone bill in the interim
    until it transpired ther was no tsunami.
    Damned shame, huh?

    Barbados and Bajans are VERY PRONE to alarmist stuff like this.
    This is a bland and boring little island.

    The complex human brain needs novelty,
    and so if we have to manufacture fairy tales to satisfy the need for novelty, it must be done.

    Enjoy your earthquake
    coming at 2:15:37 on Sat p.m. coming.
    You need a fun weekend.

  18. Wx guy.

    Trop.Storm FAY was named this afternoon
    but it’s headed for Cuba and Fla.

  19. 329.184.83.168

    OMG! I’m so afraid.
    I enjoy being afraid!
    It gives me cheap thrills!

    The very BEST time..
    is when we’re under Hurricane Watch
    I’m so weird but I’m Bajan
    God forgive me

    I run to fire
    and away from God’s own Skyjuice of Life.

    Mih cyan helppit, sar!

  20. J

    If you have not gone to the sea lately, please do so today. Test the water for yourself and stop reading alarmist blogs.

    When you go in the water you will find that at present the ocean in this area is much too cool for serious hurricanes to form. Which is why the systems passing are forming slowly or even breaking apart. But of course this can change in the following weeks.

    But please do not DIVORCE yourself from the natural order. Go outside and experience nature for yourslef.