Cheese-On-Bread Succumbs To Own Romantic Fiction!

Shona and Auntie Moses are big fans of Cheese-On-Bread blog where Bajegirl publishes some pretty hot romantic fiction.

Well, it looks like Bajegirl has been reading her own material.. because she is as big as a house and about to bring a new life into the world. Something had to give so the blog is being put on hold for a while – hopefully a short while because the BFP girls need their Bajan romance story fix weekly!

All the best to our friend at Cheese-On-Bread. You will be missed.

Shona, Cliverton, George, Marcus, Robert & Auntie Moses


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8 responses to “Cheese-On-Bread Succumbs To Own Romantic Fiction!

  1. "Cheese on who?"

    Never visited the blog.

    We bloggers prefer issues that are socio-political in nature. In other words, “bread and butter” issues.

    Perhaps Bajan Girl can revamp and look at other issues when she returns on phase 2 of her publications

  2. Lady Anon

    To each his own.

  3. Kathy

    I’m wishing Bajegirl all the best. She is a talented writer and her stories are highly addictive – I’m with Auntie Moses and Shona on this one!

    Best Wishes, Bajegirl!

  4. Apart from learning to behead & disembowel in a single stroke of their dai-sho… Japanese samurai warriors would write poetry and practise calligraphy, do flower arranging and study cherry blossoms so as to be truly all-encompassing in their skill & prowess

    Like them, folk at BFP and myself would pass at “Cheese” and examine her intriguing fiction on relationships – apart from which, there was better coverage of Rihanna than both myself and BFP, as well as insightful views on the Obama race for the White[?] House

    To dismiss any aspect of Barbadian blogosphere as not “bread & butter” diminishes one’s perspective – remember the Samurai?

  5. Please release my remark, it is not attacking anyone

  6. Wunna like dah nuh

    Baje girl has a baby boy.

  7. art

    Consider the Lilies of the field,
    How they grow.

    All the best to you and yours.