Mia Mottley Abandons Crippled Child – David Thompson Does The Same

Back in July, Julia Skeete told the Nation News that her crippled daughter Brianna, who suffers from cerebral palsy, was doing so well since she started attending The Codrington School, St John.

Ms. Skeete also stated that she was desperate for some government assistance because she needed help looking after her daughter. The Welfare Office used to provide a lousy $58 every two weeks to help with paying an assistant who is needed so that Brianna can continue in school, but for some unknown reason the payments stopped last October.

At the time, Mia Mottley said she would look into things – but Ms. Skeete never heard from Mottley after that promise.

Now we understand that the current David Thompson government just can’t seem to get it together for little Brianna either.

So both Mia Mottley and David Thompson can’t be bothered with helping the most vulnerable little ones.

Why do we have a society if not to assist those who truly need the help of others? The little girl has cerebral palsy for God’s sake. Why can’t we pay for an assistant so she can continue in school?

Oh well… we had a hell of a Cricket World Cup though, didn’t we?

For background see The Nation News: Mum’s Cry For Help


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21 responses to “Mia Mottley Abandons Crippled Child – David Thompson Does The Same

  1. .28

    My suggestion is that a call is placed to Min Todd or Min Lowe.

    Or if they can provide a number I will try to arrange for it to be resolved asap.

    You have my email address and that can be used.

  2. The scout

    It seems like David is busy trying to quiet Min of Health so that he can get on with his agenda, while Mia is busy trying to assert herself. In the mean time, this child needs help. I’m calling on the powers that be to come to this young ladies assistance ASAP, show some humane spirit and forget the politics for a while

  3. Juris

    Seriously, BFP, you expext Thompson and Mottley to personally see after the needs of this child. What is there a Cabinet for?

  4. Redds

    So wait, what is the purpose of the Child Care Board?

  5. The Devil

    I would prefer every dollar and cent being proposed for the constituency councils be put instead into a fund to help families of severely disabled children.

    But we know what the constituency councils are really for, don’t we now…!

  6. Hants

    The private sector in Barbados should jump at the opportunity to help this family.

  7. reality check

    What is there a Cabinet for?

    What is the care Board for?

    What is the privare sector for?

    When everyone has failed this child, the elected leader of the country as a representative and
    symbol of justice needs to step forward with the appropriate cabinet minister to show that something will be and is being done.

    Otherwise everyone might as well go home and wait for their cheque in the mail or in their offshore bank account.

  8. Luke

    Lets not forget this isn’t uncommon. After all, I am sure we all remember the cries of Challenor school. We seem to have a way of helping the wealthy and passing over the needy. The sports icons and olympic medalists get land and cars in their honor, the struggling mothers doing all they must to raise their children can’t get welfare.


  9. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Can someone tell me if the Government had assisted that famous bajan chef with his financial dilemna? Because if that be the case, this clearly is a situation of what I call ‘preferential discrimination.’

  10. Wuh?

    BFP, you make me laugh even if this case should make me cry. David Thompson just increased pensions for both the disabled and their parents; gave tax incentives for equipment used by the disabled to get into vehicles and agreed to other funding initiatives when he met with the Disabled Association.

    Why dont you tell the public where Ms. Skeete lives and has lived for a long time?

    Can BFP be serious?

  11. Thomas Gresham

    Its absolutely weird to consider the leader of the opposition as having the same responsibility as the Child care board, the welfare agencies, the Minister or the government more generally. If I were in trouble today, it is not Mottley I would be looking to for help from government, but, er, the government. Seems obvous really, who would you go to?

    This person was failed by the system and both current and past governments who were responsible for the system. What we need to do is to get this person help today and question why this happens and how to avoid a repeat of this – I do not think it is uncommon.

    If of course we did not spend the $25m it will cost to build an unneeded airport in St Lucy, we could increase the additional amount going on welfare announced in the budget ($200,000) by 100 times. Or we could use half of it to build new houses for the homeless in St Lucy and half on more welfare for the disabled.

    How Opposition Lashley could look at a budget that raises welfare payments by just $200,000, after raising taxes and cutting subsidies by a combined $200m and call that a “welfare budget” beggars belief. I suspect he was looking after himself rather than those on welfare. Smiles and hugs all round amongst Lashleys and poor crippled child goes unhelped. Is this what “Hartley Henrism” is about? Politics by illusions?


    BFP says,

    Hi Thomas

    If you read the Nation article, Mia was approached last year when she was deputy leader of the government.

  12. Thomas Gresham


    If you read my piece, I say that the last government was to blame too. Lift your game mate and lets get things done rather than try to score cheap points.


    BFP says

    Lift our game? Cheap points?

    Neither the BLP nor the DLP governments have done anything for this little girl.

    End of story.

    The fact that the newspaper and the blogs have to beg the government to look after this poor soul is their shame, not ours.

    Get your party loyalty off your sleeve and see the little girl.

  13. Thomas Gresham


    Tut, tut. You like to dish it out, but you dont take criticism well.

    I see the little girl very clearly indeed. I see a broken welfare system very clearly indeed and I see the last government’s oversight of the governments welfare agencies as sharing responsibility for that – not so much the former Minister of International Business.

    I want to change that and so it is to the current government, who said they would change things like this, that I appeal to get something done. Blaming the last government for everything is not a way forward now that they have been removed from office on a platform of change.

    As for party loyalty. My family has in fact been advisors to the government of the day of both parties in the past. My only loyalty is to good policy and rational criticism. I am skeptical of this government and of the last, though in the field of economics I do feel they did more good than bad, the same cannot be said on other issues. I am also skeptical of invalid criticisms or the blame game as they do not get us anywhere. What we need is better policies, on ITAL as on welfare and I hold the government of the day, irrespective of party colour to that.

  14. khadija

    where is the father of this child, where is the family on boath sides, can they not help her, if the system fail the child. this child did not drop out of the sky. she has family. Barbadians are very loyal people, they will help her. allah is mercifull, he will help her. inshallah.

  15. Tony Hall

    Can you give us more information? Sometimes things are not always what they appear to be. In saying that I believe that this little girl should be helped. I see no reason why the corporate entities shouldn’t chip in.

  16. Littleboy

    This is not an isolated case. Too many parents of disabled children have to catch hell daily to make sure their charges are looked after.Many of them are also unaware of how the system works, and the hospitals and clinics need to be staffed with social workers or someone to supply pertinent information to the public.

  17. The scout

    All barbados governments pay lip service to the disabled. To this day, I see drivers with no disabilities parking in disabled areas and there is nothing done to stop it. Yes, there is a law but there is no action. I say tow away any vehicle parked in a disabled area illegally.

  18. please!

    Still trying to find out if the ‘daddy’ is contributing. A ‘lousy $58’? Come to New York!! She could become an adult and still be waiting. Stop griping about everything!!!!!

  19. JC

    I have a sister whose son is disabled; she tried on numerous occassions to register her child to the Challenor institution to no avail.

    A day a white man saw her mum and asked her how comes she was not working anymore since he wasn’t seeing her in recent times.

    She explained about her grandson and that she had opted to stay home and keep the child whilst my sister worked.

    would you believe the next week my nephew was in the Challenor School!

    I will admit something to you bloggers; I hate being poor in times like these when the color of ones skin gets in the way of what is right and wrong. However, I love being poor and BLACK since I know what unconditional love is! Poor people LOVE to share!

  20. JC

    I said how I felt I’m sorry if I offended anyone!

  21. ru4real

    JC are you saying because of a white mans intervention your nephew was given a place at the Challoner School?

    It could have been a coincidence or it could have been the mans intervention regardless of his colour.