How One Of The Richest Women In Barbados Was Robbed Of Everything By Scheming Lawyers, Politicians and Government Insiders

Muriel Deane Owned 1/7th Of A Billion US Dollars Of Barbados Land – But Died In Poverty

“Asset wise, she was one of the richest women in Barbados. Why was she living in such poverty? At one time she did not even have running water. Many areas of the house were off-limits due to termite damage to the floor and structure.

Who supported Muriel in her last days? The directors of Kingsland ignored her plight, as her house crumbled around her…”

… from the Keltruth Blog story Abandoned In Time Of Need – Quote from Peter Simmons Phone Conversation Outrages Reader

Brother Of The Chief Justice of Barbados Jeered A Blind Old Lady Who Was Robbed Of Her Land

On August 10, 2007, Barbados diplomat Peter Simmons (the brother of Chief Justice SIR David Simmons) spoke with derision about Muriel Deane in a telephone conversation that was secretly tape-recorded by the person he was talking with.

According to documents filed in an international lawsuit, Peter Simmons, his brother Chief Justice SIR David Simmons, lawyer Clyde Turney and a host of other Barbados big-ups are or were involved in a conspiracy to profit from various fraudulent schemes surrounding Kingsland Estates – a company that owns over 1100 acres of prime Barbados lands.

A Billion Dollars Of Land In The Hands Of Old Women Doesn’t Last Long In Barbados

Muriel Deane was left 1/7th of Kingsland Estates, yet by the time a few crooked family members conspired with the corrupt vultures in the Barbados government and legal profession, she lived in poverty and existed only upon the charity of others.

The political, business and legal community elites who operate in this country with such disdain for the rule of law targeted the wealth of Kingland Estates when it passed into the hands of naive, trusting common folk.

To this day, the elites who have been involved in the schemes and frauds characterize the ongoing legal battles surrounding Kingsland Estates as a “family dispute”. They use this term “family dispute” to conceal the fact that there is a BILLION US$ DOLLARS at stake and none of the big-ups who are accused of fraud have any relation at all to any of the Kingsland Estates family.

A Billion Dollars Of Land In The Hands Of Old Women Doesn’t Last Long In Barbados

Keltruth Blog is apparently operated by the family of Marjorie Knox – a sister of Muriel Deane who was called home in 2003. Naturally, the blog has many articles about the whole Kingsland affair. It is has an important message about the corruption of our system, but sometimes it gets into such legal details that we lose interest.

But our interest is re-kindled when some simple truths shine through one of their articles as it has with the current offering.

The truth is this: A couple of old ladies were left with hundreds of millions of dollars of prime Barbados lands – and the vultures and crooks in the corrupt legal, political and business communities of Barbados couldn’t ignore the lure of big money in the hands of the weak and naive.

The list of the people involved reads like a who’s who of Barbados society. What happened and continues to happen with Kingsland Estates is an indictment of a system where the rule of law is whatever the elites say it is at the moment… and where there is no law that prohibits government officials from profiting from their offices.

Muriel Deane died in 2003 – one of the richest women in Barbados, yet not able to find two coins to rub together. That is what happens when corruption infects the government and the justice system. That is what happens when the very courts that are supposed to provide justice are run by a former Attorney General who is a defendant in a case before his own judges!

Chief Justice SIR David Simmons was never a judge before his good friend Prime Minister Owen Arthur appointed him as the top judge on the island.

Can anyone find justice in Barbados when our Chief Justice is a political hack?


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43 responses to “How One Of The Richest Women In Barbados Was Robbed Of Everything By Scheming Lawyers, Politicians and Government Insiders

  1. Womens Rights in Barbados

    I wonder if the women parliamentarians during this time knew of this horrific situation and what influence they used to protect these two elderly women?

  2. Red Lake Lassie

    Good article BFP. These vampire lawyers have pulled this kind of thing for years. Usually it is about withholding land use permissions until the land is owned by somebody important. THEN and only then will permissions to develop be given. When that happens vacant land becomes worth 10,000 times the original value.

  3. neutral observer

    Why is this particular case receiving so much attention here on BFP? Aren’t there other things going on in this country? What about I’Akobi or the youth that was shot in his head and left for dead by the police just because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time? It’s funny how some matters outrage BFP to such extremes, while other more serious matters hardly cause you to bat an eyelash.


    BFP says,

    We write on Kingsland when something new comes up because no other story at the moment so fully illustrates the layers of corruption in our society. Have a look at the list of accused and you will see a list of the rich and powerful who run this country as if it is their personal Kingdom.

    Plus, of course, Keltruth Blog publishes secret tape recordings and court documents that present a very credible case of fraud and corruption by big–ups. I guess that is why the Barbados news media won’t touch the story. Good thing we have the blogs.

    As to BFP not paying attention to police abuses, don’t be so daft. Type in “Police” in the search bar and you will see dozens of BFP articles dealing with everything from police corruption, brutality, unexplained shootings and management problems.

    Try it… go ahead…. type in “police” into the search box and you can read for hours. Then come back and comment from a position of knowledge.

  4. .453

    What a sad story of corruption at the highest levels of government and the courts.

    On a second level, I didn’t know that David Simmons had never been a judge before being given the job of top judge in Barbados. I thought he was a working judge for a while after he was Attorney General but I am told that is not true. Come to think of it, that wouldn’t be much better either to make the AG into a regular judge.

    David Simmons should resign so Bajans can get back their faith in the court system (what little faith they had anyways).

  5. no name

    neutral observer

    The systems are corrupt.

    Wouldn’t you consider that perhaps I’Akobi, Ronja Juman, Kingsland and the numerous matters highlighted here by BFP together being brought into the light could make our country better for the opressed and families of other victims who are disadvantaged and feel helpless and by extension, everyone?

    I do.

    Keep up your good work BFP.

  6. JC

    We still call these people “SIR”!

  7. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    BFP – Can any of these big-ups trace any of our IP addresses. The reason I am asking is because I am convinced that those in high up positions (the corrupt and evil ones) are responsible for the execution of hits, threats and even severe damage of property (not forgetting job loss). I really would not like my life or that of my family jeopardise because I express my right to freedom of speech particularly in matters of a serious and implicative nature. The people of Barbados have a right to know what is going on in this country. They have a right to know if they can trust the legal system and those who represent their interests without bias, infelicity or fraudulent activity.


    BFP says,

    Hi Jukecheckedeyskirt,

    Nothing is certain in life, but they have been trying to trace us for over two years and very seriously for the last 12 months. And we’re still here.

    Mind you, we know a few tricks.

    Does the Barbados government have the technology to monitor your emails and web surfing? Of course.
    Do they monitor your activities? Maybe. Maybe not. You can bet that the last government was deeply involved in illegal monitoring of citizens’ communications. Hopefully something changed on January 15th, but who is to know for sure?

  8. Jukecheckedeyskirt and BFP… Just to clarify…

    The only groups which can monitor your traffic is your ISP. So for anyone to track you they would have to liaise with these groups. This certainly can be done — officially, and not so officially…

    In North America, a great deal of monitoring goes on, but they would not be able to map your IP back to you directly without, again, contacting the local ISP.

    If you’re worried about this, I would suggest you Google for “secure socks service”, which can SSH tunnel all your web traffic between your workstation and a point in NA.

    Also, if you use a web-based e-mail service, ensure your connection is via HTTPS, not HTTP.

    Personally, *all* of my internet traffic is encrypted coming into and leaving Barbados. I just don’t trust my ISP….

  9. Stringer

    David Simmons – I refuse to call him “Sir David” – should never have stooped so low as to take the gift of the office of the Chief Justice that his friend Owen $ Arthur gave him as a going away present.

    The man was never a judge. He tainted the OFFICE of the Chief Justice.

    “Sir” or not he is as crooked as they come to pull this on Barbados. To taint the justice system.

  10. JC

    Well if I have to curtail my thoughts I refuse to do so; I believe in freedom of speech nobody is alike that is why we have differences of opinions!

    I have children to support but I refuse to let them grow up believing that they cannot speak thier feelings freely, but yet respect others!

    What kind of society is this if we cannot have differences of opinions and feel strong enough about it to challenge people’s thoughts.

    The blogs have caused persons to realise that we are living in a SICK DeMENTED SOCIETY!


    I believe in saying what is on my mind since earlier in my history I have been taught not to have feelings!

  11. Iriebrown

    It is terrible that one has to live in B’dos with a sense of saying the ‘right’ thing or possiblly not saying anything at all because of fear of victimization. And this is supposed to be a free democratic land.

    I can’t blame persons being cautious in these circumstances as they have a family to think of also.

    But it’s quite sad. Depressing. We really are a 3rd world country with the likes of a lot of the African countries. I thought B’dos was a step ahead.

  12. Thomas Gresham

    Let me say suggest something a little heretical. Please bear with me and reflect on it before you threaten me.

    Let us say that Chief Justice Simmonds resigns tomorrow.

    The Attorney General will pick someone new. Do you think he will pick someone impartial, or with Massiah’s “we turn” ringing in his ears, will he pick a loyal party man. Would that be good for our democracy?

    Could this mishap of history actually, in a perverse way, be a good thing? Would it not be better if, as a matter of course, it is the opposition who picks the country’s top judge? If Thompson could have picked the Chief Justice as well as chairing the public accounts committee, could he not have used these twin sources of scrutiny and check to great effect? It is a little unfair for the DLP to start such a process during their term of office and not before, but you do need to start somewhere.


    Hi Thomas,

    I hear what you are saying, and in many democracies both government and opposition jointly choose the top judges. But one thing is certain… they don’t choose the last Attorney General who has never been a judge!

    Simmons and Arthur didn’t even care that it brought the administration of justice into disrepute. they just wanted the power.

  13. Thomas Gresham

    Hmmm. I think you have a valid point to make, but it is not the one you are making.

    Many and maybe most Attorney Generals around the Commonwealth have not been judges beforehand. The AG is the Government Lawyer, it is not a judicial appointment.

    Chief Justices tend to have been judges before, but this is modest argument. Judges are appointed from lawyers, so if your AG is a top lawyer, he would probably have been a judge were he not appointed to AG.


    BFP says,

    Thomas… will you agree that the appointment of a man who was AG only a few months previously brings that appearance of justice into disrepute? That the appointment of a man who had been a senior Minister of Government as the top judge in the country tarnished the Office of the Chief Justice?

  14. reality check

    Try looking at the process of appointing Chief Justices in any commonwealth jurisdiction and tell me that David Simmons would have a chance of becoming a Chief Justice in those jurisdictions.

    For example,

    10.1 Candidates for the Chief Justice and judges of the Supreme Court and
    the Chief Justice of the Federal Court are selected by the Prime Minister on the basis
    of “exhaustive investigations and consultations made both inside and outside the legal
    community by the Minister of Justice”

    8. Selection of Candidates
    8.1 In the document of “Federal Judicial Appointment Process”, there is a
    list of criteria set for selecting candidates for federal judicial appointment. The
    criteria are divided into four areas (please refer to Appendix III for the details of these
    (a) Professional Competence and Experience;
    (b) Personal Characteristics;
    (c) Social Awareness; and
    (c) Potential Impediments to Appointment.

    The appointment of David Simmons was a political appoinment (full stop) with callous disregard for the appearnce and seperation of legislative bodies in a supposed democratic country.

    This could only be brought forward by people who had complete contempt for the democratic process which requires not only the appearance of justice but ethics and competency.

  15. WildyCoyte.

    I ‘m getting kind of tired hearing and reading about crooked David Simmons now though,you would have thought that Thompy would have done something about him by now but it just goes to show who really is running things in Bim, and they are all “SCUM”.

  16. Thomas Gresham

    Dear BFP,

    If you type into google “from attorney general to chief justice” you will find a great many occurrences all over the world. So this is not unusual. The criticism should not be whether the last government did some highly unusual practice and doing it showed Barbados to be a contemptable place. Indeed, while it happens in big countries as well as small jurisdictions, it is probably more common, the smaller the jurisdiction.

    But, BFP, you raise a very valid question as to whether it is the right thing.

    That somebody who as Chief Justice should be above party politics, was previously an AG, which is a political position. I certainly dont like it. It creates the air of a political legal system, an air that festered during the last years of the last administration.

    However, do you think that if another person was appointed other than David Simmons that, that person would be above party politics? I suspect you would be making similar complaints. One solution to this is that the judges make 2-3 recommendations and the Leader of the Opposition chooses one. The GG could chose but he may feel this puts him in the path of politics. If we had this in place, we would probably have David Simmonds today.


    BFP says,

    Typical run-down “what can you do?” response of the old Bajan generation. Sorry for the thought, Thomas, but there it is.

    We should at least care about how things look, the appearance of Justice. You haven’t directly answered my question, but maybe you have… you don’t think it is so bad for justice that a professional politician was placed in charge of all courts and made the highest judge in the land.

    Are you saying that there was no one else that could have presented a better image?

    We will just have to disagree, Thomas, but your old style attitude is what is holding this country back. We need integrity, justice, transparency and courts that the average citizen can respect and trust.

    We don’t have that and your generation doesn’t care.

    My generation does care and we are changing things.

  17. Thomas Gresham

    I should say that I have found the current AG to be making no attempt to be above party politics (many would say, why should he?) so why would you want to switch from one political appointee to another?

    Change the system to guarantee some checks and balances. The last government created an interesting precedent by making the chairman of the public accounts committee the leader of the opposition. I think we could build on this precedent in some way.


    BFP says,

    OK Thomas, I was a little hard on you in my last comment. All is not lost with your view of things! 🙂

  18. Wondering

    This story is nonsense. What about all of the Black grandmothers who died in poverty who’s house were infested with termites. Who had to use out toilets. What about them? Who cares that she was rich and then became poor. Many of us are poor and then become poorer.

    What about the Black lady who claims she owns the land that the Hall of Justice is being built on. How come here plight isn’t being highlighted.

    Is it because she is black?

    It is time to stop this sensationalism and deal with the problems affecting our country lets talk about real issues. No some persons vendetta to gain money.

    We have so many issues affecting us like the high cost of living.

    Start bring real issues to the table

  19. Stringer

    Wondering, you are so correct.

    There is nothing anyone can do about the corrupt lawyers and politicians in Barbados. Nothing. So why waste our time worrying when they rip off some old lady?

    I agree with you. Let it happen. Let them rape the whole f*ing country for all I care. The minute I can find my way off this island permanently I gone.

  20. reality check

    Here we go again

    I could have sworn that I read somewhere in the keltruth blog that the Knox’s couldn’t get into some of the white only clubs in the early 50’s or 60′ because they were considered to be “coloureds”

    Under “wonderings ” philosophy David Thompson and Barak Obama couldn’t be elected in Barbados because they are not really black enough and it would be okay to take advantage of them because they are not really “black”

    It appears that the Knox women worked hard all their lives with very little to show for it and when finally something became of value from their interest in their shares in Kingsland , the carpetbaggers of every description, including politicians, other family directors, auditors and the like, swooped into to deprive them of their fair market value.

    Surely the real answer is that these kinds of things should not happen to any person in Barbados whatever the color, nor any so called civilized society.

    In many societies animals are treated better than we treat our own people in Barbados.

  21. Hants

    Stringer don’t give up.

    The nooose is tightening on corrupt lawyers and politicians in Barbados and they don’t even know it yet.

    Interesting times ahead.

  22. Waterboy

    Thomas Gresham
    July 18, 2008 at 1:24 pm

    ………The last government created an interesting precedent by making the chairman of the public accounts committee the leader of the opposition. I think we could build on this precedent in some way.
    Really? I do not think so. Wasn’t the chairman of the PAC always the Leader of the Opposition? They did make changes but that was not one of them.

  23. Thomas Gresham

    Dear Waterboy,

    It was established under the Public Accounts Committee Act of 2003. I tried to post a web reference for you but it wouldnt work. Just google “Public Accounts Act, 2003, Barbados”.

  24. JC

    Hants I agree with you whole heartedly!

  25. JC

    ITAL is needed here!

  26. DNA doan lie!

    “We really are a 3rd. world country
    with the likes of a lot of the African countries.
    I thought B’dos was a step ahead.”

    You were fooling yourself, but that’s okay.
    People do that a lot, with all sorts of things
    including religion. LOL!

    If you think about it, Barbados couldn’t possibly be anything other than a West-African country
    – albeit removed 1,800 miles to the West.

    Fully 95% of our people are of African descent
    and a mere 350 years of removal from The Mother Continent is but a twinkle in God’s eye,as far as time and evolution go.
    So believe me, we are still African.
    – West African to be precise.

    DNA doan lie, trust me!
    Look to Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone,Ivory Coast..the whole ‘Western Bulge’ of Africa
    if you want to see who we are like and where we came from.

    Plain and simple…despite any temporary influences from White Colonial Britain and Christianity!

    We are just another African Tinpot Republic,
    1,800 miles West of where we should be.

  27. We live in hope.

    “The noose is tightening on corrupt lawyers and politicians in Barbados
    and they don’t even know it yet.
    Interesting times ahead.”

    A well-connected little birdie informs that the levels of skullduggery,thiefin and empty vaults discovered since mid-Jan. are staggering.
    But this comes as no real surprise.

    In short, it’s a goddam MESS!
    No wonder we heard the Budget of late..there’s much wastage and void to be paid back,now.

    We look forward to the “interesting times ahead” mentioned above.

  28. Thomas Gresham

    Dear We Live In Hope,

    I am afraid you are Living In DLP Dreams.

    Long gone are the days when you turn up and the Treasury has less money than is reported. Over the past decade there has been a complete overhaul of public sector data standards, codes and reporting internationally that Barbados subscribes to.

    The government can decide that it will not accept the accounting standards of the EU (Eurostat) and put its PFI leasing arrangements back on balance sheet, but that is a choice, it is not that money was reported to be there and was not becuase it had been frittered away in some unrecorded manner.

    So there is no excusing an economically illiterate budget that raise taxes in a recession and raised taxes by way of fees that will get past on to consumers at a time when consumers are struggling with the cost of living.

    The issue, is whether money was wasted and whether included in the spending was backhanders and grease. But what is spent is recorded, paid for or borrowed.

    I am for ITAL, not because I am convinced of the scale of corruption that has been alleged – but because whether there was or not, and I am sure there was some, we need to have a government that is above suspicion, making decisions unemcumbered by favours (PM – get off the man’s jet!)

  29. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    PM – get off the man’s jet…




    CEO D. Thompson and Associates.

  30. Barbados has a weak legal system, the evidence is overwhelmingly clear. I have been robbed, now i have to find another lawer one of his friends to robb me out of what i have left which is very little and if he does not take my case I will have to find another thiefing lawer, where do I turn, I may die frist. like the black woman they are for her to die so they can take what she has. Wrong they are taking it now. God help us all.

  31. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    God will help us. Although these people are rich and infamous, their riches are not making them any younger. All, upon their demise, will want to enter the pearly gates and on that day they all will be very surprise. So enjoy the sweets of corruption whilst it lasts, a day reckoning is coming for all you thiefs, crooks and lieing Political figures who have made many to suffer because of your greed and ruthlessness.

    How do you feel knowing that Barbados is now finding out the truth about your dark dealings. You who rob the poor to please the rich.

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  36. To the Legal Fraternity of Barbados

    I implore you to read something on the “Law of Compensation”. Too many people are lamenting about the horrid treatment that you are giving them especially when it comes to matter that involve insurance companies. Some of those people have been maimed and disfigured for life as a result of accidents. You are aware of such but yet you sell yourself to the highest bidder and to the disadvantage of those persons, some of whom can scarcely pay their bills and put food on their tables. May the Master have mercy on your souls. What does Jeremiah 17:11 says? Something about “ill-gotten gain”? We are afraid to trust you. Please, let your conscience (super-ego, voice of the Master) be your guide.

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  38. Who is Ronja Juman? Is she a Guyanese? What about her? I saw a comment like this before. What is the problem that she experienced? Was it that bad that it caught the attention of so many people?

  39. Hon: Alex-Mitchell:El

    They seem to have the same path for Violet Beckles , not on My watch . The High Court and the Oval , Whitepark road,Baxters road, ABC highway, UDC to start. Beatrice Henry bought the lands and even what COW say he own ? or have use by Crook lawyer Johny . Your doors will knock and bells will ring, you all will answer the question put before you All. Land Fraud under the high Court. They start off on the wrong foot when the court is a TRESPASS .Violet Beckles is the land owner and can show deeds. If any one else have deeds for where the court sits bring them now or forever hold your peace.Why is the owner not paid for the land as yet and you want court to open , where is the Justice?

  40. Damien Neblett

    This is wrong!

  41. This seems to prove the attitude that it’s best NOT to follow any capitalist maxim of “owning” anything – whether land or any other assets.

    For anything you “own” can be taken from you – by criminals. And as long as we live in a system of Dishonest Money, we can hardly expect people to live ‘honestly’…

    “Funny” that it should be grandmothers who should suffer rather than “grand old men”…

    But then, we’re living at the end of patriarchy. Things will change. And something’s gotta give at ALL levels, big and small…

    In the end, it’s all about whether you do or don’t live according to your conscience…

    Sighingly yours,

  42. 44

    i will never walk in a court room and call a judge your HONOUR, Because they are human just like me. it is wrong what they did and we black people are suffering. especially the bajans. innocent people getting killed, robbed and raped and nothing is being done about it. we do not have a proper law. i most certain that if we were still under the british, nothing like this would happened. but my believe was that they decided to take barbados from underneath the british so that the government here can do what ever they feel like with our people the bajans. GOD HELP US. EVERY ONE SHOULD REPENT RIGHT NOW AND LET THE NATIONS DEAL WITH EACH OTHER, AS IT IS STATED IN THE BIBLE.