The Cheques That SSA’s Stanton Alleyne Refuses To Explain

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Stanton Alleyne given raw deal… or lucky he wasn’t charged for taking a kickback?

This from the Nation online Sept 15, 2011 issue:

STANTON ALLEYNE has been given a raw deal and to have him act as general manager of the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) for seven years is unreasonable and unfair…says National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) general secretary Dennis Clarke…

“If an individual is not worthy of his hire, why string him along? There are no adverse reports being held against Mr Alleyne.

“His performance over the past seven years cannot be in doubt, given the fact that he has not been reverted to his substantive post and no charge has been laid against his performance.”

BFP’s original story first published July 11, 2008…

Exhibit #1

Exhibit #2

Why Did Stanton Alleyne Take Money From A Government Contractor?

It is very simple folks. Really simple.

Back on March 12, 1999, Stanton Alleyne as the acting manager of the Barbados Sanitation Service Authority wrote an official SSA letter to the Manager of the Caribbean Commercial Bank informing the bank that “Andrew’s Builders” had been contracted to refurbish the SSA’s recreational facilities for the sum of $130,000.

That letter appears below.

Then one week later on March 19, 1999, Stanton Alleyne cashed a $500 cheque made out to him by Andrew Builders and signed by none other than Andrew Thomas – the same government contractor hired for the $130,000 renovation at the SSA.

Once more on April 8, 1999, Stanton Alleyne cashed another $500 cheque again made out to him personally by Andrew Builders/Andrew Thomas.

There was a reason for the cheques. When the SSA Board recently became aware of the cheques, they asked Mr. Stanton Alleyne about that reason, and he refused to explain why a government contractor gave him the thousand dollars.

Mr. Thomas says that the reason he gave the money to Alleyne was clear. It was as a corrupt “compensation” for his being awarded the government contract at the Barbados SSA. Mr. Thomas even swore to that in writing in front of a Justice of the Peace.

In other words, the money was a kickback from a government contractor to a government official. A big “Thank you for the government contract.”

The cheques are at the top of this article. Both letters appear below.

In true Barbados fashion, Stanton Alleyne still works at the SSA – and he still refuses to provide any explanation for the cheques.

But what do we expect? This is Barbados where the former Prime Minister, Owen Arthur, took a $75,000 cheque and corruptly deposited the same into his personal bank account. Owen Arthur faced no consequences for his action, and neither will Mr. Alleyne.

Our whole society is corrupt from the top on down. Even the Chief Justice is a political hack appointed to stack the courts. He had never been a judge before, but that didn’t stand in his way because he was appointed for a reason.

There are reasons for everything, folks…. but the corrupt elites never provide any reasons to the public. Why should they? Like Owen Arthur and Stanton Alleyne, they know that even if they get caught taking a cheque… nothing will happen.

Welcome to Barbados… Not the most corrupt nation on earth, but some are trying to make it so!

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27 responses to “The Cheques That SSA’s Stanton Alleyne Refuses To Explain

  1. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    So this is how you can get thousands out of the government pocket. First you either need to be a Manager, a Permanent Secretary, a minister or a friend of all the mentioned and wallah, the Sir Grantleys’ a come rolling in.

    Thanks BFP now let me see how quickly I can reach these top positions.

    Hmmm gotta know some body on the inside but who will that be….A POLITICIAN….Hmmm Would I need qualifications to mask my corrupt nature…not if I Mighty like Gabby I know how to jump ship and beg. Should I befriend a contractor but then again I need to make sure that the contractor don’t stab me in the back like Stanton Alleyne.

    But how do I know I could trust them, after all, them might do the bajan (talk when the heat is on) so I do not know who to trust. Well at least I know I got more sense than Stanton Alleyne not to accept cheques that can be back track (Stupid idiot). Now he got to come up with an air tight plan on how he can get back into the money flow ( because the money cart upset (for the time being) maybe he call Owen or Mia to see what new strategies they devising for their next power reign and squandermania).

    Darn this might be harder than I thought, I cannot set up a dummy company in my family name cause this PM might investigate; put me poor family in trouble. OH GOSH what can I do I need to get back into the money do of things. All that free money does come in handy. Good for accumulating frequent flyer miles, lavish living and good showing off, buying nice cars and buidling nice houses on free land (Gliny boy help me out) and wuhlawds not forgetting the honeys (but gotta be careful not to sow any little bunnies dem expensive is france). Got to devise a plan, MIA you there girl help me out, how I could accumulate more asses and make them believe my 3.5 million declaration.

    MAN I NEED MONEY FAST: WAIT you know something bajans got short memory Tommy probably doing all this to mek dem happy then he gline start carrying he dollars to be laundered. Maybe if I sing the first Noel they might be take me in and make me an instant millionaire. Or maybe not they like to threaten your life and sue you or worst yet they might Lynch me like Ellis. Got to be careful here best thing to do is wait until the Ministers tell me it is time to pick up the laundry. I gone bozie


    BFP says,

    As a government official, it is much easier to steal and not get caught if you simply award the contract to a family member, or to your own company. That is why the DLP will not change the rules to prohibit this behaviour.

  2. reality check

    Yes this is exactly how it has been done for years except Stanton Alleyne was dealing in small numbers compared to Owing, Shorey, Nicholls, MIA and the rest of the boys.

    Its not yet illegal in Barbados to tender a contract, directly or indirectly, to yourself, your family and your friends taking a piece of the action on the way through no matter how bad the contract is for the taxpayers of Barbados or the fact that there are more competent companies and indivduals to do the work.

    We are still waiting for the legislation with strong enforcement teeth.

    Wonder why it wasn’t immediately introduced into Parliament?


    BFP says,

    Hi RC,

    We believe that while the legislation is coming (ha… so is Christmas 2010) the Prime Minister could immediately set as a government policy that no contracts are to be issued to companies where a government official or any of his close family (spouse, children, siblings, parents) have an interest.

    That could be done this very afternoon with no law at all.

    Simply a policy change right at the top.

  3. Lady Anon

    I am not questioning the documents or anything like that, but I have a question for some so called small businessmen.

    When will they stop writing cheques to individual persons and start writing them to the organisation? Sometimes it is not the inpropriety but the perception on inpropriety that is the downfall.

    If you are hired by an organisation to do a job, what the hell you doing writing cheques to an individual?

  4. Sargeant

    First I heard it was for car rental then I heard it was for purchasing of foreign currency. Now, I note that the second cheque is dated April 1,1999…. So some one is playing us for fools

  5. 198.1

    The unions appear to be winning right now. However, if the unions persist in flexing their muscle in support of every shite, whether its reasonable or not they will eventually destroy their credibility and when there is real issue they will be useless. The working people will be the losers in the long term.

    I am sure that just about every worker at the QEH has had a probationary period. Nobody, could get me to strike over a HR manager who has a contract that did not include probation. What was so special about that worker? Exactly what is the unions point here!

  6. Gilly

    My bigger problem with this is the Union’s willingness to jump in and support an individual regardless of the facts surrounding the matter.

    I respect the purpose of the Union and while they are entrusted with the duty to be a champion for the people; that does not mean they should do so irrespective of principle, morality, integrity or ethics.

    By condoning such conduct, their actions are giving Bajans a sense of entitlement and the power to conduct themselves in an improper (or even illegal) without fear of consequences.

    This is one of the key reasons why customer service in Barbados is so poor in some institutions; for example, I’ve had some employees with really poor job performances and some that were downright rude to customers and when I’ve tried to counsel them they have threatened to “go to the Union”.

    The people also have to realize when the Union’s short-term actions have long-term consequences (for the people and this country, in this case think garbage piles and tourism) and they should not blindly follow but hold them accountable when the Union oversteps ethical boundaries.

    Come on Barbados, don’t be lemmings! Think, think, think!!!

  7. Didnt the government fire him? and then didnt the Union get in a puff and put all of its workers on strike to support a man who is obviously a crook?

    I’m blaming the union for this. The government appeared to have done the correct thing in firing him the first time but the union strong armed them into rehiring him. Shame shame on the union.

  8. 198.1

    I agree, the unions have to be extremely careful here in terms of long term impact. The anti-union elements will eventually be able to make a strong case in blaming the unions for the inability of institutions to deliver.

    This apparent policy of supporting security of tenure whatever the circumstances or for nay level of employee will backfire big time

  9. Grumps

    The Unions don’t give a rodent’s rectum about the future!
    Like lawyers, their job is to get the perpetrator OFF!

    Future? Dah is fuh ppl who think ahead more than one weeks salary,man.

  10. Anony

    Maybe the unoins have to pay the piper, you never know take a closer look.

  11. You private sector gossips are to laugh – $1,000 for a 130-K contract? So what if Alleyne had hired cars? His PR man is on TV every Saturday hosting Double Draw – that is illegal too? Mechanics at the workshop have their private practice; accountants help folk do Income Tax; Police own ZR’s – we do what we must to get by! $400 for Road Tax, more for alcohol, cigs & lottery winnings? Wage restraint? What next to survive?

    Look at the 1999 letter, it says “FOR MANAGER”, not Manager (Ag) like now, he had nil influence, even Thomas says he has nothing against Alleyne – it was smoke & mirrors to get money promised by the fmr Health/Environment Min who has a large pension now! The statute of limitations has passed!

    Cheques were for private business not SSA duties, you’re all so desperate to crucify! Since you believe in transparency & accountability, reveal your own TRUE identities!!


    BFP says,

    Oh? We didn’t realize that Mr. Alleyne had provided a public reason and rebuttal as to the cheques.

    Perhaps you can direct our readers to it published on the web or elsewhere?

    Of course, all this could have been avoided with Conflict of Interest rules that would have prohibited a government official like Mr. Alleyne from “doing business” of any kind with a person who was awarded a government contract.

    Pretty standard stuff in most advanced countries.

  12. lu lu

    why wouldn’t ian bourne stop furnishing BFP with inside information?

  13. Fool me once

    Bless you BFP for being there so the dirty laundry can get aired out and maybe get washed and we be cleaner. Been going on too long.

  14. JC

    As far as I am concerned the union only represents ‘bad behave people’.

  15. Thomas Gresham

    It is, I guess, possible, but not probable, that there is an innocent explanation for these cheques.

    It is probably the case that there should have been a better process – suspension and independent hearing/judgement – and it is possible that this is what the union is concerned about. Though I sometimes wonder.

    Perhaps if Mr.Stanton had nothing to hide he would voluntarily declare his assets for a bit of public scrutiny. It would for one, avoid temptation getting the better of the future CEO and insisting on cash over cheques…..

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  17. 2damnedThiefin!

    This little island is a can of worms!

    (Most small islands are..btw)

  18. .95

    so what its only a thousand dollars isiots

  19. 143.84

    my garbage is get pick up regulary. Wuh else yuh want me to worry about? alleyne must be doing a good job left the man and the ssa.

  20. Gapp

    lock him up.. If he is found to be guilty of bribery .. insure he had is stay at Dods..

  21. Clarity

    My garbage is picked up on time, The streets get cleaned up the day of and after Crop Over and any major event. His workers liked him enough to strike for him but BFP wants to crucify him for 100 dollars over 10 years ago?

    Ive noticed a trend here where you duck the big maguffies and focus on small fries that cant have repercussions on your lives.

  22. Zack

    I just wish to say that in my opinion the information and contributions on this blog are far more interesting, significant, and thought provoking, than what obtains at BU. I’m just a bit puzzled that this blog doesn’t have a higher volume of commenters.

  23. skinnin' cuffins

    The name of the Justice of the Peace looks very familiar.

  24. BFP

    Hi Zack

    You will find that the vast majority of comments at BU are left by a group of 10 or 15 people. They don’t come here any longer after we severed relationship with them and BU over the issue of BU publishing many racist comments and articles. As an example BU published comments that a murdered tourist from Canada was “white trash”, and the owner of BU “David” lamented that Bajans of Indian descent were breeding too fast. He also allowed calls for genocide, that is the murder of people based upon their white, chinese or indian racial heritage.

    We at BFP don’t believe that calls for racial genocide are protected “free speech”. You can read more about that in our story Murdered Canadian Tourist Terry Schwarzfeld called “White Trash”.

  25. BFP

    Hi Clarity,

    For the record it was a thousand dollars, not a hundred, and even if it was only ten dollars it would still be an unethical kickback, a bribe. I guess our standards are different than yours as to whether someone who has taken a kickback should be employed in public service.

  26. Wikileaks 2

    Perps many civil servants wish the police and the government even the media had the skill sets to investigate insider trading, nepotism and old fashioned racism which allows the private sector to thief black people and the governemnt blind while ensuring their friends, family and folks of their colour (white and non black) make millions for doing nothing or very little. The Fort George scandal with then Barbados Mutual is an example when a white managers wife received a contract for doing zilch and made millions, based on Sir Hilary Beckles revelations the black policy holders were not even aware of the woman who was fleecing them of millions.

    Its normal practice in the big up private sector. The bulk of the money channelled to friends family and companies specially set up to keep the wealth within the small elite comes from the 99% black workforce.

  27. just want to know

    Why wanna don’t leave Mr. Alleyne alone, Have any of you tried doing business with Town & Country Planning? It would be interesting with what you may find.