Pet Kidney Failures: Tainted Pet Food Still Killing Pets In Barbados?

“I thought that the tainted Chinese pet food scandal was over, but then two dogs from the same household died within days of each other – both from kidney failure! This happened in Barbados. Later, I was speaking to a friend in Canada, and his sister’s cat had just died from unexplained kidney failure. If your pet was lethargic (without energy), vomiting, and then died from kidney failure it is possible that it may have eaten either melamine-tainted food or possibly a medication like aspirin. (Rat poison (Warfarin) has very different symptoms like bleeding.)…”

… from the Keltruth Blog major article Did your pet die suddenly from kidney failure? Tainted petfood could be the cause.

Keltruth Blog Looks At Tainted Human & Pet Food Ingredients From China

Our friends at Keltruth Blog have published a well researched major article on pet-food deaths in Barbados and elsewhere – along with a look at the poisoned ingredients that made it into the human food chain during the China poisoned food scandal.

Upon reading their article, we have to agree – it is not over yet, folks.

Are any pet foods in Barbados affected? How can you protect yourself, your family and your pets?

Keltruth Blog has some of the answers in a well-researched and easy-reading story LINK HERE.

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Photo: Our sympathies to Aliza Sherman in Anchorage, Alaska who lost her beloved Chewie to a mysterious illness. She blogged about looking after her pet in Chewie’s final days at Cyber Chewie – Caring For A Dying Dog


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6 responses to “Pet Kidney Failures: Tainted Pet Food Still Killing Pets In Barbados?

  1. West Side Davie

    The third world has always been a dumping ground for expired and substandard pharmaceuticals but I never thought we would see the day that we couldn’t trust imported food. Virtually all of our food is imported and this business of imported poison food is another reason why Barbados should work hard to become self-sufficient in food.

    We have the sea. We have much land still idle. True, not all the idle land is instantly useable for productive food growing, but we could do like the Israelis and use green houses and soil-less growing technologies.

  2. ishmarsha

    i thought some1 poisioned my 3 cats not to know it can be the cat food i bought for then……they ate some the night before they died and the next morning one was dead and i watched another died the same morning……came home and found one still struggling to make it but died later in the night!…..

  3. J. Payne

    Nothing is safe now a-days.

    They had Madd Cow….
    Then they had some foot & mouth…. Or hoof & mouth disease…..
    Then they had the scare when genetic modified corn got into the food supply or something rather….
    Then they had Bird flu….
    and the had badd lettuce.
    Then the pet food.
    Now the tomatos from Mexico.

  4. We, the public, are usually caught ignorant and unaware about what choices we have when our pet need’s us the most .
    Recently I switched my cat’s food from Purina One to a private labeled canned cat food made by Del Monte/9 Lives. This food was not one that was listed as a public recall .
    About two weeks after my cat’s easting this food my Oldest of 17 yrs. became very ill , He began to loose serious weight and had
    a very hard time digesting anything he ate or drank . He began to seem very sluggish and began to vomit and have loose stool’s , this went on for a week .
    At the start of the next week his breath became very foul and he began looking and acting very ill , later that night we found his vomit and stool’s contained alot of blood . I proceeded to take him to the vet the very next day 07-21-08 , he was in kidney failure and probably wouldn’t have made it because of his age . Therefore my angel had to be put to rest .
    I thought nothing of this being he was a old cat , but couldnt help it wonder why he had gotten so ill so fast .
    Two day’s later my 5 yr. old cat started to vomit and have loose stool’s with blood as well .
    It was then it dawned on me that this could be a result in the change of food .
    I imediately contacted the vet
    and he had confirmed that it was definatly a possiblity to watch my other cat closely and start her on a brat diet ,
    he told me she is young and she will probably be ok , bring her in if there is no improvement in a few day’s .
    Mean while I contacted this company who apologized and offered me nothing more but a year supply of food .
    They were unwilling to test the un used portion of food
    or to do anything else.
    Now why would I want a year supply of food that probably contributed to my cats death .
    At times we are so emotional and distraught that we perhaps take the advice of professionals who might not be sensitive to our and our pet’s needs.
    When we lose a loved one or they become ill , our emotional vulnerability allows us to be taken advantage of very often.
    Had I not been so distraught , I would not have been so nice .
    Few would argue that our pets are considered part of our family and, when they die or become ill, we experience feelings of grief and loss as we would for any other family member. Since the human/companion animal bond has been recognized to be a strong emotional one, there should be the same kind of protections in place to prevent a distraught pet owner from being deceived and exploited.
    We pet owners cannot change the past but we can change how care is provided in the future.
    We should demand that our companion animals be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.


    BFP says,

    Sorry about your cats. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to this important discussion.


  5. Bailey1

    It is my understanding there is alot of animals dying from tainted pet food but they are not being reported most are dying at home, so there is no record of death at the local vets , people need to contact the FDA and let them know this is happening, if there are no vet records of the cause of death the FDA has no idea that this problem exists , I urge all who feel their animals have passed suddenly due to contaminated pet food to call the FDA imediately, they are very understanding and kind and , it is their job to get to the bottom of this outbreak but they need the responsible pet owners to help them do their job many companies who have recalls and lose millions will often run under names of other companies to cover their tails , and usually it works unless the customers speak up. . any one who feels that their pet has had a wrongfull death due to cat food in the past year please inform the FDA its never too late to save another animal.

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