CARICOM Praises Fidel Castro As “Lighting The Path For Others To Follow”

Ian Bourne at Bajan Reporter has the full story on how CARICOM equates Brian Lara with Fidel Castro (see BR’s story Opening Address – 29th Regular Meeting with Heads of Government of CARICOM: Hon. Baldwin Spencer PM of Antigua and Barbuda, Incoming Chair of CARICOM)

Here is a reminder about some of that light and Castro’s path as honoured by Barbados and CARICOM.

Remembering the Executed, the Murdered, the Imprisoned, the Disappeared…

The Penalty For Hooking Up To The Internet In Cuba…

Imprisoned Journalists & Democracy Advocates…

Open A Home Library In Cuba And See What Happens….

Racism Against Blacks In Cuba…



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8 responses to “CARICOM Praises Fidel Castro As “Lighting The Path For Others To Follow”

  1. Raoul

    Castro can’t die fast enough, the miserable old bastard!

    What started idealistically out of nationalist sentiment turned into the usual (Russian?) totalitarianism.

    Death to Castro – now!

  2. Bimbro

    I recall the pics. of Cuban soldiers intervening in this war and the other war and noticing how many of them were black and thinking, poor bastards!!!! What else could they do but go wherever Castro sent them, whether they wanted to, or not irrespectve of how they were treated themselves, at home! Can’t wait for the idiot to expire and then we may get to hear the true history of Cuba while Fidel was at the helm!

  3. ROBOT

    castro for ever

  4. Eddie

    “Castro forever?” – You have certainly been brainwashed.
    Cuba, Russia, China, brothers in arms. Joined by wishful thinking, utopic idealism and – repression/murdering of their own people.
    But I have to follow the crowd, those who know more: Viva, Fidel; live forever!

  5. Castro for ever?- WHAT??!

    Leftist Idealism is a strange drug.

    The addiction usually starts in first year Univ. where many are recruited for life,
    while still soft and idealistic in their naive youth.
    Happens right here on this island at Cave Hill, trust me.
    Happens at every single Univ. on the face of this planet, TRUST ME.

    Be careful how you send your child off to Univ.
    that you don’t receive-back some weird individual
    who turns out like a Ikael Tafari or a Bobby Clarke, okay?


    It’s OK, ROBOT, we understand completely why you chose that ‘name’
    for it is your very function
    and you will carry out your commands when the time is right.
    We understand.

    Lie low until the red light goes on,
    then you spring into action..
    We know how it works.

  6. J. Payne

    Even when Castro expires that thing ain’t done in Cuba… There’s too many people that want that thing to carry on…. Like all them persons and thing high-up in rank that benefited and thing while under Castro, them-dey are going to be among the ones that want the whole communism thing to continue on. Mark my words that thing ain’t gone change easy… It’ll be like Russia… The US didn’t flood Russia with money so now all the Russians are beginning to ask for Communism back because at least they didn’t starve and thing under Communism. Same thing will happen in Cuba. The US will need to flood Cuba with money in order to get that change to stay.

  7. It is sad such a despotic rule actually had a forefront in low-cost yet high quality eye surgery and heart surgery, the price I think is a bit too high… I still drink Coke but I will not enter theirs nor any game to see Beijing Olympics free – nor will I be watching – for same reasons as pertain to Havana

  8. Listening Intently

    Have any of you posters ever even been to Cuba? Or are you not just spouting the same old American rhetoric propogated by people like Bush. I bet all of you are rooting for McCain to be the next pres of the US.


    BFP says,

    Cliverton has studied, lived and worked in Cuba at various times.

    You might understand his position if you read his article A VCR Travels From Barbados To Cuba – In Vain