Asian Cricket Chief: Bring Cricket To The 2012 Olympics

Sounds Good To Us!

THE new chairman of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has said that he wants to try to get the sport included in the 2012 Olympics even though the earliest it can become part of the programme is technically 2020.

Nasim Ashraf, chairman of the Pakistian Cricket Board, made his promise after replacing Sri Lanka’s Arjuna Ranatunga as the new ACC chief for a two-year period during the Council’s annual meeting held today.

He said: “Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world and deserves to be in the Olympics.

“We will try our level best to get it included in the London Olympics.”

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2 responses to “Asian Cricket Chief: Bring Cricket To The 2012 Olympics

  1. Straight talk

    Now the British government has banned Zimbabwe from competing in the forthcoming Twenty/20, let’s get our act together and provide an alternative.

    The West Indies have the stadia, the crowds and the enthusiasm to make this work at short notice.

    But have we the political and entrepreneurial skill to present a viable alternative.

    Somehow we’ve got to make some money from the 2007 “legacy”.

  2. John

    I would support cricket at the olympics once the cricketers were amateur and did not earn a living from the sport.

    They can join their national teams and earn a living after the Olympics.

    I would also want to know that there was a minimum number of support personnel for any team.

    I think back to the inclusion of the “Dream Team” in the Olympics which consisted of professional players.

    Man, that was about as boring as it gets.

    To me this totally defeated the spirit of the games. They are already badly tainted with doping scandals.

    Get them back to basics where human competes against human and not android against android …… and support staff.

    The money that gets channelled into sports defeats the whole object of sport … and cricket is a prime example.

    I have no problem with training and doping humans to perform at some extreme performance level, but do it in the open and advertise the games which result honestly.

    Don’t spend money on trying to catch dopehead cheats. Give the dopeheads an avenue to perform honestly and compete against other dopeheads honestly .. and let those who like to watch dopeheads perform, watch to their hearts content.

    Maybe the dopehead athlete can be seeded according to what level of doping they currently have achieved.